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A Month of Comic Book Sites – The Outhousers

All throughout June, I have put the spotlight on different web sites about comic books.. Like with the month of independent comics, the month of LGBT comics and last month’s month of webcomics, I let you comic book site/blog owners out there suggest your comic book web site (or blog) for spotlight during the month.

Today we finish the month with a look at the group pop culture blog, The Outhousers.

The Outhousers is a general pop culture blog, but they certainly do specialize in comic book stuff, which they have a ton of. What is particularly interesting on the site is the amount of regular features they have about comics.

For instance, just looking on their front page right now, they have…

A Character Spotlight feature (currently examining Shockwave from the Transformers)

A “Comics You Should Read” feature (currently spotlighting The Sixth Gun)

An “Idiot’s Guide to Comics” feature (currently looking at the history of the Ultimate Universe)

An intriguing commentary feature called “Five Things I Think I Know” (currently espousing his views on villainy)

Finally, an interview with the great Jeff Lemire

And that’s just the front page of features!

They have a ton more features! And THAT’s not even counting all the regular review columns they have! And a podcast!

The site is bursting with comic book goodness!

If you’re interested in checking it out, click here or go to: http://www.theouthousers.com/


As one of the hosts for the Outhouse Podcast (give it a listen ;) ), and one of the behind the scene workers of the site thank you very much for this review. There are a lot of people who put a lot of energy into The Outhouse to make it the best that is could possibly be.

Thanks for the great write-up: we have a nice little site, and hope you guys check it out and enjoy it!

As a regular poster, I have to thank you for your kind words. Thanks CBR!!!!

Yes, I am awesome.

Thanks for the spotlight Brian! Good series of articles.you got going :-)

thanks for the kind words, as a contributor to the site its nice to have other sites notice us

As one of the opinionated loudmouths on the Outhouse Podcast, thanks for the attention. :)

I would never post there.

I would never post there either.

I would post there.

Then go post there.

I’m Spartacus!

Wow, feels like Old ‘Rama all over again. Brings a tear to my eye.

Z, this is not how we get people to come to the site we welcome all. :) Matt, long time, I see your sense of humor has not diminished after all these years.

Out of all the sites you could have spotlighted, you chose that den of trolls? Never has a site that wasn’t specifically for racism had so many racist posters. There articales are ammaturish at best and down right terrible at worse. The way the speak to women there, especially El Topo, who looks like the posterboy for inbreeding, is sickening. not to mention all the negative comments about this site and its posters.

Hi Kryptogal!
If you think El Topo’s posts are bad on the Outhouse, you won’t believe what he has to say on his own sight Moleholeradio.com
Now that he has a sight were he is the boss there is no stopping him!!!

Seriously though, there has been an effort over the last year or so to class up the joint. We still have some of that punk rock flavor, but the forums aren’t as wild west as they use to be.

So racism and sexism is code for punk rock behavior…who knew?!?

My problem was and is with the outhouse is the forum. I tend to lurk on the front page (great job on that) but the forum you guys call the “asylum” is ridiculous. I’ve notice certain posters get passes on what they can say while others get threaten or banned. I do hope you all have truly tried to “class up the joint” or your website will only go so far in popularity and getting new members.

The Outhouse staff isn’t supporting racism. The approach to dealing with it is one of fighting bad free speech with good free speech as opposed to outright censorship. Create a dialog and hopefully deprogram their misconceptions.

As for the sexism… Ok you might have us there. I mean look at that “Man Watching Thread”. That is some serious objectification of hunky bodies that most male comic book fans will never be able to live up to. Most of those abs have to be air brushed! ;-)

Hey Ghost, I’m a forum administrator and help Jude Terror (our webmaster and Chief Frontpage Content Officer) to run the front page. First and foremost, thanks for the compliment on the front page. We’ve worked really hard over the past year and a half to provide a unique front page that provides a little bit of something for everyone. Obviously, we’re working to grow the front page to provide great content that both forum members and non-forum members can enjoy.

As for the forum side of things, while some of the threads can be more…off-color, most of the comments made in the threads are said tongue-in-cheek. Any comment that is reported as offensive is looked at very seriously by the administration and proper action is taken. Personal attacks and openly derogatory comments aren’t tolerated and a certain level of respect is demanded from all of our forum members. And we certainly don’t have favorites among the members and treat any report on any member with an equal member of clout.

That being said, we don’t believe in shying away from controversial topics just because they are controversial. We’ve established sets of filters that allow our members to avoid certain political, controversial or dramatic threads easily as well as a robust ignore function for those members who can’t get along. To be honest, since I came aboard on the site as an admin about six months ago, I haven’t seen anything on our site that can’t be found on other open community forums across the internet.

So, once again, thank you for the compliments on the front page and sharing your concerns!

As the manager of the forum and part-owner of the site I can only echo what Chris has already said. We have a pretty good community at The Outhouse, and our front-page content is getting stronger every day.

Hi folks!

First off, Brian, thank you for the kind review! We at The Outhouse are always happy to take what plugs we can get! :)

Second, the KryptoGal who posted in this thread is NOT the real one. And yes, there’s a real KryptoGal. :)

But the Outhouse… you know, on the site, we’ve had some discussion over the term “pop culture blog”… and while I am actually a fan of calling us a pop culture site, I don’t really like the term BLOG for our site.

We have new content by different writers all the time. We have reviews, features, news, etc. I’m not trying to draw a parallel… ( I’m lying. I TOTALLY AM)… but if we’re a pop culture blog…. so is CBR. ;)

Comics Should Be Good is a blog. Nothing wrong with being a blog.

No, Brian, didn’t mean to imply that there was anything WRONG with being a blog.

Do I think the OUTHOUSE is a Blog? No, I don’t think the term fits anymore.

Is there anything at all with Blogs? Not even a little. As you say, Comics Should Be Good is a blog, and one that the Lord of the Monkeys regularly enjoys! :)

In fact, some of his best friends are blogs…

Boy, how the times have changed. Go check it out now…

Is it better or worse?

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