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A Month of Comic Book Sites – Panels on Pages

All throughout June, I’ll spotlight a different web site about comic books.. Like with the month of independent comics, the month of LGBT comics and last month’s month of webcomics, I figure I will let you comic book site/blog owners out there suggest your comic book web site (or blog) for spotlight during this month. So if you want me to spotlight your comic book site, drop me a line at bcronin@comicbookresources.com!

Today we look at the general interest comic book (and pop culture) site, Panels on Pages (or PoP!, if you prefer), which features reviews, commentary, news articles, columns, previews, podcasts, web chats, message boards and more!

As far as I can tell, this is the current list of contributors for Panels on Pages:

Lee Rodriguez, Jason Kerouac, Jason Knize, Thacher Cleveland, Ben Gilbert, Nick Brammer, Robert Eddleman, Jared Whitaker, Jose Guzman and Mary Staggs

As noted, Panels on Pages has reviews, previews and news commentary about comic books plus other pieces of pop culture that you would figure comic book fans would be interested in (science fiction films and TV series, for instance). That is all fine, but since that is all pretty self-explanatory, I figured I’d spotlight some of the unique columns at the site (in an interesting approach, the columns are not written by set writers – multiple contributors write for each of the columns).

They have a column called “It’s a Trap!” which is about comics that seem like they’d be good but when you actually read them, they’re not. You can check the archive of that column out here.

Going the other direction, they have a series of columns called “In Defense Of…” which, as you might expect from the title, defends pieces of pop culture that the authors think need defending. You can check the archive of that column out here.

They have a series of columns called “Retcon This,” where they ask for certain pieces of pop culute to be, you know, retconned. You can check the archive out here.

Here is their podcast.

There’s obviously a whole lot more going on at PoP!, so just check their front page out here.



This is my primary comic book website because it isn’t just news. I like that they don’t just regurgitate the same news that can be found on a dozen other sites, but have, like you mentioned, unique columns. The thing that really sets them apart, for me at least, is the weekly podcast and the recurring video segments. Throw in a thriving message board community which they actively support, and you’ve got a fan for life in me.

While it may turn off more than a few readers, I like the fact that it is a pop culture website for adults and they don’t mind letting things get a little crass from time to time. God bless.

I’m with Joshua. PanelsOnPages is literally my homepage.

Thanks for the write-up, Brian! PoP! wouldn’t be anything without the greatest community on the interwebs, The PoP!ulation!

“There’s obviously a whole lot more going on at PoP!, so just check their front page out here.”

Oh but there’s so, SO much more going on than you realize…things you can’t unsee.

I love PoP! and the men and women who run/contribute to it. Great stuff! Nice selection, CSBG!

A site I visit mulitiple times in the day, not just for thier site but for the community they have established. Panels on Pages has managed to create events that bring together people that visit the site. Everything from conventions to 4th of July festivites to Halloween bashes. A huge loving community that will make everyone welcome.

There is also a vairty of podcasts to grab anyones intrest, from movies to comics to pop culture seen through the female perspective, while one quick look at their list of podcasts may intimidate at first, they have a solutioin to that as well, in the form of a weekly talk soup version podcast that takes moments from all the shows called “Last Week in Pop.”

Please do yourself a huge favor and check out the site, sign up for the forums and join the chat as they record live podcasts on Tuesday nights and on Sunday nights. Tuesday night is the main show and Sunday night is the Princesscast.

I’ve been with the PoP! guys from the very beginning, and I can’t imagine being on a better comic/pop-culture website. From the various articles and podcasts available to listen to (literally something for nearly every kind of geek) to, as Joshua said, the thriving forum community, there’s not a place I feel more welcome.

Thanks for the writeup, Brian! I’ve always loved the material that comes out of Comics Should Be Good, and in fact my response to a write-up about Chuck Austen could easily be seen as a prototype for my own “In Defense of…” the man at PoP!

I’ll echo Jason Knize’s comment – a huge part of our success is the PoP!ulation, and I encourage anyone reading this to join up, it really IS the best community on the Internet, IMHO.

So please, stop by PoP!, kick your feet up, and stay awhile.

When I discovered PoP it quickly became one of my favorite comic websites. The columns are great and they put out hours and hours of free podcasts every week. I’d also bet a lot of money that their community is the best on the internet.

I made so many new friends thru PoP! it’s more than nerdy news, it’s family… very very nerdy family. <3

“A site I visit mulitiple times in the day, not just for thier site but for the community they have established. Panels on Pages has managed to create events that bring together people that visit the site. Everything from conventions to 4th of July festivites to Halloween bashes. A huge loving community that will make everyone welcome.”

