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Flippin’ through Previews – July 2011

Oh, no – is it the Apocalypse?!?!? Only Previews #274 knows for sure!

The horror of V-necks!

Dark Horse:

Hey, look on page 24 – there’s a Buffy Season 9 comic. So, they’re still doing that, are they? (14 September)

Dark Horse Presents #4 has the “first chapters of brand-new Beasts of Burden and Criminal Macabre stories!” I’m not sure how I feel about that. I know they’ll be collected in the trade paperbacks, but it seems rude to do that to people who are only fans of the series and don’t necessarily want to buy Dark Horse Presents. Of course, maybe some people are only buying DHP to read something by Neal Adams or Howard Chaykin and will be impressed enough to buy those series when they do show up. See why I don’t know how to feel about it? (21 September)

Dear Lord, Fear Agent #31 is solicited on page 40. Wasn’t this series supposed to be finished a year ago (at least)? This is why I buy it in trades! (5 October – yeah, we’ll see)

He got old waiting for this series to continue!

Holy crap, Dark Horse is offering a new volume of MPD-Psycho on page 51. That’s certainly neat-o! (Although Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service seems to have hit a snag, so there’s that.) (16 November)

The Manara Library Volume One HC seems a bit pricey at $59.99, but I still might get it. I dig Manara, after all. (9 November)


Something strange is going on with DC this month. I just can’t put my finger on it …

Let’s run these down, keeping in mind that I’m probably going to wait for trades for the ones I like:

Justice League. I’ve rarely like Johns, Lee is really slow, and it just doesn’t look that interesting.
Justice League International. I like Lopresti, but with Jurgens writing, it’s almost guaranteed that this will be competent but forgettable.
Aquaman. More Johns. No thanks.
Wonder Woman. Azzarello is okay, Chiang is excellent, but I don’t know if he’s slow or if DC likes jerking him around on and off books. Maybe they’ll let him stay here a while? +1
The Flash. Manapul has gotten A LOT better since he started at DC, but who knows if he can write?
Captain Atom. J. T. Krul? No thanks.
The Fury of Firestorm. Cinar is a big draw, and I’m morbidly curious to see if the political leanings of van Sciver and Simone bleed over into the book. So I might get it? +1 (?)
Green Arrow. More J. T. Krul, really?
The Savage Hawkman. A commenter on my “If I ran DC” post wanted to know what I had against Daniel as a writer. To be honest, I’ve only read maybe two issues he’s written, but they were so very bad I can’t imagine this being any good.
Mister Terrific. The concept sounds intriguing, but I’m desperately wracking my brains to recall anything I’ve ever read by Wallace or Robinson. I can’t do it. So I suppose I’ll wait for some reviews. +1 (?)
DC Universe Presents. Is this rotating creative teams? It depends on that, I guess.
Action Comics. It’s Grant Morrison, so of course. +1
Superman. No thanks.
Superboy. Lobdell and Silva? Another one about which I’m on the fence. +1 (?)
Supergirl. Despite Asrar’s presence, I think I’ll skip this.
Batman. Snyder = good. Capullo = bad. This is tough choice. Probably? +1 (?)
Detective Comics. Tony Daniel again? No thanks.
Batwing. I like the concept, but Judd Winick? I don’t think so. Plus, I like how Batwing lives in West Africa but the cover shows him gliding over the pyramids. He’s the Batman of an entire continent when Batman himself can barely hold it together in one city? Yeah, that makes sense.
Batman: The Dark Knight. David Finch tries again. Bwah-ha-ha-ha!
Batman and Robin. As much as I like Gleason, I think I’ll skip this.
Batgirl. Meh. I don’t care either way what they do with Barbara Gordon, but she seems superfluous (as so much of the Bat-line is).
Batwoman. Is it really happening? +1
Nightwing. Remember that “superfluous” comment? Yeah, it applies to this, too.
Catwoman. Bwah-ha-ha-ha! Yeah, no.
Birds of Prey. Swierczynski is an odd writer who can go hot or cold with me. I’m intrigued by this, but I’ll wait to see what others say about it. +1 (?)
Red Hood and the Outlaws. Um, yeah. Definitely no.
Green Lantern. I’m not buying it now, so why would I start in September?
Green Lantern Corps. Still no.
Green Lantern: New Guardians. Tyler Kirkham art!!!!!!
Red Lanterns. This has “Elektra” Milligan written all over it.
Justice League Dark. This, on the other hand, sounds intriguing. +1
Swamp Thing. Snyder and Paquette sounds like a great match. +1
Animal Man. I doubt it, even though it’s Lemire.
Frankenstein, Agent of S.H.A.D.E. Another Lemire book, but this sounds far more interesting. +1
I, Vampire. I like Fialkov, but I think I’ll skip this one.
Resurrection Man. I know this is a cult favorite, but I wasn’t too impressed with it the first time around, and with the same writers, I doubt if I’ll be impressed with it this time around.
Demon Knights. Cornell writing Dark Ages DC stuff? That might be totally worth a look. +1
StormWatch. For whatever reason, this just doesn’t float my boat.
Voodoo. Unless she strips every other issue, what’s the point?
Grifter. Edmondson and CAFU are a good team, although I worry about CAFU’s speed. +1
Deathstroke. Next!
Suicide Squad. Oh, Marco Rudy. I sure would like to support your comic.
O.M.A.C. Giffen art = good. DiDio and Giffen writing? Not so much.
Blackhawks. Ken Lashley? Seriously?
Men of War. I love the stylized cover by Kalvachev, because it’s masking the fact that this is drawn by Bland Tom Derenick.
All-Star Western. Gotham City isn’t in the West.
Teen Titans. Arrggghhhh! My eyes!
Static Shock. Every sentence in the solicit text ends with an exclamation point except the last one, which ends in a question mark. Get excited for Static Shock, people!!!!!
Hawk and Dove. Bwah-ha-ha-ha! Over/under on the Marat Mychaels fill-in issue: 2.
Blue Beetle. Tony Bedard can certainly write 20 pages of comic book text.
Legion of Super-Heroes. I’ve never been a Legion fan, and probably never will be.
Legion Lost. Ibid.

