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I Love Ya But You’re Strange – If You Strain Your Imagination, You Can Understand Dogs

All August I’ll be spotlighting strange but ultimately endearing comic stories, one a day (basically, we’re talking lots and lots of Silver Age comic books). Here is the archive of past installments of this feature.

Today we look at a story from Batman #125 (written by Bill Finger and drawn by Sheldon Moldoff and Charles Paris) where the tale is narrated…by Ace the Bat-Hound! Read on to learn more about this delightfully silly tale!

As the issue opens up, Ace says hi to the audience…

Now that Ace’s owner is finished getting in the way of having Ace available at all times, Batman and Robin pursue the criminals in the “Midas Mob” (they only steal gold stuff)…

You gotta love bad guys so messed up that they paint a giant eagle gold just to keep up with their motif. Okay, here’s Ace in action!!!

I just love how Ace A. know where Batwoman lives and B. can easily get there from Wayne Manor.

Once free, Batman figures out that the Midas Mob is going to steal a Golden Fleece from a movie set (of a film about Jason and the Argonauts).

A. I love that the bad guys think to include Ace.

B. Batman does not fight enough giant robots these days. Maybe the relaunch will fix that.

More of Ace in action!!!

It is awesome that Batwoman fights crime with her freakin’ COMPACT. Hilarious. \

And now we come to the end of the tale…

The dog WINKED at us! He WINKED at us! How great is a comic book story told to you by a dog that ends with the dog winking at you?!? The answer is “very great.”


I’d be freaked out if my dog winks. She’s way too dumb to know something I don’t.

My cat will occassionally wink at me… he probably just has something in his eye, but it is still mildly unsettling.

I love his mask-holder rack in the cave!

“waggish humor” GROAN!

Ace the Bat Hound would have totally made my top 10 list of characters, if I’d taken the time to make one. The DCnU will be well served to have Ace the Bat Hound return. And not all grim and gritty, like Dick dressed a dog up when he was Robin, and then the dog died, and that inspired him to be Nightwing or some crap.

And Bat-Mite. The original Silver Age version. Damn straight.

My dog only winks when he brings me bikini tops.

I am a big fan of Ace,The Bat-Hound.i havea complete collection of all his apps and also all of the Bat-Family apps of the 50’s $ 60’s.I know they are hokey stories,but as a kid,reading these made me think that Batman and his buds could be real.Not sure how they would do it,but to see a new Bat-hound would be cool.If Morrison didnt do it ,it probably wont be done.

This issue was quite delightful. I can see how kids of that time (and even today) would’ve loved such a story.

My dogs wink at me all the time. I used to think it was unintentional. But, after reading this story, I don’t know….

I teach animals to wink all the time. It takes them some time to learn, but it’s a good indicator of intelligence. My dog busts it out just like a human would. Cats communicate trust via blinking, so it’s a trip for them when you first do it.

It can’t be any stranger than how in the new Action Comics #5, the story was narrated by a rocketship.

For a second I thought this was a crossover with Archie. That villain on the last page looks like Mr. Lodge from Archie Comics.

This isn’t as weird as the Superman stories narrated by a chunk of kryptonite.
But as a kid, I enjoyed them. This one too. After all, I grew up with talking animals in cartoons, so it didn’t seem that strange.

The dog wears a mask. I know there was a cockamamie reason WHY he wore the mask at first, but obviously by this point they’re just coasting. And Batwoman fights by throwing stuff in her opponents’ EYES? Hell, why carry a compact, why not just keep a pocket filled with curry powder?

But the part that really has me pulling my hair out is WTF does Batman have a radio transmitter in his boot? Why even HAVE a utility belt if you’re just going to hide gizmos in the rest of your clothing?

The compact was standard for Batwoman–she relied on gadgets based on girly stuff like gimmicked compacts or an expanding hair net that snags crooks in its steel mesh. Thereby showing that she’s a girl.

I thought Ace wore a mask because he had distinctive facial markings, which he clearly doesn’t have in this story.

The reason to have a utility belt when you’ve got gizmos concealed elsewhere is so that when the villains capture you they take away the utility belt and think you’re helpless. Then it turns out you’ve got a radio transmitter in your boot, and laser cutters in your gloves, and your chest symbol detatches to form a batarang, and the ears on your cowl are tiny missiles! (I may have made that last one up, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it was real…)

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