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Congratulations to the Eisner Award Winners!

Friday night, the Eisner Awards were announced, and I think that the voters did a fine job. It was too bad that our own Line it is Drawn artist Caanan Grall did not pick up an Eisner, but the webcomic that won, Karl Kerschl’s brilliant Abomindable Charles Christopher is, well, brilliant, so at least Caanan lost to a worthy opponent!

Meanwhile, Comic Book Resources won its second Eisner Award! Congratulations to Jonah Weiland and, I suppose, all of us at this here blog, right?

For the full list, check out the Eisner Awards page here.


Travis Pelkie

July 24, 2011 at 1:28 am

Yay CBR!

I wonder if anyone will let them know that Joe Hill, Best Writer, writes LockE and Key.

Is anyone else ever actually up for Best Letterer, and if so, are they all alright with Todd Klein winning every time? (Mind you, I do think Klein’s always worthy, but man, he must win every year, right?)

That does look like a pretty good list overall. I’ve got Daytripper out from the library waiting to be read, and I bought that issue of I Am An Avenger that won best short story, so I’ll be reading Eisner Award winning material in the coming days! Yay me!

Really happy to see Daytripper do well, it’s my favorite thing in a while. American Vampire is a lot of fun to read.

I was just thinking that they should rename that award The Todd Klein Honorary Award for Best Lettering (Which We’ll Give to Todd Klein).

Congrats to all at CBR!

I think it’s strange that two books can share such a big award as Best Graphic Album – have we ever seen something like that occur at the Academy Awards or elsewhere? On the other hand, both Wilson and Return of the Dapper Men were worthy of winning, so it’s good they both get accolades.

We’ve seen Best Actress end in a tie before at the Academy Awards.

Baseball has had a tie at the Most Valuable Player before, as well. The NBA saw co-Rookies of the Year twice in a three year stretch at one point in the 1990s!

Jonah Weiland

July 25, 2011 at 9:53 am

Absolutely congrats to you and your crew, Brian! You were included in my thanks at the awards.

[…] Congratulations to the Eisner Award Winners! (goodcomics.comicbookresources.com) […]

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