Story continues below

So, that’s 52 titles. I’m definitely buying (in trade) eight titles, and probably buying five more. So, 13 new books, which is exactly 25% of their output. Considering that as of right now, I’m buying 7 or so regular series from DC, that’s pretty good, I think. So, well done, DC? I may change my mind about these, of course, and an improvement from 7 to the 8 definite buys isn’t that great, but it’s something! I share others’ concerns about the lack of diversity, more among the creators than the characters, but that’s something for another day. Let’s move on.

Lee Bermejo writes and draws Batman: Noel, which is based on A Christmas Carol (page 118). That’s certainly odd. (2 November)

There’s a softcover collecting all twelve issues of All Star Superman for 30 bucks on page 119. That’s not a bad price.

DC is reprinting the comics adaptation of The Bible from 1975 (page 119). Joe Kubert and Nestor Redondo provide the art. Has anyone ever seen this? It sounds like a trippy project. (29 February)

It's all Kuberty!

There’s a new Suicide Squad trade on page 123, collecting issues #7-13 plus the JLI crossover. More good comics, people! (19 October)

Batman teams up with Jonah Hex in 1879 in the latest issue of The All-New Batman: The Brave and the Bold (page 126). Because if you’re Batman and you don’t travel through time at least once a week, it’s kind of a waste, isn’t it? (14 September)

Yippee-kai-yay, motherfuckers!

Over on page 132, there’s a big hardcover reprinting a bunch of Bill Willingham stuff from the past two decades or so. It’s 50 bucks but is packed with content. I think Willingham even drew some of it! (16 November)


The Definitive Flash Gordon and Jungle Jim, volume 1 shows up on page 163. This is Alex Raymond doing his thing, so while it’s $75, it might be for you!

From what I’ve seen of Suicide Girls (the trade of which shows up on page 164), I can’t recommend it at all, but it sounds so ridiculous that I wish someone would buy me the trade just so I can read it without spending money on it.

I mean, Newsarama likes it!


