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The JSA Will Return!

Woohoo! Word out of FanExpo is that James Robinson and Nicola Scott will be doing a brand-new Justice Society of America comic book set…on Earth 2!

Will it be set during World War II or in present day – that is the pressing question now. Robinson has said that it will allow him to use characters that were previously killed, so this should be a lot of fun (Sandman, Atom, Starman, Doctor Mid-Nite and more should be back now).

Either way, very cool news to hear of the return of the JSA.

Here’s George Zapata’s Line it is Drawn piece from this past week’s installment

Check out George’s website here and you can read about his upcoming graphic novel project, The 36, here.


Spider Jerusalem

August 27, 2011 at 12:33 pm

Forget those guys. ALAN SCOTT will be back. That’s all that matters.

This is great news: I really wish some one was liveblogging the DC panels from FEC because it sounds like they’re handing out a lot of good info.

No. No. No. We want a JSA on NuDC’s regular Earth,not an alternate reality (Earth-2?) Not gonna buy it if they are starting up this multi-verse crap again.

Really, Sherman? What a strange line to draw in the sand. You’re going to the the JSA. They’ll cross over with the League from time to time anyway. Why does it matter if they’re technically living on the same earth when they don’t typically interact anyway?


August 27, 2011 at 12:42 pm

Earth-2, will there be Earth 2 Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman?

This is the best news I’ve heard since the reboot was announced! Earth 2 has been sorely missed.

Really Really?

I wish the 40 year old crowd would get the fuck out of comic books and stop trying to change things back to the way it was when they were children.

I love the JSA, I am glad they are back but holy shit they are just trying to undo Crisis on Infinite Earths aren’t they?

It’s not that it’s a return to pre-COIE, because this is not it. The thing is: there is NO WAY JSA would continue to work when DC decides to reboot all their major characters to 5 years of experience. How can you link them to a bunch of heroes who were active 80 years ago???
This is the smartest thing DC did with the reboot so far. In fact, I’d have been even crazier and create a new Earth for the reboot and keep the post-COIE timeline as Earth-3 or something like that.

Love this and hope it means there is a true Golden AGe on Earth-2 with Superman, Batman, Robin, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Green Arrow, Speedy, etc….

I honestly don’t care if this takes place on New Earth, Earth-2, Earth Max, or Earth Cherry Vanilla – the JSA is what got me into DC comics in the first place and I’m thrilled to have them back. And as one of the few and beleaguered fans of Robinson’s JLA run, I am quite content with the creative team.

Grant Morrison knew what he was doing when he made Ouroboros a theme in his Batman stories. DC is eating its own tail again and again. I don’t know what the point of this is, besides having something “new” for… two, three years. I love the idea of legacy heroes, of guys who were there in the 40’s and served as models to the new guys who came years later. Not even Roy Thomas is around anymore to enjoy the return of his beloved Earth 2. I don’t know. I guess if the stories are good, I’ll enjoy them, but the guys behind the curtain are exactly the same guys who gave me Infinite amounf of crap in the last 5 years, so all I’m really seeing is a bunch of too old guys who can’t let go of their childhood and still believe decapitations and rape are what being “grown up” means.

@The Ronin: I’d say that everything that DC has done in the Didio regime has been to undo COIE.

Seems like we get to keep our cake and eat it too, with more than one earth. DC can have a ‘revitalized’ cast on Earth-1 and keep older characters on Earth-2. They can even have an Earth-3 where bad guys reign instead of good guys.

i’m 40 years old, been reading comics since i wuz ~5 years old. i love DC for this multi-earth concept, as it alows for the most diversity, along with the most consistancy.

If you don’t like it, don’t read the books that you don’t like, same as always. This gives us the most choice with the least disruption. i like it!

I honestly do not know if I would prefer a JSA series set during World War II, or in the present.

If the new book is set during World War II, that means the JSA will almost certainly be fighting Nazis. The war ended over 65 years ago. And Nazi villains are typically the most one-dimensional of characters/

That said, even if it IS set in the present day, that does not rule out neo-Nazi bad guys. They can be even worse. DC really needs to come up with bad guys for the JSA to fight who have a better motivation than following in Hitler’s footsteps. When I saw the “Fatherland” story arc that was running in Justice Society last year, all I could do was roll my eyes.

