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Answers to Name That Thor Artist!

Last week, I showed you panels and/or pages featuring Thor as drawn by the thirty-two pencilers who did full pencils on issues of the first volume of Thor (including the Journey Into Mystery issues). Here is that list if you want to look at it before I reveal the answers.

Okay, now I will reveal who the artists were as well as the three people who guessed each one of them correctly!


1. Keith Pollard, Thor #289

2. Stewart “Staz” Johnson, Thor #477

3. Patrick Olliffe, Thor #445

4. Bob Hall, Thor #330

5. Arvell Jones, Thor #290

6. Jackson “Butch” Guice, Thor #356

7. Gil Kane, Thor #318

8. Gary Hartle, Thor #452

9. Bruce Zick, Thor #460

10. Geoff Isherwood, Thor #495

11. Sandu Florea, Thor #474

12. Herb Trimpe, Thor #336

13. Erik Larsen, Thor #385

14. Mike Deodato, Thor #493

15.At Hartley, Journey Into Mystery #90

16. Sal Buscema, Thor #214

17. Neal Adams, Thor #180

18. Joe Sinnott, Journey Into Mystery #92

19. Mark “M.D.” Bright, Thor #335

20. Rich Buckler, Thor #227

21. M.C. Wyman, Thor #469

22. Don Perlin, Thor #332

23. Rich Yanizeski, Thor #401

24. Rick Leonardi, Thor #309

25. Alan Kupperburg, Thor #321

26. Jack Kirby, Journey Into Mystery #83

27. John Buscema, Thor #183

28. Walt Simonson, Thor #337

29. Ron Frenz, Thor #383

30. Tony DeZuniga, Thor #255

31. Greg LaRocque, Thor #323

32. Don Heck, Journey Into Mystery #98

A bunch of people asked about Wayne Boring, who was credited in Thor #280 just as “Guest Penciler,” but Tom Palmer (listed in the issue as “Inker/Embellisher”) clearly did finishes on the book, not just inks (my theory is that since having Boring draw Thor, particularly in an issue guest-starring Marvel’s version of Superman, was such a treat for Marvel that they didn’t want to hide the fact under their standard credit, which would have been “Wayne Boring and Tom Palmer } Illustrators”, so they called him “Guest Penciler,” instead). In either event, here is a sample from that issue, by Wayne Boring and Tom Palmer…

Okay, so as for the winners, THREE people all guessed correctly on all thirty-two artists. They are (in order of when I received their entries): Gary M. Miller, Greg Geren and Mark Elstob. Special shout-out to Carl Reno, who clearly knew all of the artists in question (including the issue numbers even!) but mixed up the penciler with the inker for two of them.

Congrats to our Thor experts!!

Hope everyone had fun!!


Geez, I own most of these comics and I doubt I would have gotten them all.

as i Thought, my errors were for Heck and Sinnott.; the rest was spot on . (the only period i dont really know … Brian showed us Al Hartley’s Thor art the previous week …. )

I never was a fan of Heck .; but his Thor is really …. ill ?

and sinnott’s thor seems to have baffled many participants …

And extreme caution was to be used regarding the artists inked by Colletta ( Hall, Larsen, Bright .. )

Nice game, hope to see it back soon .

Travis Pelkie

May 28, 2011 at 6:07 pm

This was cool to look at, but my Thor-fu is little to none. Glad to see I did know that 3 was Pat Olliffe.

Oh, and Simonson was easy. Can you believe I wasn’t sure about Kirby, though? Sheesh.

How DOES a Thuder God know about cardboard, though?

#20: That’s Buckler, not Butler.

Taylor Porter

May 28, 2011 at 6:53 pm

Hmm, I thought 29 was Buscema for sure sure. And 27 looks more like Frenz to me.

And 20 is still awesome

The Crazed Spruce

May 28, 2011 at 9:14 pm

Well, I thought Greg LaRocque was Barry Windsor-Smith, Geoff Isherwood was Neal Adams, Ron Frenz was an early George Perez, Rich Yanizecki was Mark Bagley, and Patrick Oliffe was Ron Frenz, Other than that, I got, like, three right.

I suck at this.

Well, I got 19 right. I knew who all 32 artists were, but some of the panels were definitely hard to pinpoint (as well as some being, I suspect, purposely misleading).

I also thought 29 was sure thing Buscema, while 27 never even crossed my mind that it might be him.

I thought 9 looked like Erik Larsen, particularly in Thor’s face and jaw, while I don’t really see his style in 13 (though 13 looks like someone deliberately aping Simonson, which makes sense considering the issue Larsen drew–Thor 385–was just a few months after Simonson’s run ended).

