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The Line It Is Drawn #46 – OUR Marvel Number Ones!

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Now on to the bit!

So every week, I ask a question here. You reply to it on our Twitter page (just write @csbg with your reply) and our SIX blog sketch artists will each pick one of your suggestions and I will post them here every week. So every week you will have a new question and you will see the top six choices from the previous week.

To qualify, you have to be following us when you reply – so go follow us and then give your answer to the following question/challenge (All suggestions due by 6 AM Pacific, Friday, June 24th).

Next week’s theme is…

I figured we’d throw a little bit of a storytelling challenge the guys’ way this week. so….Everything you thought you knew is WRONG! The theme is to come up with a dramatic reveal and our artists will draw it. “Spider-Man, Norman Osborn is your father!” “Cyclops, Professor X is your brother!” “Swamp Thing, you really ARE Alec Holland! No wait, I meant Alec Guinness!” Go as crazy as you’d like.

Read on for the six sketches that came about courtesy of the last question/challenge!

Come up with a tweak on a Marvel hero or team and our artists will draw a #1 cover for that character/group.


I’ll put them in alphabetical order based on the name of the Twitter user who made the suggestion.

All copyright and trademarks of the following characters are held by their respective owners!

Everyons showed up this week, so we’ll see Sean’s piece later on!

AdamRuvola suggested:

Vertigo X-Men

George Zapata is the artist for this one. Here is his website.

(click on the image to enlarge)

Aoide_Muse suggested:

Female Cyclops and a black White Queen leading the X-Men

Michael “Mic” Magtanong is the artist for this one. Here is his website.

BigMike20X6 suggested:

Iron Man no longer the Armored Avenger, now a crimefighting bodybuilder

Chaz Folgar is the artist for this one. Here is his website.

(click on the image to enlarge)

JeromeyShannon suggested:

Howard: the Duck. A noir crime detective wears a duck mask. Think “the Shadow” with a sense of humour.

Nick Perks is the artist for this one, too. Here is his website.

(click on the image to enlarge)

sijoy2k5 suggested:

I suggest “Spider-Man’s Wife, Mary Jane” #1, with guest Doctor Strange channeling their love to DESTROY MEPHISTO. :)

Caanan Grall is the artist for this one. Here is his website.

(click on the image to enlarge)

vitothebig suggested:

Hipsters for Hire

Daniel Irizarri is the artist for this one. Here is his website.

Thanks to all of our suggestion givers and, of course, our awesome artists! Check back soon (I think later tonight, but maybe tomorrow) to see Sean’s drawing!!

Now go make suggestions for next week!!


Hipsters for Hire is the BEST

Hipsters for Hire were into Christmas before it was sweet.

It’s only one image, and already George’s Professor X is infinitely more interesting.

Mic? You’re going places. Stepping it up every darn week. I don’t know what the green background is, but I prefer to believe it’s a pile of Fin Fang Foom’s poop.

“Professor X’s fancy new beard” – HA HA! Nice. :D

Are the Rabbit Men based on that movie from a couple years ago with the two guys dressed as rabbits? Hank and Mike? That’s the one right. I never did see that, but it looked hilarious. And there is something truly, disturbingly hilarious about a noir detective in that duck bill mask. This needs to be made.

I gave all my funny comments about Dan’s piece elsewhere, but I will say, I really like the pattern the receding S’s make. That, and the hipster vibe is strong in this one. By the way, are we seeing the end of hipsters? It’s hip to hate on hipsters now, right? The world is entering upheaval…

Sweet bippy, these are amazing. Daniel– holy crap.

But, er, Cronin, I’m totes on Twitter now and everything and why won’t you follow me back and put me in the list oh God I’m so lonely ahem.

You know, I look at these every week and every week I think “Caanan’s is the best”. (No offence to the rest of you; he just tends to sort of knock it out of the park.)

But “Hipsters for Hire”? I would buy every issue of that book.

I assume you hire the Hipsters when you need people to go to bad movies with you and make fun of it, or if you have a ton of PBR laying around and no way to drink it all yourself.

Great job by everyone, but Daniel’s takes the cake for me. Perfect on so many levels.

I find that I want to know more about Professor X’s fancy new beard…

I really like Magtanong’s X-Men, but that black White Queen looks kind of like Storm, with the white hair and eyes.

Mike Loughlin

June 22, 2011 at 7:20 pm

Mic, I love your X-Team. Is the “Cyclops” figure Callisto? And is the Japanese character Silver Samurai?

Canaan, your picture was great but the words really sold it. “Just Say No” cracked me up.

Daniel, Nick, & Chaz: too funny!

George, nice use of silhouettes. I love Beast’s expression, too.

