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Here are write-ups on some notable comic book stories that have never been reprinted in print:

1. “Nobody Dies. It’s a Rule.” (Flash #54)

2. The Children’s Crusade 1993-94 Vertigo Crossover

3. Chester Williams, American Cop (Swamp Thing #165)

4. Guy and Ice Go to the Ice Capists (Justice League America #45)

5. The Haunting of Jim Corrigan (Spectre #52-56)

6. The Pied Piper Comes Out of the Closet (Flash #53)

7. The Heckler #1-6

8. The Suicide Squad Travels to Apokolips! (Suicide Squad #33-36)

9. Tales From the Bully Pulpit

10. Keith Giffen’s PunX (PunX #1-3)

11. Christopher Priest and Denys Cowan’s run on Steel (Steel #34-52)

12. Kyle Baker’s You Are Here

13. The Extremist Vector (Justice League Europe #15-19)

14. Justice League International vs. Starro! (Justice League Europe #26-28)

15. Justice League America vs. Despero! (Justice League America #38-40)

16. Tony Isabella and Eddy Newell’s Black Lightning run (Black Lightning (Volume 2) #1-8)

17. Stig’s Inferno

18. Roger Stern and Tom Lyle’s Starman run (Starman (Volume 1) #1-25)

19. The Rise and Fall of Red Orion (Orion #1-15)

20. Wally West’s “Perfect Gift” (Flash #73)

21. The Introduction of the Blood Syndicate (Blood Syndicate #1-4)

22. Grant Morrison and JH Williams Pay Tribute to Julie Schwartz (DC Comics Presents: Mystery in Space #1)

23. Barbara Gordon and Dick Grayson go on a Date (Birds of Prey #8)

24. James Hudnall and Andrew Paquette’s Harsh RealmHarsh Realm #1-6

25. The Trial of the Terminator (Tales of the Teen Titans #53-55)

26. ‘Mazing Man #1-12

27. The Doom That Came to Gotham

28. William Messner-Loebs’ run on Flash (The Flash #15-61)

BONUS: Greg Hatcher did a piece about some uncollected comics he’d like to see collected. Here are the ones he listed. Click on any of the titles to see Greg’s article:

Tales of the Marvels

Code of Honor

Star Hunters

Superman: The Hidden Years


The entire 5YG run of Legion of Super-Heroes by Keith Giffen and Tom & Mary Bierbaum needs to be collected. It would read so well in trade, far better than in singles.

Patrick Lemaire

August 20, 2011 at 10:43 am

Very true, it’s a high point in comics.

Strikeforce Morituri (Never been collected)
H-E-R-O’s second arc (First collection only)
Rom Spaceknight (One can dream, right)

Just sent in my suggestion. Hope it’s one worth documenting!

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (vol. 1) # 30, 32, 34, 37-62 (#50-62 is the fan-favorite “City At War” story-arc)

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (vol. 2) #1-13

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (vol. 3) #6-23

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (vol. 4) #1-31

Gizmo & the Fugitoid #1-2

All the stories in Turtle Soup (vol. 2) #1-4

The TMNT one-shots Times Pipeline, The Haunted Pizza, and The Maltese Turtle

The short stories Gizmo:”Sirensong” and Donatello:”Old Times” from Plastron Cafe #1

TMNT/Flaming Carrot #1-4

The Savage Dragon/TMNT #1, and TMNT/Savage Dragon #1 (the first follows TSD ongoing #2, the second leads into TSD #22)

Tales of the TMNT #36, 56, 59, 61 and 64, plus a short story in #48 (Tristan Jones’s fan-favorite “Gang Wars” story-arc. There are more great stories from this series that have yet to be collected, but I don’t feel like mentioning all of them.)

TMNT Adventures #17-41, 45-61, 67-71, plus backups in #62-66

Mighty Mutanimals (vol. 2) #1-6, 8-9, BTW the original 3-part Mutanimals mini-series was collected as a single stapled comic, and I dunno if that counts or not.

The Merdude mini-series ( #1 with Michelangelo, #2 with Mondo Gecko, and #3 with Ray Fillet)

TMNT Adventures: Year of the Turtle #1-3

April O’Neil #1-3

Donatello and Leatherhead #1-3

Savage Dragon #59-75, and 82-138 were skipped in the trade paperbacks, but they’re slated to be included (albeit in black and white) in volumes 3 and beyond of the Savage Dragon Archives. In any case, almost all the back-ups have never been collected (save for the ones that were in included in a stapled single comic packaged with the A Force to Reckoned With TPB, the second story from #25 with was in the Savage Dragon: Team-Ups TPB, and the Twisted Savage Dragon Funnies which have been collected in their own TPB).

