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The Comic Book Fools of April – Octopus Pie!

Every day in April I will be featuring a humorous comic (either an issue or a series of strips) that I found particularly amusing. Feel free to e-mail me at bcronin@comicbookresources.com the comic stories that are your favorites when it comes to hilarity, and I’ll see if I can’t feature some of them this month, as well!

Today we take a look at Meredith Gran’s excellent (and funny) web comic, Octopus Pie!

Octopus Pie is about two friends living in Brooklyn, New York (at a health food store) and the various trials and tribulations they go through in their life. It is a very cute, offbeat and funny comic strip. It also has a lot of heart, so the humor is tempered with some strong character work and occasional heartfelt moments.

Here is a couple of strips from the most recent storyline (Gran does a neat thing on her site where she splits the strips up by storyline – I love how helpful she is like that)….

And here is a recent bit I liked a lot…

Check the strip out here.

Also, if you pre-order the first print edition of Octopus Pie, you get an autographed copy by Gran! Woohoo!


I hadn’t read these, but they’re excellent. Thanks.
(Naming the baristas after Belle & Sebastian songs was a stroke of genius on Gran’s part.)

Wonderful! I love things that poke fun at how self-important and cultish baristas are. And before anyone freaks at me for that, I am one myself.

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