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Here is a list of the webcomics that have been featured so far:

1. Max Overacts

2. The Line

3. American Barbarian

4. Registered Weapon

5. Eventy-Seven

6. Moon Freight 3

7. Birth of Venus

8. 99 Reasons to Win

9. Carpe Chaos

10. English Majeure

11. 14 Nights

12. The Hero Business

13. Geist!

14. Super Haters

15. The Bean

16. Kiwi Blitz

17. Rigby the Barbarian

18. Of What Kind?

19. All New Issues!

20. Nathan Sorry

21. The Brothers Three

22. Richard J. Marcej’s Daily Comic Journal

23. Spy6teen

24. A Wicked Little Town

25. Foxing Quires

26. Holiday Wars

27. Carl and Zip’s Adventures Through Time

28. Split Lip

29. Namesake

30. The People That Melt in the Rain


Hey there

Not sure if you’ve already seen all the webcomics you need for this feature, but if you have chance, check out the intergalactic eyeball feast that us mine… http://www.manfromspace.co.uk – read on adventure fans, read on!!


You might not have heard of this yet but you will and now you have!

If you are looking for that old pulp adventure like Buck Rogers and Agent X-9, be sure to checkout airshipdaedalus.com. It posts every Sunday and Wednesday. Thanks.

I was so glad to see Max Overacts on here. I have two suggestions, both with awesome art.

http://unsoundedcomic.com – Fantasy genre, super beautiful visuals, superb writing

http://shadoweyes.net – Superhero/teen angst genre and Ross Campbell, ’nuff said.

You need to check out Artifice: http://webcomics.yaoi911.com/about/

Some great books on the list, in particular American Barbarian. Tom Scioli is top notch. I had the pleasure of running into him at TCAF recently. He’s the nicest guy. Man does he love, and know a ton about, Kirby.

A couple of other webcomics I’d recommend are:

Another excellent strip is http://wannabeheroes.com/

I highly recommend looking at Sluggy Freelance. http://www.sluggy.com

Absolutely insane. I can’t even BEGIN to describe it.

[…] One Month of Comic Suggestions Original Source: Comic Book Resources […]

[…] One Month of Comic Suggestions Original Source: Comic Book Resources […]

There are two cool newish webcomics I’d recommend. One is Tom Boy Tara found at http://www.tomboytara.com and a very new comic called Elise in Pieces found at: http://www.eliseinpieces.com both are interesting reads. Both have female main characters. Both dark if you like that sort of thing. TBT is more comic strip based but follows a story and EIP is more graphic novel-like in presence.

Wow… There are some great webcomics listed here. Some of the artwork is out of this world!! I especially like “A Wicked Little Town.” Such style. I wanted to suggest one webcomic that I came across. I think it’s fairly new, but it has a regular update (Mondays through Fridays). It seems to take traditional newspaper comic strip approach. Check it out: http://www.HeyLester.com.

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