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Two X-Men Comic Books by Kieron Gillen and Jason Aaron is a GOOD Thing

I repeat, a good thing.

Marvel is splitting the X-Men up into two different teams, one led by Cyclops and the other led by Wolverine.

Kieron Gillen writing one book and Jason Aaron writing the other book? While Aaron presumably continues writing Wolverine? When you add in the other strong writers on the X-Books, like Rememder, Liu and David, and it is a good time to be an X-Fan.

So if Marvel feels they need to re-launch Uncanny X-Men at #1, it is not a big deal. Especially since they can always just re-number it at #600 to satisfy those who like to see their books hit big numbers.

Ed Brubaker’s Captain America run.

Kurt Busiek and George Perez’s Avengers run.

Brian Michael Bendis and Alex Maleev’s Daredevil run.

Did it really affect anyone’s enjoyment of those stories that they took place in re-numbered titles? No way. It is not a big deal. Getting Kieron Gillen and Jason Aaron to write your two ongoing X-Men titles? That IS a big deal.


No titles to be canceled.


Also not necessarily the case that Cyclops will be leading the other side. Even if very, very likely.

Totally agree. For the last few years, it’s only really one or two X-books that have had really amazing writing teams on them. There’ve always been good guys around (Morrison, Casey, Whedon, Brubaker, Carey, Yost, Kyle) but now every damn book is just going to rock. An X-family controlled by Gillen, Aaron and Remender? Hell yes!

No titles to be canceled.


Also not necessarily the case that Cyclops will be leading the other side. Even if very, very likely.


Aaron’s Wolverine has been excellent including one of the best introductions of a character I’ve ever seen, with a great visual gag, in Lord Deathstrike.


and Gillen’s probably my favorite writer so this is good news.

Ah man, Bachalo with Aaron. No one draws the X-Men better, in this guy’s opinion.

The people complaining about this are really crazy. I seriously fear for their sanity.

Nice illustration … except for Wolverine. Does he always look like Popeye on a quadruple does of steroids? (I’ve paid as little attention to the various mainstream X-titles as possible since … god … about the time Cockrum left the book.)

Starting at #1 just makes sense. The people who buy will continue to, and hopefully the new readers enticed by the #1 will stick around.

The whole .1 thing doesn’t really make much sense in retrospect though.

renumbering titles is never a big deal. UNTIL IT MESSES WITH YOUR COLLECTION. this is crap. do everything theyre plan on doing just dont renumber uncanny. duh. GRRRR IT MAKES ME SO ANGRY.

I dunno, I’ll be the naysayer here and say this doesn’t do much to entice me back into the fold. Yes, Aaron and Gillen are good writers. But this just continues the trend of tweaking the status quo every year or so…and given that they’re already teasing the X-Men’s involvement in NEXT year’s event book, they’ve only got about one arc before the creative teams will be tied up for that. (Which I’m sure will shatter the Marvel Universe as has never been seen before…)

Plus, Greg Land. Really?

I think it is great that Gillen and Aaron are writing the books, but I think its a horrible thing that Land and Bachalo are drawing them.

And thus do Astonishing and vanilla X-Men have even less of a reason to exist.

Ed (A Different One)

June 17, 2011 at 6:52 am

I’ve been saying for about a six months now that they need to get Aaron and Remender more involved in the direction of the X-books as a whole. Then Kieron Gillen comes out of left field on me and amazes me with his talents (although Journey Into Mystery is my favorite of his titles) and we have a damn nice team heading the X-titles – Aaron, Gillen & Remender all rock (and then you also have PAD on X-Factor). Looks like the X-books are heading to a good place right now.

Then you have Slott & Wells on the Spidey books, Bru maintaing a steady hand on the wheel of the Captain America titles, Fraction’s been good on Iron Man, Hickman’s rocking FF – and I know a lot of people don’t like what Bendis has done on the Avengers titles (they don’t feel “Avengery”), but let’s face it, they sell and I personally find them quite entertaining.

Then there’s Pak, Van Lente & Parker doing good things on some of the “smaller” titles . . .

Who needs a relaunch? ? ? ?

I just noticed Lockheed and Kitty will be on Wolverine’s team. Sold!

For what it’s worth, Jason Aaron has indicated (on Twitter, I believe) that this promo image does not necessarily reflect actual team membership. I’m not sure how much to read into that, or whether he’s just being vague to maintain suspense.

Seriously though, you got Remender, Gillen, Aaron, and PAD leading the franchise. I think its in a nice spot!

That said, I still forbid myself from buying any and all Greg Land-“drawn” issues, but Aaron/Bachalo is a team I simply canNOT pass up on.

Rollo Tomassi

June 17, 2011 at 7:53 am

So where there was one $3.99 book, now there will be two $3.99 books. That’s not a plus for me.
And they didn’t even give Gillen a chance to turn Fraction’s sales slump around on his own to not necessitate a reboot. They said this has been the plan all along for five years? What? So, back in 2006, somebody said ‘Uncanny is getting rebooted in 2011.’ I don’t buy that for a jellybean second. I wonder, did Gillen come in knowing he’d be ending the series, or did he find out afterwards?
I don’t think constant new #1 issues are bringing new readers into stores. I don’t even think the sales spikes from those #1 issues reflect that. All that says is that retailers order a bunch of new first issues and then have more of them in their dollar bins later on. Constant relaunches is a tired tactic that is ultimately not working and slowly, collectively driving longtime collectors away jaded. That’s why numbers are steadily declining month after month.
Bendis’ DD, Bru’s Cap, and Busiek’s Avengers wouldve been equally awesome had those series never been relaunched.

