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2011 Top DC Characters #30-26

After nearly 1,400 ballots were cast, YOU the reader ranked your favorite comic book characters from 1-10. I assigned point totals to each ranking and then tabulated it all into a Top 50 list. We’re now revealing that list throughout September. Here is the master list of all the characters revealed so far. The countdown continues…

Write-ups later, results now!

30. Starman (Jack Knight) – 580 points (17 first place votes)

29. Zatanna – 582 points (7 first place votes)

28. Blue Beetle (Ted Kord) – 602 points (15 first place votes)

27. Sandman (Dream/Morpheus) – 617 points (12 first place votes)

26. Catwoman (Selina Kyle) – 627 points (8 first place votes)

Check back later for Marvel’s #30-26!


Ronald Jay Kearschner

September 10, 2011 at 2:21 pm

Starman was my first choice. I wish James Robinson would at least do an occasional mini-series with Jack Knight.

Well I am glad to see Jack Knight Starman makes it even though it has been awhile since he was active. I’m surprised to see Zatanna as she hasn’t really done anything all that meaningful lately and her series didn’t exactly light the world on fire.

Annataz: erom ralupop naht Dieskrad. Evisserpmi.

I like all these characters, even if none of them cracked my list.

Zantanna’s actually sort of the odd ball here trend wise, since she’s dropped since the last poll despite having a book and time in the Justice League. Everybody else reflects trends we’ve seen (Catwoman goes up as part of the Bat-surge, Morpheus goes down as part of the Vertigo drop, and Ted/Jack’s drops are similar to what happened to Vic, but on a lesser scale.)

I may be alone in this but I didn’t really like the first 2 trades of Sandman, which is all I’ve read of it. On the other had, I do think Catwoman and Zatanna are pretty cool despite the fact that I didn’t vote for them.

There’s Ted! That’s my third choice that made the list so far; Dream was my #11 choice, so he barely missed the cut. At this point, I’m pretty sure that four of my choices didn’t make the top 50, but I’m betting that Booster, Wally, and Kyle will.

Ted Kord > Jamie Reyes, its official!

The Crazed Spruce

September 10, 2011 at 3:54 pm

And the rest of my Top 10 remains untouched, but you did touch on my Top 20.

I’ve only read two or three issues of James Robinson’s Starman, and that wasn’t really enough for me to judge Jack Knight properly. I liked what I saw, though.

I’m not ashamed to say, I’ve always had a bit of a crush on Zatanna. (Must be those fishnets.) She still didn’t make my list, but I felt the need to get that out there.

I’ve always felt that Ted Kord was underrated, especially when he was basically starring in JLI. Don’t get me wrong, I loved JLI, but it really didn’t do Beetle any favours. He still didn’t place on my list, though.

Morpheus is one of the very few exceptions to my rule against voting for someone after only reading a couple of issues. I’ve only seen two issues of Sandman, but between that and the scenes posted here and elsewhere, he wound up at 15th on my list. (And if I’d actually read more issues, he might’ve wound up in the Top 10. I have got to stock up on trades…..)

Catwoman’s another one of those characters who finished just outside of my Top 25 list. Love the character, but I apparently love at least 25 others just a little bit more….

Well, out of the 9 characters left in my Top 10, 2 are locks for the Top 10, and 2 more are pretty much guaranteed to be in the Top 25. As for the other 5 (including my #1), well, if they haven’t shown up by now, odds are that they dropped off the main list. You never know, though.

I was hoping to see Rorschach by now but I guess he didn’t make the cut (doubt he got many votes). Anyway I hope number 1 is Batman, he’s the greatest.

I’ve written out a list of who I assume would make this countdown and I didn’t have Zatanna on it. I wonder if there will be any other surprises? I’m assuming we’ll see Rorschach eventually.

Yeah! TED! #28? Not bad for a character that’s been dead for the past five years.

I’ve written out a list of who I assume would make this countdown and I didn’t have Zatanna on it. I wonder if there will be any other surprises?

Taking a look at the old list there are 20 people I’m fairly certain who will be in the top 25, and two more who I think are likely. There’s one new character who’s almost certain to be in the top 15, and who could break the top 10 (although I suspect some people will be surprised by the newcomer, although if you’ve been paying attention you shouldn’t be.) I’m not exactly certain who the last few people are (if you give me 10 guess, I’d probably get them, but not if you give me two guesses). Most of the surprises will probably be revealed soon.

I’m happily surprised to see Jack Knight this high on the list. After being out of the spotlight for so many years, I didn’t expect him to make this list at all.

Even though Starman was by far the best comic book run of the nineties. In fact, I can’t think of any comic book EVER that maintained such a high level of quality for 82 issues in a row!

I’m proud that some of the voters have good taste. It gives me a warm, fuzzy feeling. There’s hope yet for humanity.

In your opinion Jake… In my opinion BONE holds that honor… Remember just because your hold a certain opinion that others don’t does not make them any less of a person or any less feeling….Sheesh…

I thought Sandman and Starman were both hit or miss… When they were on, they were awesome.. when they were off, they could be tedious to get through. Glad to see the Ted love. I always thought that it was unfortunate to only see the outpouring after he died but if anything, Ted was the DC’s Charlie Brown… not respected when around but when he was gone, you truly felt the loss everywhere…

As far as Zatanna and Catwoman goes…. Serinda Swan should have a Zatanna series on TV in the Buffy vein and crossing my fingers that Anne Hathaway does Selinda justice. To this day I still wonder who the hell greenlighted a Catwoman movie script with no connection to Batman or Gotham City???

