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I Love Ya But You’re Strange – Hey Look, It’s Batman Jones!

Every day this August I’ll be spotlighting strange but ultimately endearing comic stories, one a day (basically, we’re talking lots and lots of Silver Age comic books). Here is the archive of past installments of this feature.

Today we look at the first (and so far only) appearance of Batman Jones!

Appearing in Batman #108, written by Bill Finger with artwork by Sheldon Moldoff and Charles Paris, Batman Jones has a great origin….

Forget the idea of naming the kid Batman. That’s actually pretty normal. But Batman sticking around to build the kid a crib? Huh? Batman being in action long enough for a baby born after Batman’s career started to now be about Robin’s age? Huh? Companies sending presents to a kid with Batman’s name? Huh?

Things get better when Batman Jones shows up on a case Batman and Robin are working and totally figures out where the missing statue is!!

Batman Jones is naturally quite pleased with himself, which pisses Robin off. Batman then takes him to the Batcave to teach him a lesson…

Batman’s plan is to show him how tough it is being a crimefighter by using some of their old cases to test Batman Jones (with the idea being that he’ll fail miserably and quit, now knowing how tough it is being a crimefighter). Instead, the kid nails every test!

Thus, Batman is forced to do what no one ever wants to do – he tells on the kid to his mother…

Isn’t that awesome? Batman Jones learns no lesson. Hilarious. It also must make Robin feel dumb, as Batman Jones is as good (if not better) than him with little to no real training.

Batman Jones should really be a cast member in Batman Incorporated!


Batman Jones should come back in some form.

There actually was an appearance by Batman Jones recently, in Tony Daniel’s Battle for the Cowl, but he was just some seemingly insane Batman fan in a ski mask and hoodie interviewed on the news. Honestly, I’d have preferred he hadn’t been brought back than brought back like that.

Because I always loved Batman Jones. When the whole Red Circle thing started I was secretly hoping it would somehow lead to a Bob Phantom & Batman Jones team-up.

Batman Jones is savvy enough to know that where there are giant props, crime will inevitably follow. It’s a wonder that the Gotham PD never banned giant typewriters and cash registers.

I remember when you did the Legends Revealed about Jughead’s hat. But just in case anyone needed more evidence that those hats were once common.

They should totally put Batman Jones in Batman Inc. Hells yeah!

What I love is that Batman doesn’t even TRY to dissuade the mother from naming the kid “Batman”. “Gee, ma’am, I’m awful flattered, but isn’t a kid named Batman gonna get a lot of flack?”

I’ll one up Buttler — Batman Jones should have teamed up with Herbie.

I love the moral-less ending, especially how this kid finds stamp collecting more stimulating than detective work.

Ok, so the giant drill would be a substantial investment, but you know, it drills, master plan an’ all. But giant working buffer? Was that just for consistency, or did they intend on leaving that exhibit spotless?

Also, Batman will apparently seize any and all opportunities to display a flashy new outfit. I do love how the crooks first thought is that the statue has come to life, then processes that it is in fact Shiny Batman punching him in the face. Mission accomplished Batman!

That. Is. Awesome. I third the motion for Batman Jones in Batman, Inc. BUT I ALSO want to see Bruce building bat-furniture for needy families in an upcoming issue of Leviathan.

always found it interesting that batman wound up with a kid named after him. surprised grant never brought batman johnes back in the dcu in his batman run like a grown up or a teen version.

Well it’s going to be hard to bring him back now seeing as how the new Batman’s only been around for five years… (rolls eyes)

Well it’s going to be hard to bring him back now seeing as how the new Batman’s only been around for five years… (rolls eyes)

Well, at the time this story was published Batman couldn’t have been at it more than 5 years either in comic book time.

Now, some writer will see this and come up with a story where The Joker tries to get to Batman by horribly mutilating, and murdering Batman Jones, which of course, will be shown in full disgusting detail.

Well it’s going to be hard to bring him back now seeing as how the new Batman’s only been around for five years… (rolls eyes)

No harder than Damian, really. I’ll be curious to see how/if they explain his existence.

