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Top 125 Comic Book Artists: #105-101

Here are the next five artists on the countdown, based on your votes for your favorite comic book artists of all-time! Here is the list of all artists featured so far!

I’ll give you a sample page for each artist.

105 Sam Kieth – 113 points (3 first place votes)

From his recent Arkham Asylum: Madness graphic novel…

104 Herge – 116 points (1 first place vote)

From Tintin en Amerique (Tintin in America)…

103 Jeff Smith – 117 points (1 first place vote)

From the colorized Bone: Out of Boneville collection…

102 Jae Lee – 119 points

From Inhumans #1…

101 Keith Giffen – 120 points

From Legion of Super-Heroes Vol. 4 #2…

Check back tomorrow for the next five writers!


Tom Fitzpatrick

April 10, 2011 at 5:42 am

The Inhumans … the characters that Jenkins and Lee made us care about.

Hey, another one from my Top 10! I always did love Giffen’s art. This is a great bunch all around, though.

Maybe if the Herge guy keeps working and gets a little better he can crack the top 100 next time.

I had Giffen on my list too. Lists actually. Especially when he went full on gonzo stream of conscience. Lee’s not my bag(starting to wonder if I have something against people named Lee), but the rest of these five are really some of my favorites.

It was a disjointed, deliberately annoying and frustrating run in many ways, but I really loved much of Giffen’s LSH 5 Years Later . I’m surprised that he didn’t finish higher.

Jae Lee is a favorite of mine. It’s amazing to see how far his art progressed from Namor to the Dark Tower stuff. In liked his early work, but the second Hellshock series is the point at which he toned down a lot of the ’90s-isms in his style and really took off.

I used to get every comic Sam Kieth drew, and still would if not for financial reasons. He has some obvious antecedents, but his work is so warped, distinctive, and vibrant that it stands out from everything else on the stands. I still manage to get his creator-owned work (has he finished My Inner Bimbo yet?). Someday, I’ll go back and buy his Batman comics.

Great choices.

Brian, thanks for choosing the Giffen LSH panel with perhaps my favorite exchange ever in a comic book.

“Jo Nah. Then you did survive.”
“That’s why they call it invulnerability pal.”

Wow, five giants here. I can’t believe these guys didn’t even make the top 100. Lee and Keith made my own top ten, and (as I got into comics during the early 90s boom), they were probably the first two artists that really made me appreciate stylistic eccentricities and the idea that not all comics needed to look like Jim Lee had drawn them. Jeff Smith was considered for my list, and I only left him out because he’d really only drawn one thing… but goddamn doesn’t he do it well. And Giffen & Herge- I mean, how can you go wrong with either of them? Maybe the best batch of five creators we’ll see outside of the top 50.

I would like to register one small nitpick though: I wish the Jeff Smith sample had been from the non-colorized version. The art was originally meant to be seen in black & white, and I believe that’s the way it still looks best.

IIRC I’m one of the first place voters for Sam Kieth, so insert the necessary “can’t believe he’s so low” complaints. Herge of course, though I’d say that there are plenty of better pages to pick (for starters, any page taking place outdoors, or almost any page done after WWII). And Jeff Smith I also am fond of. Though in all three cases it’s more a combination of writing and art that’s the big draw, page layouts and stuff like that.

Herge wasn’t even in the top 100! what sort of uncultured swine have I associated myself with?

I dunno, once again, I think that we should give credit to the voters for getting Herge this high.

nice to see Keith work on here but would have thought it would be from his jl work. plus love to see the ihhumans show up on here

I was really happy to see Herge on the list at all. My guess is that most of the voters aren’t familiar with his work. It will be interesting to see if the movie raises awareness of his work–maybe he’ll start moving up the list if the movie is a hit.

Bone is Smith’s biggest hit, but RASL has been a lot of fun too. Given his track record I’ll check out anything that he draws.

So far the 100-125 list has been much more interesting than the most popular choices.

Have to agree that 101-125 artist list has been full of great people, many of which I’d prefer to be on top 50. Writer list has had more “yeah, those people are on right positions” picks.

Though I just came to think that if Kieth and Herge show up in here, I guess there is no chance of likes of Ted McKeever or Hugo Pratt to make it to higher positions…which is not really surprising but a bit sad nevertheless.

The Inhumans limited series was very cool. I still have all 12 I believe.

Has Alex Toth made an appearance in the artists list yet? I didn’t turn anything up in a blog search.

No, he has not.

“What sort of uncultured swine have I associated myself with?”

I’d say Toth still has a shot at being in the top 100. I’m guessing that his work is better known than Herge’s in the US. Will be disappointed if he doesn’t show up, though.

I like this group here.

i’m astoshished that Lee didn’t rank far higher than this. Ok so he doesn’t do interiors that often, but even so..

Mike, Kieth did finish My Inner Bimbo, and it’s one of the best things he’s ever done. Sadly his Batman stuff isn’t always as great as his creator-owned books, but I admit I have a soft spot… even though I tend to like his writing even more than his art, so his own creations are my favorites.

He’s also got a great blog that you can read at http://www.samkieth.com that shows some of his more out there work and talks about upcoming projects :)

All stellar artists today. Sam Keith was my #7.

Oh and Mike Loughlin – My Inner Bimbo is indeed finished and out in TPB form.

“I’d say Toth still has a shot at being in the top 100.” — You know what? I’m silly. I thought we’d already done the top 100, instead of the top 50, and Toth’s absence so far meant we’d ranked him lower than 125.

I really love Giffen’s Kirby-esque work on the Defenders! They were influenced while being original at the same time. I’d like to see more of THAT Giffen!

The Inhumans series by Lee and Jenkins was great!
Except that seeing this somehow makes me realize that Black Bolt was actually just that damn Skrull impostor in that story, which now pretty much ruins it!
That makes me all kinds of pissed off…

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