Idea Man Jay Faerber has a new comic out on page 170 called Near Death, which follows a hit man whose near-death experience convinces him that he better start being a nice guy. (21 September)

I’m excited about Joe Casey and Nathan Fox on Haunt (page 173), but I’ll probably end up getting whatever work they do in trade format. Still, nice coup for Kirkman and McFarlane. (21 September)

I'm kind of speechless here

I’m kind of curious about Pigs (page 174), about a KGB sleeper cell in Cuba that has been activated and is killing Americans. I’d be curiouser about it if either one of Ben McCool’s mini-series was finished, but since he has a co-writer, I hope that might be mitigated a bit. (14 September)

Rick Veitch and Gary Erskine have The Big Lie on page 181, in which a lab tech goes back in time to the morning of 11 Sept. 2001 and tries to convince her husband to get out of the World Trade Center. Man, this has “entertaining train wreck” written all over it, doesn’t it? (7 September)

Lots of trades of series I’m liking are offered in this month’s Image section: Blue Estate on page 184, Elephantmen on page 185, Green Wake on page 186, Moriarty on page 186. Of course, three of those four haven’t shipped the final issues of what the trade is offering, so I can’t say they end well, but they’ve started strong! (14 September, 21 September, 21 September, and 7 September, respectively)

There’s a nice Bill Sienkiewicz homage by Mike Huddleston for Butcher Baker #7 (page 193; 28 September):

Anything that references Elektra: Assassin is all right with me


I know Marvel is just taking the piss a bit with DC, as in their section of Previews, they proudly proclaim that all of their series are “Still #____”, but considering that they kind of started this renumbering craze (or at least went nuts with it, because I guess DC technically started it after the first Crisis), it seems a bit stupid. Especially when they list that Uncanny X-Men is “still #543″ on the solicit when they’re ending that and rebooting it a freakin’ month later. I mean, it’s kind of funny, because you know Marvel isn’t that serious, but they should have gone all the way and done it with something like FF (“Still #9″) or Punisher (“Still #3″). That would have made the joke even funnier.

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Is there a Warlord of Mars movie in the works? Because suddenly everyone’s jumping on the Burroughs property like it’s a live grenade and they’re some heroic WWII soldier – first Dynamite, now Marvel (page 20). And I’m still totally freaking out about John Carter’s right leg in this image:

His left leg is kind of weird, too

It’s just weird, man. (14 September)

Steve McNiven is the listed artist for Captain America #3 (page 33). We’ll see. (14 September)

I’m crossing my fingers that the old Matt Fraction shows up on the latest chapter of Casanova (page 81). Man, that would suck if he didn’t. (7 September)

Oh, please please please please!!!!!

So far, apparently, Marvel’s revival of the CrossGen stuff hasn’t made much of a blip on the sales radar, but Ruse: The Victorian Guide to Murder is offered on page 107, and I know I’ll be buying it. So that’s one more sale! (21 September)

Strange Tales II is out in softcover on page 122. It’s pretty good. (28 September)

Well, Marvel wasn’t really exciting me this time around. What say we head to the back of the book and see if we can rectify that?

SLG has a trade of The Royal Historian of Oz on page 216. I seem to recall Bill Reed enjoying this book, so if you trust Bill Reed, maybe you should pick this up! (Unless I’m wrong and Bill Reed doesn’t like this book, and can we really trust Bill anyway?)

Pages 230-231 give us some nice selections from Archaia. Jim Henson’s A Tale of Sand is an adaptation of a Henson screenplay that sounds pretty keen. Awakening is collected in a giant hardcover for only 25 dollars, which ain’t bad. There’s an Immortals: Gods and Heroes trade that ties in with the movie (which looks really dumb, by the way) and features a lot of cool talent, including Jock, Brian Clevinger, and Francesco Francavilla. Finally, Mr. Murder is Dead is a graphic novel created like an olde-tymey comic strip. Sounds interesting.

I dig that cover, I must say

Archie Comic Publications has a trade of Archie: The Married Life volume 1 on page 231. Norm Breyfogle draws it, and I keep hearing what a weird, twisted comic this is, so I’m very tempted by it!

There’s another volume of Freakangels offered on page 244 from Avatar. I’ve only read the first three, but it’s still a good series. Of course, you could read it for free like a sucker, but I prefer to spend money on it!

