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Comic Book Easter Eggs – Braille Jay and Silent Bob, Dr. Doom dies in JLA and more!

All throughout July, I will be sharing with you three comic book “easter eggs” a day. An easter egg is an in-joke that a comic book creator (typically the artist) has hidden in the pages of the comic for readers to find (just like an easter egg). They range from the not-so-obscure to the really obscure. So come check ‘em all out and enjoy! Also, click here for an archive of all the easter eggs featured so far!

Cross-Company Prisoners

Reader David C. suggested I feature the famous prison sequence from Spawn #10. Fair enough, although it might be considered too clear to be termed an easter egg. In any event, here is the scene from #10, a metaphor about how work for hire victimizes creators…

Cross-Company Deaths

In JLA #1, the Hyperclan show up and start executing super-villains. You might recognize a couple of familiar faces…

Sneaky Jay and Silent Bob Reference

In Daredevil #1, Kevin Smith hid a Jay and Silent Bob reference via their appearance on Matt Murdock’s Braille telephone…

Thanks to readers Sean and Henry for this suggestion.

If you can think of an easter egg/in-joke that you would like to see me feature, drop me a line at bcronin@comicbookresources.com! DON’T make suggestions in the comments section, so as to not spoil the surprise for when I end up actually featuring your suggestion.


Injustice! (They scream) Injustice! (Help us) Injustice! (My head will explode). Behind me, the readers weep. Please, hire a writer…. Please! NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!

The funny thing is, Nathaniel, that was specifically part of McFarlane’s stint where he DID, in fact, hire writers – some of the best in the business, really. Frank Miller, Alan Moore, Neil Gaiman and the writer of this issue, Dave Sim. He then had Grant Morrison write some issues, as well.

Yeah. And that Dave Sim issue was probably the best of the bunch.

I’d put the Gaiman one on par with the Sim one. The Morrison ones were good, too, although not as good as the Sim or Gaiman ones.

Pete Woodhouse

July 8, 2011 at 3:31 am

Doom’s on the right of the JLA pic, obviously, but notice the first full figure on the left has a Wolverine hair-do? Anyone else pick out the other 2 villians, or are they generic?

The guy between Wolverine and the guy getting blasted looks like Loki to me.

I used to hate those Image comics even then (I was a Transmetropolitan/Starman/Legion teen), and I knew Gaiman and company did some work for them, but if those two pages are an example of their work… jeez… I don`t see a difference between that and the infamous first pages from Todd McFarlane`s Spider-Man.

You know I vaguely remember Wizard mentioning the Doom crossover years ago. Back when it was still just a comic book magazine

“Injustice! (They scream) Injustice! (Help us) Injustice! (Please)”

I seem to remember McFarlane using similar literary techniques in “Torment”.

For those of us that can’t read braille…

That’s Dave Sim writing, not McFarlane.

Not that that automatically makes it better or anything, I just think the right guy should be praised or blamed for it.

Travis Pelkie

July 8, 2011 at 6:17 am

Hmm, ian’s last comment here makes me wonder if Dave Sim was deliberately aping Todd’s writing style for that ish. Great ish, and I love how people seemed to hate it because they wanted to see Spawn fight Cerebus.

And I must note that Dave donated the money ($100,000, I think) from the script to the CBLDF, and I believe that it helped keep the CBLDF afloat for a fair amount of time.

Spawn 8, the Moore issue, was the first Spawn I bought, and it was way cool. Actually, I’m almost thinking that those Spawn issues were the first things I read of Moore, Sim, Frank Miller, or Morrison (I didn’t get the Gaiman issue until years later). But that Miller issue was BAAAAD.

Both of the other 2 bits were featured back in the day in Wizard. I’m almost thinking that there was a contest involved with the DD one. I do think Kevin Smith said that Jay and Silent Bob would have a cameo that no one who could see would catch, or something like that.

Can’t recall the issue number off the top of my head, but Larsen did a similar thing in one of the recent Savage Dragon arcs where the Big Bad took out a bunch of heroes and you could see dismembered body parts or whatever of heroes from other companies… Anyone recall the issue? (it was a few years ago)

In Issue #125 of The X-Men, John Byrne hides Popeye among the guests of Lilandra’s coronation ball. I don’t have the original issue, but it’s on page 10, panel 5 counting only the comic pages and none of the ads(reference is X-men Essentials Volume 2, 1st Printing).

Yeah, I think I’m going to go with Sim aping/parodying McFarlane’s style in those pages. When Cerebus shows up later things are more Sim-like. And similar to Travis, that run of Spawn was my first exposure to Moore, Gaiman, Sim and later, Morrison (I’d read Miller before with Daredevil 181 and DKR).

glad i am not the only one who recognized that one guy near doom may be wolverine getting ready to be exicuted by the hyperclan. and maybe lokie in the middle. of them. the spawn issue found it hilerious that todd manage to do his take on marvel and dc characters in that pannel.

I’ll ask some stupid questions…

Brian, how is that Spawn panel “a metaphor about how work for hire victimizes creators…” ? I wouldn’t have read that deep into it beyond isn’t that clever working those arms in.

Once others pointed out that is Mr. Sim writing, that’s got to be him INTENTIONALLY parodying McFarlane’s style or lack thereof, its too spot on god-awful bad to be an accident. McFarlane, Duke of Alberta, was too full of himself to realize he was being mocked in his own book.

