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Drawing Crazy Patterns – Press Conferences Announcing New Avenger Rosters!

In this feature, I spotlight five scenes/moments from within comic book stories that fit under a specific theme (basically, stuff that happens frequently in comics).

Today I’m featuring five (and there have certainly been more than five of these over the years) examples of the Avengers holding press conferences where they announce their new roster.


In Avengers #16, we get the very first one of these press conferences…

In Avengers #151, we got the first one of these press conferences where the press conference itself was treated nostalgically…

In Avengers #211, we got one drawn by Gene Colan…

In Avengers (Volume 3) #4, we got the first press conference of the Kurt Busiek/George Perez run on Avengers…

In New Avengers #15, we got the first press conference of the Brian Michael Bendis era of Avengers…

(click on the double-page spreads to enlarge)

If you have a suggestion for a future Drawing Crazy Patterns installment, e-mail me at bcronin@comicbookresources.com


Interesting post. In another crazy instance, at these conferences, someone seems to be glum and/or brooding. The Avengers roster has changed so many times I wonder when the writers decide to use press conferences.

Gotta love Hawkeye. “And the crowd goes wild.” Hilarious.

I can’t help noticing that Cap is the only avenger present in all of the press conferences and the one who most enjoys being in them.

He is such an attention whore.

I loved that Busiek/Perez roster. I think that was one of Firestar’s better costumes.

Also interesting that the Bendis run it’s the backsides of the avengers. Showing Spider Woman’s ‘best attributes’?

Good post. Such a good theme, it’s a wonder no one thought of it earlier!

I remember when that issue came out with Tigra added, it was the most depressing Avengers I’d ever read. Vision, Scarlet Witch, Beast and Wonder Man gone, in one issue, just like that. To me they were the core of the team, with the big three rotating around them. (’cause I grew up on the Shooter and Michelenie issues). Jocasta’s departure was sadly anticlimactic, as well (that robot just couldn’t get any respect).

That line-up change was immediately followed by Yellowjacket’s domestic violence story, so the sadness continued (although I confess, that did hold my interest for a couple more issues, anyway).

So that last press conference is used up in a double-page spread? Jeez, it’s Bendis decompression at it’s worst. At least that Perez splash has a bit of pin-up quality, the New Avengers one is just unremarkable. Comics are such a rip-off, nowadays. (I feel old!).

lol @Fran, so true.

Justice, you goober. Firestar looks mortified.

It’s interesting to see the Busiek one and Bendis one in quick succession. The Busiek one seems extra corny by comparison.

I like the Bendis one because it’s so different from the others, but they really should’ve said Avengers Assemble. Even if it was said quietly, without it the scene just seems lacking.

I hope the movie ends with a press conference.

@T: What’s corny about it? Apart from Cap yelling “Avengers Assemble”, it’s pretty low-key.

The blog entries in Bendis’ version make it much cheesier, in my opinion.

The whole leadup: “Is he going to say it…?” “He’ll come through, he always does..” “What, he’s not going to say it…”…..”YEAHHH!!! He said it!!!”

The whole thing was so hokey and Hanna Barbera. Way too self-conscious and forced an attempt to create a crowd pleaser moment. “And the crowd goes wild” was the icing on the corncake IMO. It’s bad when the 60s and 70s stuff you’re trying so hard to nostalgically ape sounds more naturalistic and spontaneous than your late 90s writing does.

I like the Bendis one because it’s so different from the others, but they really should’ve said Avengers Assemble. Even if it was said quietly, without it the scene just seems lacking.

I agree. He should have said it.

It may just be me, but I think the Avengers’ press conference is a place at which a little corniness is warranted, especially if Captain America is there. The Bendis version didn’t have any impact to me, whereas the Busiek & Perez scene was fun.

I can’t find him looking at the screen here, but Charlie Brown is somewhere in the crowd in the Bendis scene. I noticed him very quickly when I first read that issue.

But that was the thing with Justice, he was a huge Avengers fan. For him it was a life long dream to be standing at that podium with Cap yelling ‘Avengers Assemble’. How do you react when your life long dream happens?

You can see Waldo by the bottom left corner of the sign that’s cut off by the flag.

Did he really have to say that bit about Tigra’s security clearance to everyone?