Boom! Studios has a new series called The Rinse on page 256. It’s about a guy who launders money and what happens when he tries to go straight. It’s written by Gary Phillips, of whom I am not a fan, but you might be interested in it!

One thin dollar!

On page 264, Dynamite has the comic book adaptation of A Game of Thrones, piggybacking on the success of the HBO series. I finally started watching the series (so don’t spoil it for me, please), and I always have a question about stories like this: If the Night’s Watch has been around for 8000 years (which I think someone mentioned in the show), that implies that this civilization has been around at least that long. If so, why don’t these societies ever progress past medieval times? Didn’t anyone invent the internal combustion engine or incandescant light bulb by now? It’s the same thing that bugs me about Tolkien’s stuff. Yes, this is what I think about occasionally.

Chad Nevett (among many others) was a big fan of Johnny Ryan’s Prison Pit #2, on page 284, Fantagraphics offers #3. It doesn’t seem like my kind of thing, although it’s been pointed out to me that I’m kind of square.

Jim Ottoviani always makes science more fun, so his latest, Feynman, which is on page 289 from First Second and is a biography of the physicist, ought to be interesting. Who doesn’t love physics?

I’ve heard good things about Mangaman on page 291 from Houghton Mifflin, so I might get it. A manga character falls into the real – and Western – world? Intriguing …

So Frank Miller’s “Batman-vs.-Osama bin Laden” comic has turned into Holy Terror, a story about a vague hero hunting down murderous zealots who look vaguely Arab. It’s on page 298 from Legendary Comics. The few art samples look terrific, but I wasn’t sure if this was a good idea when it was Batman and a real-life bad guy, and I’m even less sure now. Like most of recent Frank Miller, though, I’m morbidly curious.

Oh dear

Titan Publishing brings us The Simon and Kirby Library: Crime HC on page 314. It’s 50 bucks, so it might be a bit dear for you, but it features Simon/Kirby crime comics from the 1950s, which has to be cool, right?

It’s always strange to get near the end of the comics section of Previews, because I’m never sure where I’m going to finish. This time, it’s with Simon and Kirby. That ain’t bad, is it? So that’s the latest check through the catalogue. Have fun with it yourself, and remember: There are other books beside DC ones coming out in September!


The cover text for Mr Murder is dead says “spring 2010″ – I guess it’s been a while in the works :)

I can’t believe that the ONLY thing that rocks my socks for September from DC is OMAC. Really? Is that it? I might touch base with American Vampire just to check out Jordi Bernet’s arc, but otherwise… ?

“All-Star Western. Gotham City isn’t in the West.”

Wow. I can’t believe this is the first mention I’ve seen of that. It seems like a pretty weird error. (Even though Western is referring more to the type of story than the setting, but it’s still weird that no one said something like “Hey, this book is called All-Star Western but the first story is on the East Coast”. Also I think they should’ve brought it back as Weird Western Tales instead. That name is much more fun to say.)

I’m really surprised that you aren’t getting Animal Man. That seems right up your alley. The All-Star Western is a bit silly, but you should still buy it.

Re. your Game of Thrones question: The real reason is that the author just wants to write in a pseudo-medieval setting, but I imagine that if you put magic into your fantasy world, then that would make technological advancements less important.

that isn’t the final cover MR. MURDER, it’s just some preview pin-up from SDCC a couple years ago.

“Is there a Warlord of Mars movie in the works?”

Yup, next March from Disney (explaining why Marvel is interested). Directed by Pixar’s Andrew Stanton and written by Pixar’s Mark Andrews, so there’s a chance it could be very good indeed.

Without trying to spoil any major plot points in detail, I’ll just say that ages ago, when I read the first volume of “A Game of Thrones,” I noticed a few things about the setting:

1. It’s set on a world where such seasons as summer and winter can have wildly unreliable lengths — usually lasting years, plural, for a single “season” — but you never know HOW MANY years long the next winter will be, for instance! It’s not any sort of fixed cycle of a certain length!

2. The laws of genetics don’t seem to work the same way they do on our Earth. I can’t explain that without ruining plot points, but take my word for it for now, please!

