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CSBG Takes a Look at DC’s Relaunch News

As you all know by now, DC is relaunching their superhero line of comics with 52 brand-new #1s in September (CBR has the details on all 52 here).

I thought it was worth putting up this piece to point you to two recent articles written by two of our Comics Should Be Good contributors about the relaunch.

First, Greg Hatcher has a piece here that he described as “Some speculation and spitballing and kibitzing from the sidelines. In no particular order.” It is essentially nine separate “thoughts” about the announcement.

Next, Kelly Thompson has a piece here where she reacts to the DC news and shares some of the concerns she has with the news and the rumors associated with the news.

Stick with us as more information is released, as I’m sure we’ll have plenty more to say about it all!


Stefan Wenger

June 11, 2011 at 9:33 am

My first thought, after seeing the full roster of 52, is that I’ll never get over T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents. It is far and away the best book DC is publishing, and the best “new” DC Universe title in years and years and years. It’s not a huge surprise, and sales haven’t been working in its favor, but I was still holding out hope that the DC bigwigs would take a chance on it and let it grow as word of mouth picked up – like it did with Starman years ago, or like Marvel did with Runaways – but I guess that wasn’t to be.

But of course, I will get over it. Like I got over the Order, and Captain Britain and MI:13. And it probably just means that Spencer will have room in his schedule for either another Marvel book or yet another creator-owned Image book, which is fantastic. I’m more of a Marvel guy anyway.

So I’ll get over it. I just want to make sure that at least on CSBG it gets a little chance to be mourned.

Goddamn it’s a good book.

Most of the news about this relaunch seems like bad news, to me. There are some points of good news, of course, and it goes without saying that the best news of all is Grant Morrison on Action Comics. (I can’t say it comes with great timing, ’cause I was really looking forward to seeing Paul Cornell’s Superman run, but since he’s getting two new books to write, there’s some consolation).

And my biggest pleasant surprise of the relaunch – RESURRECTION MAN is coming back! The first series was easily the best thing Abnett and Lanning have ever done, and I can’t say I held out any hope at all for this book ever coming back. So at least some of the gods are smiling down on us.

I actually don’t think this is as bad as people claim, it isn’t like this is the first time it’s happened to the DCU. The new titles look great, and i’ll definitley be checking out a lot of them, something which hasn’t happened in a while, with my comics quota being largely Marvel. And while i know part of the point of “resetting” things is to get new readers, i don’t really see how that’s a problem, especially as it seems they’re introducing genuinely new ideas instead of just rehashing things slightly.

They’ve integrated Wildstorm with the DCU now with Grifter (vs. white martians or daemonites), Voodoo (a Witchblade pastiche?) and Stormwatch.

Disappointingly, they’ve only integrated Static from Milestone.

Not sure what’ll happen with the THUNDER Agents or the Archie heroes.

Haven’t seen anything about Captain Marvel or any of the Timely heroes (Plastic Man, Freedom Fighters).

At least two Charlton heroes, Captain Atom and Blue Beetle, have their own titles.

Vertigo supers are intergrated (JL: Dark and Swamp Thing)

I do like that Resurrection Man has been resurrected.

I don’t understand where the demand for a new Hawk and Dove came from, but I can understand all of the rest.

I am actually pretty excited by the relaunch. It was a very tough decision not to follow my initial instinct to budget for all 52 #1’s just to give each title a fair shot. So I painstakingly made a list of ‘must-haves’, and have whittled my list down to 10 (for now), including: the two Legion books, JLA, Nightwing, and DCU Presents. Also. Grifter is one of the few Wildstorm characters I have continued to enjoy over the years (in my eyes he possesses the the best qualities of a Hawkeye/Wolverine mash-up, with his own cool quirks as well), so his series gets the nod too. The Firestorm re-imagining looks cool, and as long as the Hawkman book keeps the sci-fi out and stays focused on the archaeology, I am on board. Rounding out my ten are Aquaman (hopefully done with all the majesty and intrigue this character deserves) and All Star Western (for variety). I am sure as the weeks go by I will add a few, and when the date arrives, I’ll no doubt impulsively spring for a few others at the POS.

Great idea, DC. This 3-decade-plus reader is on board.

Steven Acevedo

June 11, 2011 at 10:41 am

The intial “shock” has worn off on this news. I’m not surprised. Most Entertainment these days like to cater to The Yomgh at heart. That’s why I don’t get so emotionally attached to characters as I used to. I still buy the books.

I’m rolling with the punches. It’s all I can do.

I think for me I’m most interested to see BATMAN & ROBIN after perusing & digesting the upcoming 52s offerings.
To see Bruce & Damien in the Batman & Robin dynamic. Putting that dynamic in the Duo if you catch my drift…
I’m on one hand sad to see Grant leave BATMAN but after these 5+ glorious years of storytelling it is time for new things. Superman sounds great. I’l leave my fashion snipes aside.
Red Hood and the Outlaws interest me.
Resurrection Man because of the intense #1,000,000. This is good #1 for this reader.
And StormWatch with Martian Manhunter. The Grifter too, Cole Cash as a character is too good to lie fallow too long. All arrows point to the potential DCNu WildC.A.T.S.
Is that Rose Tattoo in the new BIRDS OF PREY by the way?

kriya shakti,
Rev Sully
the Hub of the Multiverse

OK, I’m a fan of DC. For me it was all a big surprise and at first I thought it was just another alternate reality derived from Flashpoint, and soon after that things return to normal. Just yesterday I began to believe that these the changes were real.

