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2011 Top DC Characters #14-12

After nearly 1,400 ballots were cast, YOU the reader ranked your favorite comic book characters of all-time from 1-10. I assigned point totals to each ranking and then tabulated it all into a Top 50 list. We’re now revealing that list throughout September. Here is the master list of all the characters revealed so far. The countdown continues…

14. Robin – 1011 points (6 first place votes)

Damian Wayne is the offspring of a dalliance between Bruce “Batman” Wayne and Talia “Daughter of the Demon” Al Ghul. He spent his youth gestating in a laboratory. His mother then had him trained by the League of Assassins before then seeking out his father. The two clash over Damian’s violent methods, but Bruce clearly cares for his son so tries to train him to overcome his violent past. When Bruce was seemingly killed, Dick Grayson took over as Batman, with Damian becoming the new Robin. During his time with Dick, Damian began to see the value of being a good guy, even choosing to spurn his mother’s attempts to return Damian to the League of Assassins fold. After Bruce’s return as Batman, he felt that Damian should remain a team with Dick. After Dick decided to step down as Batman, though, Bruce took on Damian’s training.

The pair now work together as Batman and Robin, but Batman has to always watch out to make sure that Damian has risen above his assassin heritage.

13. Booster Gold– 1100 points (20 first place votes)

Created by Dan Jurgens, Michael Jon Carter was living a dead-end life in the future when he decided to steal some artifacts from a museum he was working at and travel back in time to the 20th century to become a superhero.

Using the artifacts, Carter fashioned himself a superhero suit, complete with a force field, flight and laser beams. Originally meaning to name himself Goldstar, he accidentally answered his nickname Booster (from when he played football) and while trying to change it to Goldstar, instead got tagged with the name Booster Gold.

Booster was obsessed with wealth and fame, using his superhero powers to make him money.

He eventually joined Justice League International, where he became good friends with Ted Kord, the Blue Beetle. The two men had a number of money-making schemes. Years after their League disbanded, Ted was investigating some bad events. Booster went to help his friend, but he was incapacitated and so was unable to be there when his friend, Ted, was murdered by Maxwell Lord, a man that Ted and Booster thought was their friend (and the organizer of Justice League International).

Booster recovered from this tragic loss to begin an arrangement with the time-traveling Rip Hunter to basically save the entire multiverse. Booster was now tasked with becoming a watchdog over famous superheroes, traveling through time to make sure that no bad guys kill heroes before they BECOME heroes. To do so, Booster must remain anonymous, so no one will know what he is doing (and thereby draw attention to it). As a result, Booster Gold – the man who loves fame, could tell no one that he was one of the greatest heroes on Earth.

After the DC reboot, Booster is now the leader of a new version of Justice League International.

12. Green Lantern (Kyle Rayner) – 1213 points (32 first place votes)

Kyle Rayner, created by Ron Marz and Daryl Banks, was just an average struggling Los Angeles artist when a strange little man came up to him outside a bar and gave him one of the most powerful weapons in the whole universe.

For quite a time, Kyle was the last Green Lantern in the universe, given the responsibility to carry on for the entire Green Lantern Corps legacy. Kyle soon found that being a hero came with a price, as his girlfriend was murdered by a government agent looking for Kyle’s power source.

In fact, Kyle has had three notable girlfriends, all of whom have been killed at one point. Luckily, two of them have since returned to life.

Kyle soon got the hang of being a superhero, joining the Titans and then the Justice League of America, where he served with distinction.

When the Green Lantern Corps were finally reborn, Kyle was honored as being the torchbearer for the Corps. He was also given a NEW responsibility, the “Ion” power. Kyle eventually returned to the Corps as a regular member (albeit as a member of the “Honor Guard” of especially awesome Green Lanterns).

Kyle will be having a new responsibility in the upcoming New Guardians series, as Kyle has to lead a team of members of all the different colored corps. This is his most prominent role in quite awhile.

Tomorrow we get Marvel’s #14-12!


Nice (though surprising) to see Kyle rank this high. However, I loathe Damian and am rather alarmed by his seeming popularity.

Hm, my number 3 (Kyle) drops. Damien and Booster didn’t quite make my ballot, but both great characters.

I said this for Marvel and Deadpool, and I’ll say this for KyLe Rayner:don’t act like you don’t like him! You voted for him!

Alright! Kyle! I think I had him as my #5

“Created by Dan Jurgens” Booster Gold was created by Dan Jurgens? Or do you mean just the current series? EIther way, the fact that he made it this high up the list is impressive, and I’m very happy about that!

Green Lantern, Kyle, very, very happy about this!

Jurgens did, indeed, create Booster Gold back in the 80’s. My only disappointed with Kyle here is that he should be top 10, and this means Hal is going to once again be inexplicably higher than him, despite being a vastly inferior character.

The Crazed Spruce

September 18, 2011 at 9:21 am

Nothing from my Top 10 this time ’round, but you did ping my Top 20.

I’ve only read one or two issues with Damian Wayne, so I coudn’t very well vote for him. I kinda like the concept, though.

Booster Gold was #20 on my list. I haven’t read much of his recent series, but I was a fan of his original series, and I loved him in JLI. (And yes, john, Dan Jurgens wrote and drew his first series. In fact, I’m pretty sure it was his first major work.)

Kyle Rayner is my second-favourite Green Lantern. He was a pretty refreshing take on being a GL, and I really enjoyed him as a character. But like I said when Guy Gardner came up, I made a point of only including one GL, and I like Guy just that little itty bit more.

Nice, Booster and Kyle got high up but why Damian! well whatever.