Okay, thinking it over, I would prefer World War II, especially if DC didn’t mind changing around some of the historical details of the war, so that events were not set in stone, and we were not one hundred percent certain about what happens next.

JSA? Yeah that’s fine. But the real story? NICOLA SCOTT!

Nicola Scott? Yes! JSA based on Earth-2, where it can be itself and do its own thing? Yes! This sounds awesome!

I was glad that JSA wasn’t part of the new 52 lineup, because frankly, I think the concept was due for a little rest.

And hearing that they’ll be in their own world when they return is even better. Something about them being active in a world with the Justice League just strikes me as completely superfluous.

The real question is, which Robinson will be showing up to work that day?

“That said, even if it IS set in the present day, that does not rule out neo-Nazi bad guys.”

Then you have to work up a new explanation as to how all these 1940s heroes and heroines who fought in WWII and are now in their 80s-100s are kicking butt and looking good in spandex in 2011-2012!

Setting the new series from WWII to around 1970, lets it be part of this new DC universe without all that hassle.
It also creates a time period (1960-2010) for their successors to operate and lead into the present group of heroes who supposedly became active 2005-2011!
It also explains why none of the Golden Age characters are running around in the present.


So even if the story is not fantastic (which it is likely to be, given that it is James Robinson playing in his favourite wheelhouse – remember the The Golden Age miniseries ?) the comic will be worth buying just for the chance to see Nicola work her magic.

As for the whole Earth-2 debate – and 40 year olds f$%^king comics up – who cares where the comic is set as long as the story and art are good ? If you do not like the idea, go back and read some old comics, like Alan Grant and Norm Breyfogle’s run on Detective Comics and Batman, James Robinson on Starman (heck, even Roger Stern’s Will Payton Starman stuff is worth a read), Hawk & Dove by the Kesels and anything written by Denny O’Neill or Steve Engelhart. Old comics have great stories in them too !!!

I just hope that Power Girl and Stargirl are around – – as well as maybe characters such as Helena Wayne, Lyta Trevor, and Obsidian.

I admit I am 53 so I do remember reading Earth-2 stories in my youth. And at the time it seemed a little silly… and COIE was a great “Earth-shaking” story and and dramatic idea (made Marvels Secret Wars look puerile).
But afterwards – a bit of a mess. So many super-heroes crammed into one Earth… Superman the FIRST and mightiest super-hero? Well, yes, apart from all the others. TWO people calling themselves “Green Lantern”? TWO Calling themselves “The Flash”?
I recall an interview with one of the architects of COIE at the time saying that he, like most of the others involved, now regretted it.
So yes – bring back Earth-2 (or something like it). Have a world where Golden Age heroes can still exist without having to be improbably old yet active. Have a world “like, yet strangely unlike our own” where events inexplicably mimic those of Earth-1 (or vice versa) with unpredictable differences.
Make it *fun* (without letting it become ridiculous) and the writers can tell some great stories.

@ Ronin

If it wasn’t for the 40 yr old crowd hanging around, apparently “fucking” up the comics industry there wouldn’t actually be a comics industry for you young, angry whippersnappers to be around for. So just say, “thank you,” and be on your way. A comic is a comic is a comic. Let’s be thankful that they’re still around for all of us to enjoy, be it Earth 1, 2 or 52.

[…] Brian Cronin pointed out, word from the convention is that James Robinson and Nicola Scott are working on the series which […]

@Nataniel – Roy Thomas will probably be surprised to learn that he’s no longer with us.

Anyway, I’m glad the JSA will be around in some form. I hope it’s good!

Wonderful news! I’ve been a JSA fan through all their incarnations, ever since I read one of the early JLA-JSA team-ups in a local Australian reprint back in the mid-60s. It’ll be great to have them back in any form, but particularly if it means the revival of some of the deceased members. I wonder if it will be the “Earth-2″ that was established in a JSa Annual a couple of years ago?