I’m not against the changes, I always thought that many things had to change in DC, but the difficult acceptance of the fans was difficult to do. The best move were the upgrade of the costumes, the end of the skin-tights and the beginning of the most interesting designs. I think the integration of Wildstorm promising and innovative ideas for titles such as Blackhawks, JLD, Batwing, Deathstroke, Demon Knights, New Guardians, we’ll see. Also do not understand much because Hawk & Dove, and some solo titles of characters just as influential Static, Catwoman, Supergirl, Batgirl.

I’m hoping that everything goes okay.

I wasn’t expected to get many Dc books after the relaunch besides vertigo and the cancellation of secret six but im excited for six books. Snyder’s Batman and Swamp Thing, J.H William’s Batwoman, Higgin’s Nightwing, Simone’s Batgirl, and Morrison’s Action. Now if only i can get my pull list under 15 a month

After going over the full list, I decided to figure out which titles I definitely do NOT want. It comes out to about 9 or 10 out of 52, so that’s a better than 80% acceptance. I buy the majority of the DC titles on the stands currently, so my instinct is that it’s a slight reduction but I’m not sure.

Like another poster said, I’ll be sad about THUNDER Agents. Also Secret Six, Zatanna, Batman Beyond, and others. But if we want to see a future for DC and the Direct Market, I think this shake-up has to succeed.

Besides, how long will it be before Superman has red underwear again? The sillier changes won’t stick but hopefully the main thrust of the “non-reboot” will work.

Roberto Briceno

June 11, 2011 at 11:31 am

After looking at the list there is only three monthly books that I know that I am getting:

BLACKHAWKS #1 by Mike Costa and Ken Lashley
SGT. ROCK AND THE MEN OF WAR #1 by Ivan Brandon and Tom Derenick
ALL-STAR WESTERN #1 by Justin Gray and Jimmy Palmiotti and Moritat

I could care less about this bogus reboot. Dropping a lot of monthlies come August.

Andrew Collins

June 11, 2011 at 11:53 am

There are about 14 or 15 books I’ll be trying out and I really do want to see plenty of the non-Green Lantern and non-Batman titles succeed, but the cynic in me doesn’t see a very long future for books like Voodoo, Demon Knights or Captain Atom. Here’s to hoping I’m wrong!

Andrew Collins

June 11, 2011 at 11:54 am

Like another poster said, I’ll be sad about…Batman Beyond,

According to Bleeding Cool and Adam Beechen, a new volume of Batman Beyond will be starting up with a new #1. It’s just not considered one of the “52” because of it being set outside the main DC universe…

I’m very excited about this reboot as I’ve felt Marvel and DC have both needed to do this for years so at least one companies willing to take the risk. However, I also feel it’s the perfect time for me to cancel all my monthlies and just build up a trade collection. So whilst I won’t be buying things come September, DC can definitely count me in when the trades come out.

The three DC titles I currently read — Batman, Inc; T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents; and Xombi — don’t exist, come September.

Looks like I’ll be replacing them with five new titles: Wonder Woman, Batwoman (finally), Animal Man, Frankenstein, and Stormwatch.

So I guess DC wins.

DC is doing what now?

You’re only hurting yourself, Roberto.

Unless you are not a fan of Batman, Superman, Green Lantern, The Justice League, etc….. I don’t see how a DCU reader can refuse to find something to be excited about, with this relaunch.

Well, it seems I was wrong. This isn’t going to be “Geoff Johns” comics after.

It’ll be Lee/Johns comics.

Well of course both of them ARE in control now so it shouldn’t be that much of a surprise, still integrating the Wildstorm Universe into DC’s is something I think many of us didn’t foresee. And that almost guarantees that it will still have EXTREME!! action stories (read: gory) like in the 90’s Image comics. The number of horror and military comics apparently also set in the DCU (Swamp Thing, Blackhaws etc.) seem to reinforce this fact. Which is the one thing I DIDN’T want in the reboot: more darkness. So I guess I’m out.

Or I would, except I’m actually intrigued by the Superman reboot. Is Morrison’s book going to show adventures set in the past? If so, how far? Could he use the 1930’s Superman!? Also, Perez on Superman is a plus, not only is he my favorite comics artist ever but I (overall) loved his Wonder Woman reboot in the 80’s, so I have faith in him.

I also like Jurgens’ JLI concept and I trust him well enough as a writer, so I might pick that up too. (BTw how does JLI fit in with Stormwatch? Not very well, I’d expect.)

So yeah… still pending on more details, but it looks like this fall, after 5 years of self-exile, I will be back to reading DC comics… though I’m still wary.

In my opinion this “relaunch” spells out 3 letters for DC “R.I.P”. The only people that will be interested are people that don’t truly understand or enjoy comics for what they truly are and new people just getting into comics and don’t know the TRUE character they are reading about. You can’t be excited about something that will destroy the iconic heroes we all grew up with and loved for the past 70 plus years, its a slap in the face to not only the readers but the heroes themselves. Once people who are excited see and understand that then they will see why the people that aren’t excited are hating this all right now. When DC goes back to normal then I will start buying again.

I don’t get why people are kvetching about the place. It was about 25 years ago when DC refreshed their line and gave us a rejuvenated Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman who weren’t original members of Societies or Leagues and were just starting out as brand new heroes.
And before that some guys named Hal, Barry, and Ray took up the roles of GL, Flash, and the Atom when they’d been different men for 30 years.

The wheel gets re-invented every couple of generations. It’s no big deal.

Is this a universe relaunch or just new #1s? I went through the relaunch with Crisis, which was fun and exciting, but quickly became a mess when writers started ignoring the “new” continuity. When multiple earths came back, I left.