None of the various Freak Force and Vanguard titles have been collected, save for Freak Force #10, and Vanguard #3-4 which were also included in The Savage Dragon: Team-Ups. Though Freak Force #1-4 and Vanguard #1-6 were included in that Erik Larsen CD-Rom years ago (same with the similarly not-collected-in-trade-form SuperPatriot #1-4, the Savage Dragon vs. The Savage Megaton Man special and Larsen’s early comics Graphic Fantasy #1-2 and Megaton #3 ).

Savage Dragon: Sex & Violence #1-2

Savage Dragon/Marshal Law #1-3

Savage Dragon: God War #1-4

Destroyer Duck #1-7, plus the subsequent crossover with Savage Dragon (there was going to be a collected edition from About Comics in 2007, but it never came out. Since Steve Gerber is unfortunately no longer with us, I’m sure who controls his estate, and who would own Destroyer Duck now.)

Superman/Savage Dragon: Metropolis and Savage Dragon/Superman: Chicago

Deadly Duo (vol. 1) #1-3 and Deadly Duo (vol. 2) #1-4

SuperPatriot: War on Terror #1-4

Star #1-4

The She-Dragon one-shot

Mars Attacks Image #1-4

WildStar (vol. 2) #1-3

A bunch of back-ups from Invincible.

The Dynamo 5 Annual.

Sensational She-Hulk #9-60

This entry on TV Tropes is fairly loaded with examples of notable uncollected comics:


Any of the 1970s Marvel-Doc Savage or DC-Shadow crossovers (there were two of each)
The reprints of the series they originally-appeared in skip those issues.
(Almost all of them have been re-presented at http://heroheroinehistory.blogspot.com, but it’s not quite the same!)
The non-Kaluta 1970s Shadow stories.
The complete James Bond 007/GoldenEye movie adaptation.
Complete Golden Age Fox Phantom Lady stories (piecemeal reprintings, mostly in b/w)

I think John likes green characters :)

All good choices, John, but I’m pretty sure that the Dragon/Marshal Law thing was just a 2 issue story, not 3.

Jeremy Spaulding

August 21, 2011 at 4:28 am

Hard Times-I think only issue 1-5 of season one had a trade, and none of season two

Avengers 291 – 300 (Walt Simonson’s run)

Wonder Woman by Phil Jiminez

Defenders by Busiek and Larsen

The New Defenders

I would also mention the entire LSH 5YL saga. Criminally ignored. Another important book, botched by DCE at the time (it was a Vertigo series, but DC decided to make it a massmarket book) was Giffen and Colleen Doran’s Reign of the Zodiac.
I’d also include here:

Green Lantern: Mosaic
Dr Fate (both the JM deMatteis series and the Giffen/Hunt miniseries)
Strazewski and Parobeck’s JSA
Mike Baron’s Flash

Another vote for the 5YL Legion. One of DC’s best series.

I’d include:

The final issues of Milligan’s Human Target Vertigo series – easily one of the most underrated Vertigo books ever published.

The rest of Denny O’Neill’s Question – It’s great that they’ve published the 36 issues of the regular series, but they’re missing Question Annual 1-2, Detective Annual 1, Green Arrow Annuals 1-3, The Question Quarterly 1-5, Azrael + The Question and The Question Returns.

All-Star Squadron – only 3 issues to date have been published, in the Infinity HC.