As for the era in which it’s set, here’s a radical suggestion – don’t link the characters to the 1930s-40s & WW2. While that may seem heretical to some, that link is actually comparatively recent. It was _only_ strongly made in a handful of the original All Star Comics adventures – and just about every superhero in the GA encountered the forces of fascism at one time or another!. The linkage didn’t really become part of the “modern” JSA mythos until the Paul Levitz-Joe Staton “Untold Origin” story, from around 1977, and became firmly entrenched with Roy’s “All Star Squadron” in the early 1980s.

You could have an interpretation of the JSA similar to that which existed when they were first reintroduced in the Silver Age – a group of older heroes who were originally active 20-25 years previously. So you could have older heroes (but not worry about them being close to 100!), younger “legacy” heroes, and you wouldn’t have to worry about it being a WW2 nostalgia book with an endless stream of super-powered fascists. Just my two cents…

Hey, I just realised – the new series will drawn by an Aussie , and written by an American-based Brit who lived in Australia as a child (Robinson has mentioned a couple of times that he first encountered the DC Golden Age characters in the local B&W DC reprints that I also grew up on). How about they call it Justice Society of Australia”? : )

I feel that way too, but I imagine that they’ll be using the Earth-2 that was introduced in the “Thy Kingdom Come” story arc from a while back.

What do you mean “Roy Thomas isn’t around”? He’s still alive (at 70), so he’d probably hear about this.

Best damned news to come out of the reboot. James and Nicola + the classic JSA roster = Greatest move since James’ 99 series revival.

Finally. I’m thrilled. :)

I kind of wish they’d just save the JSA for once-a-year JLA team-ups, but if DC is determined to bring them back, setting them on Earth-2 is the way to go. I wonder if they’ll get to use Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman?

George’s piece is SO fitting right now, plus great news!

As much as I love the JSA, how will this work? Is DC even behind this reboot, even if I’m not, other readers care about continuity.

@Jamie, how about not?

How about I not be thankful that they aren’t completely wiping out my favorite characters and instead be pissed off that this is just another example of the old schoolers trying to wipe out everything different then it was during their childhoods. Ignoring the fact that an entire generation or two of comic readers have cropped up since then.

It’s not any one thing, it is time and time again, across both Marvel and DC, though man DC has been bad about it. Some of these things work… like everything with Green Lantern in the last few years, some of these things don’t work. (I am looking at you Joe Quesada)

Yes I am glad the JSA will be back. and I understand they won’t fit into this new narrative on Earth 1 (new earth? earth zero? what are they calling it these days?) But I am still highly annoyed by what looks like the rolling back of the DC universe as I know it, just to give someone else who has had their day already their DCU back.

Also @Jamie We probably both care a lot about these characters and their stories. I am conflicted by this, I am glad the JSA will return, but damn all of this annoys me. So, I tell you what, I will open a good beer, enjoy it and relax, and hope they tell good stories.

I’m good with the idea of an Earth-2. I hope that it will become a repository for other characters I love that don’t fit nicely in the new DCU (Challengers of the Unknown, Metal Men, etc). I think @mcannon is right on the money. The JSA as Reagan-era heroes could work well. The creative team sounds outstanding! Love Scott’s art and as long as we get what Robinson was giving us in Justice League (and not Cry for Justice), this is at the the top of my pull list.

I started reading comics around 1965, but most of my favorites were set in the 1940s.

I’d love to see DC have an entire line of 40s comics. I’ve always thought that Wonder Woman works best in a WWII setting.

@Sean Whitmore “I was glad that JSA wasn’t part of the new 52 lineup, because frankly, I think the concept was due for a little rest.”

Really so. It’s strange, considering that the Robinson-Johns JSA was in lots of ways the launch of the Johns era at DC, and one that defined the aesthetic of the last 10+ years (e.g. “legacy heroes”), but JSA was one of the titles that suffered most post-OYL. After many years of almost-unbroken Johns-at-his-best, it just became dreary and boring in a real hurry, most obviously with the Gog-Magog-Kingdrom-Come-Superman trio taking the book over, followed by a pointless and out of character team split.


August 27, 2011 at 7:02 pm

I’d rather them in the 40s but also reintroducing Infinity Inc as an 80s team on Earth 2 would be grand and the last incarnation of modern JSA as a current era Earth 2 group as well.

Terrific news.

