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The Line It Is Drawn #44 – OUR DC Number Ones!

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Now on to the bit!

So every week, I ask a question here. You reply to it on our Twitter page (just write @csbg with your reply) and our SIX blog sketch artists will each pick one of your suggestions and I will post them here every week. So every week you will have a new question and you will see the top six choices from the previous week.

To qualify, you have to be following us when you reply – so go follow us and then give your answer to the following question/challenge (All suggestions due by 6 AM Pacific, Friday, June 10th).

Next week’s theme is…

Mash-up muppets and comic book characters!

Read on for the six sketches that came about courtesy of the last question/challenge!

In honor of DC’s reboot announcement, come up with a tweak on a DC hero or team and our artists will draw a #1 cover for that character/group.


I’ll put them in alphabetical order based on the name of the Twitter user who made the suggestion.

All copyright and trademarks of the following characters are held by their respective owners!

No George this week, so Sean is filling in!

AdamRuvola suggested:

Grim and gritty Legion of Super Pets

Sean McFarland is the artist for this one. Here is his website.

(click on the image to enlarge)

b_granderson suggested:

damian wayne’s future batman in his own ongoing title

Daniel Irizarri is the artist for this one. Here is his website.

Daniel mixed that suggestion with another b_granderson suggestion of:

female robin

(click on the image to enlarge)

BigMike20X6 suggested:

The Flash now no longer a speedster, now a racecar driver that fights crime

Nick Perks is the artist for this one. Here is his website.

(click on the image to enlarge)

Nick also did a black and white version of the above cover. You can check that cover out here.

dc2omniverse suggested:

goth Supergirl

Caanan Grall is the artist for this one. slafaive‘s suggestion of

Power Girl as a pimply-faced, flat-chested girl

(click on the image to enlarge)

shurwitt suggested:

Ryan Choi, the All-Live Atom #1.

Michael “Mic” Magtanong is the artist for this one. Here is his website.

therealAstrozac suggested:

Darkseid with an Afro

Chaz Folgar is the artist for this one. Here is his website.

(click on the image to enlarge)

Thanks to all of our suggestion givers and, of course, our awesome artists!

Now go make suggestions for next week!!


Is it Merey’s birthday next week, or something?

Ha! Nah, a couple of the guys have been asking me to do a muppet theme for awhile now!

Actually my pick was the continuing adventures of damian wayne ad batman, but i also combined it with another suggwstion that was of a girl robin. I thought about doing that other flippex one though.

I’ll comment more thoroughly on all the pieces when i have the time, but seriously this was a fantastic week.

It’s funny how similar the gritty Super-Pets one is to the new Teen Titans #1 cover. And by funny, here, I mean sad.

Typos. “Damian Wayne as batman.”

Great stuff, fellas!
I can see that Afro-Seid on Eric Foreman’s bedroom wall.
I feel like the Flash cover is missing an obvious ‘lugnuts’ pun.
If I weren’t scared of getting on horses already, Comet would cement that fear and then some.
Dan, did you create that logo? It’s pretty sweet, and so is the art and costumes,
and Mic’s is just ALL professional.

Who votes we do this to Marvel some week soon? Right, Brian? Although… MUPPETS!!!!!!!!! Aaaaargh! :D This includes Sesame Street and all other Jim Henson wonders, yes? Labyrinth. Dark Crystal. Etc.

All-Live Atom? There must be a joke I’m missing.

And I don’t get where Daniel Irizarrini is coming from in his piece. Batman’s original costume was a pro wrassler plus a cape. Robin’s was community theater Shakespeare with a really bad color scheme.

Which reminds me that Marshall Rogers improved Robin’s costume 10,000 percent just by tearing open his collar.

Here’s my challenge: Take a superhero costume from crappy to cool with the minimum amount of changes.

Holy crap, I would so write the hell out of THAT Atom!

Can I also just add, these are all really, REALLY lovely and impressive designs?

Very nice work, guys. A lot of real talent on this page. Wow!


June 8, 2011 at 6:42 pm

All-Live Atom? There must be a joke I’m missing.

The All-new Atom, Ryan Choi, got hunted down and murdered in Titans: Villains For Hire #1.
It was seemingly created with the intent of making the dead cat issue of Arsenal not the worst thing DC published that year.
So presumably, that’s Ryan Choi, and rather than being all new, he’s alive!