There have been great creative teams on Uncanny for a long while now (Land as the exception). I’m still waiting for the great stories. At 3.99, the waiting is getting real hard.

Poor over-looked Mike Carey, barely mentioned in the article and the comments. At least as far as the X-books are concerned, his work has been much more solid than Gillen’s– compare Age of X with the lackluster Breakworld storyline, for example. (In truth, I find Carey to just be a better overall writer than Gillen; I would take Unwritten, or even Lucifer, over Phonogram any day. But I do realize that is more subjective…)

For what it’s worth, Jason Aaron has indicated (on Twitter, I believe) that this promo image does not necessarily reflect actual team membership. I’m not sure how much to read into that, or whether he’s just being vague to maintain suspense.

Oh yeah, I bet that it does not. Well, at least not fully.

Especially considering that I doubt half of Professor X is on each team. ;)

I think the editors on the X-Men must be behind many of the more lackluster ideas and status quos, because otherwise I can’t understand how the book can have so many good writers in the past 6 years and still be so dull and uninspiring. Even being outright bad would be preferable at this point to being bland.

How long has the current X-Men editorial team been in place?

I love the idea and the creative teams. In fact, I’m really excited to go through Schism and see where it leads.

My only complaint is that there is now another X-Men book, I thought they were pushing it by re-introducing adjectiveless (a book that’s really failed to get my interest), and Astonishing has been pretty lackluster since Whedon finished his run. Would love to see either Astonishing or Adjectiveless cancelled since they both seem kind of redundant.



Where Bachalo goes, so goes my nation.

Ed (A Different One)

June 17, 2011 at 8:16 am

@MIke O

Can’t disagree with you there. When I first read this story, I thought that the X-titles were only going to be the four mentioned (Uncanny, X-men & Wolverine, Uncanny X-Force & X-Factor). Leaving Legacy and Astonishing lying around is only going to clutter things. I also think that Astonishing should be put on the shefl, at least for the time being. My understanding is that that was supposed to be a vehicle for Joss Whedon, and once he left, it should have been cancelled (although in all fairness, Ellis did do something interseting things with it after Joss left). It reminds me of the old adjectiveless Spider-Man that was specifically created for Todd McFarlane – there was just no reason for it to exist after Todd left (and, once could argue, there was no reason for it to exist even prior to that). But Marvel’s unwillingness to cancel it lead to the overall dilution of the Spider titles at the time. Same deal here with Astonishing and Legacy (my apologies to anyone who’s a big fan of those books).

I think Axel Alonso has been editor since 2006. He’s leaving now, so we’ll see if things improve.

Under Axel, the books I read weren’t bad so much as they were directionless. It just seemed there were no defined teams anymore except in Astonishing, kind of like that period in the 90s where there were no more blue and gold teams separated by book. I like X-Men best when each title has clearly defined teams.

Stefan Wenger

June 17, 2011 at 8:26 am

I’m concerned that there’s no mention of Legacy here, which in my mind is the one book that brought a high standard of quality back into the X-books 5 years ago, and despite a few hiccups here and there when it’s been sidelined by storylines emanating from other titles, has been a consistently strong book ever since.

I didn’t miss an announcement or something, did I? Legacy’s still continuing, yes?

And is adjectiveless X-Men ending? I can’t imagine that book being missed very much. I’d be happy to see Astonishing go too, actually, unless they’re gonna put a talented writer on it again.

I do like Gillen on Uncanny, I’m excited about Aaron writing an X-Men book, and I LOVE Remender on Uncanny X-Force (I think it’s easily the second-best book Marvel’s publishing right now, behind FF)… but I do wish Carey and Legacy were more in the forefront. It seems like Carey’s so much of a team player, and so accomodating, content to just write around the outskirts of what’s going on with the other books, and I’d like to see that book take center stage a bit more often.

According to the link shared earlier, all of the books will remain. Odd, but apparently that’s the direction Marvel is going with this.

I’ll probably plunk down for the Aaron / Bachalo one. It would be the first current X-Title I’ve purchased in over 10 years. I guess good on Marvel for renewing my interest in the franchise. But eh, as others have said, in six months the thing will fall victim to the inevitable crossover event. It will start costing 25 and 30 dollars a month to read a complete story, and the books will be just as toxic to me as they ever were. I think I can be content with “Wolverine and the X-Men” though, so long as I take it as a miniseries which ends as soon as the next issue blurb reads “Continued in X-Men Legacy Number 260″ or whatever.

Just to answer the ad’s question, I won’t be following either one because I burned out on the X-titles a very long time ago, but is that Gambit on the left? Gambit, Psylocke and Cyke would be a perfect storm of turn-offs for me. (I like Bobby, Ororo and Magneto just fine, though.) Who’s the woman between Storm and Magneto?