Vext – A short-lived but very funny series by Keith Giffan and Mike McKone

There have been several great suggestions here… Since alot of licenses have changed hands, it would be nice to see if alot of the previously published story lines could be republished; in particular the TMNT stuff at IDW. Especially since Kevin Eastman has direct involvement. I’ve heard about the “City at War” story line. I’ve tried to track down back issues in the past and it as if I’m searching for the Holy Grail. ..I would buy it as a collected edition just so I could read it ( and this is now a preferred choice of reading venue for me…)
Day of Judgment: DC should have this collected. It’s really shocked me that it hasn’t been collected. The talents of Geoff Johns and Matthew Smith have built in fanbases. This is by far Johns best unsung work! DC seems to be republishing all his work, so maybe this is just a matter of time.
Batman Animated: very few of this work has been ever been collected. I’ve told so many people in the past how great all these books have been! A recent dream of mine is to see these collected in the B&W Showcase format. Since this is all owned by DC/Warner Bros. I can’t imagine it would be too hard for this to be a reality. One of the things I always said when talking about these books and know it to this day that I would put these books up against any of the other mainstream Batman books published since The Dark Knight Returns. (Yes, a bold and true statement!) These books like the TMNT books are hard to track down as single issues. It always amazed me to know how many people read the mainstream Batbooks but, were unaware of the greatness of the animated books.
Planet of the Apes: so many companies have the license for this franchise. It would be nice to see one of these companies reprint the old Marvel B&W magazine series. Having had the entire series and read it recently, these are great books! There is no doubt in my mind that this series has a whole new fanbase waiting in the wings…
Crossgen: I’m not sure how the new books have sold for Marvel. I haven’t had the chance to read them yet. I would love to see them collect the older material, in particular Negation. Tony Bedard and Paul Pelletier lead the way with the rest of the talents on this truly amazing Sci-Fi epic…
As i write this I know I’m forgetting some other truly great books…Hopefully, higher-ups at the individual comic companies will see this article and give it a close and reasonable look. I’m looking forward to reading about even more suggestions. Keep them coming people. Any professionals have any suggestions besides their own works? I’d be curious to read about those as well…

I agree that the LEGION 5YL stuff has been criminally ignored.
Two series I would kill to see collected at some point are Max Allan Collins and Terry Beaty’s MS. TREE comics from the 80s and Chuck Dixon’s GREEN ARROW stuff with Connor Hawke. Every issue was like an action movie on the printed page. Good stuff!

Yup, there it is….I agree whole-heartily with Mr. Gray….I knew I’d be forgetting a few…I would include the DC MS. TREE stuff as well. I would also like an omnibus of Robinson’s and Smith’s LEAVE IT TO CHANCE. An amaqzing series that deserves to be collected in a single format.
With DiDio and Dixon not seeing eye to eye these days, I do hold out hope for the GREEN ARROW collections as well some day….

If it was was published by DC. written by John Ostrander and came out in the 80’s or 90’s it was uncollected
(I’m looking at you suicide squad, the spectre, and Hawkworld,)
not to mention
Green lantern mosaic
Walt simonson’s Orion run
Bronze age superman (about 75% is uncollected which is a shame it was a great time for supes)
untold tales of spiderman which to date has only had the first 8 issues collected
John wagner/Alan Grant/Norm Breyfogle Detective comics
the past decade or so of Judge Anderson stories

Here’s what *I’d* LOVE to see collected:

The Complete Fred Toole & Al Wiseman ‘Dennis The Menace” (!!!)

“Nervous Rex” by William Van Horn

Jim Engel’s ‘Dick Duck, Duck Dick” strip from “The Comic Reader”

Chuck Fiala’s ‘Bullet Crow; Fowl of Fortune” also from “The Comic Reader’

And while I’m wishing: Engel and Fiala’s ‘Fandom Confidential’ fumetti feature from, you guessed it, “The Comic Reader”

“Everett True” from “Comics Buyer’s Guide” in the ’80s.

Carl Barks’s scripted-only Junior Woodchucks stories, with the original art by Kay Wright (and other Gold key artists?) or the ones re-drawn in the Barks style by Daan Jippes in the late ’80s/early ’90s….or BOTH!!

The Paul Murry eight-page, three-part Mickey Mouse and Goofy adventures from “Walt Disney’s Comics and Stories”

John Byrnes’s pre-X-Men “Space:1999″ stuff from Charlton.

Mark Evanier’s Hanna-Barbera titles published by Marvel in the ’70s (especially Laff-A-Lympics!).

Oh, wait, I’m sorry; were we only supposed to be talking about superhero stuff from Marvel and DC?? Okay, then:

“Stalker” from DC with art from Steve Ditko, inked by Wally Wood. Let me repeat that: STEVE DITKO, INKED BY WALLY WOOD!! James Robinson remembers ‘Stalker” and had the character be instrumental in reviving the Justice Society in the late ’90s!!

“The Atlantis Chronicles” by Peter David!

“The Micronauts” with art by Michael Golden at the height of his popularity, Mike Vosburg, and (I believe) Butch Guice!