With those things in mind, I’d say that the series is set in a world with different physical laws — so it’s perfectly possible that the reason those humans have never invented an internal combustion engine may be that it is not physically POSSIBLE to make such a thing and have it work well enough to earn its keep.

(Note: S.M. Stirling has written some science fiction novels set in a timeline where all of a sudden someone made some drastic changes so that anywhere on or near the surface of the Earth, man-made electrical equipment won’t run, gunpowder won’t burn explosively (it will burn slowly), steam engines aren’t worth anything, and so forth. At one point, one character who has survived the anarchy and cannibalism of the first few weeks of the Change says brightly: “What if this has happened before? What if the reason our ancestors took so long to invent gunpowder and steam engines was that for thousands of years any such experiments were absolute failures, so they gave up?”)

Dude: I’m really on the fence with regard to Animal Man. I wanted to say I would get it, but it’s definitely going to be one where I hear what the buzz is. Lemire has been hit-or-miss with his DC stuff so far, and AM seems like it could be a miss for him.

LukeCage: The final cover for Mr Murder is in Previews, but I couldn’t find it anywhere on the Internets. So I used that one, even though I wondered about it. Thanks for the info!

Mark: Good to know.

Lorendiac: I noticed them saying about how long the winters and summers lasted on one of the episodes, so I thought it might be something like that. They also talk about years as if they’re “our” years, too, so it was a bit confusing. I’m looking forward to the genetic thing, though!

Pood #4! POOD NUMBER FOUR! pood #4! pooD #4! POOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD!

I don’t think the term ‘Western’ necessarily means it HAS to take place in the west. Didn’t you read the Jonah Hex-starring Return of Bruce Wayne issue?

Julian: Yeah, I saw Pood #4. Sorry I didn’t mention it!

django: I know it doesn’t, but if they’re setting it in Gotham in the late 1800s, it’s not even like it’s a small town, according to DC’s history. New York certainly wasn’t a “western” town in the late 1800s, so Jonah couldn’t even do things that we think of as “Western” things. I don’t think it worked in the Return of Bruce Wayne mini-series, and I don’t know how it’s going to work in the new series. It might, but I do wonder about it.

DC has created a perfect endpoint for us lifelong DC addicts. Instead of buying my usual 30 or 35 DC’s, come September I’ll be buying only one — Grant Morrison’s. I would also buy Jonah Hex, but I’ve got no interest seeing him shoehorned into Gotham City.

Yet I’m very happy because this frees up lots of money for DC back issues — from before Earth-2 got Crisis’d out of existence, and before Hal Jordan got Parallaxed.

I haven’t read or watched Game of Thrones, but I think Grant Morrison addressed that “why don’t civilizations progress” bit with the Sheeda…

Don’t buy Buffy, Bill. Be strong. Be strong!

DC #1s I might buy, in trade: Action, Batwoman, Wonder Woman.

DC #1s I might buy, in singles, in order of highest to least interest: Swamp Thing, Stormwatch, Demon Knights, Frankenstein!, Batman, JLDark, Blackhawks.

Marvel #1s I will definitely buy but in trade: Casanova.

Thanks for bringing up Royal Historian of Oz! I gave a positive review to the first issue but then never followed my own advice to buy the rest of the series (oops).

As it happens, I’m only buying Dark Horse Presents for the Howard Chaykin parts. Of the other segments, only Concrete and that Frank Miller story from issue one have been satisfactory. Everything else has been very disappointing—badly-drawn, badly-lettered, and not interesting enough to make up for the bad art and lettering. The 1980s DHP had a much higher quality-to-filler ratio.

I like how Burchett got Hex’s good side on that cover! Is Jonah Hex (the comic) still going to be around after the reboot? I hope so.

I imagine that Bible comic to be very dry and straightforward adaptations of Bible stories, right? What’s the chance they actually did anything interesting with stories? I really like Kubert, but I can’t imagine that’s anything but a bore. Let me know if it’s actually any good!

I’ve been waiting for new Casanova for a while. I’ll give this a look at the comic shop. It’s gonna take a lot to get me to buy a new floppy, but I’ve been saying this might do it.

