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DC relaunching Suicide Squad, as well!

I like artist Marco Rudy and I really don’t know enough about writer Adam Glass to make a judgment either way, but I can say that the cover of the new Suicide Squad title (starring Harley Quinn, King Shark and Deadshot) is not exactly my cup of tea…


Yeah, I’m not wild about that cover either. And if this means Secret Six is getting erased from continuity, then I’m gonna be a sad panda.

He was the guy who wrote Deadpool: Suicide Kings, Deadpool Pulp and Luke Cage Noir. Suicide Kings was awesome and I have head good things about Luke Cage Noir

Secret Six won’t be getting erased, but it probably won’t be ongoing ;_;

also, WTF at that cover. Paul Dini is furious right now.

So much for functional costumes…

Looks great.

Sweet! The Suicide Squad is back in action! With the lovely Harley Quinn in the line-up! My inner fanboy is salivating. Harley looks good. Like, Punk Rock Girl good!

He was the guy who wrote Deadpool: Suicide Kings, Deadpool Pulp and Luke Cage Noir. Suicide Kings was awesome and I have head good things about Luke Cage Noir

He wrote Luke Cage: Noir?

That was good. I’m getting more optimistic!!

It looks as though Harley is somewhat based off of her Arkham City look. Except with less clothes. It’s interesting that characters like Zatanna, Black Canary, and Poison Ivy seem to now be fully clothed, whereas Harley, who’s look was originally fully-covered up, now seems to be wearing next to nothing.

Since when is King Shark a hammerhead?

(Since 9/1/11, I guess)

Ricardo Amaral

June 9, 2011 at 2:00 pm

Cover seems to be by RB Silva, the same guy on the awesome Jimmy Olsen by Nick Spencer. And I like the Suicide Girls punk-trash on this cover. One of the few covers that hint at a different crowd in this revamp.

Wow. That actually looks good.

I love that cover, and while I’m normally a big fan of the old school Harley outfit, I think this fits the feel of the suicide squad so much more.

I’m not sure what is more troubling, Harley’s horrific new look/attitude or the fact that this cast suggests that Secret Six is not getting relaunched in anything resembling its current form. Bleh.

I suppose after using all that fabric to cover up the other DC Heroines, there just wasn’t enough left in the DCU for Harley…

I just hope Scandal Savage still has a place somewhere in the new DC!

Actually while I love Simone’s Secret Six, I’m sort of glad it’s not getting relaunched (now). A major shift would be disconcerting to say the least. I’ll definitely miss them though. Suicide Squad isn’t my thing.

Jabber Jaw?

Is it 100% that Secret Six is done? Or are we just going on the fact that Deadshot and King Shark are on the cover? Wolverine is like on 6 different teams, so why cant Deadshot be on?

Also, Harley just looks horrible.

Andrew Collins

June 9, 2011 at 2:29 pm

Deadshot? Awesome. That costume he’s wearing? Not so much…at least not what I can see of it in that picture…

Well if there is no Secret Six, then I am not a happy kid. (the only non batman, green lantern DC book I was reading) I do like this writer so I will give them a chance.

And if that is Deadshot on the top right, for shame, his costume was great as it is.

Most recent issue of S6 ended with the tagline “Next: The End is Near!”

That’s all I know.

Adam Glass on Suicide Squad is intriguing, but that cover is off-putting. Why put pants on Wonder Woman and shrink Harley Quinn’s clothes in the wash?

@Winter: We’re at 48/52 books now, all that’s left is the four Superman family books tomorrow(George Perez’ Superman, Supergirl, Superboy, Morrison’s Superman)

Finally, DC do something T. won’t have to bend over backwards to complain about. What the fuck, people.

Harley looks great!

Do not fear the sex!!!!

is this the same adam glass that wrote the jla 80 page story? I hope not.I wasnt a big fan of that.

Yeah, Secret Six is dead, and that was one of the few DC titles I was actually still buying. I’ve always liked the Suicide Squad concept, but that cover looks dreadful.

I just find the whole thing depressing. I went to my LCS yesterday, and there wasn’t a single thing on the stands I was interested in buying. I did pick up a couple of trades, just to be supportive. But I’ll check out one or two of the new titles out of curiosity, though maybe only the Vertigoish ones.

Is adam glass the same guy that wrote the jla 80 page giant? I hope not.I wasnt a fan.

Billy Bissette

June 9, 2011 at 5:29 pm

Death of Secret Six leaves my current DC book buying count in September at … 1. That one being Justice League Dark, and I’m not certain I’ll even bother adding it to my pull list. I might just trade wait it. If it dies early, no big loss.

Suicide Squad doesn’t look promising, but I’ll flip through its first trade as well, just to give it a last chance. If it dies early, I might not even notice.

Unless there is something big still in hiding (what is the current revealed book count?), I’m pretty much done with DC. They’ve either cancelled or switched the creative teams on the books I liked. They’ve moved writers I like to books I don’t care about. They’ve redone characters that I might have cared about in ways that I don’t like. (Sorry, but Barbara Gordon is my least desired Batgirl. I’d rather see Jason Todd as Batgirl, and I loathe Jason Todd on general principle.) Etc. They have almost nothing anymore that I find even remotely interesting.