“Hercules Unbound”, DC’s late ’70s post-apocalyptic (!!) Hercules series with art by Wally Wood and Jose Garcia-Lopez!

The late Don Newton’s glorious Captain Marvel (sigh….”Shazam!”) stories from “World’s Finest Comics” back when it was a Dollar Comic!

Mark Evanier and Dan Speigle’s outstanding ‘Blackhawk” run from the early ’80s! Evanier swears, to this day, that the people he spoke to at DC at the time didn’t think that they were even publishing “Blackhawk”!! I find this hard to believe, as I consider it tantamount to DC being unaware that they were publishing a comic book about The Sandman in the late ’80s!!

That’s what I can come up with off the top of my head. I would be overjoyed to have any…but especially all!!…of these collected volumes in my possession!! SOMEBODY PLEASE MAKE IT HAPPEN!!

John D. Hooper

“Mark Evanier and Dan Speigle’s outstanding ‘Blackhawk” run from the early ’80s!
Evanier swears, to this day, that the people he spoke to at DC at the time didn’t think that they were even publishing “Blackhawk”!! ”

They also put out a superb Blackhawk novel by William Rostler during that period.
Rumor is Blackhawk was revived because Steven Spielberg was interested in doing a movie…

How about Malibu’s Ultraverse? Ultraforce, Prime, Mantra…all deserve to be collected!!

Hey, how about collecting all of the Crisis on Infinite Earths cross-overs in one huge omnibus? If so, that should include all of those pre-Crisis Monitor appearances from ’82-’85 in the various DC books of those days!

Some of the serial in Marvel Comics Presents should be collected, like Gerber and Sutton’s Man-Thing, McGregor and Colan’s Black Panther, Moench & Gulacy’s Coldblood. I can’t think of anything else offhand as of this moment. Roger Stern and Sal Buscema’s Hulk in issue 200s should be included as lacking the TPBs. Marv Wolfman and Gil Kane in Action Comics saga about Superman’s struggle vs Vandal Savage was an incredible series for pre-Crisis Superman. I hated the pre-Crisis Superman stories, with an exception. I hunted for the whole Marv Wolfman run in Action Comics with Curt Swan, and the underrated Joe Staton doing the art honors, too.

My never-reprinted favorite:
Thriller, DC Comics, 1983-1984.

Sigh, none of my emailed suggestions were used…

Here they are:

Green Lantern Annual #7 – Pulp Heroes epic adventure story written by Ron Marz

Aquaman #37 – Genesis tie-in where a para-demon from Apokalips gains a soul, written by Peter David with great art by Jim Calafiore

The Demon #0, 52-58 – Pre-Hitman, Garth Ennis and John Mcrea teamed for a short but memorable run on Demon that culminates with these issues: Jason Blood killing Etrigan’s child and then a war between Heaven and Hell.

L.E.G.I.O.N. #1-39 – The Alan Grant run, with plotting assists by Keith Giffen and art by Barry Kitson. A Criminally underrated series that has most likely never been collected because literally every issue ended on a cliffhanger.

Green Lantern #81 – The Final Night epilogue, featuring Hal Jordan’s funeral. Very well handled issue written by Ron Marz.

Let’s do another month of these!

I think of the Rachel Pollack run on Doom Patrol. It would be great if it were reprinted.

I guess DC’s sorta getting around to it, but it’s a crime Milligan’s “Shade : The Changing Man” has been relegated to the quarter bin for so long…

I know this is a bit obscure, but I recall there was a single-panel X-Men strip in the pages of the old Marvel Age called “It’s Genetic” by Kyle Baker. I thought that was quite fun to read, and I do not know if it was ever collected.

If not, it should have been.

I believe it actually was!

Not in a trade, though. In one of those weird “Marvel Milestones” one-shots Marvel did for awhile roughly 5-6 years ago, where they would reprint three barely related comics into one larger comic that they would then not promote at all so no one would even know it came out.

Is it any surprise that most of the selections on this list are from DC?

Great list and hope you do another one in the near future.

Thanks for the info. I’ll have to try and find it. I have one of those that curiously collected the Ditko-drawn “Dragon Lord” story, the first Speedball story and the Professor X precursor story, also drawn by Ditko; dunno why those were collected, but being a Ditko fan, I went for it.

For God Sake’s…. PAD’s and Esteban Maroto’s “The Atlantis Chronicles”… We need a dang hardcover of them right now!

Monolith! by Palmiotti & Winslade.