Can we make suggestions for future themes?

The Legion of Super Pets came out brilliant.

Travis Pelkie

June 8, 2011 at 7:07 pm

I would SOOOO buy all of these books. Over any of the ones announced today (except maybe Static, that is).

I want to see Frank Miller on Legion of Super Pets. That would rock! I’m trying to come up with some Miller esque dialogue, but I feel it’s too over the top what I’m thinking.

Future Batman and Robin, so cool.

That Flash one — since Dave Stevens is no longer with us, I guess Nick will have to draw this. Get him on a Rocketeer Adventure story, IDW!

Goth Supergirl and scrawny Power Girl — excellent. Her archnemesis is the Cutter.

All Live Atom. Yes. Why come up with an awesome character just to kill him off? Oh yeah, it’s DC.

Afroseid and the Anti-Funk Equation. Awwww yeah. You damn right.

Why can’t I get these books, DC? THIS is what the public wants, not Liefeld on Hawk and Dove, dammit!

“The All-new Atom, Ryan Choi, got hunted down and murdered in Titans: Villains For Hire #1.
It was seemingly created with the intent of making the dead cat issue of Arsenal not the worst thing DC published that year.”

Actually, Villains For Hire predated Rise of Arsenal. As for which was worse, well, that’s a judgment call.

“I want to see Frank Miller on Legion of Super Pets. That would rock! I’m trying to come up with some Miller esque dialogue, but I feel it’s too over the top what I’m thinking.”

You sick bastard! But I’m worse, because I’m picturing it by Garth Ennis.

Fantastic Job all around! I love that Supergirl piece! I would actually pick that up in a heart beat!

And I’m telling you, if we don’t get that ALL-LIVE ATOM in this relaunch I will be absolutely furious. YOU STILL HAVE TIME DC! I Would buy multiple copies of it without a doubt!

To bad DC isn’t smart enough to bring back Choi.

The All-Live Atom? Apologies for the ensuing caps . . . YES, PLEASE!!!!!!!!! Honestly, if the reboot brings Ryan Choi back, I’ll lose a lot of misgivings about it. And great move bringing the Bangstick back. Thanks for the rad cover, Mic!

I would buy both Afroseid and the goth Supergirl in the new relaunch. Just saying.

SEAN :: Animals already hate me, so I find those grim and gritty Super Pets immensely threatening. Congrats on another successful execution and thanks in advance for tonight’s nightmare!

DANIEL :: The Great “Irizarrini”! Dude, Damian’s get-up is hella magical! I’d totally rock that blouson jacket. Bad-ass logo design, as well, my friend!

NICK :: Old-school yet so fresh! I also love the co-feature.

CAANAN :: Yeesh! Talk about professional! I’m ready to add that to my pull-list for real.

CHAZ :: Dude… I needs that on my wall. lol I dig it, cat daddy. I don’t know what the Anti-Funk Equation is, but I wants it, too.


In regards to my piece…

ACK! Thanks, GAIL! And I would so draw the hell out of THAT Atom! Please wait for me…?

Big thanks to SIR BRIAN for everything. Man, what an awesome and well-timed theme. Totally helped me channel all this excitement/emotion in the past week and a half.

Thank you to SHURWITT for the suggestion! It’s like you were typing my pain with your keyboard when you submitted that.

Thanks for the love and I COMPLETELY feel your frustration, TRAVIS, ED, SCUD, and JASON! I believe that real healing can commence if/once Ryan is back.

Thanks for comments and the visit! Bangsticks for everyone!


I’m all about typing the pain! And thank YOU for bringing the idea to (sniff) life! Hooboy do I want that to be real.

(Just for clarity’s sake, I’m shurwitt when I’m not buttler — and even when I am.)

I’m kind of in love with most of these, actually. The Super-Pets one warms the grim ‘n’ gritty cockles and muscles of my heart.

But what I really scrolled down here to say was:

Darkseid with an afro, I know, I know, it’s serious.

Travis Pelkie

June 8, 2011 at 11:06 pm

Obviously, Mutt, the Legion of Super Pets would be fighting Dogwelder at some point.

There is so much win in Sean’s cover. Beautiful. I want that series so bad!!!