Daniel knocked it out of the park. Luke’s belt f’n kills.

There are some great ones this week.

I like that instead of simply making Cyclops female, and making Emma Black, Magtanong just gave their names to other pre-existing characters. And if you think about it, Cyclops really is a more appropriate name for Callisto than it is for Scott.
Wanda seems to be the only major Mutant character to have never been on an X-team (if you don’t count the original Brotherhood). So I can understand why he wanted to use her, but I’d prefer to preserve her unique non-X status.

Canaan was great, but that’s pretty much always the case.

How do I get ahold of the Hipsters if I need to hire them?

hipsters for hire is the best hands down.
followed by mj and uncanny

Hipsters for Hire was the best one this week. Really awesome.

– Hipster Iron Fist needs to become Iron Fist’s actual costume immediately.
— Caanan’s right on: all the Vertiginous X-Men look more interesting than the X-tant Marvel versions.
— Nice continuity nods on the “Black White Queen and Cyclops” piece; Callisto-clops and What If?… Emma’s Claremont-era body-swap with Storm was never reversed.
— Interestingly, Rick Howard seems like something Gerber might’ve eventually written had he not passed away.
— Once again, I wonder why Caanan Grall isn’t being desperately sought after by every comics publisher on the planet.
— Iron Man, bodybuilder looks like it should be Marvel’s Flex Mentallo. (That is a compliment of great magnitude.) I want a story about Professor X growing a cool new beard, and then it turns out to be that he’s just mind-controlling everyone into seeing it because he couldn’t really grow one, and Cyclops gets mad and kicks him out again, and then we find out it was all some misunderstood advice from…Hipsters for Hire.

Vertigo X-Men looks pretty snazzy. I’d break my usual X-Men tabboo to pick that one up. And Canaan impresses, as always. Nothing this week tops Hipsters for Hire though. I love the attention to detail, especially the faded pastels for the logo. They’re far too cool for the traditional four-color palette.

You know… I gotta say that these have been the best designed pieces yet! I’m very pleased to see us improving w/ typography and layout. Totally adds to the whole experience.

GEORGE: Very nice and graphic! I really dig the Professor X design. I’m getting a Metamorpho and The Outsider vibe. Who’s the character on the far left?

CHAZ: lol! Coming through w/ the nice touches once again! A Black Bolt cap just now made its way to my wish list. Love the simplicity of the logo and your visual hierarchy. Nicely done!

NICK: I think the world would be cooler if heroes wore duck beak masks and criminals did wear rabbit suits. Very doable and believable. And the way you frame them making them look classic and iconic is just aces, sir.

CAANAN: You are our hero. I love the “is a greater wife…” black-and-white switch-off. Masterfully done as is your brand of truth-humor. The balloon drives it home.

DANIEL: Dude. I want this book! Xo Luke Cage’s belt and bow-tie, Iron Fist’s forearm tattoo and fanny pack, their gestures… man. Just… man. Excellent logo, nice use of type… too brilliant, my friend. I’m very relieved you passed on my suggestion or else we wouldn’t have gotten this masterpiece! I no longer feel spurned. ;D

Thanks for everything, BRIAN! Great topic! Great week! Can’t wait to see what our bro SEAN throws down with!


In regards to my piece…

CAANAN: Thanks man! I’m just tryna be fresh like you. lol I’m so glad you got what that mound is! I was totally going for Fin Fang Foom’s poop! Okay, I wasn’t, but now I really wish I had. Woulda gave me a reason to draw fun, random dragonflies flying around. Y’know what? Screw it, let’s just go w/ the poop sans dragonflies.

DEAN: It is. ;]

MIKE: Double yes! You nailed ‘em. Glad you dig the team, Mike!

MARY: Thanks, Mary! In my mind, not only does this team have a Cyclops and a White Queen, but it also has a “Shadowcat”… and a “Beast” inside a bit of “Armor.” Also, you can find Hipsters For Hire on the side of your local Urban Outfitters depending on their smoke break schedules. ;]

Thanks for the love, everyone! The “Special Thank You Award” goes out to Aoide_Muse for the suggestion!



Loving Hipsters for Hire. And Storm as White Queen.
Howard the Duck reminds me of Dick Tracy, at some points that series went really bonkers…
And I’d want to read the others too.

But, er, Cronin, I’m totes on Twitter now and everything and why won’t you follow me back and put me in the list oh God I’m so lonely ahem.

In all seriousness, I tried right when you joined and Twitter wouldn’t let me. No joke. I just kept clicking on follow and noting would happen. Then, admittedly, I forgot to try again in the future. But now I will!

Wow everyone really outdid themselves this week!!!

Travis Pelkie

June 23, 2011 at 3:15 am

I like how the Professor’s new beard is “fancy”. Yes indeedy.