The only times the JSA stuff has worked for me were when Roy Thomas was the boss of Earth-2 and when James Robinson did his GOLDEN AGE and STARMAN work. Making Robinson the de facto successor to Thomas is a stroke of genius.

Plus, Nicola Scott is the perfect partner for him. She gets great “performances” from her characters. That is pretty essential for making the snappy dialog work. Great, great news.

Yeah, OYL was the beginning of the end of my love affair with this version of the Society. By the time the young bucks split off to start their “proactive” splinter team, I had lost all interest with that corner of the DCU.


No, I won’t be getting out of comics any time soon. As you’ve been told the industry would be gone now if not for loyal readers.

I’m going to miss a lot of the characters you are as well, but sweet FSM, kid, you’re not the be all of what should be published.

They’re doing this whole reboot for readers like you. There’s going to be elements thrown in for “old people” like me. It’s called continuity (or a nod to it anyway) and it’s what makes this medium such a marvelous art form.

Wishing the 40 year olds would go away isn’t going to do you a bit of good. You’ll be 40 one day (probably) and you might understand a bit about it then.

I’d love to see a “silver age” 1960’s JSA book!

The JSA comes out of retirement at the request of President Kennedy and take it from there!

hmm better than nothign I geuss…but seems like we’ll still be saying goodbye to the second gen JSA’ers like Pieter Cross, Jesse Chambers and Rick Tyler

Some of the best comic book news I’ve heard in 25 years. Good bye Clutter-Earth, and good riddance.

Holy shit, Ronin, did you even read 52??? Clearly you did not. Otherwise you would know that Earth 2 is one of the 52 universes in the current DCU!

And why is so hard for you to accept a multiverse when Marvel has been successfully publishing the Ultimate U for over a decade? Comments like yours make no sense!

CBR have 2 articles on this – so I’ll just cut and paste what I wrote there. ( This blog at least has the auto email response that I like, where as Robot 6 doesn’t, which is annoying!).

Really pleased that they are bringing back JSA. Scott is an amazing talent and, for everyones sake, lets hope that Robinson brings his A game this time around, cause its been missing for a quite a while. But I will definately pick up the first issue to see.

Heres hoping Obsidian is on the team! Or better yet? an Infinity Inc team with Obsidian, Nuklon, Power Girl, Robin (adult Dick) and Huntress! (and others)…. the team would have so many great characters!! But with some A grade talent too! How about Jeff Parker writing it!?! He is one of my favorite writers and he knows how to write team books (Agents of Atlas and Thunderbolts). :)

Wonder when it will be out? And if this will be part of the second wave of titles? If we are lucky they are announcing it now before the December solicits come out!

Now if they would just bring back the *real* Earth One all would be right with the world.

Easy way to solve the age of the JSA while preserving their WWII history is to steal a page from Earth X. The Nazis win the war on Earth 2. A bunch of 20-something (or younger) costumed heroes appear in 1976 to fight Germany (and Japan and Italy if you like).

The JSA eventually wins, and then fights crime for 15 years until 1991. They then are trapped in Limbo by (insert favorite villain here), finally emerging in 2006 15 years later without having aged a second. In 2011 they are late 30s to mid 40s. This timeline also allows for Infinity Inc. DC can have it so Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, and Starman somehow avoided Limbo. While the other heroes are missing from earth, Robin grows up and takes over as Batman, mentoring Huntress, and Power Girl arrives in her ship as a baby. Starman’s son takes over for his aging father during this time.

Infinity Inc. can be Silver Scarab, Fury, Jade, Obsidian, Damage, Atom Smasher, Sand, and Hourman’s son, maybe a few more.

DC can have “Golden Age” JSA comic first set in the 70s, and an Infinity Inc. one set in modern times.

The key for DC is to set a rule that applies to all comics that one year real time equals one month DCU time. That way all the characters stay young for the next 144 years real time. The JSA comic, however, would be the exception. You can have time pass much faster so that they eventually catch up with the rest of the DCU.

Holy shit, Ronin, did you even read 52??? Clearly you did not. Otherwise you would know that Earth 2 is one of the 52 universes in the current DCU!

To be fair, the current Earth 2 is easy to miss, because they never really did anything with it–unless you count setting half a Power Girl story there that they didn’t even bother to finish.