Goddamn, Canaan and Michael really knocked it out of the park this week. Really good work.

Awesome work everyone! (where can we buy the Afroseid poster?)

Mic?, seriously, I love that design and the new bangstick is PERFECT.

I wish I WAS writing that book!

Dex-Starr has to be the enemy for that Legion…..

The Batman and Robin totally fits the current direction/atmosphere of the book right now….

Am I the only one who had “Take On Me” or the Speed Racer theme playing in their head looking at the Flash piece?

That Supergirl and Power Girl could rival Quantum and Woody or Cable and Deadpool as comics most mismatched partners….

Afro-Seid….hilarious and groovy…..but my winner this week:

Mic? Damn you hit out of the park man…everything from the new costume to the “growing” after images..!

I can’t wait for the Justice League of Muppets next week….or a X-Muppets..(I know that’s already on the net but these guys will kill it!)

Good job all!

The All-EXTREME Atom; “snowboarding” down the side of a proton.

That Batman and Robin is a great take. Great redesigns.

Also a fan of the Flash and Blackhawk. Again, great reimaginings.


June 9, 2011 at 8:52 am

I really want to read Afroseid and his adventures in finking the anti-funk equation.

“Son of the Bat, Daughter of the Bird” .. love that concept .. great art and design, too ..

Love the Blackhawk design insert on the Flash cover ..

Like all these really .. this is a DCU I would like to read ..

I smell a The line it is draw! book coming soon to our favourite bookstores :) It certainly deserves one!

Michael P: “Is it Merey’s birthday next week, or something?”

I don’t know, but it’s mine and The Muppets theme is a perfect gift!

(I still have no idea how to quote properly on here.)

Heads up CBR, BleedingCool.com has covers for the new Superman, Supergirl and Suberboy #’s 1. Superman’s new costume really looks…bad, Joel Schumacher, nipples on the Batsuit bad. Supergirl’s ironically isn’t that awful, except for Jim Lee’s weird high collar fetish. Superboy is godawful, worse thing I’ve ever seen. Apparently, he’s a cyborg now (oh crap!).

Seriously, every single one of these looks better than what’s on the table. With the very possible exception of Afro-Seid, although even that at least is interesting and new.


June 9, 2011 at 9:23 am

Aside from Atom, the rest are complete bollocks. Some are executed well; Superpets and Supergirl, but are still extremely lame in concept (Emo Supergirl). Now if that they were going for, poking fun at the new #1’s then they succeeded by having a somewhat “So bad it’s good” vibe, but mostly they suck. If they are trying to say “DC should do this..” then it’s a HUGE fail.

Way to miss the point there, C.O. This is a whimsical feature every single time, so yeah, it’s not that.

Yeah, judging by the timing of this week’s theme, and the amount of people scouring for DC reboot – yes, I will call it a reboot – news, some people have come here for the first time by mistake…?

We do this Every. Week! Please, before telling us we suck, feel free to click on the line is drawn group link and check out the other 43 weeks we’ve been doing this and revel in the good fun this column is intended to be presented. Then sign up on twitter and join in the fun. We need more lame concepts to draw!


June 9, 2011 at 10:17 am

I do check in on this every week. There have been some great entries in the past. This week’s goes past “so bad it’s good” back into just plain bad territory. I get whimsical, I get fun, I get sarcasm, I just think this was weak. So be it.

Unfortunately these look far more interesting than anything DC really has planned.

C.O.: AfroSeid disagrees. And when he shows you the anti-funk equation, you will too.

afroseid rules! In search of the anti-funk equation reminds me of an old cameo song phrase “Prepare a search party to beam down to chocolate city. Set phasers on funk-funk”. This probably means nothing to you unless you are at least 45 years old :)

yeah, this was just so stupid. a waste of time. i mean, who DC is not gonna pick up Darkseid with an afro so why bother, am-i-rite?

Dear C.O. (if you weren’t being sarcastic.) We just picked the suggestions we wanted to, just like everyother week. And (with the exception of my own piece) I think that the end result was pretty fucking awesome. Generally every artist here stepped up their game for this one, because it was our chance to draw the comics that we would read.

I’d read the fuck out of Afro-seid, and the adventures of Jay “The Flash” Garrick, and i’d love to read a Gail Simone penned book about Ryan Choi, (but only if Mic drew it.) and well, i’d love to draw anything Grant Morrison would write.

