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Top 125 Comic Book Artists: #90-86

Here are the next five artists on the countdown, based on your votes for your favorite comic book artists of all-time! Here is the list of all artists featured so far!

I’ll give you a sample page for each artist.

90 Carlos Pacheco – 140 points

89 Cameron Stewart – 141 points (1 first place vote)

88 Marko Djurdjevic – 142 points (3 first place votes)

87 Dustin Nguyen – 143 points (2 first place votes)

86 Sal Buscema – 144 points (2 first place votes)


That is one solid group of 5 there

Man, Sal Buscema was so awesome on Spider-Man. I wish you had posted one of his Harry Osborn pages. Buscema drew the best, most disbturbed Harry Osborn of any artist. You never needed to read his dialogue bubbles if Buscema was drawing him.

Great to see my pal Sal!

I actually happen to be reading Arrowsmith right now and was just thinking about how good Pacheco is and that I really hope he turns up on this list. At times, he sort of reminds me of a cross between Alan Davis, Mike Weiringo, and Kirby.

Not familiar with Nguyen, but I like that sample page. It sort of looks like a super slick and cleaned up Jae Lee, as though Lee were working for an animated series.

Finally, props to Sal.

I love Sal and dig Marko, and the others, eh, to each his own.

i diddnt know marko djurdjevic did interior’s. cool.

nice group picked for the list. espically love seeing sal on this list though he is another one i thought would rank higher in the countdown

That Stewart page from B&R is an example of him riffing on Quitely, which I think plays against his biggest strengths. I found his work on both volumes of Seaguy far more impressive. Ngyun’s art just loses so much when they go for straight black inks and computer colors. I completely understand why you would go that route when your trying to publish on a monthly schedule but it’s a shame none the less.

Sal Buscema is a cheeseburger. You could try a thousand different gourmet recipes, but when you need a sure thing, you can’t beat a cheeseburger.

For guys my age, Sal was a sure thing. If he was drawing, you knew you were in safe hands. He was the “industry standard.” Not to say he was generic. He was not. His fight scenes were always awesome and he really knew how to portray the power of a character. He could show grief or rage or shock on a face as well as any artist I’ve ever seen.

I’m not sure why you chose that page, Brian, but there are at least a hundred better choices.

Sad to see him so low on the list, but I know most of the voters are young pups, so I understand.

Yeah, I don’t think those Stewart and Nguyen pages are very representative of their respective styles at all.

Here’s the latest issue of Streets of Gotham…

Nguyen’s style is the same here in issue #21 as it was in #1 (where the sample in the piece is from).


“Sad to see him so low on the list, but I know most of the voters are young pups, so I understand.”

I might or might not be a “young pup” at 33, but my list included Kirby, Ditko, Colan, & BES. Possibly Berni Wrightson too, I can’t quite remember. Age might have something to do with Sal Buscema (and a host of others) placing low or not at all, but it’s not the only factor.

I have nothing against Our Pal Sal. He drew most of Gerber’s Defenders and Englehart’s Captain America, 2 of my favorite runs on any comics. His Hulk 300 was one of the best issues in the title’s history. To me, his doesn’t always have the same power as many of his contemporaries. I do respect his skills, however, and I’m glad he has a strong fanbase.

I’m not seeing the Sal Bescuma love – but then I never saw the love for Jon Bescuma, Jon Romita Sr or Steve Ditko either. I suspect if these guys had worked in the modern age where you get a whole month (or more) to draw a comic I would have loved some of these guys, but the stuff I’ve seen doesn’t do it for me.

(To show I’m not a complete Heathen I still have plenty of love for lots of the old guard like Will Eisner, Frank Frazetta, Bernie Wrightson, Jim Steranko and especially the great Alex Toth).

I like the other four artists though. Especially Carlos Pacheco.

Always like Sal, very good solid artist. Not familiar with his work, but I really like that sample from Marko. That’s good stuff. The other three not really my cup of tea.

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