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2011 Top Marvel Characters #14-12

After nearly 1,400 ballots were cast, YOU the reader ranked your favorite comic book characters of all-time from 1-10. I assigned point totals to each ranking and then tabulated it all into a Top 50 list. We’re now revealing that list throughout September. Here is the master list of all the characters revealed so far. The countdown continues…

14. Doctor Strange – 1258 points (9 first place votes)

Created by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko, Stephen Strange was a gifted surgeon whose partying lifestyle came to a crashing halt when he was in an accident, leaving his hands too nerve-shattered to perform surgery anymore.

Searching for a cure, Strange event traveled to a mystic, the Anicent One, Earth’s Sorcerer Supreme.

Cutting to the chase, Strange mends his bad ways and becomings the Ancient One’s apprentice, and eventually, becomes the Sorcerer Supreme HIMself!

Although Strange had been a member of the Defenders for many years, it was only in recent times that he became a member of the Avengers. During this period in his life, though, Strange lost his title of the Sorcerer Supreme, with Brother Voodoo taking on the mantle. Now Strange is once again “just” a master of the mystic arts, abilities that he uses as a still powerful ally for the side of good.

13. Nightcrawler – 1284 points (34 first place votes)

Kurt Wagner, created by Dave Cockrum and Len Wein (mostly Cockrum), was a member of the All-New, All-Different X-Men.

Kurt was interesting because while he LOOKED like a demon( his teleporting powers even SMELLD like brimstone when he teleported), he was really a jocular guy who was quite religious.

He was basically Errol Flynn, if Flynn looked like a monster. He even gets the ladies like Flynn, but he left the other Flynn predilection for younger women to his teammate, Colossus.

After serving with the X-Men for many years, Kurt was injured in battle, along with Kitty Pryde. While the two recuperated, the X-Men were feared dead.

The two helped form a new team in England to carry on, calling themselves Excalibur. Here, Kurt came into his own, becoming the leader of the team. When the group disbanded, he went back to the X-Men, where he served well as a stalwart member of the team until he sacrificed himself to save Hope, a young mutant who was destined to save the mutant race.

His death has greatly affected all his friends in the X-Men.

12. Magneto – 1432 points (15 first place votes)

Appearing in the first issue of the X-Men, created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, Magneto was the opposite of Professor X.

While Professor X wanted to integrate mutants with humans, Magneto was just totally crazy, and wanted to, like, nuke the Earth or some crazy crap like that.

Eventually, when Chris Claremont took over the writing chores on X-Men, he made Magneto a LOT more sympathetic, and that’s basically the portrayal we see today (and in the X-Men films), where Magneto’s positions are shown as just a little more aggressive than Professor X’s, but not, like, totally insane.

In fact, at one point, Professor X even left Magneto in charge of his school! That did not turn out so well, but it is the thought that counts!

Recently, Magneto decided that he was wrong to fight against the X-Men and came to Cyclops to offer himself up as a member of the X-Men. Despite a great deal of misgivings about it, Cyclops agreed to let Magneto join the team. Magneto has served the team well so far.


Nice to see Dr. Strange getting a bit of appreciation, Brunner’s work with the character was awesome.

The Crazed Spruce

September 19, 2011 at 5:21 am

Nothing from my Top 10 this time either, but two of ‘em were in my Top 20.

I had Doctor Strange at #17 on my list. What can I say? I’ve always found the character fascinating.

Nightcrawler’s always been my favourite X-Men. (And at #12, the only X-Man in my Top 20.) It’s a great character touch that, even though he has every reason to gripe about his thoroughly crappy life, he’s actually the most cheerful and upbeat member of the team. He was easily the heart of the team, and it’sa shame they killed him off.

Magneto’s probably one of the best sympathetic villains ever created. He make a lousy X-Man, though. He finished just outside of my list.

Well, depending on whether Jessica Jones or Hercules took the #11 slot, I’d say that either four or five of the characters left in my Top 10 list are gonna drop off.

Surprised to see Magneto outside the top 10, but glad to see Strange come in pretty high

was waiting for doctor strange to show up on the list for he is one of marvels under used big guns. espically loved him when he was with the defenders. and nightcrawler and magnetoe interesting that the x-men have yet to be in the top ten for both figured would be higher.

Apropos of nothing, when I saw this post was up, before clicking to read who the next three were, I quietly predicted:

14. Dr. Strange
13. Nightcrawler
12. Magneto

So apparently I’ve got Da Colbert Code!

My only proof that the above is true, by the way, is that the only thing lamer than taking the time to log on and brag about this would be logging on to lie about it.

Thanks for these lists, really enjoying ‘em!

That’s another 2 off my list:

Nightcrawler was my #3 Marvel character because of his love, faith, and passion. He was one the X-Men who reveled in the used of his powers while being repulsed inwardly at his appearance. His growth into accepting the whole package somewhat helped me accept my own status in life.

Magneto was #4 because of the complexity of his character although I will say that the constant flipflopping of his modus operandi and his overuse over the last 20 years as one of the only X-Men notable villains did keep him from being any higher on my list.