I thought one of the most touching scenes was in the Avengers Finale at the conclusion of Disassembled. They had pretty much a reverse press conference where they announced the disolution of the Avengers. The scene was from behind the Avengers as they looked out to the very supportive crowd. I still feel a rush of sadness when I look at that scene, expertly drawn by Perez.


July 19, 2011 at 7:52 pm

@Mary: Look to the immediate right of Cap’s upper speech balloon for Charlie Brown. Great Easter Egg!


July 19, 2011 at 7:55 pm

Also, Mr. Spock appears between Luke Cage’s and Spider-Woman’s heads.

Go Beltsville!

Wow, the last one really looks like something out of a computer manual!

I mean, compare with the much more interesting camera angles of the first two examples…

In issue #151, I love both Jarvis’ cool (“eh, I’ll be informed of the new lineup when necessary”) and his anxiety over whether we’ll get another “Avengers Assemble”. Nice little bit of characterization there.

In that first panel, the only thing more hilarious than Rick Jones thinking he’s actually going to be named a full-fledged Avenger is the way Cap leads him on: “All in good time, Rick!”

How about never? Is that a good time for you?

And yeah, the Bendis one is pretty lackluster. And Vance jumping up and down like a little kid is one of the dorkiest things I’ve ever seen.

Generally not a big fan of Cho’s superhero comics work, but he gets kudos for drawing a pregnant woman (Jessica Jones) who actually looks pregnant (as opposed to looking like a superheroine with a pillow stuffed under her shirt.

Why I dislike Bendis’ writing in a nutshell: The opening line of Cap’s speech is “While I’m not one for speeches…”

WTH? Most great Captain America stories involve him making an inspirational speech at one point. That’s one of his things.

Also, pretty amazing to see the difference in Perez’ work between Avengers #151 and Vol. 3 #4. He really learned a lot in those years, and he put it down on paper.

I would have thrown in the press conference reveal of Osborn’s Avengers, just as sort of a reversal.

I hope we see one of these in the movie next year.

What I liked about the Busiek/Perez line-up was that Firestar joined the Avengers only because Justice was so psyched to join, but as the story-arc progressed, he started feeling like he was way over his head, while she ended up fitting in more naturally. IIRC Hank Pym cobbled together an undersuit for her costume that would enable her body to become immune to her microwave powers, so she could use them more safely. Then last year they forgot all about that and gave her cancer anyway. Continuity? Isn’t that a small town in Pennsylvania?

Add me to the list of dudes who finds v3’s press conference really cheesy. I actually cringed!! That being said it’s probably a product of its time.

There´s also the one held in Avengers 329, where the team introduces Rage, Sandman and spider-man, much to J. J. J´s dismay.

Add me to the list of dudes who finds v3?s press conference really cheesy. I actually cringed!! That being said it’s probably a product of its time.

No it was cheesy even at the time it came out. Honestly, I would have found it cheesy even 10-20 years earlier. The thing is, it was so much better than 90s era leather jacket Avengers and Liefeld Heroes Reborn Avengers that it got a HUGE pass when it came out IMO because at least it resembled classic Avengers.

I love the Firestar/Justice one, particularly if you know the characters from New Warriors. Angelica is going “What are they waiting for?” and Vance is about to have a fanboy-gasm about participating in the rallying cry. Great stuff.

211 was such a downer. They just threw away so many great members. And Tigra? I’ve always wondered why the writers picked her. In the story everyone else just left except her so she got to be on the team. When Ms. Marvel joined she had been involved in a number of their stories for a year or so. It made sense when she did join. I don’t even know if any of the Avengers had even met Tigra at the time. Then she left after four issues.

Sandman was also a weird pick. There was a slow pregression of him becoming a hero. But then Cap gets him a presidential pardon and Sandman ends up on the reserve squad. Why would cap do that?

I’ve always thought that those press conferences were a terrible idea. Why announce to the public the disruption and subsequent change to your membership? That would just give the bad guys a heads-up as to what to expect from the opposition, and possibly even showcase some weaknesses. If I were Ultron, Kang or somebody else like that with ill intent, I’d totally use that info to mess the Avengers up. “So, the Avengers have added two virtually untrained rookies and a former criminal to their ranks, eh? Time to get my Masters of Evil team of hardcore ass-kickers together!” This wouldn’t have been as big a deal in the 60s, when only one home out of like 100 actually had a working television, but you gotta believe the Grim Reaper would be watching this stuff on his Apple phone and cooking up some bad shit.

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