Grim and Gritty super Pets? SOLD!

As long as one person, at least one, liked these drawings it officially was NOT a waste of time. : )
Also, Gail should totally hook Mic up with the kind folks at DC. (So them Mic can hook us up, yeah?)

Hey CSBG, I only signed up for Twitter so I could tweet you suggestions. I don’t actually care whether or not my suggestions are selected, I just don’t really know what I’m doing with Twitter. I think I’m doing the “correct” thing by tweeting prefaced with @CSBG, but I’m not certain. Can you please confirm that you are at least receiving my suggestions (Twitter name : SquashuaMan). Much thanks.

Afroseid is awesome, but missed a good opportunity to integrate the symbol for Omega into his hair pic.

Hasn’t Simone done enough to the atom? Let her write someone else poorly for a while.

Pete Woodhouse

June 9, 2011 at 12:04 pm

Afroseid – Fourth World meets P-Funk. How cool is that?


June 9, 2011 at 12:15 pm

Sorry, my mistake… this is all fabulous everything everyone ever puts on the internet is fabulous, all comments on internet message boards should be positive, nobody should ever read a negative comment about something ever. We should stop keeping score at sporting events and all children should be given a cookie just for waking up in the morning.

Of course the only thing that is shit, is the stuff that big companies and organizations do. Banks are shit, corporations are shit, movie companies are shit, record companies are shit, computer companies are shit (except for mac because they are indi cool).

The only good stuff is happy free indi stuff that gets posted online.

Go read some of Jason Aaron’s posts on criticism and thinking that your own shit don’t smell.


Nice. Reminds me of such classics as CAPTAIN AVERAGE AMERICAN and ALFALFA FLIGHT in the old AMAZING HEROES.

Ryan Choi is dead? That sucks. But that title really took an unfortunate nosedive into grim and gritty nonsense after Gail left, so perhaps he’s in a better place now. Or at least Comic Book Limbo.

Cool story bro! thats exactly what i meant. : )

…except for the fact that this feature is just generally ‘in good fun’ and no one is pitching any comics to anyone. (except for afro-seid. that needs to get made.)

But you’re right. Send a letter the Brian Cronin, and he’ll refund the money you’ve invested in The Line.

Can you please confirm that you are at least receiving my suggestions


+! for Daniel.

Heck, I’m late to the party as usual but I have to give kudos to Caanan for taking the Supergirl suggestion I had and running with it (the facial “S” was inspired).

I also suggested Legion of Super Pets but I didn’t go the grim n’ gritty path and mine would have paled in comparison because that thing is excellent. Love the enraged Streaky. Not the biggest fan of the Batman (but I’m suffering Bat-Overload at the moment so it’s nothing against the artist). I love the pulp vibe to The Flash and I, too, would read that Atom. Afro-Seid, on the other hand, is just awesome :D

Bring the noise. Bring da funk.

absolutely love Mic’s Atom cover! (& yep, I miss Ryan Choi too – maybe this reboot will eventually allow for his return – if so, I’d love to see Mic & Gail teaming up on it)

John and Reid were the same person, so I bounced their comments. That’s clear trolling.

I for one enjoyed everyone’s entries quite a bit this week. I was shooting for absurdity, personally. Grim and Gritty legion of Super Pets? You would need a seriously gifted auteur to make that one fly. So C.O. yeah, not a serious pitch… I was hoping for funny… hence the monkey with the cigar. If you don’t like it that’s cool, make some good suggestions for next week and hope for better I guess.

I definitely agree about Mic? on the Atom though; he killed it. Gail, that Mic?, he’s a hard working kid with a good eye for design, just waiting for his big break from a legendary writer…. if only he knew someone who worked in the industry? :)

Caanans idea looks a little too fully realised for comfort. Vertigo Death is going to merge with Supergirl and we’ll all have Grall to blame.

@Daryl YES! Aha! is playing in my head when I look at Perks work. Jay just needs to switch out his tire Iron for a pipe-wrench and we’re in business. Lovingly re-imagined Nick.

Dan’s got a sense of design I would trade some digits for. Seriously. (left pinky i’m looking at you.)