Dr. Strange at #14? That’s weird. The guy hasn’t even been able go hold down a steady series and he’s this high? Don’t get me wrong. He’s had some really good stories, but I never figured him as top 15 material.

9 of the remaining spots are easy (Thing, Cyclops, and Marvel’s big 7 solo characters), but the last two spots are interesting. Mary Jane? Hawkeye? Prof X? Venom? Green Goblin? Red Skull? Dr. Doom? Ghost RIder? I would picture all of those being in the top 50, but none really being this high. I suppose Hawkeye and Dr. Doom would be my best guess, but it’s a bit difficult to fathom Mary Jane, Prof X, and Harry Osborn not even making the list. And I suppose there’s an outside chance Cyclops misses the list entirely, but I really doubt it.

@Third Man: You might want to check the results of the previous round from 2007. Just click the “Top 100 Marvel and DC Characters” tag and explore.

Your guesses seem to be pretty much on the spot. Will be interesting to see the actual order though.

mags should be waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay higher

I hate Cyclops with a passion.

Nightcrawler is also my favorite X-Man, he has a great personality and on the stories I read managed to miss some of the banes of other characters, stupid power-ups to make him more xxxxxtreme, excessively baroque background in multiple timelines, flip-flopping between hero and villain or just your general overexposure. Always a team player even when running solo.

Speaking of which, there’s Magneto…which in principle is and has been a great character but honestly, I have grown weary of him.

Of Dr Strange I cannot say much. I have read very few of his own stuff, and in other stories he shows up like a deus ex machina to fix the unfixable with a neat magic trick.

dhole, That’s funny, but here’s your chance to prove your skills, what’s the next three??

Nightcrawler will be back, hopefully with all the Austin rubbish wiped clean away.

(NB: Phil liked a lot of what Austin did. Just not the mucking with Nightcrawler)

I believe all three were in my top ten with Nightcrawler at number one. And it appears he is back for, all intents and purposes, in Uncanny X-Force. Easily the best mutant title right now. AOA version is good enough for me. At least he isn’t a priest and the white version of the costume looks cool. I don’t get the red eye swatch though. Apparently a lack of Prof. X leads to way too much eye makeup.

After looking at how the 2007 list turned out…


…and comparing the differences to this one, it seems that most people are NOT voting for their favorite characters ever. Rather, people seem to be voting for their favorite characters prominently featured in current monthly titles. This is simultaneously easy and difficult to understand. It’s easy to understand in the sense that characters currently on people’s minds will off course be more readily thought of. However, it’s still a bit boggling how people can have so much trouble with the concept of “ever.” Are people’s long-term memories really that bad? Does a character like Jack Knight really fall 25 spots so easily just because it’s been an additional 4 years since his title ended? Are the people that voted for Jack Knight in 2007 not voting this time around, or have they just forgotten all memory of loving Starman and instead voted for Damien Wayne simply because the new issue of Batman & Robin is on the top of their “to read” stack? Or how does Mary Jane fall off the list entirely just because Quesada and JMS retconned her? Did Quesada and JMS simultaneously retcon readers memories of her?

As I said, this is both easy and baffling to understand.

There were roughly twice as many votes in this poll than there was in the 2007 poll. People did not stop voting for Jack Knight – he got roughly 50% MORE support (points and first place votes) in this poll, going from 376 points and 12 first place votes to 580 points and 17 first place votes. But with roughly a 100% increase in votes cast, the 2007 results are really not all that comparable.

Thanks for the info Brian-

But again, that kinda makes sense and it kinda doesn’t. I guess it really depends on what would define an accurate sample size. I don’t know how many people voted in 2007. But, if it was enough people that the results can be considered a reasonably accurate barometer of fan opinion, then the results shouldn’t dramatically change simply due to an increase in voter size. Of course there would be some deviation, but the lists should still be quite similar.

And again, I suppose the concept of “quite similar” is also up for a bit of debate. To some, this year’s poll results would be quite similar to the 2007 results. To wit, the Marvel 12-14 from this year feature the same exact 3 characters as the Marvel 12-14 from 2007. But still, it’s the differences which really stand out.

If I had voted, I definitely would’ve had Strange in the top three.

While I wish he could’ve scored higher than he did, nevertheless I am thrilled to see him place as high as this. Stephen Strange has so often been overlooked compared to the rest of Marvel’s top characters, and I couldn’t avoid the fear that he might’ve been forgotten completely in this poll.

It’s been so long since he had his own unlimited series. I don’t understand why Marvel isn’t willing to take the chance with him again. At least Bendis has been keeping him in the public eye somewhat, but although it’s clear that Bendis really likes the character, I’m not so sure he has a good grasp of how he thinks. And I really wish he’d do some more research into how Strange’s magic operates. Sometimes I get the impression he’s just going to ignore everything that’s been established.

I’m not an X-Men fan by any stretch, but I always liked Nightcrawler – and Magnus is great.

Dr Strange never really did it for me.

@Rob III:

These powers don’t work well under the slightest pressure, but just for fun I’ll go with:

11. Cyclops
10. Hulk
9. Hawkeye

Any higher than that, I dunno, but I’ve got a feeling this is Captain Ultra’s year!

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