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Top 125 Comic Book Writers: #55-51

Here are the next five writers on the countdown, based on your votes for your favorite comic book writers of all-time! Here is the archive of all the writers featured so far!

I’ll give you two sample pages for each writer.

55 Jeff Smith – 175 points (1 first place vote)

54 Rene Goscinny – 177 points (1 first place vote)

53 Dave Sim – 178 points (2 first place votes)

52 Paul Levitz – 179 points (2 first place votes)

51 Paul Dini – 180 points (3 first place votes)


Pete Woodhouse

April 30, 2011 at 8:52 am

Probably the most interesting and diverse set of 5 so far. It’s from all walks of comics – an international flavour, cartoony, left-field stuff from Sim, etc.
Didn’t vote for any, but a good selection.

Hmm, only one from my Top Ten who still wound up nowhere on the list (THIS list, anyway) is Kyle Baker.

Hey. I realy am pleasently suprised that Rene Goscinny showed up so high! I voted for him but never thought there would be that many people doing the same.
I’m happy to be wrong.
Goscinny was amazing on everything he did, especially on Asterix and the occasional Lucky Luke books he wrote.

Sorry Guggenheim & Chaykin- the original JSA story from 30+ years ago still tells better. Thanks Brian- I wanted to dig that old issue out for comparison after reading JSA 50 yesterday, and now I don’t have to!

Rene Goscinny? That’s a lovely unexpected pleasure!

It’s nice to see Dave Sim (despite his issues) and Jeff Smith too.

A pleasant surprise to see Goscinnny! I believe I had him at #3 on my list.
Nice to know that enough people remembered that HE was the mastermind behind Asterix
and also Lucku Luke, although Morris proved to be a skilled writer as well.

arghh!!! It’s “Lucky Luke”

Dini’s on the list?!?

Now, I know it IS the end-of-days!

Everybody else, I’d agree with.

I figured a Levitz example would be Legion pages. They go so hand-in-hand, but those were some good pages nonetheless

nice diversity for the list. for was wondering how long before both jeff smith and dave sim showed up on the list. plus also paul dini on the list a surprise .given how he is better known for his animation work.

So Levitz had his own JSA “Civil War” before there was a Marvel Civil War storyline. Interesting.

Well, at least we got to see some Joe Staton (my #2 artist) here…..

Goscinny’s work was wondefrul, of course, but one must also acknowledge the contributions of Anthea Bell and Derek Hockridge, who translated the stories into English. Many of the jokes are their creation, including the wacky names. For example, the village druid was originally called Panoramix in French, but they changed it to Getafix; the bard Assurancetourix became Cacofonix; the dog Idefix became Dogmatix, and so on.

Nice to see Goscinny on relatively good position, it would have been a gross injustice if he hadn’t showed up at all but would have expected him on lower position (I of course voted for him).
And yes, generally a good group here. There were some people I voted who didn’t show up even on top 125 but those were a bit more outside chances (though seriously, everyone, read some Hugo Pratt).
Bit surprised to see that manga creators did this badly, Kazuo Koike was the only one…

Great sample pages for Dini- those are two of the most perfect Batman/Joker pages ever.

What JSA story is that? Looks like something I need to check out.

I have to say, this writer list, even if I may disagree with a bit of the order, is pretty solid in terms of who’s on it. I have a very extensive bookshelf of trades and hardcovers, and here are the only writers I have a single thing by that aren’t on this list: Mike Grell, Scott McLoud, Charles Burns, Bob Layton, Mike W. Barr, John Francis Moore, Steven T. Seagle, Barry Windsor-Smith, Don McGregor, Jae Lee, David Mack, Dan Jurgens, and Marjane Satrapi. Of those, the only three that I think probably should have been on the list are Grell, McLoud, and McGregor. McGregor missed out because nobody knows who he is anymore, he didn’t create a large body of work, and his only thing in print is the Essential Killraven (which is where I discovered him). McLoud probably missed out because nobody thinks of him as a comic writer anymore… he’s more of a comics theorist. But Grell is the one person I’m surprised to not see on here. His Jon Sable, Warlord, and Green Arrow are all well loved, and the first two even received nice new trade collections in the last year. And he’s probably thought of as the definitive writer for one of DC’s ten most popular heroes. Brian, would you by chance reveal where he ended up?

Brian, would you by chance reveal where he ended up?

He got negligible support.

I’d basically given up on Paul Levitz – my #2, sometimes my #1. I guess if I’d made him #1 he would have tied for #51.

Third Man – that JSA story is from the last issue of their series in Adventure Comics in 1979. It’s a flashback story. Awesomeness.

Dini is the man. His Detective Comics run was epic until it got bogged down by editorial interference and fill-ins, and “Heart of Hush” is possibly my favourite Batman story of all-time.

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