But really this week is about one thing, and one thing only; AFROSEID. 4th world of Funk, brought to you by Chaz, who not only routinely brings the funk; but takes it out to dinner, shows it a good time and sends it back to mama in a delicate situation. OOOOHHHHH Yeahhhhhh.

Thank you, MATT, DARYLL, DC2, and SHAWN!

Thanks so much, GAIL! I deeply wish you were writing that book. Much MUCH happiness and thrill would ensue.

hahah SQUASHUA, if I died the way Ryan died and got brought back to life, I would shred on some sweet nucleon between lectures often and LIVE! *nerds out*

You know this, DIO! You won’t need me, though. You’re a already rock star!

SEAN… you my boy, man!

Thanks for the love, everyone! Keep it fun!


RE: Your muppets mash-up…

Howzaboot “Rowlf, Spaceknight”?

ha! i’m already imagining the X-muppet-babies suggestions coming in. : )

All of the stuff has been so much better than the dreck that DC Nu has in store for us!

All that stuff looks so much better than what DC Nu is having in store for us!!!!

I’m going to be seriously disappointed if we don’t see some Dr. Teeth next week :)

And you’re welcome, Mic. I don’t compliment lightly so you earned it, bud. No smoke up the nether regions from me.

Mike Loughlin

June 9, 2011 at 8:05 pm

What is the Anti-Funk Equation? Is it hidden in John Denver songs? Is it what’s on the missing Nixon tapes? Is it mayo on wonder bread? No roofs are torn of the muthasucka, there is no private dick who’s a sex machine to all the chicks, Freddy is no longer dead…


Thanks Brian.

Just brilliant, thanks to everyone for putting it together!

hahaha Chaz Folgar killed it this week

Wow, The Trolls came out this week! :P Actually I was expecting some criticism but for the Afro-Seid thing (there are some people out there who just can’t stand ANY reference to Blaxploitation.) But yeah since our artists choose which suggestions they will do and they tend to have active senses of humor, their art pieces often have an humorous side to them. While I haven’t always enjoyed the results, I respect their decisions, not to mention all the hard work they do *for all us for free.* You guys all rock! :)

THAT said, time to choose my favorites this week:

Best Art: Oh God this was hard, EVERYTHING looked great this week! But I’ll give it to Magtanong’s Atom for looking so well-designed and original! And I never even read Ryan Choi! (Though that’s only because he came out after I swore not to buy DC Comics until they cleaned up their act.)

Funniest: AFRO-SEID! Really I just cracked up on seen it! Also a very well-done 70’s tribute. Great! SOUL-TRAAAAIN…. :D

Best Overall: Perk’s The Flash. Excellent recreation of the typical Golden Age comic book cover! I especially love thug with the: “OMG a guy with a tire iron and all I have is a gun in my hand!” reaction. :D Oh and it actually looks better in B&W. Congratulations!

Suggestions due by Friday morning? Rats, I only just saw this. Guess I’ll have to check earlier. Oh well. (I hope somebody does something with “Pigs In Spaaaace!” ;)


June 10, 2011 at 1:35 pm

Genuinely, I think I would buy all of these titles if the writers attached had the talent and sense of fun these artists. Comics don’t need to be gritty and have women being killed every five issues to be good. I’m actually feeling kinda bummed out right now because these aren’t real relaunches.
I can picture the style of these comics in my head and they could all be so good. Even The Flash and the future-Batman, while maybe not being quite as fun as the others, would be something different and there is so much potential in just the covers. I don’t want to bash the people working at DC, but looking at the relaunches I just can’t get excited. Cosmetic changes to costumes and backstories do not lead to great stories.
I’ve got a whole list of things I’d do with a billion dollars and buying DC and publishing all of these comics just jumped to the top of the list.

Is it too late to ask for a Muppet Secret Six?

Ragdoll — Beaker
Scandal — Kermit’s nephew Robin
Bane — Fozzie
Jeanette — Camilla
Catman — Scooter
Deadshot — Swedish Chef

[…] The Line It Is Drawn #44: OUR DC Number Ones! Damian as Batman! Flash as a race car driver! Goth Supergirl! Darkseid with an Afro! (CSBG) […]

Thanks for the shout, SIJO!

And d’oh! That SECRET SIX suggestion woulda been fresh!!


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