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The Line It Is Drawn #38 – Characters Drawn in the Style Of…

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Now on to the bit!

So every week, I ask a question here. You reply to it on our Twitter page (just write @csbg with your reply) and our SIX blog sketch artists will each pick one of your suggestions and I will post them here every week. So every week you will have a new question and you will see the top six choices from the previous week.

To qualify, you have to be following us when you reply – so go follow us and then give your answer to the following question/challenge (All suggestions due by 6 AM Pacific, Friday, April 29th).

Next week’s theme is…

With the release of Thor coming next week, the theme is team-up, face-off or mash-up comic book characters and characters from Norse, Greek and/or Roman Mythology!

Read on for the six sketches that came about courtesy of the last question/challenge!

“In the Style of.” You name a comic character and then name the artist you want to see that character drawn in. For instance, “Superman, in the style of Charles Schulz” or “Calvin and Hobbes, in the style of Todd McFarlane.” Stuff like that. The more offbeat the better!


I’ll put them in alphabetical order based on the name of the Twitter user who made the suggestion.

All copyright and trademarks of the following characters are held by their respective owners!

No Mic this week, so Sean will fill-in!

B_Granderson suggested:

calvin and hobbes in the style of mike mignola

George Zapata is the artist for this one. Here is his website.

(click on the image to enlarge)

BigMike20X6 suggested:

Batman & Robin, as drawn by Daniel Clowes

Chaz Folgar is the artist for this one. Here is his website.

(click on the image to enlarge)

caanan suggested:

The Archie Gang by Mignola

Daniel Irizarri is the artist for this one. Here is his website.

(click on the image to enlarge)

dhacker615 suggested:

Catwoman in the style of Jack Kirby

Nick Perks is the artist for this one, too. Here is his website.

(click on the images to enlarge)

slafaive suggested:

Hellboy in the style of Herge.

Sean McFarland is the artist for this one. Here is his website.

(click on the image to enlarge)

TheSeamoose suggested:

Iceman and Beast drawn like Calvin and Hobbes

Caanan Grall is the artist for this one. Here is his website.

(click on the image to enlarge)

Thanks so much to all of the suggestion-givers and, of course, our awesome artists (including our Eisner nominee)!

Now go make suggestions for next week’s theme!!


I think this exercise proves two things:

1) Kirby is notoriously difficult to ape, and

2) Caanan Grall still rules.

That Caanan one was spot-on, both the art and dialogue. I love the acronyms.

GEORGE :: You got Mignola’s lines down!

CHAZ :: Ha! You got the Clowes’ close-up down! That looks like there’s a lot of story in that!

DANIEL :: Fantastic! I looked before I read and it’s a wonderful mash-up! My face was knocked backwards in delight.

NICK :: Raw sequentials! And you got Kirby’s spirit down w/ the framing, foreshortening, crackle, and Selina’s face!

SEAN :: I’m unfamiliar w/ Herge, but that’s an awesome battle scene. I strive for the energy you apply.

EISNER AWARD NOMINEE CAANAN :: OMg. NaAaAaAaAiled it. Xo Give this man an Eisner. STAT!

Congrats, dudes!!


@ mic? Hergé is the creator of Tintin. See the stained glass windows in the background.

Daniel – I love it. The color and style are just right, but the ‘crown’ is *brilliant*.

I was really hoping to see Chaz pick the Daniel Clowes idea. His style lends itself very easily to the other. Nicely done.
Love Caanan’s Calvin & Hobbes and the Mignola Archies was great too. Other pieces rocked also

Wow, not a weak link in the bunch. From submissions chosen to the final product every aspect impressively strong. This may be my favorite week yet. The past weeks have had a work or two I liked more, but this week to me had the most consistently high work across the board from everyone.

Wow, Nick. Great Kirbyesque Catwoman. With all due respect to the master, I’ve always found his dialogue to be pretty corny (as most was from those days) and the plots a bit sketchy, and you captured that wonderfully in your piece.

Caanan, if that’s not Calvin and Hobbes, I don’t know what is! Awesome! The dialogue is what gets it for me.


The Penciljack community misses you very much. That is all…

Daniel Irizarri nailed it. Canaan’s was great too.

Jughead’s crown is awesome. And it looks like Betty and Veronica have had a reversal of fortune in the Mignolaverse.

Great job, guys! Dan, I want a print of that Archie piece to hang next to my desk. I feakin’ love it.

I don’t understand the theme for next week, Brian. Is that “comic characters meets mythological characters”? Or is it “mythology-based comic characters with OTHER mythology-based comic characters”..? The second seems much more limiting. Anyway. You’re the boss! :)

The former, Caanan. Yeah, the second one would be way limiting. I’ll re-phrase to make it clearer!

My first thought on reading that Catwoman page was “I would buy this book”. The Mignola Archies were hilarious. Good stuff all around. I’m gonna go join Magneto.

Uh… wow, wow,and some more wow. You folks are going above and beyond.

It is impressive how each week seems to top the one before

Some greats and near-greats this week.

The Mignola Calvin and Hobbes is nice to look at (and very well done) but… I dunno, I expected more than a quiet scene for this variation. C&H is more fun when they’re snarking each other. Thankfully Canaan covered that angle.

The Batman & Robin had a weird sort of 60’s-cute vibe to it.

The Mignola Archies doesn’t work for me. Except for Jughead’s beanie, none of the characters are recognizable as who they are. OTOH the art itself is a perfect Mignola rendition.