How about the Black Panther run by Priest? I think it was only the first 6 issues that have been collected and the rest of the series has been lost to the back issue bins.

Marvel has collected darn near anything and everything that they have the rights to, but there are still some fun Ditko books like Speedball and the odds and ends like Dragon Lord that haven’t been collected.

Somebody needs to figure out the rights to the Kirby 2001 series, including the original tabloid. it’s about the only mid 70’s Kirby Marvel work that hasn’t been collected. And they could do the followup Machine Man series even without those rights, since that’s their character (they keep using him anyway, although they do tend to call him X-51 now).

Submariner really needs a second Essentials volume – the first one ends right as the title was finally starting to get a sense of purpose and getting readable. and S.H.E.I.L.D. has been collected, but not as an Essential – it’s noticeable as the only major 60’s Marvel strip that hasn’t been collected as an Essential volume.

For non-Big Two, there are some fun backups that ran in the Charlton books over the years. Wander was a fun “alien in the wild west” strip by Denny O’neill and Jim Aparo that people swear made it worth buying the otherwise generic Cheyenne Kid comic. E-man has never been collected in any sort of permanent form that I know of, and that’s a shame. Especially if you include the backups. Ditko’s Killjoy backups were especially enjoyable.

First Comics’ main series have been collected, primarily by Dark Horse and IDW, but some of their second-tier series have not been, and should be. Dynamo Joe was a fan favorite at the time. But the real missing gem in the First Comics back catalog is Whisper by Steven Grant and various artists. After a shaky start, this series became a fun mixture of spies and martial arts and identity shifts. The status quo was regularly upset, and Grant used some interesting techniques of having multiple narrators at the same time, adding a unique level of complexity to the stories.

Espers was a fun series that has been collected in spurts, but in a very, very confusing manner. This book was published by numerous publishers, and I’m pretty sure that the entire run from any of the publishers was never collected, just certain issues.

Airboy would be collectible in one or two omnibus b&w volumes, and the art would work very well in that mode. You’d want to include some of the spinoffs like Sky Wolf as well, but a lot of the later Valkyrie and crossover specials can be ignored.

The Tim Truman studio books The Prowler and Strike! would also benefit from being collected – these were early revisionism and had a lot of interesting ideas that were never really followed up on.

Fusion was a science fiction series published by Eclipse (“companion” to The Dreamery, which has had some of its strips reprinted over the years) that was very solid and worth re-reading, not to mention collecting.

Scout has been reprinted, but never to the conclusion of the first series, and the War Shaman series has never been reprinted (and I felt that it was much stronger than the first series at the time). I don’t believe that the two mini-series set in the Scout universe between the two Scout series have ever been reprinted either.

And now for DC: it is a crime that the original Secret Six miniseries has never been reprinted. This series started with a bang on the cover of the first issue and never let up through its initial run. I re-read this run fairly regularly and come to appreciate it more with every re-reading.

related to that, the last couple issues of the original Blackhawk run, edited by Dick Giordano, deserve to be collected just so the 60’s Blackhawk is not forever remembered for the horrible superhero version. The Evanier/Spiegel run from the 80s is an absolute must to collect at some point. If nothing else, the guest artists that they got for the backups would make an easy to sell volume. However, the new 52 version, which appears to be in shambles already before the first issue comes out, will most likely sour the suits on anything with the name Blackhawk. the Pasko/Burchett series that followed the Chaykin mini-series was also fun, and might make for a nice Showcase volume.

I’m sure the rights are a tangled mess, but the !mpact books like The Fly and the Black Hood were fun and worth collecting.

Electric Warrior from Moench and Jim Baikie would actually be a perfect Showcase volume. It’s 18 issues long, and Baikie primarily drew for b&w British books, so his art should work well in that mode. Plus, the series has a definite conclusion, so it really is a one volume book with some interesting ideas. this may have been a creator-owned book, and if so, it doesn’t depend on DC to decide to reprint it.

speaking of Baikie, he and Brian Augustyn did a three issue “bookshelf” format book called Black Mask in the early 90s that I remember fondly. Streets by James Hudnall and various artists was another of the experiments that DC put out in the “bookshelf” format at the end of the 80’s/start of the 90’s. The Score by Gerard Jones and Marc Badger was another interesting experiment from that time, but if I recall correctly, that one had problems with the ending.