Thanks for pointing out that Roy Thomas is still alive, I don’t know why I had the idea he was gone for a long time now. My God, not even comic-book creators stay dead for long! :)

Yes I am glad the JSA will be back. and I understand they won’t fit into this new narrative on Earth 1 (new earth? earth zero? what are they calling it these days?) But I am still highly annoyed by what looks like the rolling back of the DC universe as I know it, just to give someone else who has had their day already their DCU back.

It’s worth noting that Robinson’s take on the 1940s characters is a far way from the old-school versions. I’ve read screeds by more than a few “classic” JSA fans who were appalled that Starman had an affair, that Hourman was an addict, and so forth. Roy Thomas himself has sniped at a few of Robinson’s retcons in the All-Star Companion books from TwoMorrows.

Whatever Robinson does — and whatever its quality, given his recent output — it probably won’t be any sort of nostalgia project. Indeed, the JSA having a world of their own may well signiofy that Robinson can do whatever he likes on the book without worrying about anyone else’s take. Remember, the only reason The Golden Age was released as an Elseworlds was because DC didn’t like those changes being incorporated into the post-COIE “shared” Earth, where they wanted viable present-day” incarnations of many of the characters Robinson had made into villains or antiheroes.

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JSA = Yay!

Robinson = Meh. He’ll probably kill Liberty Belle at the end of the first issue.

Scott = Yay!

Earth -2 = Called this one way back in June. Not all the DCnU titles at launch will be set in the same continuity/universe, and we’ll start noticing that more and more in the coming months.

Rolling DC back to 1980 = I’m as frustrated about that as anyone else, but the one thing I disliked the most about COIE was the merger of Earths -1 and -2 because it eventually set adrift my two favorite titles at the time, All-Star Squadron and Infinity Inc., because their setting was core to the concepts. So I’m okay with this. Besides, if you’re going to set a DC comic book during WWII, what else can you call it?

“…why is so hard for you to accept a multiverse when Marvel has been successfully publishing the Ultimate U for over a decade?”

DC Comics first presented the concept of a multiverse, linking the Silver and Golden-Age heroes from separate universes, in The Flash #123 “Flash of Two Worlds” back in 1961.

Marvel didn’t adapt the concept until much later (Avengers Annual #2, 1968).

At any rate; the Ultimates aren’t part of a multiverse, just an alternate universe since they don’t interact with other realities, as Earth-One and Earth-Two (and all the other DC universes) do. Not the same thing.

@Atomic Kommie Comics-

While it’s true DC introduced the concept first, Marvel’s Multiverse has certainly grown larger and more complex that DC’s ever was.

By the way, there have been multiple interactions between Earth-1610 (Ultimate Universe) and established elements of the Marvel Multiverse. Ultimate Power crossed over the UU with not only the Earth-31916 Squadron Supreme (from Supreme Power) but the original Earth-712 Squadron Supreme (the ones who frequently team up with The Avengers). And, of course, Earth-2149 has crossed over with both Earth-1610 (Ultimate), and Earth-616 (mainstream Marvel U.).

Oops, Earth-2149 = Marvel Zombies.

Right, Marvel has very intentionally not had any crossovers between the mainstream Marvel universe and the Ultimate Universe, but the two have been clearly established to be part of the same multiverse by the various crossovers James mentioned.

By that standard, all the DC and Marvel universes are linked into one multiverse due to the appearance of DC and Marvel mainstream characters with the Star Trek universe (and vice versa) as well as both Marvel & DC mainstream characters’ interactions with, Doc Savage, which also adds the Rocketeer into the mix!
Phillip Jose Farmer was right! ;-)

If you like, but Marvel has designated the Ultimate Universe as part of the Marvel multiverse (Earth-1610), and the Marvel Zombieverse has tried to invade both the Ultimate universe and the mainstream Marvel universe (and has fought both Fantastic Fours to do so). So a more apt analogy would be that by that standard DC’s Pre-Crisis Earth-X and Earth-C were part of the same multiverse, which in fact they were, even though there were never any direct crossovers between those two specific earths.

[…] Justice Society returns in a James Robinson/Nicola Scott series set at an unspecified time period on […]

“So a more apt analogy would be that by that standard DC’s Pre-Crisis Earth-X and Earth-C were part of the same multiverse, which in fact they were, even though there were never any direct crossovers between those two specific earths.”

