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Caanan Grall shares his vision!

So Caanan Grall sent me a picture of what his cover of the first issue of Milagro Reyes, Green Lantern of Earth would look like, and he was nice enough to say I could share it with you:

Yep. Awesome.

Who wouldn’t buy that? Commies, that’s who. Don’t be a Commie!


Aside from the collar and the earrings that costume is AMAZING.

Adorable. Tell me where I may send my money please.

Whaaa-aaat? What is this? I love it, but is this just for fun or what>?

Love Caanan’s stuff. Who wouldn’t smile at that planetary doormat?

THIS is a relaunch #1 I would buy! Anyone else want to see Canaan and Brian Caldwell of Wednesday Comics pair up?

Who wouldn’t smile at that planetary doormat?

Don’t call Milagro a planetary doormat! Ohhh, I see.

Who is this character? Love the piece, but not knowing who it is lessens the fun for me. Thanks!

Bill: See my post about how I would reboot the DCU, a few posts underneath this.

danjack: Milagro is Jaime (Blue Beetle) Reyes’s little sister. During that series, she met Guy Gardner and thought he was pretty danged cool. Many Internetters have decided that she should be a GL because of it. I think it’s not a bad idea at all.

Love it!

I support this.

this kids going places, not like those other hooligans in The Line. : )

WANT!! Here’s my $3 plus tax.

I love Milagro! (Actually, I love Jaime’s entire family and friends.) She’s the ideal candidate to be a young Lantern. And can I just say… awesome earrings!

Eisner Award Nominee Caanan Grall is such a rock star.


Seriously, from all that I’ve seen of Canaan here, especially his mastery of a variety of different art styles, I cannot see why any company wouldn’t hire him. I hope I’m being witness to a future rising star (same goes for the rest of our TLIID artists.) Good luck!

Oh and I REALLY need to read the Blue Beetle series (the previous one. I’m still wary of what DC will do now.)

hehehe Let’s expound on this one:

Her JLA would be: Damian Wayne as Batman, Lagoon Boy as Aquaman, Lian Harper as Green Arrow, Conner as Superman, Cassie as Wonder Woman, Tim Drake as Oracle, Jaime as Blue Beetle, and M’gann as Manhunter…… Let the comedic drama commence

Her foe? Too easy to say “the Reach” besides they are her big brother’s and I dunno if any of the Sinestro Corps would have kids to pass the yellow ring down to. I would twist it a little and say one of her “Uncle Booster’s” enemies in the Black Beetle, whose head games would affect her AND her brother….

Best friend? No brainer… Mil and Traci 13 trading stories and banter to drive Jaime nuts….

Great job Caanan once again

I can’t wait to read the title’s first big crossover event, “The Beanfield War.”

Thanks Greg! i really do like the piece even more now!

Fun little design there.

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