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Drawing Crazy Patterns – Juggernaut Loses His Helmet!

In this feature, I spotlight five scenes/moments from within comic book stories that fit under a specific theme.

Today, based on a suggestion by reader yo go re, we take a look at five instances of Juggernaut having his famous helmet removed! Click here to see the groups already featured so far.


As you well know, Juggernaut is near unstoppable. One of the ways TOO stop him, though, is to somehow get his special mystical helmet off of him, in which case he becomes quite vulnerable (although still quite powerful).

Here are five times when people have managed to get his helmet off…

X-Men #13

The first time that it happened.

They soon closed up the loophole of just being able to simply yank it off.

Uncanny X-Men #194

We know Nimrod is super badass because of how easily he removes Juggernaut’s helmet…

X-Force #4

Here, they at least explain that it took mystical swords to cut it loose….

Incredible Hulk #404

Hulk is so tough that he can do this (the Hulk’s brain was being messed with at the time)…

Incredible Hulk #457

Juggernaut did not enjoy his next visit with the Hulk…

If you’d like to see another group of themed panels, send me your ideas at bcronin@comicbookresourcs.com!


capt usa(Jim)

July 3, 2011 at 1:45 am

How about occasions where someone besides Captain America has thrown/used his shield?

At this point….you’d think Juggernaut would just get himself some super glue or weld it to the rest of the suit or something.

“you’d think Juggernaut would just get himself some super glue or weld it to the rest of the suit or something.”

He did! In ASM #230 (1982), he says “Too many people have yanked my helmet off before — so, a few days ago, I welded it on with a laser torch! That helmet’s never coming off again!”

pedro de pacas

July 3, 2011 at 2:51 am


Taylor Porter

July 3, 2011 at 4:12 am

One that I always remember is from either Uncanny X-Men 217 or 218 (right after the Mutant Massacre). The four newest members of the team run into the Juggernaut in Scotland. Between Longshot’s lucky knife-throwing and Dazzler’s light zaps, the helmet’s seal is weakened enough that Rogue can yank it off, and then Psylocke hits him with a telepathic whammy. Good use of teamwork and some nice Marc Silvestri art.

I’d like to see occasions where someone other than Thor has lifted Mjolnir.

The times Wolverine’s been brainwashed.

Ways Doomsday has been killed, because his supposed superpower is coming back immune from that method.

This one would kill a mortal man to research, but number of ways Superman has gotten Myxpytklk to say his name backwards.


The Crazed Spruce

July 3, 2011 at 7:37 am

One of my favourites was from Marvel Team Up (I think it was issue 150? The last issue, anyway), where Spider-Man yanked it off, only to reveal a smaller one underneath. (Like the one in the second scene, above.) He said that the X-Men tore it off so often, Black Tom suggested he make the second one out of the scraps, as a backup.

The first time the Hulk fought Juggernaut(not sure what issue,but this was before Giant Sized X-Men #1,) the Hulk also knocked off his helmet,but it was off-panel.

I don’t think that’s a proper usage of “culminate” there. Xavier should know better; he is a professor.

This could almost be renamed “number of times a writer has had someone defeat Juggernaut just to prove how powerful their pet character is.”

I’d like to see how many times a writer has done that with Gladiator.

“One of the ways TOO stop him, …”

Brian, I would suggest you take a remedial course in English. That should read “…ways TO stop…” Look it up. “TOO” is a synonym for “also”. As in “People all over the internet make that same mistake TOO.” If you are writing an article for publication, you don’t get a pass for making that same mistake. You make money from using the language, use it correctly.

I will try too take your complaints too heart.

How about times that Spiderman has tried to talk new/young heroes out of heroing?

My Fav moment of Juggs helmet’s removal is from the Claremont/Silvestri Uncanny period

Issue 220 sumthin, where combined forces of longshot and dazzler, with final removal by Rogue, were used.

calm down Dagman! Does a typo really upset you that much? I’m sure Brian knows how to use the word ‘to’, it was just a mistake. Blimey. Anyone would think YOU had to pay to read this blog!!

Fastball specials!

Cyclops ricocheting his eye beams.

Havok losing control.

Iron Man and/or War Machine’s armor getting knocked out by an EMP (and having to reboot).

Imraith Nimphais

July 3, 2011 at 4:09 pm

@Ollieno…That was my favourite as well. Longshot loosened the helmet with his blades. Rogue yanked it off. Dazzler lazered the straps of his skull-cap. And Psylocke delivered the coup-de-grace with a telepathic forcebolt.

ahh…good times indeed.

Seconding the times others have lifted Thor’s hammer. Maybe that way we’ll figure what “being worthy” means. Don’t forget to include the time Alex from Power Pack picked it up.

Heh I remember the Excaliber bit, well he didn’t have his helmet at the time, but the bit with Captain Britain was funny.

As well as when he went down.

‘Hi, I’m Phoenix! Guess what I do?”
“Oh no…”

And when Eric Masterson took the helmet off with the Bloodaxe.

I would like to see the many practical jokes of Johnny Storm on Ben Grimm.

darn, thought of another just as i hit enter:

Peter Parker worrying about his frail Aunt May, as she is close to death (usually shown unconscious but in obvious discomfort in her bed). That old bat is harder to kill than Rasputin.

Travis Pelkie

July 4, 2011 at 1:10 am

Am I a bad person for hoping that some time when Juggernaut loses his helmet, the sound effect will be “bris!”?

Just READING that XForce bit, I just want to keep gritting my teeth! RRRR! And now my feet are all tiny.

Yes,Travis,you are a bad person,and I wonder how many other people got that joke. IN THIS ISSUE….JUGGERNAUT FACES HIS MOST DREADED FOE OF ALL…THE MOHEL!!!!!!

Batman gives some new costumed hero some less that helpful advice, like a bus ticket out of Gotham City.

Forgot Incredible HULK 172.

I’m with Olio – Rogue’s helmet removal, precipitated by the actions of the lesser-powered X-people of the time, was the best!

In Thor #429, they did a variant on this, where Thor SMASHES the helmet to bits. Previous to their fight there is actually a scene where they show the helmet being installed on him by servants. And since that fight takes place on another planet, it then leads directly into that X-Force storyline because that is where Black Tom teleported Juggernaut back from with his device, and thus is erroneous because he comes back with his helmet intact.

What about a panel of people other than Thor lifting Mjonir

you missed one! remember when beast got his helmet off in amazing adventures 17?

In the one from Uncanny 194, is it me or is he wearing a helmet under his helmet? It’s like how Robin wore a mask under his mask to a camp-out in Young Justice.

Wow! That X-Force art is AMAZINGLY bad. Was that actually published in a non-Radio-Shack-promotional-freebie comic? I was thinking that the X-Men 194 art looked sub-par but at least it clearly conveyed what was going on. Jeez, the colorist seems to have no idea what to do, probably because the inker hasn’t differentiated the foreground and background in the least. Hey, I like experimental art as much as the next guy but that’s just crap. That page from Hulk 404 after it looks like a masterpiece in comparison, something Scott McCloud might trot out to show how to use variation to keep the eye moving across a page.

Oh, um. right, husky guy gets his hat pulled off. I can see the subtle allusion to a playground game of keep-away that might explain readers’ empathy for Juggernaut. “Aw c’mon you guys, give it back! You ganged up on me, no fair!”

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