Lastly, though I’ve never seen Joe Sinnott pencil art, I thought 12 looked so much like his inking style that it must be him. But then, I also thought 12 looked like it must be from the early 60s, and is apparently from the early 80s. Oops.

Still, I’m mildly proud of myself for getting 19 right considering I’ve only read 4 of the issues on here and only even seen one other.

Fun contest Brian, I’d enjoy seeing more of these for Marvel’s other mainstays (ASM, UXM, FF, Avengers, Cap, IM, Hulk, DD)

Huh. I did pretty well. Got most of the obvious ones (Simonson, the Buscema’s, Adams, Larsen, Kirby, Deodato) and a few of the more tougher to spot ones (Buckler–although it was obvious to me, I’m guessing it threw a lot of people, Pollard, Jones, Guice, Isherwood, Kupperberg). I thought Mark Bright was Greg LaRocque and I didn’t know who Greg LaRocque was. Can’t believe I couldn’t figure out Trimpe or Bob Hall.

I still question the “full pencils only” criteria, particularly the Gill Kane entry at #7 from Thor #318. Kane has one of the most distinctive pencil styles ever; his stuff was almost impossible to obscure, even with the heaviest/worst inking. But even knowing it’s him I’m still hard pressed to recognize that as his work. According to Marvel.com Pablo Marcos inked that page, and it really looks more like his artwork than Kane’s. The credits may have said Kane did full pencils, but I would bet they were layouts. And I also seem to recall that Pollard (I loved that guy’s work back in the day) did layouts on most of his marvel stuff because he was usually doing multiple books at once. Ah well. No big either way, I guess.

This was fun. More, please.

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I got 22/32. What really threw me was number 27 and 29, I could swear both were John Buscema.

That was a lot of fun. A good way to while away a Sunday afternoon left to my own devices.

For the record, Here are the ones that I recognized on the spot, without having to look them up…

1 Keith Pollard
3 Patrick Oliffe
7 Gil Kane
10 Geof Isherwood
14 Mike Deodato, Jr
26 Jack Kirby
27 John Buscema
28 Walt Simonson
32 Don Heck

I also had a problem with 29, but I placed it as Sal Buscema originally, instead of 16. I couldn’t believe that I missed Neal Adams and Ron Frenz initially!

I also look forward to more!

How DOES a Thuder God know about cardboard, though?

You probably already know this, but just on the off-chance that the question is non-rhetorical: At first (and that panel is about as “first” as they come), Thor’s personality was basically just Dr. Don Blake with superpowers. It took a little while for him to regain enough memory to become the faux-Elizabethan-talking thunder god we all know and love.

Wow, I’m glad I never got my answers in, ’cause I did terrible. I got Kirby, Simonson, and Jackson Guice (’cause I have those issues, or reprints thereof) but my guesses on Frenz, Pollard, and the two Buscemas were all wrong (I thought for sure that Frenz panel was by John B.!).

No Barry Smith either (turns out I mistook the faces in the Trmpe and Heck panels for Smith’s work).

Great art to look at, though.

Travis Pelkie

May 29, 2011 at 6:07 pm

Buttler, I may have known that, but completely forgot about it when I posted. Yeah, that makes sense. Thanks for the info.

Ooh, ooh, do one for the X-men Brian! It’ll match-up well with the X-men movie coming out soon AND I’m more familiar with those comics. It’s win-win, baby!

Wow, I guessed two (Simonson and Deodato) correctly. I thought I had Buscema, Kirby, Heck, Wyman, and Mike Zeck, and Steve Epting, but I was wrong. So wrong on the last two that they weren’t even there.
I agree that I’d love to see this for Uncanny X-Men. I’ve read every issue.

Pete Woodhouse

May 30, 2011 at 1:50 pm

I struggled to get double figs: in the 9-11 range, so fair play to those who got maximums – verily ye be Thor geek princes, mayhap!
Got Kirby, Hartley, Sinnott, Heck but only cos I’ve just bought Thor Essentials 1! Simonson, Adams, Buscemas, Frenz, guessed at Deodato.
I too swore there was a BWS there too!. Olliffe is riffing on Sal B judging by the villain’s agape mouth as he falls – typical Sal Buscema pose!

Graham Vingoe

May 31, 2011 at 1:40 am

I’m so proud of myself (!) – whilst I did manage to get 16/32 I’m possibly the only person here to have missed Jack Kirby having got his and Joe Sinnott’s images the wrong way round- That’s what I get for not checking through my Tjor Omnibus to double-check

More of these contests please Brian

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