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Batman Inc. to Return in 2012!


Thank goodness!

It is a shame that we’ll only be getting a 12-issue maxi-series by Morrison and Chris Burnham to wrap things up.

However, we will be getting a 12-issue maxi-series by Morrison and Burnham, so, well, you know, yay!!!

Here is Morrison on the news:

Batman, Incorporated will continue through to Issue #10 and August’s shocking season finale that changes the Batman status quo yet again. The series will take a brief hiatus while I work on a major new project to be announced shortly. Batman, Incorporated returns next year with me, Chris Burnham and Batman: Leviathan, the epic 12 part conclusion to my 6 year Batman saga. Don’t miss it!

It is cool to see Bat-Wing get his own comic, too (Judd Winick and Ben Oliver as the creative team).


rolling my eyes at “season finale.” haha

As shocking as the cliffhanger for “Widening Gyre” that Kevin Smith put out like 2 years ago? That never got resolved?

Why renumber the continuation of Batman Inc, regardless of when it’s coming out? Or does DiDio just have a hard-on for the number “One”?

It’d also be interesting to know how they’re going to spin a continuation in spite of a thoroughly altered DC universe. Yeah, that’s not going to confuse these new readers DC thinks they’re going to be bringing in.

Morrison deserves better than this.

This reboot looks softer and softer all the time. Just seems like One Year Later, except with a few major continuity tweaks here and there.

so frustrating. DC comics has no direction, no sense. this reboot is a very bad new.

Oh, thank Jebus.

Since Burnham’s in on the ground floor this time, he’ll hopefully get to draw all twelve parts. That kind of artistic consistency will be a welcome change of pace, compared to the semi-erratic artistic shuffle on Inc.

As surprising as it might be for Batwing to get his own comic, it’s more surprising that Winick would write it and not Red Hood and the Outlaws (not that it’s necessarily an either/or situation). I do worry that Winick will turn the book into some kind of trumped-up polemic, as he’s done on a variety of titles in the past. Oliver’s art is almost enough to get me to give the book a try, regardless. Almost.

Speaking of Red Hood, how many titles is Lobdell going to write for this relaunch? He’s rumored to be on Teen Titans and Superboy as well.

Lobdell is a fast writer. I can see him handling three books.

It’ll probably be called Batman, Incorporate: Something Something #1

Batman, Incorporated returning to finish its story isn’t so much a plus for me as the lack of a negative. The book exists and will continue to do eventually…

It seems from Morrison’s comments that the maxi-series will be BATMAN: LEVIATHAN. After the book-hopping his storyline has done so far over the past half-decade, what’s one more title?

I’m curious whether the story will be set in the new status quo, playing off the new continuity established in the six months before it comes out, or if it’ll be still set “out of continuity” to the contemporary books in the same pre-Flashpoint setting as the previous material. If so, waiting a few months would also help give the new line some time to settle in before having a high-profile project like this seem to disturb it (as it took time for Pre-Crisis-style stories to appear after CoIE).

So in other word bad new but not terrible. Honestly this whole whatever is becoming a bit of a mess. DC really should just lay down the facts of how this “reboot” is going to go and how far is the reboot going to well reboot. At the moment it just seems so haphazard that I’m very confident in this as a whole (ie that it will be new reader friendly or that they’re not going to just kill of the minority/female characters for giggles or that any of this will last till the end of the year). The worst thing DC can do right now for getting new readers is to leave these kind of questions hanging. Otherwise I’ll get none of these and wait and see what I hear (which considering DC’s trade policy means I’ll be behind enough that I might as well just wait on the trades).

Matt K, answers are coming, after the solicits next week, and I’m sure tons and tons of interviews with Johns, Lee, Didio, etc….


June 6, 2011 at 5:03 pm

It is a shame that we’ll only be getting a 12-issue maxi-series by Morrison and Chris Burnham to wrap things up.