Actually, both those examples are inaccurate, since, Pre-Crisis…

The Earth-X heroes (Freedom Fighters) were actually Earth-Two heroes who had traveled to Earth-X, a world without superheroes. The survivors ended up on Earth-One. (A number, including Plastic Man and the Blackhawks didn’t survive.) They were not

Earth-C was shown to be an alternate universe rather than a parallel Earth. ( http://dc.wikia.com/wiki/Earth-C ) which had it’s own parallel Earth (Earth-C Minus)

Of course, CoIE changed all this… :-o

Earth-C was an Earth in an alternate dimension, with strong similarities to our Earth except for such details as being inhabited by intelligent anthropomorphic “funny animals” of various types . . . but it wasn’t a “parallel Earth.”

Yeah, right, that makes all kinds of sense! :(

Reminds me of how they had to say “the Superboy of the Post-Crisis Legion, and also Matrix Supergirl, both hail from the obscure Earth of a ‘pocket universe’ — which, of course, is ‘completely different’ from being natives of a parallel Earth.

I’ve said before that it seems to me that after COIE, writers at DC simply had to find some other buzzwords to use instead of “parallel Earth” whenever they wanted to write a story that had scenes set on what was obviously, for all intents and purposes, a parallel Earth! (I forget just what Giffen and DeMatteis used as the label for the alternate Earth which the Extremists came from in the JLI stories.)

I think the “Earth-C as alternate dimension rather than parallel earth” thing was established post-Crisis in order to preserve Captain Carrot and his crew.

@Ronin…you’re an idiot.

Right, originally Earth C-Minus was a parallel Earth in a parallel universe just like Earth C, Earth 2, Earth X, Earth S, Earth 276, et cetera. The naming conventions were pretty abritrary to begin with, so Earth C having a similar name to Earth C-Minus was just a little joke without any great meaning as to the cosmic order of things.

To all the younger readers bemoaning the loss of your universe: I feel your pain,the same thing happened to me in 1985.Cheer up,though,because with the internet as your mouthpiece it won’t be twenty six years before it gets fixed back to the way you like it.

I’d enjoy seeing a JSA in the fifties and then their kids/grandkids in modern times. just insert a generation between them gives you three generations of super heroes.

Of course I’ve sworn off DC for at least a while.

Earth-2, will there be Earth 2 Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman?

My guess is that it’s very unlikely, at least in the short term, because they’ll want to keep things simple for these theoretical new readers that they’re theoretically going to attract by restarting everything, and this is their chance to conveniently ignore things that complicate matters if they feel like it. (Though clearly in the cases of the multiple Robins and Rainbow Corps they don’t feel like it.)

Do I think this means we won’t be seeing Kal-L and Diana Trevor come back, a few years down the line? Nah, not really. I think the nostalgia or fans-turned-writers will bring it all back sooner or later.

I’m a comic book reader/collector and have been at it since the early 50’s…so yeah, I’m well over 40 and proud of it. Absolutely love all the golden age stories and can’t read enough of them. Luckily I was old enough to buy my own books when the silver age began and enjoyed all the stories produced by all those talented folks. I continued to purchase/read stuff through the 70’s and was thrilled in the 80’s to see Frank Miller’s Dark Knight turn comics upside down overnight and open the flood gates to “new” stories. Were there some books and stories that were “clunkers” along the way…sure…nobody bats 1000, but overall, up through the 2000’s DC has consistently churned out good books. By the way, to the guy who said over the last 5 years DC has produced crap…what were YOU reading… apparently not Identity Crisis, Justice, JSA, GL and a myriad of other titles….etc, etc…a ton of books with great stories and excellent artwork. Needless to say, without the “over 40″ generation of writers & artists to draw from the rich history of the DC universe you’d have missed out on quite a bit. Personally, I really enjoy finding a modern day tie-in to a book I read over 45 years ago….and remembering it. The point of all this is just that I’m happy to see my old JSA heroes still in print because there’s always a good story waiting to be told for these characters….AND, with “hard copy” all but dead, I’m just glad to see comic books still exist !

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