Is Strange Tales II more indie folks on Marvel properties? I enjoyed what I read of the first one (actually, it may have been the last new comic I bought), but I completely missed this. How pretty good is it?

Jim Ottaviani’s comics are GREAT! This is the first I’ve heard of this, and I’m excited! He usually has a murderer’s row of artists involved, too. Who’s on this one?


July 5, 2011 at 8:43 pm

Hey Greg!
Good to see you back and in front of the keyboard!

Dark Horse Presents #4 has the “first chapters of brand-new Beasts of Burden and Criminal Macabre stories!” I’m not sure how I feel about that. I know they’ll be collected in the trade paperbacks, but it seems rude to do that to people who are only fans of the series and don’t necessarily want to buy Dark Horse Presents.

I dunno, when it comes to Beasts Of Burden, it started in Dark Horse’s annual Halloween anthology, so it’s kinda going back to it’s roots, so if they wanted to do more shorter tales, it makes sense.
On the other hand, it is the only reason I’ve got several of those anthologies on my shelf – Beasts Of Burden is good enough to put up with some lesser tales around it.

The Fury of Firestorm. Cinar is a big draw, and I’m morbidly curious to see if the political leanings of van Sciver and Simone bleed over into the book. So I might get it? +1 (?)

Cinar is a big draw?
I thought he’s a solid artist, slightly on the bland side… and to be honest, I look forward to the regular fill-in artist on Legion, rather than Cinar’s work.

Mister Terrific. The concept sounds intriguing, but I’m desperately wracking my brains to recall anything I’ve ever read by Wallace or Robinson. I can’t do it. So I suppose I’ll wait for some reviews. +1 (?)

Did you read the Titans Brightest Day Special? The one where a bunch of villains hunted then murdered the Atom, Ryan Choi, at the end?
That was written by Wallace.
It didn’t even have a dead-cat battle to provide some unintentional comedy.

Animal Man. I doubt it, even though it’s Lemire.

I gotta say, some of the books you are dismissing are blowing my mind – this one most of all!
Animal Man seems tailor made for what Lemire does well.

If so, why don’t these societies ever progress past medieval times? Didn’t anyone invent the internal combustion engine or incandescant light bulb by now?

Lorendiac’s take is pretty good, but another take on their world could be that due to the constant in-fighting going on amongst the dominant culture – The Seven Kingdoms – without interacting amongst other cultures, which seem to fight amongst themselves just as much, nobody has been inspired to adopt other countries innovations.
And as Loriendac pointed out, in their world, seasons last lifetimes, and winter is particularly brutal – due to budget, the show has down played it, but in the books, the north where Stark rules, is always covered in snow, even during summer, so winter in the book is something people fear.
If every couple of generations, people are struggling to survive an ice age, it could slow things down considerably.

I’ve been getting Royal Historian. Only three issues have been out so far (unless number 4 came out last week when I was out of town). But it has been solid.

Travis Pelkie

July 6, 2011 at 4:16 am

I’m liking the first 2 issues of the Suicide Girls book. But I feel icky that I do…

Gotham City isn’t in the West, but did you know that according to the Man Bat series that Bruce Jones and Butcher Baker’s Mike Huddleston did several years back, it’s supposedly in the Central time zone? I did a wtf when I read that.

I’ll have to read more of this later. But I’m distressed at the lack of boobies in these posts of late. C’mon man, some of us are jonesin’!

[…] A great rundown on the 52 relaunch is at Comics Should be Good […]

Has anyone started a pool on which of DC’s 52 titles will be the first to be cancelled? I’ve got Resurrection Man,

Yeah, but if that title dies it’ll just come right back again.

Dan: Strange Tales II is pretty much like the first Strange Tales, yes. I can’t say which is better, because they’ve all kind of blurred together, but I liked both versions of Strange Tales, which is all I can say.

Leland Myrick draws Feynman. Google him – he’s not bad.

FGJ: For me, Cinar is a big draw. I think he’s become a very good, if not great, superhero artist over the past few years. Whenever I read a Legion book, he was really the only reason it was any good. Your tastes may vary, of course!