Good for Kyle Rayner, so far he got the most first place votes (32), but I hope everyone who voted “Green Lantern” wasnt automaticaly a Hal Jordan vote, that would be so unfair considering the original Green Lantern is Alan Scott.

Took a while for Damian to grow on me. I think it took to Issue 10 of Batman and Robin when he was just trying to appease his mother, where I saw something beyond a pompous jerk.

And there’s two more of mine! Booster, Kyle, Constantine, Death, Ted and Animal Man… all on this list. Waiting on Wally now. Still prayin’ for a Larfleeze, Count Vertigo, and Shade,

Way to go Damian! Were there a lot of votes that were just “Robin” that got counted for him? Cause I feel like a lot of those would probably have been meant for Tim.

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[…] 2011 Leading DC Characters #14-12 by Brian Cronin Right after nearly 1400 ballots were cast, YOU the reader ranked your preferred comic book characters of all-time from 1-10. I assigned point totals to every ranking and then tabulated it all into a Leading 50 list. We&#39re now revealing that list … Read more on Comic Book Resources […]

surprised to see Damien not only made the rankings but ranked so high given he is still really not that old a character plus figured kyle would rank close to the top ten . booster thought would be at least close to the top ten missing it barley.

Hal Jordan is the best Green Lantern and I hope he is #3.

Ronald Jay Kearschner

September 18, 2011 at 4:54 pm

I’d like to complain about Damien like the old man I am, but since Kyle is on my list (a new, new GL) I’m obviously a third generation fan, so I can’t begrudge the fourth generation their heroes.

I’m also kinda curious as to how the more ambiguous votes were counted. It seems like most people familiar with these characters enough to call them favorites would specific who they meant, but in any borderline cases, did the vote go to the longest running version of the character or the current incarnation? Because it seems like a vote for “Robin” or “Blue Beatle” or “Superboy” could be legitimately confusing.

I’m surprised to see Damian this high but glad. I think these three are all appropriate.

I’m curious too. With so many new people voting, if someone hasn’t been reading the Batman titles for the last few years they might not even know there’s a different Robin. But then again I also think most people would realize the original Robin is no longer Robin, and would therefore specify which one they meant.

At this point it’s pretty easy to see who the top 11 will be, though the order remains a mystery. Batman always tops these kinds of things, but who will be #2? Joker is my guess, but could be several people. I predict Superman will fall just outside of the top 5, and we definitely still have 4 Batman supporting characters coming up. It will also be very interesting to see who’s higher, Wally or Barry? I predict Wally.

Interesting to look at who’s definitely not making the list now. Just a few notables: Commissioner Gordon, Yorrick Brown, Wesley Dodds (Sandman), Sgt. Rock, Firestorm, Lobo, Braniac 5, Etrigan (Demon), Jonah Hex, Deathstroke, Spectre (Jim Corrigan), Deadman, and John Stewart. Plus nobody from Wildstorm, though there are no obvious candidates there.

Great list so far.

I had no idea Kyle would be so high – I figured he wasn’t going to make the list after not seeing him at this point. That means I have to scratch Yorrick off of my “prediction list”. If there are any other surprises for me at this point I truly will be surprised. Booster Gold wasn’t on my top 10 but in retrospect he should have been.

Huh, none of these would have occurred to me, although if i’d thought about it I might have guessed the Kyle fans would place him on the list. The other two are complete surprises to me. But they’re all pretty good characters, so good for them!

If anyone on this blog is just voting “Robin” or “Green Lantern” without specifying, they deserve whatever they get.

I’m AMAZED that Barry’s going to hit so high

If anyone on this blog is just voting “Robin” or “Green Lantern” without specifying, they deserve whatever they get.

That’s basically my take on it.

The Crazed Spruce

September 19, 2011 at 2:07 am

I’m pretty sure I specifed Tim Drake when I said “Robin”, but he placed at 19th on my list, so it’s not like it mattered in the long run..

Those are some great choice! And they are all favorites!

Damian has come so far since first being introduced. Obviously one of the best new characters to come out of DC in a long time.

Booster is just AMAZING! I really got back into him with Rucka’s Omac Project – and he on fire since!

And Kyle? I starting collecting comics with the death/return of Superman so he was my first GL and we were both new together! Those first few years with Marz and Banks were top notch!

Booster was my #6, and I am pleasantly surprised he made it up this high. Tim was my #5. I can only assume that most of the generic “Robin” votes were meant for him. Damien is a fun character, but he hasn’t really had the time to develop the depth to get this high on the list.

Booster Gold is more popular than the Ted Kord Blue Beetle??

How the hell did that happen?

They’re a great double act, but there was never any doubt to me that Ted was carrying the weight.

Of the two, Booster has carried a solo series more successfully, no?

Booster was my #1 pick, and I didn’t even start ‘following’ him until Ted died, through Omac Project, Infinite Crisis, 52, and his recent solo series. Before Countdown to Infinite Crisis, the only story I had read where they had more than two lines was the Death of Superman.

That’s easy, DanCJ: Ted’s dead, and in that time Booster has had a new book to star in. He’s gained a bigger audience.

Very nice to see this trio charting so high! Booster and Damian didn’t make my top ten, but I love ‘em both. :)

Of the two, Booster has carried a solo series more successfully, no?

I haven’t looked at the figures, but I always pictured their 80’s runs to be roughly equal and the recent Booster Gold series to be at a similar level (with much smaller market we have now taken into account).

And Ted’s death just seemed to make him more popular than ever.

It just feels like the thin one from Abbot and Costello being more popular than the fat one – or Ernie Wise being more popular than Eric Morcambe.

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