The cover art for “Demon Knights” #1 looks INCREDIBLE! But, after Paul Cornell’s abysmal run on “Action Comics”, I will unfortunately have to take a pass on that series. I AM pretty excited for Grant Morrison’s upcoming run on “Action Comics” though; I liked his runs on “Animal Man” and “All-Star Superman”, but “Batman” and “Final Crisis” were extremely disjunct and unsatisfactory (I’ve heard people say that everything pays off in the long-run, but I’m not going to buy 12 issues before there’s any kind of payoff. 3-4 issues MAX before I jump the ship).

Oddly enough, the two titles that I’m most excited for are “Captain Atom” and “All-Star Western”, and not the more mainstream books that I usually collect. “Animal Man” and “Swamp Thing” look promising. I like Azzarello too, but Wondy’s costume just looks soooooooo stupid. She’s not going to the gym for a work-out, she’s an amazonian battle goddess – armour, PLEASE! Wonder Woman always looks far more bad-ass in armour or a battle skirt. Azzarello can’t do worse than JMS (that’s one of those “I-dropped-it-after-reading-three-issues-with-no-payoff or-entertainment-value”, or “idiartiwnpoev”, arcs mentioned above) but it’s hard to get back into something that still feels tainted, especially when it still carries the symbol of the storyline that tainted it.

I am saddened to hear that “Secret Six” is coming to an abrupt end (having only started reading them over Christmas with “Villains United” and just having gotten caught up). Guess I’ll just have to check out Gail Simone’s upcoming run on “Batgirl”. I know that DC’s taken a lot of flack for reverting Oracle (a great and unique character) to Batgirl, but there’s nothing saying that Barbara won’t reprise that role at a later date (I just wouldn’t count on it until after “Batgirl Inc.” with Steph and Cass). I think that this is just an opportunity for younger audiences to see that part of Barbara Gordon’s life so that her transition to Oracle can have the same impact on them as is has on the rest of us. After all, this is one of Gail’s favorite characters and I believe that she’ll treat her with the utmost respect and diligence.

For everyone upset by the Reset (or whatever it’s being called), DC can always change things back with a rag-tag team of Booster Gold-led b-listers, Mirror Master, Reverse-Flash and good writing. Then they’ll get to have all-new #1s all over again! Ka-ching! Why else do you think Booster didn’t get his own book again? They’re saving him up for the next big event that they’ll be hinting at behind the scenes in the new JLI. That’s just far-fetched enough to be plausible!

I’m willing to give 25 of the upcoming titles a shot, 40 if they change some of the creative teams. But remeber DC: you only have 4 issues to win me over!

Gabriel Roman

June 11, 2011 at 1:45 pm

This big move by DC in my opinion is great, I for one support this move!! That I’ll be buying all 52 books no, but my list as of today is 20 but I’ll will be bring it down to at least to10 or 15. adding Wildstorm to the DC universe is a plus and Ive been waiting for this for years!!! Cant wait for them to add more characters from Wildstorm like BACKLASH, DEATHBLOW, PIKE, GEN13, LYNCH, WILDCATS, UNION the storys are endless mix them with other DC characters and teamscant wait to see what they have in mind!!!! Im hoping they bring the Devine Right!!! my top picks for the first 52 are JLA, TEEN TITANS, RED LANTERNS ALL THE GREEN LANTERNS, RED HOOD AND THE OUTLAWS, STORMWATCH,SOME OF THE BATMAN,ACTION COMICS SWAMP THING, GRIFTER AND HAWK & DOVE!!! Im more of a DC guy then Marvel Ive just had 3 Marvel books on my pull list to 18 DC books.

Man, that second link is downright toxic. I don’t feel like I could even go in there and comment without being told I’m a sexist or an apologist or some -ist that’s not positive.

Greg Hatcher’s piece, on the other hand, really brings home just how screwed comics are and have been for a long time. Though I wish he’d pointed out that Didio and Johns are *not* what made sales get like this. They’ve been like that since the bubble popped and have been on a spiral downward from that point on. But even in that spiral, Geoff has managed to turn Green Lantern into one of the most talked about superheroes ever, and garnering sales that I would’ve never guessed were possible for the character.

That’s why he’s not being tossed off–same as Dan.

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Tom Fitzpatrick

June 11, 2011 at 2:21 pm

I wonder if the cover prices for the 52 – relaunch is going to remain the same (2.99 us)?

However, I can’t imagine that even the most die-hard fans is going to folk over $ 155.48 (min.) per month for the whole lot.

Besides, of all of those titles, maybe, just maybe — DEMON KNIGHTS and RESURRECTION MAN might do for me. That’s a very BIG if, considering I prefer Vertigo books.

Speaking of which, is a VERTIGO relaunch is far off?

They just cancelled NORTHLANDERS, and SCALPED is expected to end its run in a year. I don’t know about AMERICAN VAMPIRE, FABLES and the UNWRITTEN, but I wouldn’t be too surprised if SWEET TOOTH and I, ZOMBIE is slated for the guillotine. HELLBLAZER’s the only one that will have the largest numbering after the Fall.

Terrible.It is like Marvel’s Heroes Reborn.And the looks of some characters (Titans) reminds me of the 90’s.Maybe with some characters, like Superman there are reason to do it (for the rights issue),but others franchises like Green Lantern were in good form,and this change screwes it all.I think they will take it back after a year or so,when they see it doesn’t work,like Marvel did with HR.

If I had to sum up the DC Reboot in one word it would be Multiple Personality Disorder.