Well, we knew it was coming to the end of it’s run – I was hoping he’d decide to stay on longer again, but he’s already done it twice, so it was unlikely.
All that’s happened here, is that most likely, the Batman world has been rebooted to where it was, before we see the conclusion.
Like if New X-Men still had it’s last few issues to go when Astonishing X-Men had started coming out.
One possible plus, is that Morrison could possibly go balls out now (even more so) and make this THE final Batman story, as the ongoings aren’t probably going to reflect the events in the series.
(It’s still a shame though – much like I felt with New X-Men, the Batman Inc concept seems perfectly workable as a status quo, and there’s no reason it wouldn’t work beyond it’s creator).

Matt K:

DC really should just lay down the facts of how this “reboot” is going to go and how far is the reboot going to well reboot.

They could do that, but I reckon they are loving the attention they are getting at the moment, and all the talk about them, that they will b releasing the info in dribs and drabs.

The worst thing DC can do right now for getting new readers is to leave these kind of questions hanging.

I think that’s more an issue for us guys, than for any new readers who come along.

Leviathan IS the reboot. Ouroboros? The snake that eats itself, signifying the cyclical nature of the world (and ESPECIALLY comics)? I think Grant Morrison is going to have Batman Inc literally fight the rebooting nature of the DC Universe. It’s the ultimate comics-based meta-narrative, right up Morrison’s alley. I just don’t know how he’s going to keep both Batman and something THAT, well, potentially pretentious in nature working together coherently. But if any writer can do it, my money is on Grant.

Travis Pelkie

June 7, 2011 at 5:52 am

Ooh, I like ScionLoop’s idea. But then, I liked Final Crisis too.

And Burnham on the Batman:Leviathan? SOOOOOOO sweet.

Well, I think that the DC “reboot” isn’t doing a whole lot to the DCU other than, maybe, some minor things. Very soft.

I wonder, is Superman the “major new project” that GMozz is talking about there? It hasn’t been “officially” announced yet, after all…

I do know, unless Frank Quitely was lying, that Multiversity is still going on. So I’m guessing the multi Earths is still going on. (Plus, Tony Harris’s Whistling Skull is on a separate earth as well….)

personally i don’t want anything to do with batman inc because it was a dumb concept to start with and judging by the sales people didn’t really like it either.

im thrilled that all the DC heroes are going back to it’s roots and bruce becoming the only batman and dick becoming nightwing.

that is the way dc universe should be,jeph loeb showed us you don’t need multiple batmen to write hit comics (hush,long Halloween)what you need is gripping yet simple ideas and I hope dc can do that in the future,hopefully Morrison will be gone for good.

@FGJ, fair enough, I understand why they are drawing it out what I was trying to say is that for someone like me who currently buys essentially no DCU books (just this and I dropped Booster Gold with the Flashpoint tie in) the lack of info is a hinderence to me even caring about these announcements. Like Batgirl, it makes a difference to me if it’s a complete reboot or if Babs is somehow returning to the role. So without the info, none of these new books are sounding that exciting to me (also a lack of hooks so to speak).


June 7, 2011 at 8:38 am

Its sweet they are making an African superhero dealing with African issues written by Judd Winick. It should be good for all the people that didn’t read Unknown Soldier because it didn’t have a guy in a cape in it.

Travis Pelkie

June 7, 2011 at 8:53 am

What occurs to me — I’m going to guess that issue 12 of this will come out the week of December 21 2012. Just a thought.

Did the word “historic” market test well with retailers or something?

Edgar Liberty

June 19, 2011 at 8:45 pm

Judd Winick’s Africa :(

Grant Morrison said, when he started Batman, Inc, that it was meant to be a 2 year run. The first half being the set-up, and the second being the actual conflict. So Inc and Leviathan match up perfectly with what he intended all along, and the reboot really has nothing to do with it besides maybe cutting Inc down to 10 issues instead of 12.

How come of all the things they keep they had to keep one of the shittiest runs of batman that I’ve seen since the fifties comics? Regardless of where this story goes it’s one that’s going to end with just getting so huge and out of control that people get sick of it as it falls to pieces on itself. Huge corporation that no one’s heard of before trying to take over the world and targetting heroes? So what? They have a million of those, and all that taking this one down is leading to is the creation and continuation of horribly designed two dimensional and meaningless characters. Hell, they even gave the worse designed one his own book.

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