Rick Howard the Duck rocks hard. I want it!

All the pieces are really nice, but yeah, Hipsters for Hire. The Iron Fist forearm tat, Cage’s belt and bow tie. And Yusaku777’s comment was great.

Is Iron Fist’s shirt a bit like the Flint Marko Sandman’s? Anyone else see that?

Travis Pelkie

June 23, 2011 at 3:17 am

Oh, damn, meant to say this. I guess yet again this week people have to travel back in time to make suggestions for next time — it says due by Friday the 17th.

Or am I that far off with what day it is? It’s been a long week.

Actually, Bill, I had the same problem trying to follow you on Twitter as well.

The Mary Jane cover was awesome.

@mic?- It’s Snowman Iceman haha

Wow these all look great. No idea how you guys find the time to make these look so amazing

FANTASTIC batch . . .wish I’d submitted ideas, but I doubt they’d be this good!

Howard the Duck wins it for me this week, but as always I’m loving Canaan’s Grall’s work. This week I’m getting a Tim Sale vibe from it – and that can never be a bad thing.

Mike Loughlin

June 23, 2011 at 8:55 am


I was thinking Marcos Martin when looking at Canaan’s piece, but I can see Sale in it as well.

HEY! One of my suggestions was finally used!! (Well actually that might have been the first one that got through, I was having a lot of difficulty with the tweetering :P ) and Canaan did it!!! Great job, it looks almost exactly like I envisioned it! (except I wouldn’t have had Peter groveling at her legs but I get that you were trying to make a point on the ‘reasons’ for undoing the marriage.) And as usual it’s the little touches you come up with that sell it like the Just Say No To Deals With The Devil and the Behind Every Great Hero Is a Greater Wife blurbs. My favorite this time!

Everyone else did a great job too:

Didn’t they already do Vertigo X-Men? Back when Morrison was writing the comic? :P (Hey, the villain was Xavier’s aborted twin sister, if THAT isn’t Vertigo-worthy stuff…!) Still, it’s a very eye-catching design by Zapata.

Mic’s piece is kind of a cheat by virtue of not using the actual Cyclops or White Queen BUT the art is great and I always liked the Storm/Callisto interaction (and really HATED it when they gave Callisto leech-arms for some reason) so great job anyway.

The Iron Man piece might be Folgar’s best yet, it just seems to fit his style perfectly (even if it does recall Flex Mentallo but I guess that’s intentional.) And yeah, Bearded Xavier is hilarious! :D

But the funniest one this week was Howard as a Pulp Vigilante. And as usual, Perks just nails all of the details of an art style reconstruction as well. Congratulations! :D

I must admit I wouldn’t know what passes for hip these days, but still Daniel’s cover was so cool I’m naming it best-drawn this week (So many nice visual touches eg. the bow tie, the lock, the tattoos and oh yeah CAGE WITH HAIR hah!)

Should I comment on Sean McFarland’s piece here now that it’s up or on the other page? Nahh I’ll do it here: My first reaction was “ugh” but that was a reflex reaction from what they did with Devil Dinosaur in Nextwave, but after I calmed down I came to love all the details specially Howard as Nick Fury. Wonderful tribute to 70’s Marvel overall. Thanks!

Another week where everyone was as good if not better than usual! Thanks to all of our contributors (and the people who came up with the ideas of course! ;) ) Now to go make suggestions for next week!

Great work as always Gents! Rick Howard is awesome… but I worry for his sanity as he struggles against the bunnymen. If I saw a dude with that much intensity and a duck mask coming my way, I would be deeply concerned.

George gets points for making professor x hella creepy (and intriguing), and including Chamber who would undoubtably be ultra rad in vertigo marvelverse.

And as long as we’re talking creepy, Chaz, I would not trust the incredible chump alone with my (non-existant) children… and bearded Xavier is hiding something.

Mic? I can totally get behind this x-line up, but poor freakin’ T’Challa just doesn’t know what to do with himself these days. Spending some time with the misses is probably a good idea, ‘specially as she is now running around in lingerie and holding hands with ladies.

Caanan sums it all up quite nicely regarding my feelings on a few subjects, and looks good doing so.

Hipsters for Hire… Now, I know this is a common statement at this point but; This Needs to Happen. So much personality in this re-design. Love it. Would buy it and read the hell out of it.

I’m glad this week got such a positive reaction! and thanks to all of those that enjoyed my piece, It was really fun to do, so the thanks go to the suggester. : )

Vertigo X-men is a book i’d read. It’d be like grant morrison’s run on x-men, but closer to what he did with Doom Patrol. THAT would be fantastic. I love the line up you picked for this, George!