Tom Fitzpatrick

June 9, 2011 at 5:33 pm

That cover looks like a Dan Bereton cover on crack! ;-)

I was just thinking just how cool it would be if DC were to re-boot (sorry) re-launch The DOOM PATROL. Written by none other than Grant Morrison (or John Arcudi) and drawn by the incomparable Richard Case.

That I would plunk my hard earned money down for!!!!

Make it so, DC!

Mike Loughlin

June 9, 2011 at 7:31 pm

No Ostrander. The cover sucks. I’ll probably give it a try (it’s Suicide Squad, after all) and hope for the best, but I’m not optimistic.

It’s a shame they decided to take this direction with Harley’s look. I think a large part of Harley’s appeal and one of the reasons she is one of the few breakout characters of the past 20 years (besides–you know–daily national TV exposure) was the contract between her adorableness and the fact that she’s a complete psychopath. This design does look a lot more like it was created to appeal to Arkham City, Suicide Girls or Blade Runner fans. I’ve seen this cover a couple of times today, and I actually didn’t realize that was her on the cover until just now.

Ricardo Amaral

June 9, 2011 at 8:42 pm


I think that is part of the point of a relaunch: to appeal to a different group of readers who have not been reading. I think Suicide Squad is perfect for that and I am pretty sure Geoff Johns gave an interview a few years back in which he said SS would be a fantastic game.
I love the hard boiled political drama Ostrander and Yale gave us, but at least in this case, we can say DC is aiming for something a little different than nostalgia. Because this revamp has been a huge letdown in terms of what DC is trying to achieve (new readers and excitement for the books).

I’m going back and forth on this relaunch. We loose good series like Red Robin for stuff like that horrible Teen Titans and superman with metal boots. If your going for a reboot, start from scratch and don’t pick and choose what you want to follow.

Why would you change Deadshot when he has an excellent costume? Each of the characters looks worse than he or she did before.

They’ve changed Deadshot’s costume twice before. It never sticks. The Marshall Rogers’ outfit is just too awesome.


June 10, 2011 at 12:41 am

They’ve changed Deadshot’s costume twice before. It never sticks. The Marshall Rogers’ outfit is just too awesome.

In the animated ‘Superman/Batman: Public Enemies’ film, Deadshot’s costume is the same, but his face is bandages – like the Unknown Soldier.
It kinda worked, but I still didn’t see the point in messing with perfection.

I can sort of see ending Secret Six. The “we’re killers for hire but we keep ending up doing good deeds” theme is hard to sustain. But give Deadshot, Catman, and Rag Doll their own book as the Terrible Three. Or put them all in the Suicide Squad.

daniel the demon cleaner

June 10, 2011 at 5:01 am

He was the guy who wrote Deadpool: Suicide Kings, Deadpool Pulp and Luke Cage Noir. Suicide Kings was awesome and I have head good things about Luke Cage Noir.

Glass co-wrote Deadpool: Suicide Kings and Luke Cage Noir with Mike Benson (I don’t know about the third one). I always assumed it was Benson who did the heavy lifting so I’m not that optimistic. Then again, Glass writes for Supernatural, and that’s a fun show.

As for Harley, I prefer the classic look myself, but Rudy has a very different style than the guy who did that cover, so she’ll probably be more toned down inside the comic

I LOVE Suicide Squad, but THAT looks terrible. All three characters look ridiculous…

Travis Pelkie

June 10, 2011 at 8:03 am

You know, I likee Suicide Girls (and their IDW mini is goofily fun), but I don’t need Harley that way, y’know.

I bet Kevin Smith’s daughter is going to love this….

But that shark looks kinda goofy, in a good way.

Is Suicide Squad suppose to be black ops/secret missions, though? Unless every mission takes place in a fetish brothel, where does that Harley costume “work”?

But that shark looks kinda goofy, in a good way.

The shark is what sold me too. That’s why I said this looks cool.

Unfortunately I heard the cover artist isn’t the interior artist. It’s a shame. I’d pay without hesitation to see that cover artist draw that shark monthly.

The interior artist is Marco Rudy, who is excellent (but yeah, his style is not at all like that cover artist).

I googled his work, and Marco Rudy is indeed excellent. I hope he can maintain the insane goofiness of that shark though. I agree Harley’s outfit is horrible, but to me the bigger worry is writing Harley, and if they can nail that I’ll put up with the new outfit. I’m sure it’ll be redesigned soon anyway.

I HATE Harley’s new outfit. Who designed that mess? Why can’t they just keep the Gotham Girls going instead? UGH.

BTW, does this mean The Ventriloquist & Scarface, Black Mask, Maxie Zeus, KGBeast, and Firefly are now alive again? I hope so. I liked all of those villians.

Add my name to th elist of people who hate Harley’s Suicide Girl Squad outfit.

That looks more like Ramona Flowers’ great white Norse hammer more than harley’s wacky mallet. Bad costumes all around, but could be a good book.

LOL, I didn’t even realize that was Harley Quinn when I saw the pic until I read the text. I thought she was supposed to be a crazy ex-psychiatrist, not a crazy ex-porno star!

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