Couldn’t have said it better myself Juan! The community that PoP! has created really is second to none. I’ve made a ton of new friends in the time I’ve been a member of the PoP!ulation. The sheer variety of the well written columns & extremely entertaining podcasts available on the main site really make it stand out from the rest.

Wait, there’s a main site? I thought it was just a kick ass nerd forum.

In jokes aside (want more? Join the forums after you read the main site articles), this is an amazing resource site for all things nerdy and cool (man, if 7th grade me knew I’d use those two words in the same sentence, he’d poop kittens). The articles are well written and take varying yet respectful viewpoints. The creators and contributors are also heavily involved in the community on the forums, so even if you don’t read the main page every day, you still feel connected and in the loop.

And I have to say, Game Changer may be my favorite online column ever written. Kudos Jared Whitaker.

And kudos PoP!

A well deserved spotlight! Panels on Pages is my site of choice for all my comic book needs. I could spend a massive amount of text explaining all the comics, shows, and movies I love that I would not have tried if not for the PoP!ulation.

Look for the PoP! word balloon sign at a convention near you. Then stop them – they’ve got candy ;)


Wow! Thank you so much for covering us Brian. Much love.

Panelsonpages.com is my home. That is where my family is. From day one I was welcomed in by everyone and I’ve never looked back. The forums are open to all to express their thoughts and opinions freely.

From comic news and other PoP! culture news the site is updated everyday with new content. When it comes to coverage of events like C2E2, NYCC, Star Wars Celebration and Spooky Empire PoP! Rocks. The video coverage is very high quality and it makes you feel like you where there.

You want podcast? Panelsonpages.com has them in the form of the PoP!-Cast Network (PCN):

The main PoP!-Cast touches on a little of everything including the personal lives of the host.

The Princess Cast is a females perspective on all things nerdy from the lovely PoP! Princesses.

So You Think You Know (SYTYK) will breakdown your favorite movies and gives you facts that you’ve never heard of.

Bride of the PoP!-Cast covers your favorite horror movies and all things horror.

PoP!Corn: The Movie Podcast breaks downs and review the latest releases and what you can find on Netflix.

For a retailers perspective tune into the Superfly Podcast. There monthly Previews Preview is always enjoyable.

For the wrestling junkie in you there is PoP!-Cast Wrestling (PCW). The weeks worth of programing and pay per views are discussed as well as all the drama that circles the wrestling world.

If you missed something from your favorite PoP!-Cast Network (PCN) show Last Week In PoP! covers all the best bits from them all.

Come join the family.

On top of all the great stuff that everybody mentioned, the PoPulation runs the gambit on members. You have the true hardcore fanboys/girls to the occasional reader of comics. Myself, i’m probably somewhere down the middle but it’s a great place to bone up on PoP culture.

The articles are informative, the podcasts are entertaining and the message boards are just straight up fun. As a comicbook aficiando you owe it to yourself to check it out.

Caitlin Touchton

June 13, 2011 at 1:52 pm

PoP! is amazing! best group of geeks and nerds on the interwebs!!!

I guess it’s allright :D

Great article about the greatest group of geeks on the planet. The PoPulation is like family, a big loveable family.

PoP isnt just a website, its a freakin family of awesome! I have met so many wonderful people bc of PoP! This is a great write up! Stop by the site and say hello in the forums!

I have to concur with everyone above…. I come here for mature takes on news. I go to PoP! to release the fanboy in a relaxed setting and they have everything and anything for those associated with *ahem* “the geeky side” of life/entertainment. I’m glad that the site keeps going strong.

PoP! your one stop for all your nerdy needs. From fake kings that aren’t real to podcast.

It’s not hyperbole when I say that being one of the co-founders of PoP! is easily the one thing I am most proud of in my whole life. I consider all my collaborators and the entire PoP!ulation family.

I fully endorse the awesomeness of Panels on pages

Thank you again for the article. The above comments are all proof that the PoP!ulation is the bra that holds up Panels On Pages unceasingly growing bosom. From the beggening, when it was just a training bra to its current size, the PoP!ulaiton has proven that as PoP!’s chest size grows so does the PoP!ulation to provide Panels On Pages maximum support while keeping its comfort. It’s an honor to stand along side of all of you in this geek army. Let the world know that we are here and will be for a long time.

Yes, I spelled beginning wrong.


John-Michael Duggan

June 16, 2011 at 5:40 pm

Yes to everything that has been said about PoP!.

There really isn’t a better online community out there. And the main site and podcasts are simply the best.

You really don’t know how much awesome you are missing in your life until you check out PoP!. It will make you happier than a rancor romancer who longs for a basement, is married to Gandalf , and who exposed an undercover, vest wearing, nugget dropping, word mispronouncing Canadian.

Also, they sell calendars.


Awesome! Just heard about this! A site I use to work with getting honored on my birthday! Sweet! XD

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