The Top 20 will be very interesting because we are sure to have 3 or 4 newcomers with the Vertigo drops…

Nice listing.

That Brubaker run on Catwoman was amazing! Highly Recommend it!

I’m still on the first HC of Starman – but I’m really enjoying it. So much happens in each issue!

Ted Kord, of coarse, is a favorite! Was his original series from the 80’s worth picking up? Or any standout issues?

surprise to see catwoman and zartana on the list already two more thought would rank higher . and glad starman made the cut

Ted Kord, of coarse, is a favorite! Was his original series from the 80?s worth picking up? Or any standout issues?

I wasn’t wild about it. I enjoy some of the original Charlton stuff, but I think most people’s love of Ted comes almost entirely from JLI.

For anyone who digs Jack Knight, I heard from Tony Harris himself back in March (at the Boston Comic Con) that he’ll be drawing an approximately 100 page OGN of Jack, written by James Robinson and set during the series. Jack goes to Japan and faces off with Yakuza and stuff. Sounds cool.

Me likee the Zatanna and Catwoman covers.

Yep, I’m old. I remember when Sandman would easily make the top 10!

Jack Knight making 30 is great. Still one of the great comic books in comic history that “main stream” readers haven’t caught onto yet!


Jack was my #1. Now I’m wondering if we’ll get an upset and have The Shade higher than Jack or if he won’t make the list.

Jack was my #1 as well. Starman means a lot to me, glad to see that he made the list and so many others are still discovering the adventures of a junk dealer and his eclectic friends.

Dream of the Endless just missed out on a spot on my list (although Delerium made it).

Just as an aside, It was interesting to note the guy who didn’t like the first Sandman trades, I too found them rather confusing (yet still enjoyable)for the first few volumes but volume 7 was when I realised how great the series really was so I recomend anyone to stick with it.

In what is becoming a theme, four of the five characters here are derivative to one extent, or another. They are all such terrific character in their own right that they are the highlights of their legacy lines. However, it is important to note how much DC has depended on deriving new characters from old ones.

30. Starman (Jack Knight): Nearly every solo character that has launched and made the “A-list” (i.e. – five straight years of publication) have had certain traits. You could almost make a check-list. They have a gimmick (e.g.. – Spidey’s web-shooters) that separate them from earlier characters with a similar power set. They have distinctive modus operandi, or mission (e.g. – Green Lantern is a space cop). They have a supporting cast that runs 2-6 characters deep. Those characters either support, or impede the mission and appear primarily in that title. Next, they also need some distinctive settings for the supporting cast to populate. Those settings could range from the realistic Daily Bugle to the highly stylized Bat Cave. Finally, they need a recurring Rogue’s Gallery that is deep enough to sort into tiers.

If those five elements do not show up pretty quickly, then a solo title is pretty well D.O.A. Yet, it is amazing rarely all five are there.

Other than the Lee-Ditko SPIDER-MAN, James Robinson and Tony Harris delivered the gold standard of delivering the checklist. Starman always had a ginmmick, but Robinson made the smart decision of highlighting how vulnerable it made him right up front. The modus operandi of performing a family obligation was shocking at the time. The supporting cast almost too deep, but they were all pretty wonderful. Opal City is neat setting, but Robinson and Harris did a great job filling it with memorable places. Robinson did a great job using the DCU to provide antagonists while building up his re-imaginings of various Golden Age baddies.

29. Zatanna: She is a character with a terrific gimmick (i.e. – a stage magician who does actual magic) and her traditional character design does a nice job selling it. It also suggests a witty approach to her sexuality that comes across too infrequently. Instead, she is depicted as being extremely insecure, or promiscuous, or both. It is sort of a classic problem with super-powerful female characters.

28. Blue Beetle (Ted Kord): Ted never quite worked as a solo act for me, but he was a great team player. He fit perfectly with Silver Age DCs that he was imported to join. It is a bummer that he is an either/or situation with Jaime Reyes.

27. Sandman (Morpheus): That first story arc of Gaiman’s was one of the best superhero builds of all time. Then, it turned out Gaiman wasn’t telling a superhero story at all. SANDMAN might be the single most character driven comic book series of all time. You knew Morpeus was considering things, but there was so much going on below the surface that you never quite knew what.

26. Catwoman: Selina can be a terrific character in the right hands. I thought SELINA’S BIG SCORE was amazing. However, she brings out the worst instincts in a lot of creators. My feeling is that the sex kitten thing should be Batman specific. She is highly manipulative, so she should approach different marks differently. Part of the appeal of a Catwoman series ought to be seeing her behavior outside that one specific relationship.

Good crowd of characters. Even my least favourite (Zatanna) isn’t bad.

So far these polls are just reminding my why I prefer DC to Marvel

Zee was 2nd on my list!!
Great batch of characters overall. Thought Selina would be much higher!
I like Ted Kord but if he were alive would he be this high?

Still no write ups, huh?

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