Christopher Priest’s series Xero deserves to be reprinted – some interesting plot and storytelling experiments in this series. Like the oft-mentioned 5 years later LSH series, this was a book that you often had to read at least twice to catch everything going on.

El Diablo was another Gerard Jones series with some of Mike Parobeck’s earliest art. the art should work well in b&w, so this is another potential Showcase volume, as there were less that two years of the original series. This street-level hero had a multi-cultural angle and a Texas/Southwest setting much earlier than the current Blue Beetle series. The series also had several “mini-series within the series” that took on larger societal issues. The story from issues 4-7 called “The Storm” was incredibly powerful and deserves to be reprinted by itself if there’s no call for the entire series. The rest of the series never reached these heights again, but those issues alone call for this book to be remembered.

I also have fond memories of Brave Old World from Vertigo and William Messner-Loebs. Vertigo seems to be collecting some of their four issue minis in the new Vertigo Resurrected line, so I hope this one comes up soon.

Given how much gets collected anymore, it is pretty amazing that so much worthy material still remains uncollected. But we can dream and write about them, right?

Bay City JIve?

Ah, the only person who could have possibly liked Bay City Jive was the guy who wrote it! ;)

I liked Puffed, did that get collected?

Gail Simone’s Deadpool and Agent X run. Everything else is stupid.

I’ve often wondered why the first Squadron Supreme stories haven’t been given a volume (Their early Avengers & Defenders appearances)
And I know it will never happen but I would love an Essential tpb or an Omnibus edition of 2001: A Space Odyssey and Machine Man (through Kirby’s run on MM that is)

Master of Kung Fu.

Agree with the above writer that Evanier’s BLACKHAWK run deserves to be printed again, either in trades or hardcover verions. That has to be my favorite runs of the ‘hawks since DC bought the characters.

I would also like to see trade versions of Evanier’s character, CROSSFIRE. Not just the Eclipse material but all of the material. Include all the text pieces that Mark wrote for the books as well. Again, some of my favorite material.

Add on to my list the following:

JUSTICE SOCIETY OF AMERICA. The revival series that featured the artwork of Mike Parobeck.

Marvel’s Sledgehammer, Superpro, US-1. and Team America. They have re-published EVERY OTHER page they’ve ever printed 5x over and I think this is all that’s left for them.

I would snap up a Legion 5YL omnibus the second it was set on the shelves. It was a densely plotted years long storyline in which there didnt seem to be a need to keep a status quo and anything could and did happen. Loved this book!

I have a lot of the individual issues but I would love to see Dematties first run on Spectacular Spidey collected. Some of the best comic stories I have ever read. Especially the child within.

to add to Tom Hunter’s statement up above – when they reprint Evanier/Spiegel’s Blackhawk run, they could also reprint the two or three final Dick Giordano edited issues of the original run. They were such good comics, and DC clearly didn’t give that team enough time – the sales results could not have come in yet by the time it was cancelled.

and again responding to Tom Hunter – the Evanier text pieces from his Eclipse and Epic series absolutely need to be reprinted – that seems like something About Comics would be able to do – I believe they did a couple of reprints of Evanier stuff from Eclipse already.

Ditko’s run on Machine Man after it was unexpectedly brought back was also pretty solid. Along with the earliest issues of the Hulk, Machine Man is one of the few Marvel books that had both Kirby and Ditko interpretations of the character so close together.

Francisco Xavier González Muñoz

September 22, 2012 at 2:08 pm

Several years ago, after buying the 4 volumen “Jack Kirby’s Fourth World Omnibus”, I thought it would be worth if DC would publish all the “New Gods before COIE” related comics. After all, those issues were written by Denny O’neil, Gerry Conway, Steve Englehart, Steve Gerber, Bob Haney… and drawn by Rich Buckler, Don Newton, Marshall Rogers, Michael Golden, Dick Dillin, George Pérez, Jim Aparo, Mike Vosburg, Arvell Jones.

I called it the “Apocryphal Jack Kirby’s Fourth World Omnibus”…

The list of comics that I find would belong are these:
1st Issue Special 13,
Secret Society of Super-Villains 2-4,
DC Comics Presents 12,
(Return of the) New Gods 12-19,
Super-Team Family 15,
Mister Miracle 19-25,
Adventure comics 459, 460,
Justice League of America 183-185,
The Brave and the Bold 112, 128, 138.

