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Top 125 Comic Book Writers: #85-81

Here are the next five writers on the countdown, based on your votes for your favorite comic book writers of all-time! Here is the archive of all the writers featured so far!

I’ll give you two sample pages for each writer.

85 Bill Mantlo – 118 points

84 Darwyn Cooke – 119 points (1 first place vote)

83 Marjorie Liu – 121 points (5 first place votes)

82 Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray – 122 points (2 first place votes)

81 Terry Moore – 124 points (2 first place votes)


Ed (A Different One)

April 19, 2011 at 4:01 am

Ah Bill Mantlo – My third favorite Spidey writer after Lee & Stern. It’s an absolute tragedy what happened to him. All he did was be-bop his way around Marvel for a couple of decades putting out consistently great comics (PPSSM, Rom, Micronauts, etc.). Very versatile, very entertaining, very under-rated writer.

I’m also really digging Terry Moore’ Echo. I picked it up on a whim at about Issue #5 and have followed it through ever since. Never knew a thing about Strangers in Paradise either. Glad to see him on the list as well (but I don’t think he should rank ahead of Mantlo).

nice to see Bill Mantlo get some love on this list. for given all his work for marvel its a tragedy that he seems to be forgotten and only now remembered for his tragic fate. plus also like seeing Terry and Darwyne on this list though though they too would be higher.

I’m not so familiar with Liu because I’m not into the X-titles, and the Wolverettes least of all; I guess I read NYX and her Black Widow mini, but they didn’t make much of an impression. The rest of these writers I definitely agree are fabulous. It’s a shame that so much of Mantlo’s terrific work may never be collected because of lost toy licenses.

I know it would never happen, but I’d love to see a Marvel Visionaries: Bill Mantlo edition. Criminally underrated writer.

wow….Marjorie Liu…one of the best writers in comics?!?! I guess you can’t help what people will vote, but honestly this is the first person on this list, to blow my mind for being on this list. Especially for being ahead of some of the past writers. Every time I have read anything by her I always thought it was mediocre and for mediocre to be ahead of darwyn cooke, well my friends…I have lost faith.

Brain, what comic is that Darwyn Cooke Martian Manhunter story from please? That rocked.

Stefan: It’s from The New Frontier.

And it does rock.

Have to agree with the comments on Bill Mantlo. I always liked his work. Just re-read a cracking four-parter he wrote that appeared in Marvel Team-Up. The first part had a gripping ending where a villain called the Wraith pulled Spidey off a wall and the web-slinger was helpless. (I didn’t get the next part till years later, which kept me even more amazed.) He also wrote some hilarious stuff in Marbel Two-In-One with the Thing, especially the scene where Ben wrecks a subway platform and lies about the whole thing to Alicia! Brilliant stuff. He’d at leats be in my top twenty, and probably my top ten.

Bill Mantlo is one of those writers who I am sure I have read but couldn’t name any stories.

SiP by Terry Moore had some really frustrating elements as the story progressed…but when it was great it was great.

Ed (A Different One)

April 19, 2011 at 9:21 am

Glad to see the Mantlo appreciators come out for this thread. Speaking of which, I was reading through a Defenders Essential Volume (#2, I believe) and came across a Defenders story where Bill Mantlo was listed as the Colorist ! ? ! ? ! ? Since it was an Essential B&W volume, I have no way of judging how good a job he did, but I had never heard of him doing any color work at all. I figure either it was a misprint, or maybe that’s how he broke into Marvel originally. Either way, great writer and he had played no small part in the reasons why I loved Marvel in the 80’s.

Speaking of which, a couple of his runs were listed in Brian’s You Decide Poll for the Great Marvel Runs of the 80’s back in February. What ever happened to the results for that poll? ? ? ?

(In broaching that subject, I realize that I’m in imminent danger of being “flamed” by Brian since this is about the third time I’ve made a comment about that – but I just can’t help myself. I’m more interested in what those results were than just about anything Brian’s posted, and that’s saying something).

Be merciful Brian . . . .

Ed, Mantlo indeed began as a colorist at Marvel. I can’t speak to all the coloring work he did in ’74/’75, but one issue that stands out for me is Giant-Size Avengers #2. Really, really good, in my opinion.

And if they *did* reprint the issues Mantlo colored in full color, they’d probably scrap all his work anyway and replace it with muddy “modern” coloring that doesn’t suit the art.

Marjorie Liu? I actually like her stuff. She’s definitely learning how comics are different from novels and showing in the quality of her work. But she has a LONG way to go before she belongs on a list like this.

Marjorie Liu? I actually like her stuff. She’s definitely learning how comics are different from novels and showing in the quality of her work. But she has a LONG way to go before she belongs on a list like this.

I don’t know. After some of the lesser writers I’ve seen on the list so far, I think she’s earned her place.

Don’t know Marjorie Liu’s or Terry Moore’s stuff, but I too love that Mantlo’s on the list. His Micronauts, ROM, Hulk, Spidey, Howard the Duck were all great !

Palmiotti & Gray always bring a breath of fresh air to their work. Bring back their Freedom Fighters !

I’ve liked Cooke’s New Frontier and Batman : Ego.

I think the only reason Cooke’s not higher on this list is that he hasn’t done that much that a lot of readers might recognize. I know tons of people who read, say, only Marvel, and have no idea what New Frontier is, and perhaps overlooked the few awesome issues he did of Tangled Web, or skipped his The Spirit run altogether.

I also have no idea who Marjorie Liu is.

If we ever get any more Hulk Essential volumes, then they’ll finally start reprinting Mantlo’s epic run, which is the most beloved comic of my youth. I go back and re-read now some comics I loved as a kid and I chuckle, thinking “Man, this was so lame.” I re-read those Mantlo Hulks and and I’m still going “whoa, this guy was good.”

A couple of people I don’t know and a couple of people I don’t much care for.

Terry Moore’s quite good though.

Jimmy palmiotti

April 25, 2011 at 6:52 pm

I’m 82!!!!! Awesome!

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