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5/22 Cover Theme Game Answer!

Read on to get the answer to last week’s Cover Theme Game! Click here first if you want to see the game before seeing the answer.

Lobo, Element Lad and Blok are all the last of their respective races. Lobo is the last Czarnian, Element Lad is the last Tromite and Blok is the last Dryad.

Todd Enoch, Matthew Hinterlach, buttler, Stergios Botzakis and Thomas Lanese all guessed it correctly.

Jay Tea had an interesting alternate answer that each of the covers featured someone who has betrayed their respective team, with his theory being:

Cover 1: Vril Dox. It’s pretty much his stock-in-trade

Cover 2: Chameleon Boy. Led an unauthorized invasion of Khund space by the Legion
Espionage Squad, telling them it was authorized. Was expelled and imprisoned for
causing a major diplomatic incident.

Cover 3: Blok. Originally a member of the League of Super-Assassins, turned against
the Dark Man and joined the Legion.


I only had the last issue — I knew the guy who came up with Nightwind, so I had to locate all of her issues — so I figured that if Blok walked through an obstacle course with no worries, so I went with that with the other two. Oh, well.

Again, my apologies for posting my answer in the comments. And I gotta say, I didn’t see that answer — but I really like my theory. Especially since my candidates were all featured in the center of each cover.

Last survivors of their race, though? Good one. Especially since they made such a big deal of Superman being the “Last Son Of Krypton,” then started bringing back more and more Kryptonians…


Utterly embarrassed I couldn’t get this. As punishment I will make myself read some old back issues until I pass out.

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