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2011 Top Marvel Characters #11-10

After nearly 1,400 ballots were cast, YOU the reader ranked your favorite comic book characters of all-time from 1-10. I assigned point totals to each ranking and then tabulated it all into a Top 50 list. We’re now revealing that list throughout September. Here is the master list of all the characters revealed so far. The countdown continues…

11. The Thing (Ben Grimm) – 1526 points (43 first place votes)

Created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, Ben Grimm, the Thing, had his dialogue based on the popularity personality, Jimmy Durante, whose working class New York attitude fit the Thing’s attitude perfectly, right along with Thing’s battle cry, “It’s clobberin’ time!”

A college friend of Reed Richards, Grimm agreed to pilot an experimental spaceship that Richards had built. Along with Richards’ girlfriend and her brother, the quartet snuck into the launch site and took off. Sadly, the shields on the ship failed, and the four were bombarded with cosmic radiation, which, when they returned to Earth, resulted in the foursome gaining fantastic powers.

The problem was, though, that while all four of them gained powers, besides gaining super strength and super durability, Ben also was mutated into a rocky monstrous looking creature. As you might imagine, Ben was not pleased by this situation, but ever the trooper, he agreed to join the other three in the Fantastic Four, to use their powers for the good of mankind, while Richards would work on a cure for Ben’s condition.

Along the way, Ben began a relationship with the noted blind sculptress, Alicia Masters. She was able to accept the man inside the monstrous appearance, which did Ben a world of good.

Ben has a bit of a temper, so he clashed with the other members of the FF a number of times over the years, but for the most part, he continued as a stalwart member of the team for as long as the team was around. His longest absence came when, after an interplanetary battle called Secret Wars, Ben learned he could control his mutation on the planet. So he decided to stay on the planet for awhile, but eventually came back to Earth, and his monstrous fate.

He stayed with the Fantastic Four for many different adventures, even as the team re-branded themselves as the Future Foundation following the seeming death of the Human Torch (a loss that hit Ben especially hard). Recently, he also joined the New Avengers. MOST recently, he was transformed by one of the hammers of the evil Serpent during Fear Itself. While in his transformed state, Ben destroyed Yancy Street!! Only time will tell how Ben will recover from the devastation he caused while possessed.

Hawkeye (Kate Bishop) – 120 points

Oops, my bad…

10. Hawkeye (Clint Barton) – 1607 points (25 first place votes)

Created by Stan Lee and Don Heck, Hawkeye showed up originally a villain, but Clint Barton was basically an accidental villain, as he was so caught up in his love for the Russian spy, Black Widow, that he was in the dark that she was making him do some pretty bad things.

Luckily, Iron Man, who was Hawkeye’s foe, realized Hawkeye was really a good guy, and that he should use his archery skills for good, so he sponsored Hawkeye as a member of the Avengers.

Hawkeye served the team with distinction for many years (for a time, as the size-changing Goliath), as he went from having an antagonistic relationship with Captain America to a strong friendship with the man.

At one point, Hawkeye was even given the opportunity to head up a NEW team of Avengers, on the West Coast of the United States. It was around this time that Hawkeye married the heroine, Bobbi Morse, Mockingbird.

Sadly, after a number of years together with the West Coast Avengers, Bobbi was murdered by the villain Mephisto.

Hawkeye had some dark days after that, but he recovered, and returned to his normal self. Sadly, he was then killed during Avengers Disassembled. Luckily, he returned during House of M.

After returning from the dead (where he was killed AND resurrected by his former teammate, the Scarlet Witch), Clint had no interest in taking up the superhero game again, even though Iron Man almost convinced him to become the new Captain America. Instead, Clint joined up with a renegade group of Avengers, and took up the now available identity of Ronin.

Upon the return of Captain America, though, Clint once again took up the Hawkeye name and costume and is serving the Avengers well as a member of the team.


I just about had a heart attack about the heart attack everyone was gonna have about Kate Bishop

That was just mean, Brian. ;)

Very funny “typo”!

The Thing was #8 on my list.

Okay, I’m out of the predictions racket. I’m pretty floored that neither Hawkeye or especially the Thing cracked the top ten.

Kate Bishop better be in there, that’s all I can say…

thought both the thing would be number ten or higher like maybe 8 hawkeye had at ten plus got taken by surprise by the kate bishop the hawkeye of young avengers.

Two of my favorite characters here. Good to see them so high. Hawkeye’s even my favorite character on that Disney Avengers show. He just plain makes me smile.