Man, that’s not an endorsement of Wallace, is it? Maybe I’ll get Animal Man instead of Mr. Terrific! :)

Travis: This week is a “normal” review week, so I’m sure there will be a totally random hottie. Just for you, man!

Rob: I would say Voodoo, if we’re picking. Resurrection Man seems to have a small but hardcore following, Does anyone really want or need a Voodoo ongoing?

pood no4? forgot to mention it? FORGOT TO MENTION the Most fantasti-magorical, splendiforous,stupendous, parlor of exaggerated cartoon amusements to be published upon this hallowed earth? Indeed, Pood is THE BIGGEST COMICS NEWSPAPER ON EARTH -featuring the amazing exploits of Mr. Tom Neely, the extra-curricular imaginings of Mr. Hans Rickheit, the powerful pugilistic permutations of Mr. Jim Rugg–AND–for one time only–the legendary, the astounding–the EXXXTRA-ORDINARY depictions of the man behind E–MAN, and DICK TRACY–MR. JOE STATON himself–direct to you from newspapers and comic books of great and rezoundingly resplendent reputation everywhere! and all for the paltry sum of $4.50!
Forget Pood no.4? Not bloody likely!

sick to death of DC? Take one Pood and call us in the morning! Pg. 246 in July’s Previews under BIG IF COMICS-JUL110903 F POOD #4(MR).)

Tom Neely’s gonna be in the next Pood!? People, you need this in your life!

yes-he is and yes- you do! the complete list of contributors can found here: http://www.poodcomics.com!

On an entirely different note: I’m actually interested to see what Winnick does with Batwing. It seems like a good fit for him and while I can’t imagine that it will be some watershed moment in comics diversity I remain incredibly cautiously optimistic that Winnick might have something worthwhile to say. I’m obviously on board for Batwoman. As cool as that cover is to Action Comics the idea that Morrison might be helping DC to do some legal maneuvers on the Seigels is so abhorrent to me that I think I’m going to pass. I might skim it in the store but I don’t feel good giving anybody money for that venture. I think I’d rather just go back and read Kirby’s OMAC, nobody has since been able to anything nearly as out there and subversive and prescient so really why bother?

See, SUPERMAN by Perez is the only relaunched DC title I’m likely to even give a look at, Greg. And that’s only if the finisher Jesus Merino doesn’t competely eff up the art off of George’s breakdowns. (Who’s to know for certain until the book comes out or the interior art is actually previewed, because I’m not certain what “breakdowns” by George will actually entail.)

Other than that, there’s absolutely nothing there I’m interested in. Oh, I wouldn’t mind Freddie Williams, Cinar or Asrar on the right book with the right creative team, but neither is blessed to be on such a project, IMO. I wish them well, but I won’t be picking any of their respective books up.

Travis Pelkie

July 7, 2011 at 2:19 am

I missed Pood #3, but will get it at a local CS when they get some copies. I actually live in the same general area as Geoff (Grogan) above, and met him a few years ago at a LCS on FCBD. I bought (well, the gf paid) the issues of Dr Speck I didn’t have, and talked about our mutual friend Jim Coon.

So Geoff, when’s Jim Coon gonna be in Pood, huh? Huh?

hee hee

but Joe Staton too, dang I need Pood 4!

back to the rest of the post…

Y’know, if you bought the singles of Fear Agent (instead of trade waiting), maybe they could afford to put issues out more often, Burgas! C’mon!

The Big Lie sounds…interesting. I thought Veitch/Erskine on Army@Love was unique but not quite to my tastes — I think Erskine’s inking “slicks up” Veitch’s pencils too much, or something.

Man, go for the Archie the Married Life trade! I only was able to pick up the first 3 issues of the mag (missed 4 and didn’t want a gap), but it was wacky fun, because the storyline is SOOO depressing for everyone! Go for it.

When I keep hearing about Game of Thrones, I keep mixing it up and thinking it’s Game of Pricks, but I’ve been listening to GBV a lot lately.

Oh, and bleeding cool had a deadpool on the DCnU, and it seemed like most people thought I, Vampire was going to be the first cancellation. I’m interested in that one myself, though.

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