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Almost Hidden – Tales From the Bully Pulpit!

Even with this large amount of comic books that have been collected in trade paperbacks, there are still a number of great comic books that have never been reprinted (I’d say roughly 60% of them are DC Comics from the 1980s through the mid-1990s). So every day this month I will spotlight a different cool comic book that is only available as a back issue. Here is an archive of the comic books featured so far.

I want you folks to e-mail me at bcronin@comicbookresources.com with your suggestions for comics that I should feature this month. I’d like to see what you all would like to see get more attention.

Reader Geoff suggested the sadly out-of-print 2004 graphic novel, Tales From the Bully Pulpit, by Benito Cereno and Graeme MacDonald. An out-of-print original graphic novel is a bit different than what I normally write about here, but hey, Tales From the Bully Pulpit WAS a cool story! So here ya go, Cereno and MacDonald’s tale of one of the toughest U.S. Presidents of all-time, Theodore Roosevelt!


Tales From the Bully Pulpit is delightfully simple in its awesomeness.

Theodore Roosevelt steals a time machine from HG Wells and travels to the year 2000, where he gets help from the ghost of Thomas Edison to improve the time machine to go to the future to fight someone Roosevelt presumes must be Hitler…

Of course, though, when they end up in the far off future (the year 2008), it turns out that it is, indeed, Hitler…

and he has bad news for the people of Mars…

TR and Edison head to Mars to protect the Martians, and through the power of time travel, both sides add to their rosters…

I think you can tell from the art and the dialogue of these pages that this is just a rollicking good time featuring a bunch of famous historical figures.

My guess is that if they ever do a sequel, it would be packaged with the original and released together. So get on that, Benito Cereno! You are a very cool comic book writer – we need to see more work from you!!

I just looked on Amazon, these bad boys are going for a LOW price of $48! How does some company not see that and realize that that basically says, “You will make some money reprinting this”!?!?!


Haha that looks awesome!

My comic book guy recommended this to me when I was on a time-traveling kick a few years back. Great fun that left me wanting more. And, as a linguistics graduate, I loved the Hitler’s unbridled mix of Spanish, German, and English.

another title i was waiting for to show up on this list mostly for the part of having two former presidents travel through time all to stop hitler. not to mention all the team ups of history hope the thing winds up back in print some day

Why is this not back in print? This is Atomic Robo before Atomic Robo was Atomic Robo.

This book is brilliant. Brilliant.

Ho…lee…SHIIIIIIIT!!! How have I never heard of this til now. This is a thousand, thousand kinds of awesome!!!

Isn’t Cereno doing some new Tick stuff for NEC? They oughta reprint this.

I’d heard good things about this, and now seeing it, I want it!

I can highly recommend this to anyone discovering it for the first time. It’s a rare instance of one of these brilliant-dumb “high concepts” that actually holds up in the execution. It really leaves you wanting more Edison/Roosevelt adventures.

Michael M Jones

August 15, 2011 at 3:35 am

I spent ages trying to find an affordable copy of this, and was thrilled when I finally succeeded. It’s a real hoot of a story.

Fantastic book. I’d recommend looking at your LCS, I always see a copy or two whenever I check out a smaller store’s graphic novels/trades section. Usually going for cover price. This is how I have two copies.

This is probably one of the best comics I have ever read. I am going to have to dig it out and re-read it this weekend.

The guys responsible for this also did two issues of an awesome series called ‘Hector Plasm’ about a guy who hunts ghosts. They come well recommended.

I’m thinking a crossover with “Time Lincoln”

This is available on Comixology. It’s where I got my copy, and it’s just as good as Cronin makes it sound. So there’s that…

I am fairly certain We have read this same type of assertion elsewhere, it needs to be more popular with the public.

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