That was funny. I just thinking shes the least interesting character in YA – why would she be here! haha…

Hawkeye is a favorite. But for me, he only works in team books.

LOL at Hawkeye. The Thing is definitely the best member of the FF.

The Crazed Spruce

September 21, 2011 at 8:31 am

*gives Brian a dirty look* That was just straight-up evil, dude…. :)

I had The Thing as #11 on my list. He has a gruff exterior, but when all is said and done, he’s the heart and soul of the Fantastic Four. (He’s also one of the few characters they actually got right in those damn movies.)

Hawkeye has always been my favourite Avenger. Thats why I had to put him at #3 on my list.

Sorry, but using a bow and arrows does not qualify someone as being a superhero.

And I’m kinda bummed that Kate Bishop was just a joke.

Ugh, I was so excited a new character was getting recognized. Frickin’ Hawkeye: another dude with a bow and arrow and shitty costume. I liked him as Ronin, at least. Ben should be higher.

Ronald Jay Kearschner

September 21, 2011 at 9:15 am

Hawkeye at 10, Green Arrow at 11: Now we know the most popular archer.

Chad, please take the time to write better responses and use punctuation and capitalization. I see your posts often but seldom understand what you are trying to say.

I gotta admit you got me with the Kate Bishop thing. I’m one of the 25 first place votes for Hawkeye, and was pretty pissed thinking my vote had gone to the wrong character. Nicely done.

I’m kind of surprised Hawkeye isn’t higher, but at least he cracked the top 10.

You wag, you.

Two characters I would hang out with.

Hahahahhaa. The Hawkeye thing was hilarious.

You MFs LOOOVE archery, don’t you? What is the respect for Kate Bishop about? I don’t hate the character at all, but her position on this list feels so random!

The Kate Bishop thing was a joke from the website since they both had the name Hawkeye. Kate isn’t on here haha.

@ Rich;

i made the same point to Chad a few months back. He may be saying something really good, but i cannot make heads or tails of his posts most of the time. i would really like Chad’s post [good or bad] to be readable. However, he is the only one who can make the effort. i hope that he does! :-)

Big ups for ranged weapons :P

Nice tweak at the people complaining about what votes for an unnamed Robin/GL/Flash mean, Cronin.

Oh, umm, I totally didn’t catch that. :) Of course Fem Hawkeye wouldn’t make it this high!

Aw, no mention of his stint on the Thunderbolts? Clint’s definitely had many, many strong runs so I can see why it was left off, and the Thunderbolts weren’t completely about him, but I don’t think that book would still be around if it weren’t for the villain-to-hero, charisma, and interaction with the team he brought when he signed on to lead them and make them legitimate.

Man, I really enjoy those old floating head covers.

Neither The Avengers nor The JLA are complete without The Archer.

The non-powered hero who can fight alongside gods because of his skills and his heart and his balls.

You know, like every soldier that ever got drafted ever.

Hawkeye and Green Arrow, or someone like them, are essential to any super-team comic. They have been for fifty years.

Every team needs a Hawkeye. Period.

Okay, more to say.

When I first started reading comics, Batman and Robin would travel to other planets and fight aliens, or show up at auctions where you could win a date with Batman and get the key to Gotham City. Superman would travel through time just to play a prank on Lois, or have his robot duplicate make a serum that would turn Jimmy into a gorilla so he wouldn’t learn his secret identity.

Then just a year or two later came Hawkeye. No powers. No secret identity. No comic of his own. No bullshit.

He became a superhero for the only reason that ever made any sense to me: To get laid.

He took on Iron Man with a bow and arrow to get a girl.

He’s #1 on any list.

When voting, I felt conflicted about the FF; as a group, they’d easily make my top 10, but clearly they’re all such well-developed characters that they should be treated as individuals for polls like this one.I just have trouble ranking them agianst strong stand-alone characters. Benjy became the vicitm of this on my list, which is a shame because I love the character.

Neither The Avengers nor The JLA are complete without The Archer.

The non-powered hero who can fight alongside gods because of his skills and his heart and his balls.

Except that they already have Batman and Captain America…

Hawkeye? Really?

On the other hand – Yay for Ben!! He should have been higher. No doubt it’s a bunch of X-Men bumping him out of his rightful place in the top ten.

I just always assumed English was not Chad’s first language.

@chad Don’t ever change. I enjoy your regular comments

My #1 and #2 are now both listed (Thing and the Surfer). I’m surprised to see Hawkeye this high (either one). It’s fun to read everyone’s comments and see the top vote-getters revealed.

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