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2011 Top Marvel Characters #25-21

After nearly 1,400 ballots were cast, YOU the reader ranked your favorite comic book characters from 1-10. I assigned point totals to each ranking and then tabulated it all into a Top 50 list. We’re now revealing that list throughout September. Here is the master list of all the characters revealed so far. The countdown continues…

Write-ups later, results now!

25. Silver Surfer – 719 points (16 first place votes)

24. Captain America (James “Bucky” Barnes) – 795 points (5 first place votes)

23. Rogue – 876 points (15 first place votes)

22. Beast – 894 points (10 first place votes)

21. Storm – 918 points (18 first place votes)


Beast didn’t make Top 20. Hmmmm.

Im surprised that Silver Surfer gets this much love currently. I guess it’s a vote for the character overall, but he’s as out flying in the wind as a character like Gambit is. I don’t think I’ve seen SS lately at all.

Ronald Jay Kearschner

September 13, 2011 at 4:58 am

Ten female characters so far for both Marvel and DC. 3 or 4 black characters fo Marvel, depending on how you count Nick Fury. 2 Hispanic characters at DC taking over established roles. 3 or 4 (space) alien characters for DC (Hawkman?) to 1 for Marvel with 2 getting powers from alien races. A cyborg and an android for Marvel. 3 God/Demi-God/Servant of God/ Mystical/Supernatural for Marvel to 8 for DC. I think ther’s a lesbian in there, but of course I wish there were more.(lol)

I was expecting Rogue and Storm to be on the top 20. : (

Silver Surfer is currently appearing in The Mighty Thor and Fear Itself – The Deep.

Also suprised Storm and Rogue aren’t top 20. :/

It’s amazing to me to see all of these popular characters who aren’t able to sustain a monthly book on their own…shows how difficult it is, I guess.

The Beast is the only one I really like here – though Silver Surfer looks great.

Was X-Men Forever any good? I stopped reading X-Men stuff a while back because the stories were too convoluted and I didn’t like most of the newer characters. Is X-Men Forever a self-contained story?

The Crazed Spruce

September 13, 2011 at 6:55 am

I haven’t read any issues with Bucky as either Cap or the Winter Soldier, so I can only judge him as Bucky, which really isn’t fair to the character, so I left him off of my list.

The other four (Surfer, Rogue, Beast,and Storm) are fine characters and all, but they all finished just outside of my list. (Rogue was always one of my favourite X-Men, though, so she finished just a bit closer than the rest. Somewhere in the high 20’s, if I’d done a top 50 list, probably.)

was expecting cap and storm and beast to be in the top twenty if not the top ten silver surfer maybe just crack top twenty or ten. rogue surprise to see her already for thought she would be in the teens.

And this is why I really don’t like Marvel Comics. I’ve never really enjoyed the X-Men, and lo and behold! We’re getting into the portion of the list that’s, well, nothing but X-Men.

You were expecting Storm and Beast in the to 10? Really? They’re in the top 10 X-men, probably the top 5, But there’s so many characters that knock them out of the 10.

Chad, notice this is a specific Captain America and it isn’t Steve Rogers. You’ll still see a Cap in the top 20/10/5.

Silver Surfer is a great character, and Beast is my favorite X-Man.

Expected Silver Surfer and Storm to be slightly higher.

Captain Librarian

September 13, 2011 at 8:29 am

It’s sad how far Storm, a character who once beat Wonder Woman in a popularity contest, has fallen. Great job Marvel!

Hmmm, I think Storm’s placement here vs. when she beat Wonder Woman might be more indicative of the X-Men’s general decline in popularity since their highs in the 90’s. I suspect that if a survey similar to this was conducted in the 90’s, you’d see Storm a little higher, but not so much relative to other X-characters, who would probably place higher in general (or in the case of characters like Cable or Gambit, a LOT higher.) And I assume Wonder Woman will end up in DC’s top 5 now, and hypothetically in the 90’s too. It would be pretty interesting to see how this survey would go if each person just submitted their top 20 favorite Marvel or DC characters, and they were all ranked together!

The X-Men’s “decline in quality” doesn’t preclude there being ten X-Men in the top twenty-five. Counting Magneto, there are seven more that are definitely coming up.

