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Top 125 Comic Book Artists: #70-66

Here are the next five artists on the countdown, based on your votes for your favorite comic book artists of all-time! Here is the list of all artists featured so far!

I’ll give you a sample page for each artist.

70 Gary Frank – 184 points (3 first place votes)

From Black Canary/Oracle: Birds of Prey #1…

69 Nicola Scott – 186 points (7 first place votes)

From Secret Six (current ongoing) #1…

68 Mike Choi – 189 points (8 first place votes)

From Astonishing Thor #2….

67 Robert Crumb – 190 points (2 first place votes)

From Zap Comix#1….

66 Wally Wood – 192 points

From Daredevil #7….


Crumb! Wood! And others seem nice too…what is Nicola Scott page from?

That Frank page though showcases the strange conventions of superhero comics, dressing in a funny suit and then interacting only with people who dress in normal clothing does not look too good…

The Scott page is from an issue of Secret Six, somewhere towards the beginning of the current run I think. It was good.

Good stuff here, but I will always hate Mike Choi’s art so much.

Some greats and some damned goods in this batch, and I’m glad you posted a Gary Frank page without those insane eyes he does that freak me out.

I like Gary Frank and Wally Wood a lot, but neither of the pages posted above are good samples for me.

Yeah, seems kind of a weird choice for a Gary Frank sample.
I have to disagree with Buttler insofar as crazy eyes=Gary Frank trademark these days, so a sample without them just seems the very essence of unrepresentative.

Also, Wood is working so hard in his sample to fit within the Marvel superhero style that he’s effectively suppressing almost everything distinctive about his style, so it’s like representing a famous actor with a distinctive voice and look by showing a clip of the time they hosted SNL, doing an impression of someone else famous that involves heavy makeup and a goofy affected voice totally unlike their normal one.
Some EC or 70s adult stuff would have made for a far more exemplary sample.

This is cool batch.

I love Gary Frank. He probably does my favorite modern Superman. His story-telling is extremely strong. The marginal characters always have a distinct personality. Great stuff.

Nicola Scott is much the same. She has great story-telling chops and her designs are varied enough that everyone has their own personality.

R. Crumb is an utter giant whose work I don’t feel qualified to address.

Wally Wood is a personal favorite. He brought such a strong point of view to everything that he did. How many inkers routinely get credited as co-creators?

Would have been cool if you did a page from Wood’s Cannon. That comic was completely balls-to-the-wall insanity.

Yes, when I was a kid, I actually did have a t-shirt with that first Crumb panel.

BTW, didn’t Wood hate being called Wally and much prefer Wallace?

Wow, seeing Crumb above so many artists that can actually draw something resembling a human is pretty lame. GOGO Gadget Nostalgia

Nice that the pages are labeled. Also . . . “modemed”? Wow, were we ever that young?

Finally, Gary Frank made the countdown! I was really sad when i found out he didn’t make the top 50 (though #70 all time ain’t bad either, I just thought he deserved to be higher). I wasn’t able to vote since I came into this countdown late but I would have definitely voted him my #1. In my opinion, his character figure work is currently the best in the industry and his storytelling ability is strong, not compromised as is common w/ artwork that’s as detailed as his.

What got me hooked on his stuff was the Brainiac Action Comics run he did with Geoff Johns… after reading that, I just couldn’t believe I could enjoy a Superman story like that (its still my personal fave Superman story to this day). Only later did I realize that It was all cos of Frank’s art…in my opinion, w/o a doubt, the best rendition of Superman ever!! I wished he’d do more Superman work!! The Legion of Super Heroes arc on Action and Superman: Secret Origin (both, again, w/ Johns) were all way better than they should have been just because Frank’s art was simply brilliant.

His work on Supreme Power is the biggest reason why i think that book is JMS’ best work to date (and why that series has also become a personal favorite). Frank totally owned that book and made those characters come to life. Many have said that JMS’ Squadron Supreme dipped in quality cos of the removal of the MAX imprint, but the art was definitely stellar all throughout (Frank didn’t handle the art on #6 of that series and I wish he did!).

It’s really a shame that his body of work since 1998 or 1999 (cos I think his art was boosted by the better coloring tech available starting then) is relatively small. Aside from Midnight Nation, Kin, and a few issues on Gen13, interior works he did (for Marvel) only includes two issues of Avengers (w/ Johns again), and Incredible Hulk #106 & 107. I’m not a fan that thinks I’m entitled to anything…but give me more of Frank’s work! haha.

