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Comic Critics #168!

Here is the latest installment of the Comic Critics strip, courtesy of Sean Whitmore (writer) and Brandon Hanvey (artist)! You can check out the first hundred and sixty-seven strips at the archive here and you can read more about Sean and Brandon at the Comic Critics blog.


Let us know what you think, either here or at the ComicCritics blog!


Thought this was funny, and I am going to buy Daredevil #1 as soon as I can.

Matt Murdock IS a lawyer. If anyone can talk himself out of that, it’s him

Spider-Man is going with the “Ike Turner” theory apparently.

Good script, but to me the funniest part is that Brandon’s Cage looks like his Dan Didio except after a tanning bed and a gym routine. Jersey Shore Didio.

was waiting for the comic critics reaction to the reboot of dare devil. agree with josh on the moral of the whole relaunch of daredevil again.

Please name all of the Marvel Heroes that have NOT at one time tried to kill their fellow heroes.

Um… er… ah…

@ The Mutt… I’m pretty sure Power Pack hasn’t tried to off anyone yet….lol

Travis Pelkie

July 16, 2011 at 1:21 am

I love Spidey’s line. Like Lando said, DD is the Ike Turner of superheroes.

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