I must be the only person in the world that doesn’t see Rogue’s appeal… I always found her annoying.

Hey, I said “decline in popularity!” The quality of X-books 90’s to now seems nearly impossible to chart, because the 90’s was like some weird distortion in reality where a lot of people read comics and “quality” meant something it will probably never mean again. But, yeah, I’m counting on 8 more X-Men, depending on whether a certain arch nemesis and solo anti-hero count; I just expect the bulk of them in the teens, whereas in weirder times they probably would have dominated the top 10.

Yeah, this Marvel top 50 could end up being half mutants, maybe even more than that.

Wooot Bucky/Storm/Rogue, I believe I voted for all three

I voted Beast for my #2 spot this year (ahead of Wolverine, who at long last got bumped from #1…)

I just took an honest look and realized I just always love Beast, no matter what character angle people take on him, whether he’s written by Shooter, Michelinie, Claremont, Morrison, Whedon…different writers touch on different characteristics whether it’s the clown, the scientist, the heavy vocabulary (the best versions touch on all these qualities) but whatever the approach, he’s always an interesting guy who makes for great reading.

Yay, Beast!

I sure a 3 or 4 mutants will show up but don’t be surprised to see some villains grabbing some top spots from here on out. Magneto, the Red Skull, Osborn/Green Goblin/Iron Patriot and Doom are yet to be accounted for. There’s probably some Venom love out there too.

I would have thought that Cap and the Surfer would have ranked higher. The Surfer is another character that has been adrift for a while and his last good outing was the JMS mini from a while back. Captain America had a very successful and critically well received movie but that doesn’t always translate to votes on these kind of polls.

yikes…excuse the typos….

Iron Maiden, that is Bucky Cap. The regular Cap will probably place a lot higher.

VichusSmith, Silver Surfer is currently clashing with Thor in the opening arc of Fraction and Coipel’s Mighty Thor. That’s kind of a big deal right? But he also got my vote because there are so many minis he stars in that are just top notch. Requiem, In Thy Name, not to mention some of the best creators in the history of the industry have drawn him.

Also, good to See Bucky and Beast getting their respectable spots. Beast is absolutely one of the best characters in the X-men and Bucky’s had an amazing last few years (except dying of course).

Duh…. I stand corrected. That’s what I get for looking at the nice cover of Captain America and not Brian’s caption. :-)

I miss the cool Beast from the Avengers. So sad he never really rejoined the team. And no I don’t count anything after Dissembled as Avengers.

Surfer vs. Thor? I might check that out.

As far as the X-Men’s popularity…..they had the best stories ever in a regular series. Of course they are going to dominate polls like this. Yeah it was 30 years ago but those stories are going to always drive the characters popularity.

I believe that Storm and Rogue has become less popular because Storm hasn’t really had a major role given and Rogue has become less interesting because of no flight and no superstrength.

Marvel Comics is destroying the x-men. If they want avengers on top, go and for certainty, you will never win against DC.

They are even putting Spider-man and Wolverine to the Avengers roster to make the avengers so that the avengers would just become more popular.

As i see it now, the avengers are only selling better than the x-men because of Spider-man and Wolverine. and…. They don’t really want x-men to be better than the avengers so they give the good stories being participated by the avengers and minor roles for x-men

I will be SHOCKED if Ghost Rider makes top 20. Some good stories, and a good character, but is he that beloved?

STORMY!!! My #2, I think.

Storm and Aquaman both rank the same.
I think that says a lot about how far Aquaman’s come and how far Storm (X-men) have fallen.

@Kelly I think that is the other way around. Aquaman was in the top ten DC heroes in the 60s 70s and 80s. Now he’s outside the top 20? And Storm being a black heroine and pushed up to 21 of all marvel characters, even though she is part of a large team, is pretty good..

Yeah also surpried Storm and Rogue are not Top 20. Will there even be any women in the Top 20??

Guess your question has been answered. Why wouldn’t a woman be in the top 20? Top 10, maybe not.

I enjoyed the story of Beast leaving the X-Men, but since joining Secret Avengers he hasn’t done anything. Looks like he’s on the “Wolverine And The X-Men” cover so I’m pretty excited for that.

I like the Terry Moore Rogue cover!

Wish he would get more covers.

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