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When We First Met #3

Today begins a MONTH of “When We First Met”! Each day in June you’ll get an entry showing you the first appearance of seemingly minor characters, phrases, objects or events that later became notable parts of comic book lore. Not major stuff like “the first appearance of Superman,” but rather, “the first time someone said, ‘Avengers Assemble!'” or “the first appearance of Batman’s giant penny” or “the first appearance of Alfred Pennyworth” or “the first time Spider-Man’s face was shown half-Spidey/half-Peter.” Stuff like that. Here is an archive of what I’ve featured so far.


The first appearance of Batman’s giant dinosaur.

Along with the giant penny, the other major trophy in Batman’s Batcave is the giant robot dinosaur.

It made its bow in June/July 1946’s Batman #35, in the story “Dinosaur Island,” written by Bill Finger, penciled by Bob Kane and inked by Ray Burnley…


The first time Peter Parker kissed a girl

Shockingly, Peter Parker managed to go the entire Steve Ditko tenure on Amazing Spider-Man without ever actually KISSING any of the various girls who were infatuated with him (at least on panel).

The first time he actually kissed a girl was in April 1968’s Amazing Spider-Man #59, when Peter (who had been missing in action for awhile at the time due to a caper involving Doctor Octopus) is welcomed back by Gwen Stacy…

Stan Lee wrote it, John Romita did the layouts, Don Heck did the pencils and Mike Esposito did the inks.

The first appearance of Perry White

Perry White made his first appearance of ANY kind in the Superman radio series. But his first comic book appearance came soon afterwards in November/December 1940’s Superman #7. He appeared in pretty much all of the stories in that issue, but here are two (one from the first story in the issue and one from the last one – all written by Jerry Siegel with art by Joe Shuster and Wayne Boring, in some combination):


Feel free to send in ideas for future debuts I should feature here to bcronin@comicbookresources.com!


What about the first time the Beast says “oh my stars and garters”? Not as original or iconic a catch phrase as “its clobbering time” or “avengers assemble” … but it could be fun to see, depending on why / when he first started saying it.

I’d love to see when Jim Gordon went from fat, patrician looking older man to grizzled, skinnier action hero Jim Gordon.

Perhaps on entries like the Batman one you could also post a modern image of the thing whose first appearance is in question? Are we looking at the big T-Rex? How did it become a statue or whatever? Did Batman stuff it? These are the things inquiring non-Batman readers want to know!

(neat column tho… I like it)

The “Morning Pictorial” has a scoop attributed to “Peter Peeker”? Clearly this is an early cross-over reference to well-known news photographer Peter Parker! (I refuse to let little things like Spider-Man not debuting for 20+ years stop me. Obviously he traveled through time when he crossed dimensional barriers.)

While that’s the first time Peter was shown kissing a girl on-panel, no one will ever convince me that some serious makin’ out didn’t occur following the last panel of Amazing Spider-Man #7. It’s interesting that, “Sins Past” aside the majority of Spider-fans seem to agree that Gwen was Peter’s “first” in another respect. There is a minority view that argues for Felicia Hardy, since she’s the first girlfriend of Peter’s who made repeated reference to their having an active love life. It’s even *more* interesting, for very different reasons, that many Spider-fans expend considerable effort arguing when when Peter had his “first” despite the comics very understandably and sanely omitting that bit of information.

Also, for Schmakt: The text for the Batman entry explicitly calls it a “robot,” which answers at leas part of your specific question. To be honest, it’s surprising how *banal* some of the stories behind the Bat-trophies are; virtually none of them are linked to major recurring villains. The robot dinosaur, for example, is from a story with a forgettable villain, a civilian theme park owner gone bad. The giant penny is from a one-shot baddie called Joe Coyne, the Penny Plunderer.

A lot of fans mistakenly link them to the bigger-name (or at least somewhat memorable) villains. The Animated Series has inadvertently added to some fans’ confusion by making those links canon in the Animated DCU: there, the giant penny is from a Two-Face scheme (“Almost Got ‘Im”) and the dinosaur was used by Calendar Girl, a much revised adaptation of minor Batfoe the Calendar Man (“Mean Seasons”).

Schmakt: The dinos on Dinosaur Island were all robots, so no stuffing was necessary. :)

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Re: The Robot Dinosaur- …And? Is that it? You’re not going to explain its origin, just show us the splash page? I mean sure it looks cool but I was hoping to find the story behind it! (And why is Batman using arrows?)

Re: Peter Parker’s first kiss- Is it me, or does it look more like she’s just hugging him cheek-to-cheek? I don’t see their lips interconnecting.

Re: First Perry appearance- Heh, I actually dig these early Superman comics better than the Silver Age ones. The dialogue sounds pretty snappy, even today! :D

Wait a second! PETER PEEKER? You don’t think Stan Lee could have been influenced by this comic, do you?

How about the first “It’s Clobberin’ Time” or the 1st appearance of kryptonite(or 1st non green kryptonite appearance)

Pete Woodhouse

June 2, 2011 at 8:38 am

Eastin: First appearance “It’s clobberin’ time!” Brian’s already covered: see the archive (or list of categories).

Dudes, you’re supposed to E-MAIL your suggestions! But I’m going to put one here anyway because I’m not sure mine applies: Did anyone ever figure out when Batman disappearing on Gordon finally became convention? There was a discussion about it some time ago and while a number of people reported early disappearances of Batman, I don’t think anyone ever come up with an issue which seemed to start Batman disappearing ALL THE TIME. Or maybe I missed the solution somehow…

That’s definitely a good one. I doubt I’ll be able to find it myself (there’s a lot of Batman comics out there), but I will certainly try!

The first “Bwa-ha-ha”? The first time a super-hero defeated a villain by masquerading as another super-hero with a different power? The first use of the sound effects “snikt,” “bamf” or “hn”?

Brian, I sent you a panel ages ago for what I think is the first instance– Batman’s first appearance Swamp Thing. I checked other comics from the early ’70s don’t think it was a part of Batman’s repertoire until Len Wein did it.

That’s right, you totally did, Graeme. Thanks for reminding me (I haven’t done this bit in a long time)!

I totally skipped over the word “robot.”

Thanks guys! :)

@Omar: If Peter didn’t have his “first” with Gwen at some earlier point then it was definitely with MJ at the end of ASM #122.

always wondered where batman got that dinosaur for the bat cave trophy room. plus not surprised to see spiderman first kiss was from gwen stacy the love of his life. as for ideas. how about the first time wolverine is called logan. the first time barbara gordon shows up as oracle.

I tend to side with Sijo, as that looks like a hug to me. Regardless, it’s either a poorly drawn kiss or a poorly drawn hug!

@ art.the.nerd

Great and funny comment, ha ha!

“Regardless, it’s either a poorly drawn kiss or a poorly drawn hug!”

I dunno, man. People don’t always get it perfect. Sometimes when people are overcome with emotion (like when they haven’t seen each other in a while) they just run and “attack hug”, and kind of mush their faces together in random orientations.

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