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Drawing Crazy Patterns – You Could be Lois Lane’s Twin!

In this feature, I spotlight five scenes/moments from within comic book stories that fit under a specific theme (basically, stuff that happens frequently in comics). Here is an archive of all the patterns we’ve spotlighted so far.

Today and tomorrow will spotlight patterns involving Lois Lane. Today, just like how there are a lot of exact doubles of Clark Kent/Superman running around, so, too, are there a lot of Lois Lane doubles! Here are five!


I like how even as early as World’s Finest Comics #40, crooks were figuring out how repetitive the Lois Lane/Superman relationship was…

In Action Comics #195, after seemingly see a crook who looks just like her kill Clark Kent in front of her, Lois gets temporary amnesia and tricks herself into thinking she IS the crook!

Oh, temporary amnesia, is there any plot you CAN’T make better?

In Superman #57, Superman goes to the future where he meets a descendent of Lois Lane’s who, naturally, looks exactly like her…

In Superman #158, Superman is in the Bottled City of Kandor, where, naturally, Lois Lane has an exact double…

She showed up a number of times during the Silver Age.

Finally, in Superman’s Girlfriend, Lois Lane #1, Lois proves that with a wig, any woman can look like any other woman out there…

While not as messed up as some Lois Lane stories, this one was still pretty messed up in Superman deciding to teach Lois a lesson for her having the audacity to dress up like a famous movie star to get a story.


I got a copy of Showcase Presents: Superman Family from the library about a month back, and one of the stories had gangsters kidnapping Lois in order to . . . impersonate Lois. Of course, they didn’t know she was Lois. The Silver Age sure was different, wasn’t it?

I was going to wonder whether any of these Lois Lane duplicates ever married the Clark Kent duplicates from earlier in the month, and then I saw #4 actually had! Score!

The only difference between women is their hair? Clearly Lois thinks she’s being drawn by (insert scapegoat comicbook artist of choice here)…

if you stand them on their heads, they all look alike

Sylvia DeWitt (& Van Zee) both first appeared in Lois Lane #15, before that Superman story.

The Tiger Woman pic made me wonder if someone feels like collecting a post, heroines gone temporarily bad and undergoing an actual change in looks or dress.

Ethan Shuster

July 30, 2011 at 8:09 am

“It’s an exact resemblance! So you must be Lois Lane’s great-great-great-great grand daughter!” And you’re family must have had a long string of incestuous relationships to have all the same DNA so you look the same!

Comics could be silly and cheesy back in the silver age, but i bet they were a lot more fun for kids then the majority of books we get today…

After that last entry, that whole “Puppet Master puts a blonde wig on Alicia and everyone thinks she’s Sue Storm” thing doesn’t feel so out of left field…

Everyone in 2949 has superpowers? That means Syndrome won!

There was also a segment of the original radio show (sponsered by Pep!) that had a Dr. Bly use Lois Lane as a patsy to go the electric chair because she was an exact duplicate of Dixie Lamaar. This segment also starred Batman and Dick Grayson – the setting was mostly an amusement park called Playland.

Brainy Pirate

July 30, 2011 at 3:27 pm

Everyone in the 30th century has powers? Someone better tell Paul Levitz right away–that’s a lot of “chronicler’s error” he has to fix before the relaunch!!!

In Countdown, watching a certified God Of Evil playing chess with action figures was absolutely loopy. Seeing a mid-level kingpin wannabe do the same thing is merely embarrassing. Also, that’s at least a 10×10 grid, so Check plays homebrew-rules chess.

If everyone in 2949 has super powers, who the heck are they building that bridge for? Scorpions who can’t find any more tortoises to carry them across the river? I hope it turns out Future Lois isn’t any kin of his because Clark’s getting a pretty good look up her exhaust port as she flies off.

How about a Patterns about knockout gas being used as a plot crutch? Oh wait, that would be this installment. Damn chemi-sleep gas – even Doom has no defense!

How on earth did Lois Lane get her own comic and Tiger Woman disappeared into the abyss of obscurity? Tiger Woman rules all kinds of ass! Bring back Tiger Woman NOW-est, you cats! And Mme LaFlamme, the hottest drag queen in all of Metropolis.

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