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Drawing Crazy Patterns – The Strange Costumes of Batman!

In this feature, I spotlight five scenes/moments from within comic book stories that fit under a specific theme (basically, stuff that happens frequently in comics).

Today we look at five examples of strange costumes Batman has!


In World’s Finest Comics #7, Batman and Robin have to deal with extreme cold. Luckily, they have costumes with wires throughout, giving off heat!

In Detective Comics #165, we see a trio of strange Batman costumes, including one that is pretty much insane.

First off, a Bat-glider costume…

Next, a SCUBA-Bat costume…

But after Batman is injured, they are forced to use the Batman costume that, earlier in the issue, Robin hoped that they would never have to use (“Chekov’s Batman Costume,” as it were)….

Yep, a Batman costume that Robin can use. The insane part – they put a bird on the emblem, thereby hurting the very intent of the costume!! Insanity!

Finally, speaking of insanity, check out Detective Comics #241. Dick Grayson notices some crooks plotting a scheme involving TV cameras, but in the process, injures his arm.

So Batman and Robin have to go everywhere a lot of TV cameras are, and, for some reason, Batman is wearing multi-colored costumes…

Eventually, the answer is revealed…

That is some plan there, Batman! Then again, it DID work, so I apologize, Batman, you are the man!


“In an instant, Batman becomes a rainbow of dazzling action…”!

You just don’t see that kind of sentence in modern age comics anymore :P

The first one is less than ideal for poor Robin. Batman would have heat everywhere but his lower face. But bare armed/bare legged Robin isn’t going to be getting heat from wires on those limbs…

This was awesome. Good stuff Brian! Really made my Friday morning.

I love reading these old Batman stories with Kevin Conroy’s voice. It makes them that much better.

Man, that’s what I’d call stupid brilliant–the Rainbow Batman revelation is stupid and brilliant at the same time.

I love how it fakes you out to think that the multicolored costumes are in some way vital to solving the crime, and the secret reason he wears them that he must never tell?

“I just wanted more attention!”

Should have thought of that before you put your teenage sidekick in hot pants, Batso.

I would had bet $100 that this was an excuse to mention that Zur-En-Arrh Batman that Grant Morrison brought back.


Jeff: Ah, but he wouldn’t have fit, because originally it wasn’t a costume for Batman himself. Now the Zebra Batman, on the other hand …. well, that might not count either, because it was more of a transformation than a costume.

Imagine Batman’s lines being spoken by Christian Bale, it’s even funnier.

Why the rainbow costume didn’t become Batman’s main outfit I’ll never know…

So THAT’S the story behind that cover… The one where Batman is wearing a pink uniform and Robin tries to pretend that it’s not a gay situation at all by casually mentioning that Batman is wearing a red uniform.

I hear Superman is a dick, too.

or maybe, he could just give Robin a few days off to heal

Well, as far as they knew, the bad guys’ plot was going to happen right away, so they couldn’t afford to not go looking for them.

Whenever I read Batman stuff from this era, it’s Diedrich Bader’s voice I hear in my head.

“They’ll find no pot of gold at the end of THIS rainbow… only prison!”


The Mad Monkey

July 31, 2011 at 2:23 am

Reading classic Batman in Christian Bale’s voice is akin to acquiring self-inflicted dyslexia.

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I tried reading this stuff in Batbale’s voice, and holy hell I couldn’t do it but for maybe three lines. I was laughing too hard.

I was 8 years old when I first read a reprint of the Rainbow Batman story, and I thought it was the coolest Batman story ever. We should keep in mind that those stories were written for kids.

Why hasn’t Morrison used the rainbow costume yet? I’d make perfect sense. Or is it non-sense…

With Robin bundled up like Ralphie’s kid brother in that first comic, the only voice I could imagine for Batman was Peter Billingsley.

BTW, “I can jump into the cockpit of that helicopter” would be the last words that go through your head before the rotor does.

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