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Top 125 Comic Book Artists: #110-106

Here are the next five artists on the countdown, based on your votes for your favorite comic book artists of all-time!

I’ll give you a sample page for each artist.

110 Howard Chaykin – 102 points (1 first place vote)

109 Amy Reeder – 103 points (1 first place vote)

108 Michael Lark – 105 points (1 first place vote)

107 Jill Thompson – 110 points (2 first place votes)

106 Bernie Wrightson – 112 points


Not that it’s a bad page, but of all the Wrightson stuff out there, that seems like a somewhat strange choice as representative of his style.

I’ll note that nit duly picked. ;)

nice to see wrighton stuff on this list plus howards work

5 great artists!

Amy Reeder’s work on Madame Xanadu was wonderful. In fact, by switching to Batwoman she joined the only artist that I enjoyed more over that time period, JH Williams III!

This is an unusual installment in that every single page shown i from an issue I’ve read.

Not that it’s a bad page, but of all the Wrightson stuff out there, that seems like a somewhat strange choice as representative of his style.

True enough — whereas the Chaykin page could hardly be more representative of his style.

Lark is often underrated and forgotten, including by myself. :)

I’m not familiar with Lark, but I like this page. It has a bit of Mazzucchelli in it even.

Not that it’s a bad page, but of all the Wrightson stuff out there, that seems like a somewhat strange choice as representative of his style.

I was thinking the same thing. Also agree that the Chaykin art is the opposite, it’s as representative as could possibly be. Good job with the Chaykin art choice.

Again a solid group of artists, some which I wouldn’t have minded seeing in top 50…

Wow, Wrightson AND Chaykin didn’t make the top 100? There were so many I didn’t notice. Crap I’m old.

What book is the Jill Thompson page from?

That Michael Lark page does have a Mazzuchelli/Toth vibe to it. I’m a sucker for distinct panel borders and gutters. I wish more modern artists would resist the temptation to make everything full bleed.

Would it be possible to put a link to the previous entries somewhere? Thanks!

Oops! Nevermind! Found it!

A bit of Mazzuchelli? How can you look at that and not think Batman: Year One? Not that I’m complaining. I’m not familiar with the artist, but I love that page.

What book is the Jill Thompson page from?

Her amazing (and Eisner Award-winning) collaboration with Evan Dorkin, Beasts of Burden.

This is a nice group. All very different styles, but I like all of them.

"O" the Humanatee!

April 8, 2011 at 9:30 am

I’m surprised to see Amy Reeder place in this company. She’s a good artist, no doubt – her cover to Supergirl 61 was wonderful – but she seems so junior, and to my knowledge has done little high-profile work, with the exception of Batwoman. (Madame Xanadu can’t have sold very much, being a cancelled Vertigo title.) I realize that creators benefit in these polls from having recently been fairly prominent in the public eye, but the others here have far longer track records and a few continue to be prominent, such as Chaykin (though not with his best work).

Anyway, not complaining, just observing.

Reeder’s art on that Madame Xanadu page reminds me of Marshall Rogers – perhaps not surprising, since he did a little work on the character in its short-lived original incarnation.

Wait. Wasn’t Chaykin also at 112 on the previous post?

I can’t imagine BoB with any artist other than Thompson. I think her love of dogs really sells every scene.

Also, the facework in that Michael Lark sample is just perfect. I’ve only seen him on Daredevil, so it’s nice to see that he’s generally well-regarded to hit 108.

Wait. Wasn’t Chaykin also at 112 on the previous post?

#112 as a writer, I believe. #110 as an artist.

If it’s not too much trouble, can you include title and issue # with the names?

Well, even if Madame Xanadu sold poorly it doesn’t mean that those few copies were not read by a number of enthusiastic supporters who voted for Amy Reeder.
Actually one could argue that in a poll like this it’s better to have a small number of enthusiastic supporters who vote for you than a large number of readers who would place you as #11. Which would explain relatively poor performance of some long-running creators with admirable body of work (again, had I had 30 votes to give, Wrightson and Thompson would have been contenders).

This installment just reminded me why I’ve only been half paying attention to this entire series of posts: so I won’t get too dismayed by the fact that top-notch artists like Chaykin or Wrightson didn’t even manage to crack the top 100…

Man, that American Flagg stuff… has Chaykin ever been better? I’d say no.

"O" the Humanatee!

April 8, 2011 at 7:53 pm

I just wanted to add: The page _before_ the Wrightson page Brian showed is mind-blowing: a full-page picture of one of the most amazing werewolves you’ve ever seen. I believe this image, so different from the dominant Lon Chaney Jr. idea of the werewolf, had a great impact on future versions of werewolves in comics and film. (I’m not aware of any predecessor’s to Wrightson’s vision of the werewolf, but if anyone knows better….)

You can see it (uncolored and unlettered) at the bottom of http://fantasy-ink.blogspot.com/2008/12/werewolves.html – along with some other wonderful Wrightson werewolves.

Michael Lark is a personal favorite. Ever since I read those 3 Hawkman GNs years back I have been following his career. He never fails to deliver.

Amy Reeder and Jill Thompson should be much, much higher. Two of the best artists in contemporary comics today.

I love Michael Lark and Howard Chaykin’s art.

Jill Thompson turns out pretty good art these days, but I can’t forget her horrendous art for The Invisibles and Sandman.

Bernie Wrightson is great!

Re: Jill Thompson’s past and present. I love watching an artist’s work move from passable to great. Or from bad to good. Or even just from okay to better.

Webcomics seem to be especially awesome at this. Comparing first-year Penny Arcade to this year’s Penny arcade, it’s pretty amazing to see the transformation in Mike’s art. Similarly interesting are the changes in both Megatokyo and Questionable Content. While Jacques’ current work isn’t amazing, it’s still leagues ahead of where it was when he started QC and Gallagher’s work on MT demonstrates so much more confidence in line that I hope both will continue to hone their craft, just so I can continue to watch their evolutions.

Wrightson’s werewolf is one of my fave werewolf designs. Great unique look, human face with the impossibly long arms and claws.

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