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Comic Book Legends Revealed Addendum: Images of Jab #3!

Earlier last month, I did a legend about a comic book anthology that included Shannon Wheeler’s Too Much Coffee Man. The comic book, Jab #3, had a bullet shot through the comic book!! This gimmick was before Protectors #5 did a similar idea (only without an actual bullet and therefore not nearly as cool).

At the time, I mentioned that neither I, nor Shannon himself, had scans of the comic book in question. Shannon had the original art files, but none that had been shot through (the book having completely sold out – I think Shannon himself only has, like, one copy and he was unsure of where it was). So I put the call out for people to scan their personal copy, and Dave Cardenas (and his wife) answered the call admirably!

So read on for scans of Jab #3!

First off, here is the front cover…

And the back cover…

Next, a page from the Too Much Coffee Man story in the issue…

Next, Richard Klaw and Ted Niafeh’s Bio Cop story…

Tom King works the bullet hole into his Teen Squad story…

Aubrey & DeAnne McAuley, Ashley Underwood and Martin Thomas also worked the bullet hole into their Split Phaze comic….

Finally, here is the back matter of the comic…

Thanks a bunch, Dave (and Dave’s wife)!!!


That Bio Cop page sure looks like it’s incorporating the bullet hole, with its placement at the end of the explosion from the barrel of a gun …

Hmmm…maybe, Josh. I’ll just leave it up in the air! Let the people decide!

I’m proud to be one of the people that actually helped shoot some of the bullets through this run. That was an incredibly fun day in Dripping Springs Texas. Though I think it took 2 or 3 sessions to shoot the whole run of the book. The last comic in the piles of 20? that we did were pretty destroyed, and Wheeler sold those as the Shotgun variant!


Wow… Really cool execution!

Brian, the text above the Teen Squad story reads:

“But Tom King does in his Teen Squad story…”

i imagine that was in response to the Bio Cop slug line.

Thanks, Dan! Fixed that.

Wow, that’s cool. I always wondered what that’d look like, and given that I have no familiarity with firearms, I didn’t know how big the hole would be.

And is that Ted “Courtney Crumrin/Gloomcookie/etc” Naifeh on that one feature? “Ted’s Back Pages”, I guess.

All the contributors were asked to incorporate the bullet hole into their stories. I remember Ted and I discussing the bullet hole and it’s placement on the pages. If memory serves, there were probably even directions in the script about the hole, but I could be wrong. That was a long time ago and I don’t have a copy of the script.

And yes, that is the Ted Naifeh of Courtney Crumrin/Gloomcookie fame.

Just noticed that’s my signature on the bottom right of the cover.

Thanks a lot, Rick, that’s very helpful!

The center photo on the Editorial JAB page is a shot of Boris Karloff from the film “Targets,” produced by Roger Corman and directed by Peter Bogdanovich.

That’s a pretty cool idea. Bravo to the crew on that one, and thanks for bringing this to our attention. By the way, I have a limited edition run of the Superman “Grounded” arc pierced with a barrett .50 cal. I guess “pierced” isn’t the right word, more like shredded, and instead of “limited edition” it should read “done in my backyard in hopes of exorcising the awful.”

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[…] it's time for comic books with bullet holes in their covers!! Including real bullet holes (Jab #3) and fake bullet holes (Protectors […]

[…] it’s time for comic books with bullet holes in their covers!! Including real bullet holes (Jab #3) and fake bullet holes (Protectors […]

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