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DC IS Doing a Blue Beetle Comic!

When DC made a point of talking about their character diversity, you would think that Blue Beetle would have been a bit of a lock. As one of the few prominent Hispanic superheroes, Jaime Reyes would be a good choice for a book (not to mention that Jaime Reyes is a good character, period).

Well, CBR just learned that Beetle is, indeed, getting his own book!

It’ll be by Tony Bedard and Ig Guara (with inker Ruy Jose – is it just me or are inkers getting a bit short shrift in some of these announcements? Unless a lot of pencilers are inking themselves, which certainly IS possible).

I am glad that Beetle is getting his own book.


I would rather there be no Blue Beetle comic book than a mediocre one. I don’t have confidence in this writer’s ability to capture the charm of the character and cast.

I thought REBELS was not bad, so I’m optimistic about Bedard here on BB.

I think Bedard’s a very good choice. I think he’ll do a perfectly fine job capturing the cast. I actually think this is right down his alley. I just hope they don’t decide to restart things from scratch. REBELS was very good. Negation’s one of my favorite series ever. He had a good Exiles run. He’s had dozens of good fill in issues for DC. He’s a very competent writer. Obviously John Rogers is unavailable or unwilling to do work-for-hire, but Bedard’s a fine choice.

Now… Suicide Squad looks terrible.

Matt D, you’re right. I just looked at Suicide Squad and it looks PAINFUL.

Awesome! At this point I wasn’t expecting a Beetle book so I’m pleasantly surprised by this announcement.

I never cared for SECRET SIX, but I’m down for THE SUICIDE SQUAD! Artist interpretation is ***** boys, deal with it. Harley never looked better to me.

Man, if Tony Bedard is writing it, I might just have to pick it up for that reason alone! His work on eXiles actually brought me back into comics years ago! I love this man’s ability to make C and D listers important!

John Rogers has no problem doing work for hire, Matt, as his current gig on IDW’s Dungeons & Dragons comic proves.

Awesome! Tony Bedard is a great choice as writer too. He gets the cosmic stuff and understand how to create good character dynamics. Also, I love the book’s description because that was an awesome part of the original series. Jaime trying to convince his armor not to blow everything up with a nuclear bomb-level explosion never got old.

Er… I’m not quite as excited about Suicide Squad. Don’t know anyone on the creative team to have an opinion on them, but those costumes on the cover DO NOT look good. Okay, Deadshot’s has potential but it’s hidden by Harley Quinn trying to sex you to death.

Also, with the three Superman family covers leaked and then Action Comics with Grant Morrison (and possibly Rags Morales), that’s all of the books. That means quite a few, like Secret Six and Powergirl, are canceled.

Yeah, I’m down with the Bedard. I really liked his Exiles.

Justin, Gail Simone pretty much hinted at cancellation in the last issue of Secret Six with the closing tagline
“Next: The End is Near!” so I would say S6 has maybe 2 more issues left, maybe only one.

Andrew Collins

June 9, 2011 at 2:32 pm

Nice. One thing I’ve had fun with in regards to these DC announcements is comparing the new titles against my list of 52 guesses as to what they would be soliciting. So far, I’ve actually gotten about 2/3 right, including this one and the Sgt. Rock book (though I didn’t expect the modern day setting for that latter one…)

Smart decision. The Jamie Reyes version of the Blue Beetle could take off.

I’m still curious why this wasn’t announced yesterday…

While I’d kill to have John Rogers back on the book, I’m more than content with Bedard. Honestly, I’m just thrilled to have Jaime back in a solo title.

Bedard can write the hell out of a comic. This will be awesome.

Travis Pelkie

June 10, 2011 at 7:39 am

I’ll pick this up with cautious optimism.

See, the one thing that people have brought up is that with 52 different “new” titles coming all at once, some books, and this might be one, will get overlooked. Let’s hope the cream rises to the top.

Canceling Blue Beetle was a mistake: despite low sales, he was getting a lot of exposure OUTSIDE comics thanks to Batman: The Brave And The Bold, working perfectly in there as an audience-identification character as well as a DC Hero the current generation could call their own. He should have been given more time to take advantage of this.

From what I heard, Blue Beetle was one of the few post-Infinite Crisis books that never sank into cynicism or graphic violence at any point. If it’s going to be like that now, then welcome, but some of the other offers (Red Lanterns, Demon Knights) don’t convince me that DC has put its bloodlust behind yet.

Nice to see Beetle getting a new series.

I really enjoyed Sturges run at the end of the last series (and the co-features in Booster Gold). Hopefully its as good!

I would rather read a book about Ted Kord.

DC you make me sad.

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