I’m virtually the same age as DiDio and Harras. Lee is our little brother. We cut our teeth on the Silver Age. We were teens during the era of Family and Giant Sized comics with tons of Golden Age reprints. We wanted to be Roy Thomas when we grew up.

Geoff Johns was 13 years old in 1986. Yes, that 1986.

This new line reflects that. It’s half DC Explosion and half The Dreaded 90s.

well, it’s forward-moving whether we like it or not.
If we’re talking about magazine publishing, then this move is audacious in an ever-changing 21st market with a plethora of media to read what was once just print publication.

if we’re talking our storytelling & serials, then let’s all thank DC and Ourselves for having such a strong niche market that thrives, changes and challenges. Look at the poor doomed ABC Afternoon Soap Operas; those continuities, those relationships, those years of stories & caring about them. Let’s be thankful instead.

and finally if we’re talking Super Heroes…Warren Ellis has already said everything that has needed to be said about Super Heroes over at AVATAR. It’s called the Superhuman Trilogy of BLACK SUMMER, NO HERO & SUPERGOD. In a way I’m being “glib”, but nonetheless let’s ask ourselves in 2011 and Forward…”what is Superman’s metaphor?”. Or “Wonder Woman”? What human frailty & quality is being told in the indestructible blue suit & S-Shield icon or the Golden Lasso, Bulletproof Bangles & Boots?
DC doing a restart seems overbearing in a way nonetheless I’m lately saying the most enjoyable DC Superheroes are in the Animated releases (and live action is finally catching up to animation. I mean did you see THOR? Good stuff…)

We need our characters to have lives and breathing room to tell stories with their own characters. Green Lantern sorely needs back its Cowgirl or Radu, The Flash needs his Chester R. Runk or the McGees to generate stories off of and between. Wonder Woman sorely needs a best friend like Etta. What girl you know doesn’t cry on her best friend’s shoulder?

I’m on the same level of thinking as Steven Acevedo. Been there, seen that, go with the flow. At the end of the day the status quo always returns, and it can be fun enjoying the ride before it returns.

Michael McNamara

June 11, 2011 at 5:30 pm

In one of the first CBR articles about the reboot mentioned Jim Lee redesigning the costumes with same neckline, was that speculation or fact? If fact, why would characters from all over world have similar costume design? Just curious.

Also, was mentioned that, especially in the GL books, some events would carry over into this “new” universe. If they’re going to start everything over, they should do just that with EVERYthing and not be selective. I realize that you can’t just wipe away all those years of continuity, but the moment you say that some of those things happened yet others have not, you’re going to end up with another crisis and not just in book title. What is to distinguish what has happened before and what has not? Is there still another Who’s Who planned? Should be interesting.

I was also hoping they would have converted Superman/Batman into World’s Finest, keep Adventure Comics and bring back Brave And Bold. All-Star Western pays homage to DC history and DC Universe Presents reminds me of DC Comics Presents [without Supes]. Sad to see Secret Six and THUNDER Agents go as well. And just when i thought they fixed Hawkman and Supergirl’s continuities. ;)

I just hope that these new stories establish a solid continuity and not end up a huge Elseworlds tale. Whatever happens, I hope it works. I wish them the best!

The 90s were the Thigh Pouch Era.

The 10s are the Nehru Jacket Era.

As always, I will buy comics that sound good from creators that are good. I’d prefer the three DC titles I currently buy wouldn’t disappear, but I’m used to stuff I love dying on the vine. It looks like I’ll be trying four or five of these new DC Comics, but I don’t expect those series to last very long, either.

That line-up is more comforting to me than the proposed “turn every DC characters into Teens” that was said in some interviews. A lof of this stuff is pretty attractive. Anyone wonder if re-launching 52 titles, it isn’t you know little bit too much? People are buying usualy titles they are used to buy they’re not gonna fresh with a dozen title just like that. Since they’re basically all new series.

Secondly way too many teams. Hell it’s like they had so many characters they figured, let’s put them together in a team! Such is the perception when you have titles like “Justice League Dark”. Couldn’t have a Deadman book, a book by other supernatural characters, put them all together! lol

Then there are unneccesary revamps like Black Hawks becoming Shield rip-offs. I would probably have had The Authority and Planetary instead of Stormwatch. They get to the point better.

Liefeld? Really? Seriously, can someone please explain to me how he still gets work?

People who appreciate tiny feet and have big pockets will vouch for him.

Stefan Wenger

June 11, 2011 at 9:20 pm

The DCU books I’m buying every month now are: Action Comics, Batman Inc., T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents and Xombi.

The books I’m definitely getting after the relaunch are Action Comics (for Morrison) and Demon Knights and StormWatch (for Cornell).

So as far as I can tell I’ll be reading one less title than I was.

I could see myself picking up Resurrection Man, Animal Man or Static Shock though.
I’m gonna take a peek at pretty much all of the books (although I don’t need any Lobdell, that’s for sure) because there could be some gems here, and there are quite a few writers and even some characters I’m unfamiliar with. It’s definitely an interesting idea… I do think they’ve gone a bit overboard and I mainly don’t trust the whole situation because I remember how poorly Bob Harras ran Marvel.

I’d love to see CSBG open up a discussion on what 52 books we’d like to see if Marvel did this.

