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Comic Critics #173!

Here is the latest installment of the Comic Critics strip, courtesy of Sean Whitmore (writer) and Brandon Hanvey (artist)! You can check out the first hundred and seventy-two strips at the archive here and you can read more about Sean and Brandon at the Comic Critics blog.


Let us know what you think, either here or at the ComicCritics blog!


Hah. Love the subtext on this one.

love the swipe at venom being the reason spider man three was a mess. though never thought josh would be a carnage guy.

Hehe, Venom was one of the few good parts about Spider-Man 3.

No, Venom was pretty bad. But yeah, that movie had way worse problems.

Not enough Venom was the problem (or one of the problems)

Too much symbiote, altogether.

Movie tried to stuff too much into it… I still maintain that if Spider-Man took a page out of Harry Potter and filmed 3 focusing on Sandman with an undercurrent of the suit slowly taking over Peter and ending with Peter ripping off the symbiote then ending the movie with it falling on Eddie and a flash of teeth….

Then making 4 a Venom vs Spidey with Harry’s redemption being the undercurrent… we’d all look at it in a better light…

As far as the comic goes, this is too true Josh. I been there so much matter of fact that on AfroNerd’s site, I had to blog an apology for the ComicShoppe show prior because I let my emotions make me a rambling mess and totally bogarted my co-hosts’ time….. Passion vs Reason and Rationality… when it comes to comic/sci-fi talk, it is a very easy line to not only cross but trample upon…

Once again Sean and Brandon, I relate to this so much it’s scary….

Haha! “Rick REMINDER” XD

That movie could have cut out a half hour of footage and still not yet gotten to any difficult omissions. Terrible editing, terribly assembled film.

That’s a weird use of “wherewithal.” It seems like Josh is using it to mean “fortitude,” but I always thought it referred to ability with respect to resources, for example, “such and such country lacked the wherewithal to produce WMDs.”

SPIDER-MAN 3 was two half-baked movies glued together.

It was almost as mixed up as my metaphor.

“That’s a weird use of “wherewithal.” It seems like Josh is using it to mean “fortitude,” but I always thought it referred to ability with respect to resources”

No, it’s the same use, the ‘resources’ here are just Josh’s remaining cognative capabilities.

Great one, guys. You’ve been doing nicely lately.

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