The JLA…Agree thats Wolvie, Loki…..and Doom. I must be a dope, who is the guy getting blasted? My mid 90’s and forward superhero ignorance is showing here.

In the issues, all the superheroes are trapped because their creators sold them. The creators meanwhile, are the fellows with the hoods on crying. They’re being victimized by the devil, who is symbolized by the Violator dressed in a dress made out of dollar bills. Spawn alone is able to escape, though, because his creator never sold him.

At the end of the issue, there’s two big boxes stating “Spawn is trademark and copyright Todd McFarlane” and “Cerebus is trademark and copyright Dave Sim.” And then a large-font “Forever” follows the boxes.

aaah…got it, thanks Brian, that’s sound pretty overt, out of context it’s not evident.

Like others mentioned, that Spawn arc was my first ever exposure to Moore, Gaiman, Sim, Miller, and then Morrison. I got into comics with the Image launch in the early 90s, and I liked Spawn #s 8 & 9 so much that it made me try out Watchmen and Sandman, as per my dealer’s recommendation. #10 didn’t grab me at the time, though I now think it’s quite good. And I agree with a previous poster that Miller’s issue #11 was horrendous. Luckily, I still discovered his Daredevil at some point anyways.

Much as I dislike Todd in a lot of ways, and I don’t particularly think he has been a sterling figure for the comic book industry, he gave many of the best writers out there (Bendis too) great exposure to groups of fans that might have never before encountered their work. Moore, Miller, and Gaiman all ended up doing at least one more Spawn project besides the aforementioned issues.

The guy getting blasted by Hyperclan looks to me a bit like Bishop from the 90’s X-Men..

Most of those arms in the Spawn issue are obvious, but I’ve always wondered who the two armored hands and the yellow hand are supposed to represent. I figure one must be Dr. Doom…

McFarlane & Sim’s treatsie on creators’ rights would hold more water if McFarlane had actually continued to create his character, instead of hiring others to do it. IIRC Sim is the only one who’s ever written or drawn Cerebus, including that Spawn story and the TMNT crossover, tho. And his forever is no longer forever, ‘cos he has no heirs and will allow Cerebus to fall into the public domain after his death (unless something’s changed, I haven’t been paying attention to Sim for a few years, not since the “sign this waiver before iI will talk to you” days).

@The Moish: I think the other mechanical arm is supposed to be Cable? Don’t know who the yellow glove belongs to. Perhaps Cyclops or another X-Man.

Back when that issue came out, Wizard had a contest where you could win something if you identified all of the characters in the spread.

The irony of MacFarlaine, of all people, publishing a story about how creators are screwed by work-for-hire work is an almost physical thing.

My guess is that the armored hands are Colossus and Doom, and that the yellow glove is Dr. Strange, but they’re pretty generic looking so it’s hard to say.

“In Issue #125 of The X-Men, John Byrne hides Popeye among the guests of Lilandra’s coronation ball. I don’t have the original issue, but it’s on page 10, panel 5 counting only the comic pages and none of the ads(reference is X-men Essentials Volume 2, 1st Printing).”

I read somewhere that Popeye apparitions was Terry Austin idea.
Incidentally, in the same panel is the Phantom Stranger and a Pierson’s Puppetter.

Peter: Did you maybe read it in yesterday’s Comic Book Legends Revealed on this same blog?

Buttler: No!! I remembered from the mail section of some spanish edition of the X-Men, in the early nineties, talking about Popeye appearing in some panels of The New Mutants Special. The reader asked if it was some kind of tic from Art Adams, and the answer was that Adams was responsible of the apparitions of Gumby and Pokey. Nice coincidence!!
Curious, being a fan of Segar I didn’t take a look at the Reader hint of Comic Book Legends Revealed.

Wait, does that mean McFarlane is responsible for Bendis? Yikes…

What about the Power Pack issue with the dimension inside the pockets of their suits? I seem to recall classic comic strip characters in that…

Also the Defenders Dr. Seuss issue, dedicated to Theodore Geisel, M.D.

The Alan Moore issue of Spawn was not one of his better works, though it wasn’t as bad as Violator vs. Badrock. It wasn’t helped by the climactic punchline (“the sign over the gate doesn’t say ‘Abandon Hope’, it says ‘Sh*t Happens'”) being bowdlerized to “Ca-Ca Happens”.

“and that the yellow glove is Dr. Strange”

It’s gotta be Iron Fist, right?

“The guy getting blasted by Hyperclan looks to me a bit like Bishop from the 90?s X-Men..”

That character is Judgment, a villain the late 80s/early 90s Justice League series. Thus the comment that death was his “Judgment”.

For what it’s worth, I had no idea who it was either the first time I read that issue. I figured it was Vandal Savage or something.

Have a good day.
John Cage

So everyone here can read Braille? How has that not been answered?

Oh totally. I read all my comics in Braille.

Using the Braille Text Converter at http://www.translatum.gr/converter/braille.htm

And using the third panel of phone buttons for reference, since it’s the easiest to clearly see the dots, I can tell you that…

“Bob” is the second button from the bottom (the one above the one being pushed).

“Jay” is the button above that one, though the placement of the dots is slightly off compared to what the converter says.

Thanks, this was starting to bug me….but not enough to do any actual research.

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