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Comic Critics #154!

Here is the latest installment of the Comic Critics strip, courtesy of Sean Whitmore (writer) and Brandon Hanvey (artist)! You can check out the first hundred and fifty-three strips at the archive here and you can read more about Sean and Brandon at the Comic Critics blog.


Let us know what you think, either here or at the ComicCritics blog!


Pretty much a spot on comic..good job

Yea, so true. So true.

Making it much more difficult for the “should have ended a panel earlier” commenters, I see.

Making it much more difficult for the “should have ended a panel earlier” commenters, I see.

That is funny. That is the first thing I thought also.

love how the guy who worshisp magnetoe seems to be able to make his take on the x-men good enough for josh to be impressed. scary and hilerious

Should have ended a panel earlier. In the first.

“Maybe we should all have some coffee and talk this out…”

…At Starbuck’s, America’s favorite small-town, independent coffee-related media empire.

Can I just say that I love how the style of the X stuff is just “off” enough that it gives the look of a hand drawn amateur take on the XMen, while still looking like it almost could be an actual X comic? Excellent work by Hanvey (as usual).

I hope grant morrison shows up eventually and kicks that punk in the gonads.

I guess I need to have read a comic I probably haven’t even heard of for this one.

X-Men vs. Vampires couldn’t possibly be as bad as Superman & Batman vs. Vampires & Werewolves. Man, that thing was a train wreck.

Also, y’know, Magneto, if you don’t want to be called “evil” you probably should have rethought the whole “Brotherhood of Evil Mutants” thing.

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