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Comic Critics #174!

Here is the latest installment of the Comic Critics strip, courtesy of Sean Whitmore (writer) and Brandon Hanvey (artist)! You can check out the first hundred and seventy-three strips at the archive here and you can read more about Sean and Brandon at the Comic Critics blog.


Let us know what you think, either here or at the ComicCritics blog!


Ed (A Different One)

September 2, 2011 at 4:15 pm

Doctor Who = Bad Ass.

You know, the only other individual I can think of who sent Galactus into a tizzy so easily was Doctor Strange. He threw up some horns, Galactus went down screaming like a little girl – you know what I’m saying.

Doctor Who/Doctor Strange crossover anyone? They can spend an issue/episode kicking around Galactus and depating over who had the hottest female companion (though Who had more of them, no doubt).

Ed (A Different One)

September 2, 2011 at 4:16 pm

Oops, “depating” should have been “debating”. Must’ve been that Friday martini I already had . . .

In Kree, “galac” means “music” and “tus” means “water”–that’s right, the big G is the third reincarnation of Melody Pond!

Sean totally nailed the dialogue here. Perfect Moffat-isms. My fez is off to him.

Galactus does seem like a Doctor Who villain. It kind of reminds me of the episode with the flying stingrays, and the Doctor redirecting them to an uninhabited planet.

love. the doctor telling Galactus to shove off plus crossing paths with Conistine too priceless

panel 2 is great. I’m glad we’re continuing to look at the adventures of Doctor Who and John Constantine. I only hope that JLDark is as fun.

Not sure why Constantine would be upset, given that he defeated Satan at one point…

So did the Doctor…

That explains that then.

lol…this inter company / inter genre crossover needs to happen….. but with Eccelston’s Doctor with a Constantine played by Clive Owen…

Can you imagine the awesome hate mail?

Hands-down the best Comic Critics strip to date. I’m not even a Dr. Who “fan” (I like the character fine, but have never seen the Tennant eps save for the one with the weeping angels).

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