My personal award for Best Art Piece this week goes to… a tie! Seriously, I can’t choose between Perk’s Catwoman or Canaan’s Iceman & The Beast. They are both wonderful but in oh so different ways! Despite my dislike for Catwoman the piece captured the art and storytelling of the King perfectly! And for those who might not get it, the McGuffin she stole is The Philosopher’s Stone, which is from Kirby’s The Demon series (not Harry Potter) which explains the cameo at the end. You even managed to fit the Kirby Krackle in it! Bravo!!

Iceman and Beast have always been two of my favorite X-Men, mostly because they have *senses of humor*, something which seems lost in the series these days (No, Deadpool’s manic murderer style doesn’t count.) And here they were integrated into the world of a Boy and his Stuffed Tiger perfectly. Canaan always finds the right angle for his pieces!!

Not going to comment much on the Herge Hellboy because I’m almost completely unfamiliar with his style, other than to say it looks good (and yes I recognized the boy from the stained glass. Nice touch.)

This week truly proves how ‘pro’ our usual contributors are; it’s hard enough to develop your own style, but to do that AND still manage to homage others’ is even more impressive.

all i’m gonna say is judging by the comments, you boys need to get up on your tintin. herge is a master!

Ah, man, pitch-perfect work you guys! Really amazing stuff.

Ha! Y’all sure you guys didn’t get the respective artists to do these (or in the case of Kirby and Herge, hold a seance to contact the greats from beyond)?

I can’t say it enough: damn fine work, guys, damn fine!

Ed (A Different One)

April 28, 2011 at 1:27 pm

Wow – all entries were fantastic this time around, but I’ve got to say that Canaan Grail hit all of the right “Calvin & Hobbes” notes in his entry. I’d pay to see that as an ongoing . . .

And is it just me, or is Mignola-style Betty seriously hot . . . .

Canaan Grall for president!

It doesn’t really look that much like Kirby to me, but I think that’s mostly because it’s pencil. I’m really only familiar with Kirby after he’s been inked. He really should have included one shot of Catwoman leaping over the panel borders.

Caanan is even better than usual. You really need to have a regular all-Caanan column on here.
I agree with Susie completely. The X-Men’s exclusivism has been bothering me for decades.
Only one problem– Shouldn’t Beast be stuffed once Susie shows up?

Boys excellent job this week. I find the amount of work put into each and everyone of these pieces to be inspiring. Hats off to Nick and Caanan this week for going for the long format full page treatment, how you gents pulled this off in 4 days is beyond me.

George, props for the successful combination of two things I love dearly. I find the Mignola style oddly appropriate for C&H.

Chaz, man Clowes is right in your wheel house. I love the surly and despondent bat-girl… probably more than I should.

Daniel, I think the Mignola Style is utterly convincing. Jug Anung Rama, I’ve long suspected him to be the beast of the apocalypse. Quality lines, and a damn convincing rendition of Dave Stewart colors.

Nick I was totally engaged in this piece, loved the style, dialog and pacing. Maybe take a little Kirby with you for next time?

And finally Mr.Grall. The fact that you nailed the font in addition to the overall style is just nuts. The tone the imagery, everything screams Waterson. If I didn’t know better I’d swear you have that reclusive genius tied up in your basement somewhere.

Oh and to anyone unfamiliar with Hergé’s work do yourself a favor and grab some Tintin. Good stuff, and can be found at most local libraries.

Such a great week.

What I like about Canaan’s (other than the fact that it’s brilliant) is that he even preserved the “throwaway” nature of the top tier, a hallmark of Sunday comics.

i agree with mary warner about caanan’s work – but even more – someone needs to pay these artists for their work…

I’d love to see that Catwoman series! :)

Man i’m always late for these things!

i’m glad there’s people that’ve liked the archie bit, and as long as caanan, who made the suggestion, liked it, we’re good. As for a print, e-mail me your address and i could make that happen! (not immediately tomorrow but it would go into my to-do list, definitely!

George, in your piece you managed to state ALL that is different between Mignola and Watterson on a single tree! a single tree dammit!

Chaz! I just recently got into Clowes’ work, but i defintely see it shinig through yours. the fact that you used the 60s batcostume also adds to that strange clowesian sense of humor.

Nick! I want to ink and color that thing to show everyone just how kirby-esque it really is! the thing is that kirby’s pencils were always really loose and interpreted by the different inkers. that also why he was getting like 5 books out per week. seriously though, we should make that happen.

I sadly haven’t read TOO much tin-tin, BUT i know enough to see how well Sean did his take on the style. not to mention the joy of imagining herge drawing hellboy.

and then there’s Caanan, dammit man. me and the rest of the guys are going to go all the way over to australia and club your good hand, because as you know, you’re just getting to good, and we’re not gonna sit idly and watch you do it.

seriously though, its a fantastic and well thought out strip. and it makes me smile like the old watterson books. thats not something i can say too often.

If you go to Australia to find Caanan, you’ll be looking for a long time, as he lives in Canada now. ;)

The Eisner award nominated Caanan foils my plans YET AGAIN! he’s too good, i tell you!

Yes, well. On top of the Eisner-Nominated bit, I’m also an International Man of Mystery. ;)

If anyone is coming to TCAF next weekend in Toronto, I have prints!

@Daniel – Maybe I should try inking it… but then wouldn’t I have to color it too, as the logical next step? Argh! Take too long! And ink how? Mike Royer? Vince Colletta? Hence I decided to settle on the “graphite version”.

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