I don’t see what the big deal about the name is. Why, the non-superhero career possibilities are endless for Batman Jones: he could become a pro cricketer, an airport employee in charge of guiding planes in to a safe landing, or a biochemist specializing in analyses of methylated DNA immunoprecipitation. He could even move to Australia or Turkey and enter politics.

they skip over the scenes of him getting his ass handed to him by schoolyard bullies for such a stupid name…

randypan the goatboy

August 22, 2011 at 11:35 am

The existence of damian wayne will set up what is being called the fourth chapter of the crisis trilogy…crisis 4 the apology. When asked about the inconsistencies that come from the reboot jim lee was quoted as saying” Im Jim Lee, i cant be bothered with details.” get out of my face before i render 25 years of your continuity moot and useless.”…damien wayne will be revealed to be Batman Jones and the things about the rebooted continuity that are confusing and stupid will be null and void. this of course will lead to an even bigger reboot. the goal of the newer reboot is to somehow make the older fans happy while bringing in new readers. this will be accomplished by making everything we have been doing since 1986 seem new by changing a few costumes and giving everyone a better haircut.

I love the idea that there’s a smarter Batman-type out there but he’s just more interested in stamps these days.

It’s like how Sherlock Holmes had a smarter brother.

…Anyone else get a hint of “encourage your kid to like Batman, they’ll grow up into a smart and able detective”?

LOL Jones figured out those cases pretty quick, he really should be brought back

What gets me is Jones parents let him run around in tights in the 1940’s or 50’s! Hmmm! But with a bent for investigation he’s a blond plus his last name is Jones. Might he be related to Scooby Doo’s pal Fred Jones? Now I can see why Batman & Robin has taken an interest in Mystery Inc. affairs from time to time.

"Bat" Gus Arnstrom

August 23, 2011 at 4:32 am

I think this was a cute story. It shows the wamr side of Batman. Heck, that kid could have been me.

If not because of his name, I figure the neighborhood bullies beat Jones to a pulp the first time they saw him in costume. How could they resist thrashing “Batman”?

P.S. If Bruce Wayne has been Batman only five years, when did he conceive Damian?

P.S. If Bruce Wayne has been Batman only five years, when did he conceive Damian?

In 8th grade or so.

I went to college with a guy named Batman. He was a second on the football team.

Just sayin’. Any name can get a kid made fun of. If you try to make a name that kids can’t mock, you’ll end up with a nameless child.


To me, Batman Jones sounds like the name of a blues musician.

When Grant Morrison leaves DC, they’ll probably retcon Damian as a clone of Bruce Wayne and Ra’s Al Ghul, or they’ll wipe him out with yet another Crisis/reboot.

Batman has, at times, been established as having been in the business before Superman (in the John Byrne reboot). Damian can exist because while it’s never been stated outright, Batman took Dick Grayson under his wing when he must have been no more than ten, and now Dick can smoke and drink (if he wanted to) and do the horizontal mambo with Barbara Gordon, Starfire, etc. Forget about Ollie Queen, it’s Bruce and Dick who are the major horndogs of the DCU (doubtless overcompensating for those nasty rumors).

>>Batman Jones is savvy enough to know that where there are giant props, crime will inevitably follow. It’s a wonder that the Gotham PD never banned giant typewriters and cash registers.

Because of the fierce and terrifying political and economic clout of the Gotham Oversize Advertising Company, run by a shadowy gentleman known only as C. Oldenberg.

Batman Jones= Not as
stupid as Bat-mite.

john roberson: &/or the city has a frickton of oversized novelty objects left over from a fair they insist exhibitions use in order to justify the original purchase

I was thinking Batman Jones was some horrible caricature of a 70’s era Black man…..glad I was wrong!

The story was 1957 so yeah, Batman could have been around long enough to let the boy grow up. That makes no sense in terms of Robin but as a kid who started reading comics in the early sixties, that never seemed like an issue (the same way nobody has to explain how James Bond has had a license to kill for 50 years now).

Uh oh, he’s developed a fondness for stamps? That bodes ill. In the DC universe, the only reason anyone demonstrates an above-average interest in ANYTHING is so they can become a Batman of Flash villain. Yeah, we’ll be seeing Jones again someday…as PHILATO-LAD!

@SteveAsat: …With a 2 year fugue state where he’s known as “Fellato-Boy” !

Rob Schmidt:
>If Bruce Wayne has been Batman only five years, when did he conceive Damian?

Damian’s aging was accelerated by Talia.

She also has a clone of Damian in a giant tube waiting for some opportune moment.

Four score and seven minutes ago, I read a sweet artelci. Lol thanks

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