I suppose because I grew up with the current continuity makes it hard for me to feel comfortable with this all-together new reality in the DC Universe. And I don’t count “Crisis on Infinite Earths” because mostly what that did was rejoin Earth-1 and Earth-2, along with the realities of Captain Marvel and the Charlton Comics heroes. Though the histories of Superman and Batman were somewhat revised, they still had the same personalities, same histories, and same costumes, with only mild changes. Wonder Woman was the most drastically changed, but to be honest, that character goes through changes a lot more often than any other in the DC Universe (anyone remember her de-powered “white costume” phase?)
From what I can see of the releases, the changes being made in September are far more drastic than anything I’ve ever seen before. However, I do recognize that DC Comics is a business, and that occasionally creative shake-ups are necessary in order to stimulate readership and financial growth. That said, I’m not sure I can get behind this relaunch, but I do hope that it works out for DC Comics.

Billy Bissette

June 11, 2011 at 9:24 pm

Lufio said “For everyone upset by the Reset (or whatever it’s being called), DC can always change things back with …”

That, I think, is one of my problems with this event. No, I’m not positive about it overall. DC is killing what titles I’m interested it, and not changing the other titles enough to get me interested in them.

But the whole process feels pointless anyway, when I fully expect books to start reverting a few months down the road. It even happens when they do an “official” crisis/reboot, so why should we expect otherwise here? Assuming the whole soft reboot isn’t a scam from the start, using alternate Earths for new versions of characters, how long will it be before past stuff starts creeping back into stories? Even if the September changes go well, I can’t see DC writers sticking with their new status. (And if it doesn’t go well, DC may very well go into panic mode to “fix” things.) And regardless, how long will it be before DC does another reboot? DC has fallen in love with such events as marketing gimmicks, and I’m sure they will return more times to their favorite well.

I’m sitting somewhere between anxious and excited. DC owns the characters so it’s their story to tell and I admire them for making such a bold business move. I understand how time and cultural changes have brought the comic book industry to this point and recognize that they are fighting for survival.

Having said that, as a long-time fanboy I am nervous for what might be lost. These fears may be unfounded. Until the fall we are just guessing as to what it will really mean. I’m not jumping ship. There are a number of titles that I will pick up and a few others that I will audition.

I’ve survived a number of these ‘Crises’ now and with each round of changes there were some positives and some negatives. Some characters disappear and you want to pull your hair out. Other characters appear and you wonder how they weren’t there before. C’est la vie.

As for particulars, Nightwing’s new costume is kind of cool, though I hate to see the Dick and Damian pairing be torn apart so soon. It seemed like there was so much more of that story to tell. I am sad that it seems Power Girl will be losing her series. I should have expected that though. I mean, she’s the biggest victim of continuity issues over the years. In fact, she’s about the last link to the pre-Crisis world. So, if you want to eliminate new reader confusion, she’s a prime target to be swept under the rug. Ditto the JSA. Hopefully, there will be a new Earth-2 out there. I’ll definitely pick up the JL and JLI, and a number of the Bat-family titles.
From there it will be up to DC to impress me.

I only have one request… please no more characters wearing leather jackets with rolled-up sleeves.

I’m guessing this “restart” is aimed at me since I’m what is considered a new reader or whatever and this thing interests me even if it has some problems given that it would have been interesting to see this as Earth one with newer writers and artists.

I would have to say the relaunch for me is a failure of sorts. For DC I’ll be going from 1 title to possibly 3 titles (not getting Blue Beetle if it’s a reboot). However, I would have bought BB and Resurrection Man reboot or not and Static I’m buying due to the reboot only because TT seemed dreadful so I didn’t want to have to pick it up to also see what’s going on with him.

Same with books like Demon Knight which didn’t require the reboot to exist. Essentially for me DC just had to launch these new books and I’d have bought them independent of anything else going on in the DC comics. My big worry though with this is that these titles will not last long because they’re launching with 50 or so other new titles and so people are less likely to pick them up. So I’m hesitant to buy the monthlies if the series won’t make it past the first or second story arc. But I guess we’ll see.

I love it. I think DC has the best writers, the most diverse multi-universe spanning list of characters and needed a fresh look. I started reading 3+ years ago and it was tough getting into all of the titles but you can bet I’ll try them all. Too bad about Thunder Agents and Xombi – those were dope. What am I the most excited about? SGT ROCK. What will be the craziest ride? ACTION Who I’m rooting for? STATIC SHOCK. DC’s list of writers and artists is a who’s who of award winning bad asses. And Marvel, while youre at it, how about a few more 5 part Captain America crap minis?

Captain America: Man out of Time was a good series. Captain America: Patriot was a VERY good series.

And I am looking forward to Captain America Corps.

Billy Bissette

June 12, 2011 at 12:27 am

Speaking of Xombi, I’ve said before that I thought it would have sold better and lasted longer if it were a Vertigo title.

Now I can unfortunately say that if it had been a Vertigo title, it might have made it through September.

The strangest thing thing to think though may be that if it had been a Vertigo title, September might have seen it turned into a new main universe title, or even have it folded into something like JL Dark.

No SHAZAM? No thanks. I’ll wait a while before I buy anything DC again. When I do come back in six or so months, and if there is a good word-of-mouth on certain series/issues, then I’ll wait for the trades. Until then, later…

DC just did this a few years ago! Infinite Crisis? Hello? Do we REALLY need another reboot so soon? I am only picking up a handful of these…Batwoman, Maybe Batgirl, the three Green Lantern books, maybe Animal Man…the rest do nothing for me.

If they relaunch Power Girl, I am totally picking it up again. I would rather have a PG book instead of JLA Dark or All Star Western!

