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Action Philosophers the Stage Play Opens Tonight!

Crystal Skillman’s adaptation of Fred Van Lente and Ryan Dunlavey’s Action Philosophers opens tonight at the Brick Theater in Brooklyn, New York! It is directed by John Hurley.

I will be there and you all should be, too. Well, at least those of you that live in/nearby New York City.

Here are directions to the theater (and you can read more about the theater at that link, too).

Here is where you can buy tickets (just $15 a pop!).


Holy shit, that’s right down the street from Harefield. I didn’t realize they were hosting that . . .it’s not just tonight is it?

No, there are a couple of more shows. Check the link above. You’d like it.

Yeah, it was a lot of fun, Joe. I recommend it.

I like how this post has become like our email thread or a facebook thing.

Saw it. Liked it. More profanity than in the comics, but the vibe is still there. Nothing like seeing Jesus getting lifted up by Descartes, only for Nietscheze to shoot him down. And then Jesus walks offstage to the last lyrics from the Mickey Mouse Club theme song. Because he’s wearing mouse-ears, you see. It’s a EuroDisney thing. Oh, and he’s carrying the cross.

Seriously, if Van Lente and Dunlavey did the comic back in 1997, I wouldn’t have gotten that D-minus in Philosophy. Now . . . when the heck is the final issue of Comic Book Comics coming out?

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