Keep up the great work, Mr. Frank. I CANNOT wait for Batman: Earth One. Yeah!!

The Nicola Scott art is nice, but looks VERY stolen from Brian Bolland. Actually, even the coloring looks like Bolland’s style from the recent recolor of The Killing Joke (I realize this probably isn’t Scott doing it though). The page leaves a bit of a bitter taste in my mouth because it seems too blatantly like it’s trying to evoke the look of someone else.

Nice to see Crumb on here, and I’ve also always enjoyed Frank’s work, even though I thought he was better on the Hulk than he’s ever been since.

Wow, seeing Crumb above so many artists that can actually draw something resembling a human is pretty lame. GOGO Gadget Nostalgia

Wow, I really pity you and your simplistic worldview, the fact that you can’t understand the talent it takes to do great cartooning, with deliberate exaggeration involved. Just because someone chooses to do cartooning doesn’t mean that same artist is incapable of drawing realism. In fact, for many cartooning is actually harder and takes more imagination than slavishly realistic rendering.

Just because someone chooses to be cartoonish doesn’t make them inherently less talented than those who don’t choose to be cartoonish. Also, it doesn’t mean that that same artist is not capable of drawing realistically just because he chooses not to be. For example Crumb doing realistic humans, as shown in this portrait:


Huh, surprising how many of these people I don’t know. (Well, there’ve been like five on both lists, but I’m a HUGE nerd.)

Did Mike Choi draw a crossover or something I didn’t read?

The Nicola Scott art is nice, but looks VERY stolen from Brian Bolland.

Yeah – I thought that too. Though not so much in a critical way as an observation.

An overwhelming “meh” from me.

Scott and Frank provide serviceable, workmanlike art – Choi is slightly below that level.

Crumb and Wood are mo’e than decent for their times.

And that’s… it.

"O" the Humanatee!

April 25, 2011 at 7:44 am

I don’t get the “looks like Brian Bolland” comments about the Nicola Scott sample, especially not the “stolen” part. If I look at it with the right squint, I can see some resemblance. But I see a stronger resemblance – not “stealing” – to Tom Grummett, whom no one could call a Bolland clone, and there are other artists in the mix as well. That artists (and not only comics artists) are influenced by other artists is not news.

Gary Frank has always been a favorite – I’ve actually just been rereading his 90’s Supergirl work, and its as good as I remember.

The only thing that bugs me about his work? – Supermans face! Its creepy! haha…. everything else? Gold!

was hoping to see wally wood pop up on this list and maybe nicole for love her work though that little scene showing the guy crossing Junior under nicoles write up is creepy.

This list is a very strong one, except Mike Choi… I never heard of him. New guy? (Guess I’ll have to google him)

Okay, so I googled Mike Choi. From what I can tell, he’s done mostly Witchblade and X-23. His wikipedia page lists less than 50 issues drawn by him. That is the funny thing about these lists, where new readers vote a guy who’s been around for like five years or something into the same list as Wood, Crumb and Frank. Nothing against Choi… I just find it amusing.

I guess the same can be said about Nicola Scott… she’s a newbie too from what I can tell. I was just familiar with her because I read Secret Six. (Still wouldn’t put her in my top 25 artists, let alone top 10, but, you know, different strokes and all that…)

Dang, only 15 left…..I’m really getting scared that neither of my Top 2 are goin to make it….both iconic artists for iconic teams……..

Pete Woodhouse

April 26, 2011 at 3:46 am

No, I don’t really see Bolland in Scott. Perhaps they share a few similar inking techniques/brushes, but it never struck my mind when I saw that art. Now, 2000AD artist Cliff Robinson, that’s another story…

Yeah, Cliff Robinson always came across as a Bolland wannabe to me.

Actually, there are 65 artists left, not 15. Plenty of room for two iconic artists.

50 of them (51, actually) have already been revealed, though.

I would have liked to have seen different examples shown for Crumb and Wood. I think Wood’s most impressive work was his Sci-fi EC work. He has a way with shiny machinery that takes your breath away. And Crumb’s later work is endlessly fascinating to look at. Just look at his highly contrasting style on Patton or his beautifully detailed work on Genesis. Though this page is Crumb’s most iconic and memorable page, I wouldn’t say it’s the best example of what he does. Nice to see him get some love on this list dominated by superheroes.

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