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Drawing Crazy Patterns – Hawkeye Quitting the Avengers

In this feature, I spotlight five scenes/moments from within comic book stories that fit under a specific theme (basically, stuff that happens frequently in comics).

Today we look at five times that Hawkeye quit the Avengers…


First up we have Avengers #109…

Next, Avengers #144…

Next, we have Avengers West Coast #45….

This next one is tricky.

Okay, in Avengers West Coast #100, Hawkeye’s wife (who he had just recently reconciled with), Mockingbird, is killed.

Clearly, the intent is for this to cause him to leave the Avengers (as he was not going to be a member of Force Works). However, the very next issue is a crossover, and Hawkeye is involved in the crossover (and acts like his normal self – not grief-stricken or anything).

Here is his last appearance as an Avenger…

Then the next issue of Avengers West Coast (the final issue), we see Hawkeye is gone…

And in Hawkeye’s mini-series from that same time, he reveals that yeah, he left the Avengers…

In fact, he did not even know that the Avengers West Coast had been disbanded until Marvel Comics Presents #161 (which makes no sense, since he hung out with War Machine later in the mini-series and War Machine states outright to Hawkeye, “You’re not going to convince me to rejoin the Avengers, are you?” Hawkeye apparently did not pry into what War Machine meant by that).

So yeah, this is a weird one, but he clearly DID quit the Avengers (he repeats as much throughout the mini-series), we just don’t have it on panel. Weird.

Finally, we have his departure in the third volume of the Avengers, issue #9 to be precise…

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What a weird coincidence. I was just flipping through the essentials and read about him joining the team for the first time. Just keep reminding me about my second favorite Avenger. He’s gotta go up on my top ten list.

I like how in the second page Clint says: “I’m leaving the Avengers AGAIN!” and the others look shocked instead of going “Ugh…? Yeah, whatever. See you tomorrow.”

After reading this all I could think of was Hawkeye going, “Marsha, Marsha, Marsha!!” He really is a big attention-seeking sook isn’t he. Gotta love him though…

I like beardy Hawkeye in the mini-series. More bearded Hawkeye is definitely needed.

The Boy who cried Quit!

If I were to write the Avengers Hawkeye would quit every other issue (and sheepishly rejoin next issue as if trying to play it off as if he just went out for a walk).

‘Hawkeye’s five-alarm chili’, hm? Yet another similarity with DC’s emerald archer…

Next Drawing Crazy Patterns–Hawkeye showing up to rejoin the Avengers after he quit the list time! :)

hes the brett farve of comics!

Huh. I’ve read all those issues, yet never once did I realize that Hawkeye quitting the Avengers was a thing (and it clearly is).

Forest for the trees, or something, I guess…

It reminds me of a guy I work with. At least once a week he declares “That’s it! I’m quitting this f***ing place!” But the next day he’s always there.

“More bearded Hawkeye is definitely needed.”

That sounds disgusting.

I like the fact that the Avengers have their own personalized refrigerator magnets.

Ah, good old Clint Barton. You can always rely on him to storm off the Avengers with a mixture of indignation and immaturity.

I would like to see a Drawing Crazy Patterns entry for all of the times that Captain America has died. It is actually a surprisingly long list, so it will be easy to find at least five prominent examples to spotlight.

I love how no one ever makes much of an effort to talk him out of it.

The Avengers know that he’ll be back, sooner or later, Dean.

I can just see Captain America or Iron Man looking on at Hawkeye’s latest tantrum and thinking to themselves “Oh, it’s the 14th of the month again already? Okay, I guess Clint will be gone for the next week or so while he goes off and sulks. In the meantime, at least we’ll have a little peace & quiet around here.”

How about a crazy pattern involving Hawkeye’s take on killing?
Back during the West Coast Avengers days, he split with Mockingbird after she let the Phantom Rider drop to his death in the old west. Then he was one of the Avengers who during Galactic Storm opposed the idea of killing the Supreme Intelligence.
But nowadays it seems Bendis has Hawkeye threatening to kill someone every other issue.

Hawkeye’s hotheadedness was always why in theory it would have been interesting to have him leading the West Coast Avengers. I say “in theory” because in pratice it actually wasn’t very interesting. There wasn’t much strong character work going on in that series.

Hawkeye’s hotheadedness was always why in theory it would have been interesting to have him leading the West Coast Avengers. I say “in theory” because in pratice it actually wasn’t very interesting. There wasn’t much strong character work going on in that series.

Well, the big problem was that once he began leading the West Coast Avengers, he wasn’t much of a hothead anymore. My first exposure to Hawkeye was his limited series, then West Coast Avengers. When I first read a story about a hotheaded Hawkeye, my first thought was that he was acting out of character, because I was used to him being written as Captain America-light!

So I still think it would have been interesting to see Hawkeye the hothead lead a team. Just not the calm, levelheaded Hawkeye who actually showed up in WCA.

Funny thing is, I have a hunch that Green Arrow has quit the JLA many times too. I seem to remember a few times reading GA getting on his Huffy bike and riding away.

Hawkeye following Green Arrow’s patterns? But how can this be?!

Anyone else think ol Br’er Hawkeye’s in for a staggering upsurge in mainstream popularity with the Avengers movie coming out? Just the [SPOILERS IN CASE SOMEONE ACTUALLY HASN’T SEEN IT] Thor scene itself was enough to create a buzz.

Wow, JR JR really cannot draw women.

The staredown between Wonder Man and USAgent is kind of undermined by the fact they both look like thy’ve forgotten to put in their dentures. How’s that for a DCP topic? “When You Can Pretty Much Tell What John Byrne Meant To Convey But Can Also Clearly See Exactly Which Artistic Decision Hilariously Subverts His Intentions”.

@buttler and T.: In his defense, Hawkeye’s tenure as leader of the WCA was him making a concerted effort to be on his very best behavior. After countless years of Clint professing that he’s the man to lead Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, someone (overall team leader The Vision) finally called him out and handed him the ball. It can be argued that his very recent marriage to Mockingbird helped serve to mellow Hawkeye out, but he also made a serious effort to be much more mature and responsible so as to suit his new leadership role and to justify the Vision’s faith in him. There were many tense situations throughout Hawkeye’s tenure where the old Clint would have recklessly flipped out and either walked out, slugged somebody or put an arrow through their eye, but his inner monologue detailed his serious dedication to think calmly, rationally, and responsibly- the exact opposite of his usual reaction.

A key moment was in AVENGERS ANNUAL # 15, when Mystique’s Freedom Force (the former Brotherhood of Evil Mutants) attempted to arrest both teams of Avengers on behalf of the government because of some trumped-up charge. East coast chairperson the Wasp told the evil FF to stick it, but Hawkeye, not wanting to look like a bad leader in front of Jan or Cap, actually agreed to surrender.

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