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I Love Ya But You’re Strange – That Time Aquaman Fought a Giant Killer Rabbit…

Every day this August I’ll be spotlighting strange but ultimately endearing comic stories, one a day (basically, we’re talking lots and lots of Silver Age comic books). Here is the archive of past installments of this feature.

Today we look at the time that Aquaman was attacked by a giant killer bunny rabbit.

I don’t know who wrote this 1948 story from Adventure Comics #124. The pencils and inks are by Louis Cazeneuve.

The story opens with two scientists working out a formula to make giant animals. One is planning on this for a good reason while the other has less admirable ideas…

So the giant water snake is essentially a sea monster and Aquaman fights him a little bit and then investigates how the creature came about. This leads him to the evil scientist and one of the greatest fights in Aquaman’s history…

You know it is pre Comics Code the way the bad guy dies pretty gruesomely.

So now Aquaman has to stop the sea serpent, and we all know Aquaman’s greatest tool, right? The hand grenade!!!

Note that Aquaman’s finny friends save him withOUT him telling to!


Jimmy Carter would be proud.

But…but what happened to the rabbit?

They don’t say, but this being the Golden Age, Aquaman probably just snapped its neck.

I admire your restraint at not trying to force a Monty Python joke involving the killer rabbit and the hand grenade.

I think that bunny is gonna be one of the bad guys in the DC relaunch, it has lot’s of potential :D


The whole thing is reminding me of a Tony Millionaire comic.

And somewhere, a small boy gets the idea that would one day become “Night of the Lepus.”

“More oil, Nurse!” — Willie

I love that the scientist climbs the rabbit with a ladder.

om seeing that aquaman page shows that dc comics were nuts back then a giant rabbit. vs aquaman . and aquaman just gives it carrots. talk about quick fighting. not to mention dc really seemed to want to have aquaman fight any thing.

Oh my God, this comic has turned my world upside down! My new meaning in life is to convince Warner Brothers Animation to adapt this story with the Aquaman from Batman: The Brave and the Bold.

“A giant rabbit? OUTRAGEOUS!!!”

So sad that in just a few weeks this story will no longer be canon.

At least it teaches kids the natural consequences of riding giant bunnies….
Also, you have to love that the professors who created a sea monster were “Leach,” and “Ness.” Marginally more subtle than a Dr. Loch I guess.

And finally, Scientists have to be more careful about the company they keep when they exclaim monumental findings. I mean look at Leach, so shifty… clearly the type to get all stabby on you whilst taking a romantic walk along the shore line.

ahahahahahaha! great.

“The rabbit died.”

Did Aquaman have yellow gloves then, or was that a coloring mistake?

So Aquaman can’t control sea serpents telepathically? I thought he could control them.

So sad that in just a few weeks this story will no longer be canon.

I’m pretty sure it’s safe to say this story hasn’t been considered canon long before the DCnU reboot.

I actually prefer Aquaman with the yellow gloves.

Aquaman’s body is “oil-sheathed”.
Carry on…

No, Mad Monkey, Aquaman’s body is “oil-sheathed” when he wrestles with the giant snake.

One of the few times where a hero actually is seen making unusual preparations, instead of pulling some ridiculous device out of his Utility Belt.

“I need to oil up before I go out on this mission!”

“In case the giant sea serpent tries to crush you in its coils?”

“Umm… yeah! That too!”

The story does offer some insight as to how Per Degaton kept getting hired as an assistant for every scientist who had a time machine project.

Superman says, “What? A giant bunny rabbit? I don’t know just send Aquaman!”

‘A harmless water snake’? What’s that? Sea snakes (of all kinds) have among the deadliest venom in the snake world.

And they are not constrictors!

That still looks like a fun story, though.

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