Image’s 1963 books.:) – I’d love to see a trade of it.

and Blackthorn’s Star Wars 3-D

I think the last 12 issues or so of Ed Brubaker’s Catwoman were never collected. It’s pretty awful given that the final issue that is collected ends on a bit of a cliffhanger, so I never got the conclusion to the whole Egyptian cult story.

How about Dalgoda and the Bruce Jones-Brent Anderson Ka-Zar? And Englehart’s Justice League.

I would really like to see the stories from Assistant Editor’s Month collected. They had the Avengers on Letterman, Fred Hemrick pencil an issue of Peter Parker (almost all of it), John Byrne testifying at Reed’s trial. My personnal favorite was Crystar. The castles of the rival factions ended up right next to each other. It was a fun story.

Doom Patrol 64-87 by Rachel Pollack

Hows about Marvel get their act together and release the second half of Greg Pak and Fred Van
Lente’s Alpha Flight series!

Somebody at DC… will you PLEASE finish the Crisis on Multiple Earths trade paperbacks. You only have from 1981 to 1985 left to cover and the stories range from 2 to 3 issues except for the 5 part 1982 JLA/JSA/All-Star Squadron crossover.

Pretty please with a DCnU cherry on top?

master of kung fu

How about Captain Action by Gil Kane and Wally Wood? I’ve got ‘em stashed in the ragged originals from my childhood, but everyone should see these! And I certainly spring for a bookshelf edition. The rights are probably a nightmare, but still. . .

How about Atlantis Chronicles

To the guy who mentioned Untold Tales Of Spider-Man: there is an omnibus out now.

How Come Batman 332 thru 335 “The Lazarus Affair” have never been collected? all the other Ras al Ghul stories have been collected, why not this one?

How come we have a run-amok spambot on all these threads today? The universe has many mysteries, dear wingnut…

This thread returns!
Master of Kung Fu is licensing hell – IDW ought to sieze this one
Rest of Scout original series, and War Shaman YES!
The full Ann Nocenti Daredevil run 236, 238 to 291 – only the Typhoid Mary and “Lone Stranger”-Inferno arcs are in TPB.

John Ostrander’s Spectre, Suicide Squad and Martian Manhunter.

Don’t forget the Ostrander’s Firestorm run. Although, I liked the happy-go-lucky Firestorm of Conway’s, the Ostrander issues are too damn good.
Other series that should be collected is the Moench and Broderick’s Captain Marvel at the end of the series and Marvel Spotlight issues.
I agree with someone who mentioned DeMatteis’ run on Spectacular Spider-Man.
Legion’s 5 year later stories blew my mind when it came out, it made me see the true spirit of the Legion more than the long-time run.
Mike Barr and Trevor von Eeden’s Green Arrow mini, as well as some issues in the Dollar Comics version of World’s Finest Comics should be collected.
Cavalieri and Staton issues of Hunress still is a great reading today. Can’t stand the recent pre New 52 version of Hunress.
Again, reading the Wolfman issues of the pre-Crisis Superman in Action Comics are strongly recommended.

I always love how I can figure out what old piece got put up over the weekend on the main CBR site, based on the emails that come into my inbox. Fun.

Anyway, I wanted to comment about Captain Action

@ Steve Leavell: the DC Captain Action run may have been collected. I know that Ed Catto has the rights to the Captain, and I talked with him at a con a few years back, and he mentioned that he was working on getting that collected. It actually sounded like it was not as hard as you’d think.

I’m also thinking that the book has actually come out. However, I can’t find it on Moonstone Books’s site, so I’m not sure. Hopefully Ed will come on here to enlighten us!

Another vote for one of my favorite runs of all time : The Bierbaum 5YG LSH ! Groundbreaking.

Yes, the Evanier Blackhawks.

The first volume of Warlord

I like that idea of the Fourth World appearances being collected.

Another vote for Master of Kung Fu

and Everett True from Comic Buyers Guide

All-Star Squadron

Not Brand Ecch !

some Bill Mantlo collections

Howard Chaykin’s “Midnight Men”, “Blackhawk”, “Twilight” (plus that western he did for Disney comics in Europe), pretty much every mini-series by Moench and Gulacy (plus “Master of Kung-Fu”…can’t they just change” Fu Manchu” to the Yellow Claw and run with it?) the full run of “Tomb of Dracula” in TPB, and oh, I could go on and on.

I wish DC/Vertigo would finish releasing the collected Sandman Mystery Theatres. Published 8 volumes that included 52 of the 70 issue run! how can just not publish those last 18 issues? even for completionist sake.