I have no real issue with the quasi-reboot. Some of the changes they apparently are making to some of the core/iconic heroes seems a bit odd, but if the stories are good, so be it. I’m not afraid of change and won’t whine and cry if things aren’t exactly like they’ve been for the past “x” amount years. I think the changes seem pointless and little too 90’s retro, but I’m not going to start declaring this the first signs of the death of comics. If I don’t like it, I won’t buy it.
I was surprised by the choices of books in the first 52. I expected half of the line to be made up of Batman books because DC/WB doesn’t seem to have nearly as much faith in their other characters. So that was no surprise. Yet many of the 52 seem destined to fail within the first 12 months. There are so many books and characters that just don’t seem to have the staying power, outside of a few diehard fans, to keep a series afloat.
It’s nice that DC is willing to try something different and attempt to grow awareness of their books/characters beyond Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman during their attempt to enter/create a new era, but they just seem to have made some odd choices. Why totally overlook the opportunity to re-invent fan favorite characters like the Marvel Family, the Atom & Blue Devil, among others, to focus on books and characters that don’t seem to have that big or loyal of a following, such as Red Hood/Jason Todd?
While I’m sure there are people who are big fans of Jason, there rarely is a character that doesn’t have at least a few fans (yes I’m talking about the 2 other Wild Dog fans out there), how does he warrant getting a position in the first wave of the reboot? Granted I can’t stand Aquaman and I’m not a fan of Hawkman, but I know they have a big enough fan base and are recognizable enough to the general populace to have earned their place in the first wave. Though I do confess to being confused as to why the Atom got skipped. He didn’t even get a place on any of the Justice Leagues, but Hawk & Dove get their own book??!!!??

Not to mention Rex, the Wonder Dog!!

Seriously though, excellent points GG

The most important thing to remember is that they’re not doing it for us. They’re doing it for normal people.

I’m interested in RED HOOD…did you catch the red bat on RED HOOD’s chestplate. And the trucker hat on Arsenal? Maybe this could be DC’s way of “having some fun again”. I recall really loving a DC title called “Hitman” by Ennis & McCrea…give Jay & Roy that old Tommy & Nat feel? Gimme the title…I’d write it! ^_~

I think renumbering Action and Detective is a travesty and that alone makes me want to boycott the relaunch. I am done come August.

“Unless you are not a fan of Batman, Superman, Green Lantern, The Justice League, etc….. I don’t see how a DCU reader can refuse to find something to be excited about, with this relaunch.”

Unless as a fan of Batman, you really loved Barbara Gordon as Oracle, Cassandra Cain, or Stephanie Brown.

Unless as a fan of Superman, you really loved the Lois & Clark marriage. Or Power Girl.

Unless as a fan of Green Lantern, your favorite GL was Alan Scott.

Unless as a fan of the Justice League, you really loved the presence of the older JSA.

Then, (for any one of the above) you’d have plenty to not to be excited about. Unless anger and hatred qualify as “excitement”.

It been just over ten years since I bought a monthly comic, but I think I’m coming back to them with this reboot. I’m very excited for it, so for myself at least, DC’s goal is being met. I found a dozen titles that I’ll definitely try (Justice League, Wonder Woman, Batman, Batgirl, Batwoman, Teen Titans, Swamp Thing, Animal Man, JL: Dark, Demon Knights, Stormwatch, Action Comics), and another 15 or so that I definitely want to give a good look at the first issue when it hits the stands (Flash, Aquaman, Green Arrow, Green Lantern, Catwoman, Batwing, Nightwing, Voodoo, Resurrection Man, both Legion titles, Static Shock, Grifter, OMAC, Suicide Squad, and Superman). I’m thinking I’ll probably commit to buying 5 of the titles each Wednesday in September, which means DC has me on tap for 20 books.

Does anyone think it’s interesting that we haven’t seen the cover art for the GL books yet? I don’t feel like that’s an accident… maybe the covers will spoil a major aspect of how Flashpoint ends?

It’s simple: diehard DC fans will love it, people who don’t know about comics will be interested in it. Smarmy Marvel fans will mock it, people who cross titles will find their interests. Retailers will utilize it to make desperate money, the dust will settle and all the titles will be relaunched again with their current numbers. Where have you guys been? This is an ancient Marvel Sales tactic and it works.

Misha Lauenstein

June 12, 2011 at 1:48 pm

“why would characters from all over world have similar costume design?”

Same reason they’re all hot for capes.

I didn’t read DC comics before this reboot, in fact I hardly had any current series to look forward to, which for a comic fan is a pretty sad thing. Journey Into Mystery is the only current Marvel comic I read (though now I’ve confirmed that it’s good, I’m gonna buy the hardcover when it comes out), and Batwoman was going to be the only current DC I was going to read (also in hardcover), also I’m always waiting for Hellboy paperbacks. Other than that all comics I read are either old or indie, artsy, graphic novel type stuff.

I’m a huge fan of the old 80s/90s DC/Vertigo comics like Swamp Thing, Sandman, Doom Patrol, Shade and of Lucifer which wasn’t from the 90s but still a comic of that kind. I’d been in a kind of rut, though happy that Journey Into Mystery seemed to be essentially Sandman set in the Marvel Universe, I wanted more comics like that. Those are the comics that have given me the most enjoyment, I’ve reread them over and over.

Suddenly the DC reboot comes along, and I expect nothing. I see the first announcements, Johns/Lee, certainly not the worst comic creators in the world, but definitely among my least favorite (I think I might even dislike Lee a bit more, his art is really horrible, Johns is I guess capable just not my cup of tea), are doing Justice League, some really boring-looking artists that everyone seem to hate are drawing and writing Batman, and Johns is of course doing Green Lantern. The covers look generic and it looks like the same old same old. But it doesn’t matter. I wasn’t reading any DC comics and wasn’t expecting to want to, and although I like DC super heroes in cartoons and some movies, I’ve never been too into the comics (except the occasional elseworld or graphic novel).

