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Drawing Crazy Patterns – Bwah Ha Ha!

In this feature, I spotlight five scenes/moments from within comic book stories that fit under a specific theme.

Today we look at moments where characters actually “Bwah Ha Ha”ed. Click here to see the groups already featured so far.


Here is the first instance of “Bwah Ha Ha,” from Justice League International #8…

It would not appear again until #19, when Beetle and Booste try to recruit Wally West for the JLI…

Then not again until #24, when the JLI is once again recruiting new members (in a set-up for the launch of the new JLI spin-off, Justice League Europe)…

Here’s one from Justice League America #51 (to set it up – J’onn was arrested after trying to take Kilowog and G’Nort out on a civilized night out on the town)…

Here’s a retro one from Martian Manhunter #24 (Beetle and Booster have stolen Martian Manhunter’s Oreos, called Chocos in this story)…

If you’d like to see another group of themed panels, send me your ideas at bcronin@comicbookresourcs.com!


Travis Pelkie

July 4, 2011 at 1:27 am

Bwah Ha Ha!

Man, I know it’s been said before, but look at that page from JLI 24. Such great expressions on everyone’s faces! Maguire is the MAN!

Who did that Martian Manhunter art? I’m thinking I know who it is, but it’s escaping me right now. My guess, and this is WITHOUT looking at comics.org, is Dev Madan inked by Keith Champagne.

Now I’m looking it up…

D’OH!!! It’s Doug Mahnke! THAT’S why it looked familiar.

I’m gonna go pout now.

I would love to see a collection of Spider-Man’s “alternative” costumes (paper bag mask, cheap halloween costume, uniform shrunk at the laundry…). Another one: panels in which someone snatch a Cosmic Cube from the hands of the villain-turned-god , caught in a slip three seconds before he destroys reality.

Maguire definitely is the man, but another thing I’ve always loved about this run is Bob Lappan’s lettering. I’m not able to put it into words exactly, but something about it just “fits” Maguire’s art, similar to the Simonson/Workman run on Thor.

Good times.

Except Max was ‘always evil’.

And the only person who goes Bwa-Ha-Ha these days is the Joker.

Screw you, DC.

A few ideas for themes,

1-Peter Parker quitting as Spider man.

2-Guardian from Alpha Flight dying.(there are enough to do this with.LOL)

3-The Beast saying “Oh My Stars and garters”

4-the first usage of “Its Clobbering Time, Hulk Smash, and Truth ,Justice and The American way”

Ricardo Amaral

July 4, 2011 at 6:54 am

Whatever Sijo says. Max evil doesn’t make sense, never did, never will. Conflicted? Yes, bi-dimensional no.

Kinda surprised the “bwa-ha-ha” between Beetle and Booster in Morrison’s JLA didn’t make it in.

How about 5 of the many deaths of Jean Grey?

Or 5 of the Famous Superhero is revealed to have known Wolverine before the X-Men?

Yeah…there really aren’t that many distinct death stories for Jean Grey. She died in Uncanny #137 back in the early 80s, then in New X-Men #150 in the early 2000s, and Greg Pak did a miniseries where it happened to the point of absurdity within the space of one or two issues.

So that’d be three comics, total, one of which was sort of a deliberate overdoing of the concept.

Bwahaha..that issue #24 was the very first DC comics I ever owned. Pretty good stuff. I pretty much only knew who the guys were from the Superpowers cartoon.

Howzabout all the times the narration boxes said that Iron Fist’s fist became “as a thing unto iron”…pretty much every issue of his original series methinks…and likely a good chunk of Power Man and Iron Fist.

What issue was the Morrison “bwa-ha-ha”? I don’t remember that.

Another great one, thanks. Sigh … I miss Wally. And THAT Firestorm for that matter.

The Morrison one would be the “One punch!! one punch!! BWAHHAHHAHAH” which would be when Batman took out Guy Gardner, I believe.

Robert Falangi

July 18, 2011 at 9:23 am

I can’t believe I just “got” the Power Girl line after this many years.

Are you going to tackle 90s Reboot Legion Tongues? That was a running gag that Jeff Moy did, with the ultimate being the character Ze Tongue.

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Oh, man. Giffen/DeMatteis/Maguire. The REASON I started reading comics. They made it fun.

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