“The Search” section of “Knightquest” has never been reprinted. Even in those massive “Complete” graphic novels DC put out recently. It just completely ignores how Bruce Wayne’s back heals entirely and ONLY includes the bits from “The Crusade” with Jean Paul Valley.

The One and Only

July 20, 2014 at 7:22 pm

Marvel’s complete run of the SHOGUN WARRIORS#1-20.
MANPHIBIAN’S first appearance, and only one for quite awhile in Marvel’s LEGION OF MONSTERS#1.

The One and Only

July 20, 2014 at 7:29 pm

Kurt Busiek’s & Tom Grummet’s POWER COMPANY for DC Comics.
Both of Karl Kesel & Tom Grummet’s SUPERBOY runs. Especially “Hyper-Tension” and “The Evil Factory.” Along with the YOUNG JUSTICE “Sins of Youth” storyline which ties into the Evil Factory arc.
A collection of the INVASION tie-in issues from DC’s 1988 event.

Definitely agree with a lot of the choices.

Seconding ones I’ve seen mentioned: Rom, Micronauts, Shogun Warriors, Marvel’s 70’s Godzilla, Master of Kung-Fu, the Parobeck JSA (in fact, I’d love an omnibus edition that included the prior Strazewski-written JSA 8-issue limited series as well) and Power Company.

Color collections of the All-Star Squadron, as opposed to only the Showcase versions being available.

John Ostrander and Kim Yale’s Manhunter series.

Kupperberg’s Checkmate series from the 80’s

The Conway/Broderick Fury of Firestorm

Ostrander’s Firestorm, especially the final stretch when he was paired with Mandrake (the rest was very good, but once Mandrake came aboard it became stellar… the Elemental War storyline is a personal favorite).

Grant and Semeiks’ runs on both the Demon and Lobo series.

The 5YL Legion.

The Waid, Peyer and McCraw post-Zero Hour run, from both LOSH and Legionnaires.

Abnett and Lanning’s run on Legion.

… And give us Peter David Visionaries Hulk vol. 9-however many it takes to finish with the Gary Frank penciled issues/Pantheon conclusion up to at least 425/426 already, Marvel!

Will Pfeifer and Patrick Gleason’s Aquaman American Tidal/Sub Diego arc.

People say that Geoff Johns finally made Aquaman ‘badass’/’cool’ – I disagree. Pfeifer did it here. Really compelling Mad Max/Waterworld-esque scenario. Loved it when it first came out, and disappointed to have never seen it since.

There is so SO much DC can collect and republish but probably won’t, which is sad.

John Ostrander and Keith Giffen wrote so much great stuff with Suicide Squad, Firestorm, Spectre and Legion (more Baxter and ANY 5 YL stuff would be so great).

Then there are series just flat out ignored yet trotted out every 5 or 6 years to be “tried out again” to no avail. Like Outsiders (seriously Mike W. Barr had two good runs on it before it got trashed by others) or Infinity Inc. (one hardcover labeled Vol. One, and then nada). Or Gerry Conway on the “Detroit League” or “Firestorm” with the awesome Pat Broderick)….

DC only cares about Superlame, Batmoody-man, and anything Geoff Johns poops out. :(

and don’t get me started on their Vertigo runs (really, can’t do any more Shade or Doom Patrol?)

anyhoo, enough ranting, i’ll go now…..


Thanks for showing so much love for Bill Loebs’ run on Flash. However, I’d like to point out that Mike Baron’s run deserves to be reprinted as well. He created some great characters: Tina McGee, Jerry McGee (aka Speed Demon), The Chunk, Blue Trinity, Red Trinity, The Kilg%re, etc. Issues #1-6 of his run were particularly strong.

The Wayne Dynasty issues by Joe Staton:

The Brave and the Bold 197
“The Autobiography of Bruce Wayne!”

DC Super stars 17
“The Secret Origin of the Huntress”

Adventure Comics 461-462
“Only Legends Live Forever!”

I would like to put in my vote for Denny O’Neil’s Daredevil run, from DD #194-226.

I think they may have collected some of those issues in a volume called “Fog” (with art by David Mazzuchelli) but it’d be fun to see some more. The Micah Synn story was a nice arc that would make a fine TPB.

In the “we can dream” category, I’d put down Andy Helfer’s Shadow run. Just re-read it recently, it remains a delight.

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