Then one day, the Dark line is announced, and suddenly I have lots of comics to look forward to. It looks like an attempt to bring back the classic DC/Vertigo days and this intrigues me. Demon Knights is an amazing idea and the one I’m most looking forward to, I love Etrigan, I love fantasy set in our medieval times, I really liked Cornell’s Lex Luthor comics, and he really really sold me on the book in the CBR interview. I’m also looking forward to Animal Man, Frankenstein (I love Seven Soldiers) and Action Comics (ASS is great and this sounds like it’ll be great as well. I like Superman a lot but have hardly ever read ongoing comics with him that I’ve liked). I’m also interested in Superboy, Resurrection Man, Justice League Dark and Stormwatch.

So DC has gone from me being interested in ONE of their comics to being interested in 8 of them! Which means the reboot is a win for them in my eyes. I hope it all goes well and that the comics I enjoy sell well and have long runs.

Woah, nine actually, forgot to add Batwoman.

This ‘reboot’ makes me sad. I came into the DCU with Crisis on Infinite Earths and was completely won over by Byrne’s Superman and the Giffen/DeMatteis JL. This may sound silly, but this was MY DCU: 1986 – 2011 – filled with Suicide Squads, Booster Gold, Doomsday, The Morison Doom Patrol, a half-Kryptonian Superboy, 3-3-3 versions of the Legion of Super Heroes and a huge buttload of Green Lanterns (for a while, at least) among many other things. I survived (and didn’t mind) the Zero Hour, Infinite Crisis, 52 ‘reboot’y type stuff, because in the end the main stories/histories of the characters stayed true, or changed back to status quo eventually. Here, I though the big change from Flashpoint was that Thomas Wayne would be sticking around (which would have been AWESOME), but after the constant big event nonsense of Countdown, Final Crisis, Blackest Night and Brightest Day, I’ve had enough. Am I still sore that Ted Kord was killed ignominiously and Wally West was cornholed out of a job? You bet! But that is not the main reason why this all leaves me down in the mouth. All these changes, refittings, cancellings, rebootings, etc. have just made me tired. So, DCU, it’s been fun, but it’s time for me to go. Luckily, I’ve got my back issues to keep my company.

Joe S. Walker

June 12, 2011 at 4:25 pm

DC’s (and Marvel’s) relaunches pretty much fit the well-known definition of insanity.

I don’t mind the renumbering. It’s been done. Over and over.

But Detective Comics should be sacrosanct.

100 years from now, when the aliens and robots and viruses have scoured all but the last three humans from the face of the Earth, I hope that one of the three is scratching cartoons on the back of a strip of bark and calling it Detective Comics #2100, and the other two are arguing about the change he made to the costume.

If the idea is to get press and attract new readers, is being one of 52 better than being the one special exception?

This is great, now I don’t have to spend my money on any of this new crap. I’ll be able to afford the back issues of the original series.
Action would have been the first comic to reach 1000 in roughly 8 years, what a milestone. What is wrong with these people.


Random question… does this now make Uncanny X-Men the longest running title to never lose it’s original numbering?

@Third Man , Yes until October when it’s cancelled and changed to something else according to Marvel.

As for all this DC relaunch/reboot, this was a chance for DC to really do something different. And instead all they’re doing is “updating” the same old stories. I’ll give them diverse titles and subjects, some diverse casting, but overall the women are still something to look at not aspire to. DC should have made women strong and powerful, and stepped away from the cheesecake stuff.

Several books are back that I loved over the years! RESURRECTION MAN, SUICIDE SQUAD, BLUE BEETLE, JLI, are all making a comeback! This is a mixed bag though.

You can see the Didio influence in the return of Babara Gordon to the role of Batgirl. Do they not realize that as Oracle, she was a more important, Iconic DC character than she could ever be than she is as a Batman second stringer? And whats up with the new TEEN TITANS? Someone please tell me that it’s at l;east Bart Allen under the kid Flash mask, and not Wally West. And isn’t this the third or fourth origin of Superman that we’ve had in two years?(Talking about Grant Morrison’s ACTION COMICS)

So wait, once Uncanny ends it’s original numbering, would the longest running, uninterrupted title be… Hellblazer?!?!

I mean, who would have ever guessed that when the series started in 1988?

JLI and Stormwatch could work, actually. See The Authority: More Kevn. etc.

A thought: we know the relaunch books are all getting #1s.

Do we actually know that all the existing titles will be getting #2s? Perhaps the idea is to do a “first arc” establishing the new history — and get a nice sales bump from the #1 — before reverting to the old numbering of some of the really long runners.

After all, based on the DM sales figures as analyzed by Paul O’Brien and Marc-Oliver Frisch, the sales boost from a new #1 (when that’s all that’s driving the boost) evaporates after about 6-7 months at most. After that, the books would be selling on their creative teams and character fanbases again anyway.

In that case, this is more of a TPB/arc-length version of all those Point-one and Zero issue and Flashback-minus-one stunts of the last…Oh, lord, that’s been going on since 1994 or so.

Is Hellblazer continuing? Constantine is going to be in Justice League Dark, after all.

Just realized James Robinson is totally absent from this. Does he have any other projects lined up?

I cannot understand the grumblings being tossed around by the masses concerning the new DCU.

