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I Love Ya But You’re Strange – Batman and…Owlman!?!?

Every day this August I’ll be spotlighting strange but ultimately endearing comic stories, one a day (basically, we’re talking lots and lots of Silver Age comic books). Here is the archive of past installments of this feature.

Today we look at a tale from Batman #107 where Batman gets a new partner…Owlman! But is he really a NEW partner?!?

This story, which was written by Bill Finger and drawn by Sheldon Moldoff and Stan Ksye, opens up in a foolish fashion…

First off, I love that Superman does not want to risk his own life by opening the container but he’s cool with Batman and Robin handling. Secondly, why is Robin not wearing any safety gear?!?

In any event, the gas makes Dick Grayson grow to manhood. He now needs a new identity…

TWO Batmen?!!? ThHat idea would never work!

So Owlman debuts…

I love how Batman wishes so badly that he could spank Dick, but Dick is just too big now!

After his inexperience leads to a screw-up, Dick tries to prove himself by single-handedly taking down the bad guys…

(I like that Hal Jordan has some company in the laughable head injury department)

Since Finger later introduced the anti-Batman from the Crime Syndicate as being named Owlman, I presume this story stuck with him.


Even as a grown man, Silver Age Dick Grayson just can’t escape those short pants.

randypan the goatboy

August 21, 2011 at 8:54 am

I would tan his hide if he wasnt so big…awkward pause…uhhh. I got nothing

“Blast! There are only ten million people in this city–what are the odds that Owlman would turn out to be somebody we don’t recognize?”

I thought Gardner Fox created Owlman for the Crime Syndicate.

I knew all my time messing around on office furniture would lead to a career somehow. I now know that career is in crime-fighting!

Yes, the Crime Syndicate Owlman was created by Gardner Fox.

Batman uses an OFFICE CHAIR to take out a henchman? Jeez, his name must be mud in prison. “LOL, Batman didn’t even bother wasting a batarang on Larry, he just shoved a chair in his general direction and down Larry went! You really should have seen it. I’ll be manraping him again later this afternoon, care to join me?”

Dick Grayson would make a great Power Ranger, considering that his regular clothes have the exact color scheme as his Robin costume.

“You’re no man, Robin! You think like a boy, act like a boy!” says Batman as he rides a wheeled office chair around the room like a ten year old.

“Batman wishes so badly that he could spank Dick, but Dick is just too big now!” is a really great line when you read it out loud.

In my understanding, it would seem that there is a developing Super Hero in the making. The Batman and Superman Worlds seem to collide with one another…mostly played out in The Batman Universe. Under the person a of “Owlman”, we see Dick Grayson’s transform into a Superman like direction, but is not in sync with The Batman Universe. Perhaps this is why “OwlMan” will have to develop on it own?

Edward Moch
A Cousin to Bob Kane

I love how Batman won’t let grown up Dick fight crime with him because he has a kid’s mind, but was totally okay with allowing him when he was a kid in mind and body.

Wow, nearly incomprehensibly out of sync with 21st century adult-child relationships — it comes from an era long before any of us were alive, when kids could take it for granted that the adults in their lives would protect them both from the dangerous world and from their own impulses and when adults felt an obligation to live up to that responsibility! You won’t find such kids or adults in this day and age.

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