On the strength of the writers, Aaron especially, I might totally consider checking them out from the public library. The problem is, even that doesn’t tend to be a reliable indicator for me. I generally like Warren Ellis’s writing, for instance, but I couldn’t stand his X-stuff. Not a question of truth to the characters or anything like that, because I have no investment in them at this point–I just found them unreadable. It takes a mighty strong story for me to overcome the fact that a lot of the character concepts and backstories just make my head hurt. (Whedon and Morrison managed to transcend that for me, but others’ mileage may vary.)

Also, I think they should actually change the title of X-Men to Adjectiveless X-Men.

I have in the past liked elements of Mike Carey’s writing, but can’t understand all of the love for Legacy. Hasn’t that one just been in perpetual crossover mode since around the initial Utopia storyline? And really, how many status quos has that book had?

This is one of those instances, where I’d love to see the line pruned down to one or two solid books. Jettison the z-list characters and the need to show every single mutant in every book. Get down to a managable cast of 5 or 6 people per book and let the line try something new.

I hope that this is that moment…but the fact that Legacy and Adjectiveless are continuing don’t give me much hope.

Who’s the woman between Storm and Magneto?

Is that Hope?

Is that Hope?

I was going to say “Wasn’t she in the Justice League?” but I was thinking of Faith.

This is the first I’ve heard of Hope. I just googled her, and if she’s part of the Summers family, that’s the best indicator that I really, really don’t want to know.

I think the woman is Dani Moonstar, Buttler.

To be honest, comics have been pushing at my breaking point for a while, and X-Men have ranged from bad to bland for so long, that at this point I’m pretty much just looking for that extra excuse to break the habit. DC’s done a pretty good job by killing most of what I found interesting on their side, and Schism could be what causes me to give up the X-franchise again. It could be good, but at this point it almost needs to be great for me to stay on board, just due to the damage and wear that the line has received over the years. (Stuff like Fraction’s writing, Land’s art, etc.)

I think that is X-23 behind hope based on the uniform. Don’t know though.

I think the woman behind Storm is X-23 definitely based on the uniform.

But the woman behind Rogue? Kitty maybe? Since Lockheed is down there somewhere?

@Buttler: But I think…this visual split on the cover is unlikely to be the actual split of the teams. I mean unless some REALLY BIG SHIT is going down, I find it hard to believe Emma would be on Wolverine’s team instead of Cyclops, and unless something major is changing with Uncanny X-Force it doesn’t makes sense for Psylocke to be on Cyclops’ team and not Wolverines…right? So I think the way the drawing is…is misleading at best.

I don’t understand this idea of constantly starting over with #1. Does it really boost sales for more than a couple of issues? It can be really confusing for new readers. When I started reading comic books again a few years ago (after about a decade away) I found it very hard at first to figure out which back issues occurred at which times (before actually buying them, I mean).

And they were getting so close to #550. I was looking forward to seeing what was going to happen.

I don’t think I’ve ever read a single book by this Aaron guy, so I have no idea what to expect. I assume Gillen will just continue with whatever storylines he’s been working on already, with maybe some membership adjustments, so that should be okay.

By why are they continuing to do the other series? Two should be the absolute maximum for any character or team. Anything more than that tends to produce continuity problems, not to mention being too expensive for a lot of readers.

And I’m still upset that they even started that adjectiveless X-Men, because I still think of Legacy under that title.

I agree that renumbering can confuse new readers, especially when Marvel changes the numbering back afterward. I think it usually does boost sales, though; new #1s suggest accessibility, while returning to the original numbering suggests importance.

Aaron’s pretty good and has been writing Wolverine for a while now, so good things should come out of Wolverine and the X-Men. Plus, it fulfills Logan’s three-teams-at-once quota (X-Men, New Avengers and X-Force) :p

As a loooong time reader, but never a collector, my only problem with renumbering is that it makes it tough to talk about comics. Volume 3 #2? Hunh? There was a story on this site just a day or so ago that mentioned something like Daredevil #18 from 1983. Wha?

I haven’t followed Moonstar lately, but Marvel’s wiki has her in a black-and-white costume:


And those could be feather-style earrings she’s wearing.

There was a story on this site just a day or so ago that mentioned something like Daredevil #18 from 1983. Wha?

Daredevils #7. It was a Marvel UK comic designed to cash in on Miller’s DD by reprinting his run.

I’ll bet twenty bucks right now that this Schism is eventually resolved with Jean’s official ressurection.

Could be, Andy. It’s about time for Jean to come back to life.

But does her return heal the schism…or cause it? That could explain why Emma is on the other side of the divide from Scott.

They still make X-Men comics, huh? Good for them!

I like the writing team, love Bachalo, but I really liked the Cyclops/Wolverine friendship developing in Uncanny that we’d never seen before because of the whole Jean mess. If they’re splitting the two up it seems like an odd choice. If anything right now Scott is on one side of the divide and Logan is his strongest supporter. How they explain the schism and where it looks like it will go from there will probably determine my readership moving forward.

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