Are these big changes? Totally, that’s what a company-wide reboot is. What I think most people are recognizing is the fact that this new DCU has a little bit of something for everyone. You want iconic superheroes? Check out Superman; Batman; Wonder Woman; the Flash; Green Lantern or Aquaman. Not interested in the more well known heroes? Then take a look at the new titles for JLI; Batwoman’ Red Hood & the Outlaws, etc. How about those Western and Supernatural titles that are being offered, to say nothing of the diversity of the line (i.e, Blue Beetle; Batwing and Mister Terrific). Finally, let’s all clap for the return of the Wildstorm characters. While i wasn’t a big fan of the line, it’s good to see them folded into the DCUniverse much like the Quality, Charlton and other universes purchased by DC over the years.

All in all, I’m pretty excited about the relaunch and I’ve been reading DC (and to a lesser extent Marvel) books since my uncle introduced them to me in the early 80s as a way of getting me to read. I’ve been with them ever since and have no intention of jumping ship now. Let’s see where they’re going with this.

I am, however, slighly upset over the absence of the Justice Society and where in the world is the Captain Marvel (Shazam!) book? Surely the powers that be could have given one of the 52 available slots to the Marvel Family? Also, how could the Bat-line just drop Dick Grayson as Batman so quickly, as he was just coming into his own. He and Damian’s relationship was one of the better things to come out of the Bat-Universe of late. I was also looking forward to the Paul Cornell run of Action Comics even with the horrid Reign of Doomsdays storyline currently running. Finally, what’s up with the restarting of Action Comics, Superman, Detective Comics, Batman and Wonder Woman? Just last summer, DC was tooting how their Big Three were reaching historic milestones with their #700 (Superman and Batman) and #600 (Wonder Woman) issues. With Action Comics just passing #900 and Detective quickly approaching that number, one would think editorial would keep them going with their current numbering, no? This is a true travesty though I find myself in agreement with earlier comments about DC likely returning the iconic character’s books to their original numbering before too long and in all honesty, who wouldn’t want to distance Diana/Wondy from the current Gods-awful storyline crafted by JMS for her in the year-long arc that’s just about (mercifully) done. It’s been beyond painful (and to think that I thought JMS had done his worse over in the Superman title!). Oh how he’s shown me!

Anyways, I will be getting all 52 titles and trying them out for at least the first four months and then dropping the ones I don’t like. I’m expecting to likely keep roughly half of them on my pull list. I’d hope everyone would give the new books a sampling (I don’t expect the majority to shell out for everyone one of the 52) to see if there’s anything worthwhile. You may be surprised, as like I said before, there’s a litle something for everyonein this reboot (or so it seems anyway).

Now, if only DC will stick to this and not reboot/relaunch again within the next few years…hey, I can think positively right?

Thomas Montgomery

June 13, 2011 at 5:23 pm

I’m tired of people whining and complaining about “the end of DC.” or “a slap in the face of long time readers.” That is complete and utter crap. All publishers have time and time again reset/reboot their series and even the entire universe if maybe not on a blatant scale. There are still nods and such to the original continuity and history of all these heroes. Even then, these changes are whined about but you still keep buying the books and cheering for your favorite heroes. Stop contradicting yourself and stop whining about change. CHANGE happens, things evolve. I applaud DC for taking the chance. These characters aren’t radically going to change, the history is not radically going to change. Superman is still Superman. Batman is still Batman. This is an exciting shake up and it was bound to happen sooner or later. I guess none of you whining readers have witnessed any major crisis or reboot in your reading history and I will tell you this: Roll with the punches or start writing your own personal comics, these things happen and will undoubtebly happen again. Things will be better in some instances. Some will be worse.

I am sad that JSA aren’t making the cut (even though this past run has been horrible). I feel like Suicide Squad is a slap in the face to the original series. I’m completely stoked to see Animal Man taken in a new direction.

If this is a starting-over-this-time-we-really-mean-it-reboot, why are there still four Robins?

If this is a starting-over-this-time-we-really-mean-it-reboot

It is not.

Usually when a technology goes belly up, the penultimate thing is the Best Darned Thing You’ve Ever Seen. I think that’s what the DCU Relaunch is.

The story of film camera’s are the same thing. This comes from KenRockwell.com, and he said that “The Amateur Photo System, or APS, was an attempt to replace the failed Disc film format of the 1980s, which was created to replace the failed 110 film format of the 1970s, which was created to replace the pretty good 126 Instamatic format of the 1960s.//126 Instamatic died out in the 1970s because 35mm cameras, like the Canon Sure-Shot, let everyone get great results on regular 35mm film. No one needed Instamatic cameras anymore. When Kodak saw sagging sales of instamatics in the 1970s, instead of developing advanced automatic 35mm cameras to compete with Canon and Konica, Kodak created the crummier 110 format instead, which died a fast death because of the tiny chips of film used.//As 110 died in the 1980s, again instead of developing advanced cameras to compete with 35mm, Kodak invented Disc film, which was also awful because each picture was taken on a tiny piece of film that had to be enlarged greatly, so disc cameras also died fast.//In each case (110, Disc, APS), the “new” format gave poorer results, but film makers put a lot of advertising dollars behind it claiming that magic new film somehow made small chips perform as well as larger pieces of film.”

If I didn’t think the pamphlet format, marketed through specialty stores, was ready to die, I am pretty persuaded now. The only possible hope is to have great stories (invest in first things first), with a marketing angle that lets little kids buy them wherever magazines are sold, and content that mom and dad can trust. Otherwise, we may have movies and hardcovers and manga, but adios amigos to the mainstays of the DCU.

I think the longest continuous numbered comic is probably Mickey Mouse or Archie.

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