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Joe Casey and Nathan Fox Take Over Haunt in September!

Apparently, the esteemed team behind Dark Reign: Zodiac will be taking over Image’s Haunt in September. And, right there, Todd McFarlane has produced the best new creative team announcement for a September comic book that I’ve seen all week.


Yeah, I saw that. Great news.

Thats a comic I NEVER thought I’d buy. Now I just don’t know…

Hell yeah! This is absolutely the best announcement of the week!

This is shaping up to be quite a year for Casey.

I’m still waiting for Casey to finish up Godland. I think there are only two more issues, but it seems it might be two more years before he concludes his great saga.

Finally, I’m now interested in Haunt.

I like Haunt and I’m looking forward to this new creative team on it too. Nathan Fox’s art is groovy.

I think Gardner Fox and Joe Staton will do a fine job.


Travis Pelkie

June 10, 2011 at 7:49 am

I think Buttler’s joke went over my head.

But yeah, this is a cool announcement, and better than most of the creative teams (actually, all, I think) that DC has been announcing.

Guess Todd had to get something in after losing long time collaborator Capullo. Plus, he gets to tweak both DC (hey, I’ve got new creative teams too) and Marvel (hey, these guys did a cool mini for you, and where are they now?) (wait, Casey’s writing some “event” for Marvel, right? And yes, I know Butcher Baker, but that’s at Image, and that’s my point) (I think)

What else can be announced to get Chad out of the woodwork?

In this case the joke was just that I’m old and haven’t heard of the book or the creators–which isn’t much of a joke really. Nothing to see here.

Cool, I was teetering on whether or not to continue Haunt, but I’ll give it a shot in September, very interested in the angle Casey and Fox bring to this title. Gonna miss Kirkman & Capullo, but hey, this ain’t a bad team comin’ on board.

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