Mic, you really went in a different direction with you X-men piece.. really surprised me with how you ended up doing the female cyclops, since you decided instead of just changing their sexes, you’d just replace their roles with other mutants. clever as hell. and its nice to see quicksilver and wanda with x-insignias on them.

Chaz’s Iron-man is fantastic, seriously, keeping the color schemes like that made everyone instantly recognizable, yet totally different, like “the incredible chump” great job on that one.

Rick Howard is “The Duck”! such a fantastic concept, and just hilariously rendered by Nick. great all around execution and those bunny people are creepin’ me out!

I’ve already let caanan know that i completely loathe his submission this week, so i’m not going to bother repeating what i’ve already said. : )

and Mic! I had no idea The International avengers was your pick! : ( I just couldn’t think of too many international superheroes that weren’t already mutants. Seriously my avengers where just going to look like the cover to Giant Sized X-men, co-starring captain America, and El Vegigante.

A black White Queen?

A BLACK White Queen?!

While you’re at it, you might as well draw a WHITE Black Canar- oh.


June 23, 2011 at 1:16 pm

Thanks for using my Howard the Duck idea! Nick, you did a great job on it! You nailed the look of the mask, but bunny villains knocked it out of the park!

I always thought that of all the reboots and revamps and continuity-fudging story lines in Marvel, Howard has always stayed true to himself and his origin. I want to campaign for more Howard!!

Mary Jane wins, hipster fore hire is the marvel hiring policy for writers and editors hit to close to home.

Excellent stuff his week. The mood and design of the Vertigo X-Men is perfect, the take on Xavier is sublime (no pun meant to those mentioning Morrison’s run) and I love the distinct lack of Wolverine in the group, how refreshing! I think the mystery figure is a snowy Iceman.


June 23, 2011 at 1:36 pm

I would also buy every issue of “Hipsters for Hire”.

mic?’s X-Men… I see a pattern… WHITE Queen, BLACK Queen, BLACK Panther, SILVER Samurai, SCARLET Witch, Quick SILVER, and wait.. Namor?? Awe man. I thought there was a colour theme happening there. Could he be the sub-AQUA-MARINE-r?!?! :)

Next week’s reveal…

Captain America was Bucky and Bucky was actually Captain America, the great mind swipe that happened before they were frozen.

Darkseid was actually Mister Miracle’s Father, Avia cheated.

The Punisher was the mob boss that had his family killed.

Love it, great stuff once again

and Denny, Twitter is your friend. Post your ideas there.

In all seriousness, I tried right when you joined and Twitter wouldn’t let me. No joke. I just kept clicking on follow and noting would happen.

Heh. Yes, it breaks like every five seconds on me. I’m constantly hitting Ctrl + F5 before I do anything on the Twitters.

Hipsters For Hire!!! Oh my god, that is my new favorite monthly comic book.

Wow… I wish these were actual books. Three of those I’d defiantly pick up once they hit the stands (Female Cyclops and a black White Queen, Mary Jane, Hipsters for Hire) and the others I’d at least glance through.

It’s sad that these parody books made me more interested to go into a comic shop than any of the real news from at least the past year. :-(

“Hippsters for Hire”…just in time for Gay Pride weekend…oh, don’t say you didn’t think it!

–From a “Tired Old Queen”

OMAR: Thanks! I LOVE that body-swap story.

GEORGE: Ha! Right on. I see him now.

SIJO: Yeah, I also was not a fan of the tentacles.

SEAN: lol Exactly!

DANIEL: Thanks, my friend! And no worries! We’re all obviously very happy you went w/ the Hipsters! Also, I looked up El Vejigante and MAN I love Juan Doe art.

MAT: I needs more anger! I don’t appreciate outrage tapering off so abruptly. ;D

JEROMEY: Ha! Sub-Aquamariner! Let’s go w/ it!

Thanks again for the comments, everyone! Much appreciated. :)


Funny thing, that little one-shot “Ataque del Modok” is set in my home town of Ponce, and its also where El Vejigante serves. pretty awesome, me thinks. I’m gonna find some way of sneaking him into my entries eventually.

MJ = win!

Daniel: Hey, you’re from Ponce? Cool I’m from Puerto Rico as well! Would love to see you do El Vejigante someday (toss in Bucky-Cap so I can joke again about how they copied OUR flag in the Captain America costume redesign without even noticing! :D )

hahahaha We called Bucky “Capitan Puerto Rico” over at my local shop. Nice to see more Puertorricans around here! Yeah, i’m from ponce though I study in mayaguez most of the year. I’d love to draw El Vejigante as long as my work isn’t compared to Juan Doe’s. the guy is a monster and my work would instantly be horrible by contrast.

what town are you (or your family) from?

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